Filler (’til the next podcast)

Click this link to learn about band name origins. Enjoy. Looks like some more fun info available at the links in the page header.
You’ll either quote Spock, “Fascinating.”, Johhny Carson, “I did not know that”, or Eminem, “I just don’t give a f**k.”

4 thoughts on “Filler (’til the next podcast)

  1. Leave it to Eddie Vedder to make something as simple as a band name sound pretentious and condescending.

    Can we expect more filler in the future? Cause filler is fun. Especially in pie.

    Delicious, delicious pie.

  2. Two bands of note are Metallica and the Foo Fighters. Metallica was a planet in a Piers Anthony Novel and Foo Fighters were in a short story by Larry Niven. But of course those very specific orgins aren’t listed there.

    Keep writing, perhaps a band will soon be Spherical Tomi!

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