Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #131: Pattern Recognition

Lazy Show Notes Recognition.

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UsedHair with the restaurants he ate at in the last 2 1/2 weeks

Skry with stolen lyrics

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Lost Ralph with a Transformers 2 review

Jack Jaffe with the dimensions of his workspace – wants others to send in the dimensions of their workspace

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Jack’s Unrelated thought

Cj’s dumbass memory

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Vanamonde with a stolen paragraph

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(Thanks to The Energizer Bunny for writing these show notes)

537 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #131: Pattern Recognition

  1. Just stayed up waaaay to late watching Warehouse 13.

    IMHO It is a “could be ” show.
    Could be good … or it could be complete crap.
    It is a “re-tooling” of the “Friday the 13th “TV show but I’ve always liked that premise and the characters are fun … but I wasn’t completely hooked.

    “Time will tell” I guess. I’ll give it 2 more episodes to make it’s case.

  2. BTW – I am REALLY annoyed at “SyFy” !!!
    What !?!? … has that channel decided their audience is just to stupid to get that “Sci Fi” is the first letters in “Science Fiction” ?
    Or are they insinuating that “Science Fiction” is just so un-hip that any connection to it is somehow reducing their audience.


  3. I hate to defend the idiocy that is Syfy, but I accept their excuse that they needed to change the name for branding purposes. SciFi Channel was too generic for them to protect as an entity.

    I still think it is stupid. The only excuse would be if they were planning to incorporate a huge increase in fantasy programming… Those “y”s scream cheap fantasy to me.

  4. Three overweight men, in desperate need for some deodorant, in the scifi section of Borders.

    I feel like we’re giving the genre customer base a bad name.

  5. Well ditto, I’m staring at 50,000 lines of little numbers so, while not exactly the same, I so sympathize.

  6. Funny thing happened. Just put up the notice on FB for the Deadpan meetup. Immediately had two people confirm. – wow that’s fast.

  7. There are hand job sex toys that look like hands?

    I don’t see the point. Is that so it feels like someone else is doing it?

    Suddenly, I feel so naive.

  8. I confirmed for the Deadpan meet-up.

    Anyone that’s coming in from out of town that needs airport transportation or whatnot – let me know and I’ll be happy to help if I am available.

  9. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t anyone around here that is more annoying than me.

    Most annoying person ever award goes to Gilbert Gottfried … ack. I can’t stand that guy.

  10. V.A.N.A.M.O.N.D.E.: Versatile Artificial Neohuman Assembled for Mathematics, Online Nullification and Dangerous Exploration


  11. Jack, that list I sent you is already out of date. I’ll send you an updated one tomorrow and then maybe every other day after that so you’re not inundated.

  12. TEB: Interesting. I always just haphazardly inferred that Hapkido and Aikido shared some techniques and philosophies in movement. I had no idea there was indeed a historical link!

  13. I upgraded to 3.5 this morning. I find that on this ancient Windows box it seems to render much more quickly, but the new javascript deal eats my memory faster than ever.

  14. Juggernaut Optimized for Hazardous Nullification and Nocturnal Yelling.

    But really, is it always nocturnal? I don’t think so.

  15. RE: FF 3.5

    I have to admit I haven’t noticed any difference after upgrading.

    I prefer Chrome for just browsing these days.

  16. I could be imag1narynumber, the Forever Man. (I think it was Chakkan, the Forever Man, if memory serves [And it usually doesn’t.].).

  17. I would try Chrome, but for two things:

    1: Google’s got enough of my info already. Gives me the creeps.

    2: I think every browser should have a No-script-esque add-on.

  18. imag1narynumber: #2 is the major reason why I am not using Chrome. I have that, flashblock, Adblock, and a few other things installed that let me control how my browser behaves.

  19. ditto: Yup, got those, plus StopAutoplay (on my box @ work), and CustomizeGoogle. Forces https and blocks Google Analytics from receiving cookies.

  20. I use noscript in FF, but it’s so bloody annoying that I use Chrome on the netbook.

    It’s easy to wipe if I catch something.

  21. I thought it said:

    D.I.T.T.O.: Digital Intelligent Thorough Troubleshooting Orgasm

    I need one of those. Especially the “Thorough” part.

  22. Jack: We have had the most insanely comfortable summer ever in CT. It’s currently 69 and has rarely gone over 80. I can’t believe I’ve not put the A.C. on here and it’s nearly August. Kinda spooky. Been raining on and off most every day, too. Very overcast overall. [/weatherrant]

  23. Seriously, the show notes are awesome but really shocking when I first pull up the Pan. It’s like, woah, is everything okay?

    That Keanu moment was brought to you by getting up way to early.

  24. N.O.M.A.D. S.C.R.Y.: Networked Operational Machine Assembled for Destruction, Scientific Calculation and Rational Yelling

    Scientific Calculation!!
    Rational YELLING!!!

    I am a happy cyborg.

  25. Lejon: I posted the links for all the aforementioned add-ons, but WordPress ate them. Hopefully Jack will let them loose soon. 🙂

  26. Cyborg name: U.S.E.D.H.A.I.R.: Upgraded Synthetic Entity Designed for Hazardous Assassination and Immediate Repair

    That’ll come in handy when people ask just where the hell I got usedhair from and I don’t feel like explaining it

  27. I had three (count ’em THREE) meetings today, each at a progressively higher level, where the people running the meeting refused to look at the data we’ve collected and analyzed over the last month, but somehow felt inclined to redefine the focus of the project. Yes, Virginia… Dilbert cartoons do come true.

  28. Usedhair: Where my father works they’re developing a new medical device. Whatever group has to okay it, FDA or whatver, wanted data that took about three months to collect before they could green-light the project. After three months, they changed their mind and now require data that would only come to light if the machine was in reasonably widespread use for one to three years.

  29. Wow. I can cook just about anything. Really I enjoy cooking and I do a pretty good job. You want rice, it better be boil-in-a-bag or nothing. I ruin it. Every time. Lots.

  30. Hmm, well, the generator said max 10 characters, so I dropped the from


    Electronic Digital Technician Engineered for Xpert Assassination and Sabotage.

    That should be useful when playing Call of Duty 🙂

  31. Fine folks of the Pan… I seek advice. I’m about ready to start treating Firefox like IE (and NN4.5, remember that pile of shit?) but I don’t know what a decent browser for (Ubuntu) Linux is. I’m loving on Chrome on my XP desktop, but I’m not sure I understand enough to do a Chromium install. (Relative newb.)

  32. Morning Pan!

    Weatherman says it might stop raining today. I wonder.

    Scry, I can’t help you. I use FF on my home computer, IE on my work computer and Safari on my touch. However PC Mag did some reviews of a few browsers. I’ll link them one at a time since WP doesn’t like multiple links in one post

    IE vs Chrome: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2349930,00.asp

  33. ditto: Please, by all means, feel no pressure. I’m doing this in my spare time, so the time crunch is essentially zero.

  34. Hubby is geeking out right now. He’s watching the Dortmund game and I guess Kasparov is also on line watching the game too

  35. That article reminds me of an old joke about teaching a pet to live on a reduced diet. First you reduce their intake by 10%, then again by 10%. By the time you’re through, the pet will be able to survive on no food at all… until it dies.

  36. I personally try to keep my caloric intake between 1,200 and 1,400 – although I’m not always successful. It’s very rare for me to meet a food I don’t like.

  37. Say hello to my ghost in 2100 TEB.

    A sweet tooth and so many foods I cannot stomach made me realise I was screwed longevity front.

  38. I used to count my calories when I was training in MMA. It’s insanely easy to hit 3,000 calories without blinking.

  39. Browsers: I’ve been told that Avant is a decent, safe IE clone.

    Food: When did burgers become sliders?

    Sarah Palin: Well, some of you asked, “Who could be more incompetent, dimwitted, and corrupt than Dubya?”

  40. So I’m off to annoy the newsagent, the new Interzone is out.

    Hopefully newsagent bothering isn’t a criminal offence.

  41. # you’re also right about easy to get up in calories, especially in today’s fast food world. I have to work hard to keep the count down. And I tend to show it if I even gain a few pounds.

    The reason I’m so calorie conscious, though is there was a time when was under a lot of stress and I gained quite a bit of weight (relatively speaking). I had to work very hard to get back to the buck twenty-five – buck thirty I’m currently at. I don’t want to go through that again.

  42. TEB: I can understand that. I got down to 145# (my instructor/coach wanted me @ 140#). That’s a bit too much for a male, IMO (Or too little, shall I say?). But it took a really Herculean effort to reach that. I was non-stop. Even now, getting back into shape, I’m repeatedly stunned at how much work it takes.

    Congratulations for you, BTW! That’s a fantastic accomplishment!

  43. I’ve been this way for a few years now. Just have to be careful. I personally envy my husband. He’s always under 130 no matter what he eats. Must be nice.

  44. Shortbread.

    I am impressed that Mr. Bunny lives with such a prolific baker and yet still manages to keep his weight down. My metabolism is kinda similar. I usually maintain at a thin 170-180. . . although I was much more waif-like in 2006, when I was eating lots of noodle cups.

  45. So I wouldn’t mind so much about my weight if it was more evenly spread out.

    Big Gut, fat face, Skinny arms & legs, and no ass.

  46. Completely blowing away the earlier conversation, hubby came home and brought me an individual blackberry cheesecake.

    He’s also locked himself in the bedroom and told me not to come in.

    I hate surprises.

  47. Woo Hoo! Another animal died at the Stampede. For those keeping count it’s now up to 2 horses and 1 steer this year.

  48. Wow, Steam has released a bunch of classic Lucas games including:

    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
    The Dig
    A couple of Star Wars Games

  49. Scanned through the above comments and thought someone was going to the grocery for
    2 horses
    1 steer
    2 1/2 lb brown sugar
    1 lb granulated white sugar
    1/2 cup dried corn sweetener
    1 tbsp salt
    1 pinch baking soda
    4 1/2 gallons air-popped popcorn.
    1/2 lb of butter

  50. … and since everyone else has to much brow to mention it … I shall recap the TEB report which was that her husband was going into the Sentry Box but she was not allowed to come.
    Then he locked her out of the bedroom.

  51. That low calorie story is particularly interesting considering some research into starvation I’ve been doing lately. Based on anecdotal evidence, it looks like being grumpy from hunger is a good way to live longer by eating twice your daily calorie count one day and fasting the next day… I don’t think I want to live longer.

    Of course, there is further evidence that you start to loose your everloving mind very shortly after begining a fast/hunger strike.

  52. Thanks for all the browser information! I don’t know how I forgot about Opera, I’ll have to give that a shot. I had just heard of Avant yesterday, so I’ll have to check that one out too. Chromium isn’t quite ready for me and Luna looks like a disaster.

  53. I want a property programme with pink ponies on the lawn, a rich patron living in the balcony, sorbet in the kitchenette, and a beautiful woman of ill-repute as the live in maid.

    Yes. I’d watch that for about two minutes.

  54. I’ve tried to catch news now and again in regards to very low-calorie diets and longevity (I’ve done other stupid diets in the past.). Thing is, as usual, every study contradicts the other. One thing is sure: it works for mice. But, they DID have the Earth built. So they’re clearly beyond our comprehension.

  55. Van: I suggest a two-stage set up, one as the launching platform, and the second as the change of direction. You can set a vector perpendicular to the initial launch.

    Or, you know, don’t launch missiles in confusing display of peace…

  56. An important consideration for the low calorie issue is: how long is the life expectancy increase? At a certain point, a lifetime of deprivation becomes not worth an extra couple of weeks.

    Of course, I’m at 200lbs now, down from 220 and actively in that deprivation mode. So I shouldn’t throw stones. But my loss attempt has less to do with generic increases in life expectancy and is focused towards more specific health plan goals.

  57. It’s all relative. I’ve lost 150lbs and I had to take drastic measures to do so due to a genetic chemical imbalance. I still have a good 75 I’d like to shed. I’ll always be volumptious – it’s just how I’m built! I’m actually trying to drop at least 25 by November this year. Stupid threats of HD cameras on me at PodcampAZ have me in a tizzy. (Hey as long as my hair looks good..)

    In any case – I agree with Usedhair. You’ve got to keep in mind your quality of life. If you feel deprived of anything to the point that you are unhappy, then why concern yourself with those future extra few days. Will those make your life better or just longer?

    Making healthy choices is good – making yourself miserable – not so much.

  58. Very true. When I was 145# I had amazing endurance. I felt superhuman. I could do essentially anything for hours. But the constant training in extreme caloric deficit made me a bit cranky and miserable.

  59. Just me and hubby for gaming tonight. Somehow he managed
    to convince me to play a game of chess. I lost in 12 moves. I just don’t know how he talks me into these things.

  60. Jack, White Castle burgers have always been sliders. Surely you were aware of this?!

    My weight is higher of late, lots of poor eating with Darcy at the theatre working every night… No sliders, tho…

  61. JohnBoze: Indeed White Castle burgers have always been sliders. Thus, the current rash of calling burgers sliders (which Jack is referring to) is a direct reference to White Castle burgers. The burgers that other restaurants are calling sliders are the really small (e.g. four of them = one regular burger) jobbies that White Castle made popular so many years ago. Unfortunately, there is not humor in this explanation. Sorry Jack.
    How about, instead, if we claim that the same researchers claiming that low-calorie diets increase life span, are part of a conspiracy to call burgers something that implies diarrhea (actually the point behind the name “sliders”) in an effort to decrease consumption of red meat? These are the same conspiracists behind the inverted table, Sarah Palin’s resignation and surprises from Sentry Box (Canada’s largest gaming store http://www.sentrybox.com/ ) and Van’s cute and/or flat ass?

  62. I’ve lost a lot of weight in the past (4 stones at one point) and the problem I’ve always had is people sell you this idea that losing all this weight will change YOUR life, you’ll magically become more confident, and all that jazz.

    That’s where it all falls apart for me, I never feel any different.

  63. Agreed. I enjoy having stuff to read – wordy or not.

    Speaking of reading – I’m going to go do that now.

    Night, Pan. Happy Weekend wishes to all of you!

  64. Van – that’s a lot of rocks to drop off.

    I don’t have much to say about body weight since my body pretty much cheats. I was the same weight (145lbs.) and body mass from the age of 18 to two weeks before turning 32. Since then I have developed a tummy… all without significantly changing my habbits. I work at a physical job, I don’t eat very well or very much, and the amount of tummy I’ve got pisses people off when I mention it. Apparently what seems like a lot to someone used to being skin and bones doesn’t amount to much to “real” people.

    I suspect I will have to give up my Mountain Dew in order to not turn into a blueberry, but… that’s going to be life-changing.

  65. I’m never going to catch up on comments. I’m sure they’re all brilliant!

    Hi, all you beauts.

    I still haven’t heard the episode, but I hear imaginary# is rockin’ the house. Can’t wait!

    I’m up early because my girl had to leave for a satellite launch at 3:30 a.m. I feel guilty sleeping in while she labors (but I’ll probably take a nap once it’s too hot to work outside – 🙂 ).

    Now where did I put that coffee . . . and where’s my bloody iPod?

  66. I think the feeling/weight issue depends on a lot of variables. How big you are in the beginning, for instance. Also your overall self-image and how much that impacts you. When I’m feeling trim, I feel pretty kick-ass, and that does carry over to pretty much everything I do. But, as always, your mileage will vary.

  67. EssBee: This episode is indeed pretty me-heavy. Thanks to Jack for playing my drek! I dropped a content-bomb during my vaca, so you’re all going to get more sick of hearing from me than you already are.

    On this subject, my S/O requested I send her a link to a podcast when my content was used. She listened and for some reason found it enjoyable. She announced to me that she would like to contribute. So sometime when she’s not working, and has decided on her pseudonym, there will be a new Deadpantie.

  68. Nice – I’s S/O reading The Lemon Song lyrics, maybe?

    I have a really dirty song in mind, but don’t know if I can read it without getting to embarrassed!

    CP: Wear Clean Draws – The Coup

    I’m goin’ out to pull some weeds.

  69. I dunno that song. But she’s much more music-literate than I. We were discussing songs this morning. We shall see.

  70. Morning, Pan. Looks like it’s been a productive night already.

    Having breakfast and flipped on the TV. Angel is on TNT. Man I miss this show. It was cut down too soon.

  71. imag1narynumbe: some metrics are pretty easy. The meter is really, REALLY close to a yard. And if you can’t visualize how much 2 liters is after having dealt with soda bottles, you might have been living in a cave. Now, centimeters and kilometers are, indeed, harder to visualize. Can’t help you there.

  72. Movies I want to see this weekend:

    The Hangover

    Movie I’ll probably get to see this weekend:
    Ice Age

    I am going to see Harry Potter on Tuesday night at the midnight showing. Super exited about that. We need more DeadPanites here in AZ to go see it with me!

  73. So in my hands I hold a free copy of Paddington Takes The Test by Michael Bond.

    Strange to pick it up in a coffee shop.

    I’m humming the tv show theme now..grrrr!

  74. Well, I just got a new game (Dawn of Discovery) so I think I might give it an hour’s go before I head out to MA.

    Later Pan!

  75. JOe, you dirty dog, nobody was thinking that but you. About Ed’s man cave. Cough.

    I’m back, baby. 😉 Mostly. I’ll be ship shape by tomorrow, I can feel it.

  76. Paddington Bear had a TV show? That is awesome. I used to get in trouble trying to quietly read Paddington under the covers with a flashlight after being sent to bed. I just could not keep myself from having fits of laughter.

  77. Van, in answer to your question: I don’t know. All I can say is there’s a nicely wrapped box on my dresser that I’m not allowed to touch until tomorrow.

  78. Mr. Pibb was always more delicious than Dr. Pepper, but I haven’t seen it in sugar-free so I’ll stick with Diet Dr. Pepper. (besides at Sonic I can get Diet Dr. Pepper with a shot of chocolate syrup. YUM!)

  79. I just recently moved to where I can get to Sonics. I wasn’t that impressed, but I’ll have to give it another try if I can get Diet Dr. Pepper with chocolate syrup. That sounds fantastic.

  80. I was going to add that adding sugar to a diet soda is missing the point when I remembered I make ice cream floats using Pepsi Max.


    Morning Pan, tis raining again.

  81. So lesson learnt today..check if there are any major repair works happening when rushing to purchase a rail journey ticket.

  82. Van,

    Regarding Dr. Pepper – If you only had it over on your side of the pond, I can promise you, it is nothing like what we have in the states. Way back when my wife and I took a trip to Europe, we had to wait for the ferry to cross from England to France. I was surprised to see bottles of Dr. Pepper for sale, so I bought one.

    Holy Cow! I can still taste how nasty that shit was….and that was almost 15 years ago.

    I couldn’t understand why you would bother to use the Dr. Pepper brand and label on something that bore no resemblance to the actual drink.


  83. I wished Ryah a happy birthday on Facebook. And now I wish The Energizer Bunny a happy birthday here as well.

    Who knew they had the same birthday? 🙂

  84. That drink looks amazing! I’m totally thirsty now. hehe (Dan hates when I spell hee hee like hehe … so hehe)

    Bunny, that was a great video. Funny funny! If I keep playing WoW I’ll start waving my wand arm around and zapping everyone with my curses! Muauahahaha

  85. There’s actually a bottler in Texas that still makes Dr. Pepper with real sugar. I’ve had bottles of it before. It is definitely different from the corn syrup version.

    Same with Coca Cola. South of the border, they bottle it from real sugar and it’s fairly easy to find in the stores around here. Definitely a better taste than the corn syrup version.

  86. Morning, Pan!

    I’m headed to Colorado Springs. Mom is having back surgery today and I’m (eeeek!) spending the week with the folks to help take care of her. I’m be needing some serious DP bar time.

    Wish me (more importantly, mom) luck! Back later!

  87. Morning Pan!

    Downtown this morning.

    Thanks to everybody yesterday. Had a wonderful day. Spent about 4 hours wandering around at the zoo. then hubby took em shopping and out for dinner. All in all, a nice day.

  88. Jack: I think he’s just doing his thing. He’s now pulled out his guitar and has been recording on top of the bass track. I don’t recognize the music so I’m assuming it’s original.

    # Which link are you referring to? I think they are all cool in their own way 😉

  89. Off to the store. Had no luck when shopping yesterday so will try different stores today (looking for a new bathing suit)

  90. Won’t the green screen be a bit of a give away? Seems like we ought to put some of them there special effects on the video to make it more convincing.

  91. I want the green chopsticks.

    About the food stadium, I have to question this quote from the page:

    “The twinkie is nature’s brick.”

    What part of the twinkie even comes from nature?

  92. Kinda makes ya wonder if the sky isn’t really just a green screen and we are all stuck inside a box?

    or …

    Living inside of a little glass room
    Living inside of the tube
    Everyone’s made out of little thin lines
    Sometimes their fingers are blue
    Mine too

  93. I’ve been trying out these yogurts that are supposed to make you feel full for longer.

    They taste nice, not impressed with the fullness bit.

  94. Re: Re: Moon magic
    “… and there needs to be at least one busty, big haired girl in a metallic silver mini-skirt.”

    I think that applies to just about all situations in life.

  95. More lewd than dirty, Cuckoo’s Nest lyrics:

    As I was a walking one morning in May
    I met a pretty fair maid and unto her did say
    I’ll tell you me mind, it’s for love I am inclined
    An me inclination lies in your cuckoo’s nest

    Some like a girl who is pretty in the face
    and some like a girl who is slender in the waist
    But give me a girl who will wriggle and will twist
    At the bottom of the belly lies the cuckoo’s nest

    Me darling, says she, I am innocent and young
    And I scarcely can believe your false deluding tongue
    Yet I see it in your eyes and it fills me with surprise
    That your inclination lies in me cuckoo’s nest

    me darling, says me, if you can see it in me eyes
    Then think of it as fondness and do not be surprised
    For I live you me dear and I’ll marry you I swear
    If you’ll let me clap my hand on your cuckoo’s nest

    Me darling, says she, I can do no such thing
    For me mother often told me it was committing sin
    Me maidenhead to lose and me sex to be abused
    So have no more to do with me cuckoo’s nest

    Me darling, says me, it’s not committing sin
    But common sense should tell you it is a pleasing thing
    For you were brought into this world to increase and do your best
    And to help a man to heaven in your cuckoo’s nest

    Me darling, says she, I cannot you deny
    For you’ve surely won my heart by the rolling of your eye
    Yet I see it in your eyes that your courage is surprised
    So gently lift your hand into me cuckoo’s nest

    This couple they got married and soon they went to bed
    And now this pretty fair maid has lost her maidenhead
    In a small country cottage they increase and do their best
    And he often claps his hand on her cuckoo’s nest

  96. I had the desire to try a twinkie again 5 or 6 years ago after not having one since I was a kid and I thought they were disgusting.

    I would much rather eat cannolo

    Or at the little Italian market I frequent they use the cannolo cream and put it on cakes.. so that is even closer and far superior to the twinkie in my book

    and yes I am a biased Italian woman 🙂

    “The last thing you want in food is hair” – so many comments. I will refrain myself.

  97. So, if I’m eating with a pair of blue chopsticks and I spy someone with a set of red ones, are we honor bound to fight to the death?

  98. I missed the 69 moon fun by not being born until 1970 (damn you mother!), so it will be really cool to re-live it for the next time for the first time.

  99. Hugh was born in 1969 too! But not in the summer. He was born in November.

    CJ – I usually find restraints to make things more fun.. LOL.. I couldn’t resist. I know those were not the kind of restraints you were referring to.

    j0e- *ssssssswwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnn* back atcha!

  100. Whoa! A TSH sighting!

    I shall savor the moment and bask in the glow 🙂

    Too rarely do you brighten our corner of the universe.

  101. 🙂 awwwww

    I know. I wish I could go back to that carefree time when I could participate more here and on pod. Alas, I can only spare these sporadic visits now and again. Such is life.

    and with that I bid you farewell for a few again

    until next time paniacs
    take care

  102. I also enjoyed half a bottle of Gewurztraminer tonight. More of a dinner wine than a drinking wine.

    And. . . .!!! speaking of birthdays and Smarty Hotties. . . .!!!

    It’s officially the 14th in Chicago, so Happy Birthday, Dre – if you see this.

  103. Morning Pan, I remember watching one of the later Moon landings, whilst playing with a dinky toy Seaking helicopter which came with a command module model that you could winch up.

  104. Van said: I started playing with this in the bath when the motor failed

    I had to scroll down to realize he was talking about his childhood and not… y know… last night. *sigh*

  105. Corporate BS won’t get me down today!

    Nothing will ruin my fantabulous mood.

    Even the fact that I have to drive to Central Phoenix for lunch in the scalding heat with my two children.

    Because I’m seeing Harry Potter tonight.

    *Wiggly Dance*

    Wow! This coffee is strong!

  106. “A recent Zogby phone poll found that 78% of Americans favor teaching evidence for and against Darwin’s theory; 43% also believe the pollster asking the question was in fact a tiny man living inside the phone.”

  107. awww Jackamo told me i was getting bday wishes over here 🙂

    thanks so much everyone. I’m 36 today. When the hell did I get so old? Don’t let Hugh know I said that. He is having the turning 40 freaks outs already and his birthday isnt for months.

    Makes me feel like I am still an honorary Deadpanite! Albeit currently a sucky Deadpanite, and not the good kind of sucky either.

    I’m sure Ive missed plenty of birthdays around here so whomever Ive missed, here is blanket happy birthday to cover everyone.

  108. Well, I guess I’ll have to send a late Happy Birthday to T.E.B. (my wife’s birthday took precedence, I hope you’ll understand), and a Happy Birthday to The Smarty Hotties!

    Did anyone else narrowly miss Monday the 13th? I should check what happened to Garfield…

    Which brings us to today.

    I am much more exciting in real-life. Ok, maybe a little more.

  109. Kind of funny you mention “My Sharona” Jack, two months ago I downloaded the TABs. The rhythm is easy, the solo is too hard for me.

    Or maybe you’re thinking of the “bad” lyrics i.e.

    “Oh you make my motor run, my motor run, gun it coming off of the line Sharona. “

  110. Morning Pan, I prefer it cool rather than cold, but a hot Summer is a torture for me (feeling sluggish, weakness in my legs, and sleepless nights).

    You also feel like the skeleton at the party cos everybody expects you to be happy when you are feeling no such thing.

    As for retro, I have the original GP32 NS. My problem with the Wiz, is that is that my PSP has a custom firmware so I can run emulators and I have a flash card for my DS so can also run emulators. So no real need for the Wiz (and I can watch videos on the phone).

  111. Oh and my Wii is also hacked for running emulators…not portable obviously but good for a retro fix.

    Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion for the Megadrive/Genesis is a damn fine platform game.

    So hopefully I will also be checking out the new HP film later.

  112. CJ: I scroll up to read these comments through an RSS feed, so the first thing I saw in your post was “Now I am going to love my pillow”, so my first thought was… swoooooooooon.

    Nomand: I’m not much of a gamer, so the retro Sega Genesis game “Boogerman” on my daughter’s Wii is all I really need. Well, that and Rock Band.

  113. Jack: re: The Parsecs.

    As far as I know the deadline for submissions of the shows that have been nominated has passed. My submission has been sent in. I have not heard when the short list will be announced. Off to see if I can find out…

  114. Morning, Pan!

    Back to Colorado Springs with mom this morning. She has to have labwork done, and her blood sugar is astronomical, so we have to go see her doc about that.

    Have a great day! Wish I could sneak in Harry Potter!

  115. I have a question… Will a giant oversized car magnet erase the memory card of a camera if they are packed in the same suitcase?

  116. Bunny, I would not risk it with the camera’s memory card. I’d suggest putting the card or cards in a different purse or piece of luggage. Just in case.

    Otherwise – You might consider having the magnet mailed separately.

  117. The guy in the pink tie with the tight pants was wearing his shirt NOT tucked in. The shirt was long and covering any possible bulging.

    It was a man though. I’m sure of it.

  118. I heard somewhere you shouldn’t put your camera in your carry-on luggage as the x-ray used is stronger and could possibly erase your memory card as well.

  119. Now I’m all curious about the latest LLAP, thanks to TEB’s running commentary.

    X-rays were a problem for film in your luggage. Though, it was generally considered safe in carry ons as the X-ray machines were less likely to expose the film in the carry on scanner.

    I still had my film hand inspected when I’d go on vacation, though.

  120. I remember a line of radio commercials from the dairy council: (I’m sure you recall).

    Suddenly one comes to mind (paraphrased):
    For centuries we believed the moon was made of green cheese. In 1969 we landed on it. We haven’t been back in over 36 years. Behold, the power of cheese.

  121. My hubby is being all noisy and stuff. He’s hooked up his computer to an amp and told it to pretend it’s a set of drums. I suppose I would appreciate it more if he didn’t set it to full volume. It’s hard to read when your foot is tapping to the bear.

  122. I played (and beat) It Came from the Desert and SDI on the Amiga. I also really, really, really enjoyed Laserchess, Marble Madness, and a game I can’t recall the name of. The name was horribly generic, as I recall. Star* (wildcard). I recall there eventually being three of them. It was basically you captaining a starship. It was on a grid (10×10? 20×20?) and you had bad guys you would kill (turn-based), including invisible Zaldron ships. Had to do repairs, security in the ship, stuff like that. I had a ton of medals. I wonder if I can pawn them . . . .

  123. √-1: yes on the Jan man.

    Even made a film (bottom bucket low-budget) shortly after having his face beaten to a pulp during a drug related “incident”. He still had the presence of mind to incorporate the injuries into the character’s persona. He was a brilliant actor at one point…

  124. Getting back to games, interestingly enough (at least to me), SDI was billed as, and I believe it was, the first game that went for a cinematic feel, with cutscenes and whatnot. Final Fantasy n would’ve been amazingly different otherwise.

  125. Defender of the Crown – – – I’ll have to check that out at home later. Stupid catapult…

    Nice find, Van! That game *so* should have been our focus for Palooza 6.

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