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Jack Mangan’s Deadpan – Deadpan Vanshow

Special Guest – Vanamonde

Early in the morning – Vanamonde time.

Vanamonde wants a Flash Gordon Palooza

What about a short story? Graphic Novel? Album? Video Game?

War of the Worlds album?

Today’s Comments:

Amy Bowen Says: My new blog post is complete! Click on my name if you want to read all about the awesome murder mystery party I went to last Friday.

Vanamonde Says: I would still need to add cola to the most expensive rum to be able to drink the stuff. I’ll get my coat.

The Energizer Bunny Says: grind… grind… grind…

Vanamonde Says: There is a theory that the USA’s penchant for wrestling at school has breed a legion of fetish loving Americans.

Lejon de la Juan Fondue Says: More than one DP, that is

LostRalph Says: Well Transformers 2 was good, if you enjoyed the first one you will like this one. Van: Sorry to report that Megan Fox was left too long in the oven again. She also had magic white pants that would clean themselves between scenes. I have to admit my little sister pointed out the pants thing. My attention was elsewhere :D.

(insert discussion of Transformers 2 here)

WNDRWolf Says: Everytime I hear Amy say a serial I think of breakfast…

imag1narynumber Says: Seriously, how about a round of applause for the gloriousness of panties?

Thanks Van for being part of Deadpan.

Don’t forget the Deadpan Festival in Sept!


(Show Notes by the Energizer Bunny)

530 thoughts on “Deadpan Vanshow

  1. Morning Pan!

    Be a little while before I can get to the episode. Darn month end.

    Ed, I’ll hear about your tingly parts 😉

  2. Morning, Pan!

    It’s a new day, I have a ton of new podcast episodes to listen to, and I’ve got schemes brewing for the weekend and the end of July. Bring on the day!

  3. WNDRWolf: The schemes include: cleaning out the old apartments we’ve left behind (tomorrow), recording for your project and for my own (Saturday morning), and hosting a party using the Personal Effects Party Pack PDF (sometime this month, and again after I’ve made more friends in Temecula.)

  4. I think my quote when I heard about a video-game-based Palooza was, “Ooo!”. But indeed it may be a narrowish scope for the pan-Pan. IMO the closest thing would be one regarding a franchise, as Jack offered, or something having to do with the industry in general.

  5. It was just a thought. I expect we’ll end up with a movie again (but consider the short story idea too!)

    Covering Doom might require us to watch the movie. . . so I’d rule that out. One bad Dwayne Johnson palooza is enough.

  6. The game, fine, the movie, I vote “no” as well 🙂

    I’m not up on short stories, so I have nothing to offer. The only one that sticks out in my mind is called “The Yellow Pill” (I’m pretty sure it’s yellow). I read that way back in High School.

  7. I just had chicken cooked in yogurt recently at an Indian restaurant. Best I can come up with. Oh, and it was excellent, with spinach mixed in.

  8. I’m still curious about the buttermilk . . . hrmph.

    Dear next door neighbor: bellowing “where the fuck are you, Seth????!” so that all the neighbors come outside to see what has happened is not an acceptable way to locate your 3 year old son who you aren’t watching. Also, might want to not get baked when you’re the only adult at home. Just a thought.

  9. And while I’m at it:

    Dear new corporate overlord (Evil, Inc. is merging with it’s biggest competitor, pending SEC approval, etc.), the African proverb about how the gazelle wakes up every morning thinking “I just need to be faster than the fastest lion” while the lion wakes up every morning thinking “I just need to be faster than the slowest gazelle” is not the best motivational story you could have told when asked if there would be layoffs this year.

  10. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but there are two reasons that I can think of.

    First, is that the enzymes in the milk will help tenderize the pork. Pork didn’t used to be aged as long as beef so it tended to be tougher. That’s not a problem nowadays, especially with “enhanced” pork on the market.

    Second, cooked milk solids can add flavor.

  11. Been on a Smallville jag on Netflix of late, but getting back to cycle of tv disc, movie disc, tv disc, etc.

    “The Hammer” will be the first flick up and the next tv season will be “True Blood.” Been a while since I read the first Sookie book, undecided as to whether to read & refresh before getting disc 1…

  12. Ok on the gaming palooza front, and all terribly biased cos I can get my hands on the disk images, and into late 80’s early 90’s:

    The Secret of Monkey Island (heck any of the Lucas Art graphic adventures)

    Beneath a Steel Sky (freely available for download with ScummVM)





  13. I’m familiar with text adventures, Doom, and Zork (well, okay, Return to Zork). My dad showed all of them to me when I was growing up.

    If Zork does end up being our next Palooza subject, I have a somewhat amusing story to contribute about growing up with Return to Zork. However, I personally am most interested in the following works as future Palooza topics:

    The Rush album “2112”
    The short stories “The Cold Equations,” “-All You Zombies-” and “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream”

    I’m interested in all of these because I’ve heard a lot about them and would like to experience them for myself. The latter short story would be especially interesting to talk about on this podcast, due to its connections with Spherical Tomi.

  14. If you don’t have the gnack for text adventures they can be incredibly frustrating trying to find the correct verb/noun combination. The only one I eve completed unaided was The Hobbit.

    Oh and morning Pan, still too bloody warm.

  15. Because here’s the thing…

    30 minutes of Van’s voice and Jack’s voice…

    Just talking… and laughing… and talking…

    Yeah.. I’m not quite recovered yet.

    *swoooo… Need.More.Time.oooon*

  16. Good morning, Pan. Hope the U.S. contingent at least is off from work today. Sleeping in is definitely under rated.

    Would I get beaten up to badly if I thought Van’s Flash idea sounded appealing?

  17. they’re going to stream the Calgary Stamped parade in about an hour and a half on CBC Calgary. Now, do I want to watch it?

  18. I did not play text-based games, though I’m a big fan of the concept and “retro-gaming” in general. I recently tried one page that ran a java-instance of Zork. Didn’t play well with Linux. But I just found . Allows saves, too! I think I’ll give this a go a bit. Sweet!

    I played Beneath a Steel Sky a little on SCUMM, but it didn’t keep me.

    Flashback was very good, one of the first rotoscoped video games.

    My first big computer game (thus bypassing my Atari 2600) was Ultima IV. LOVED it!

  19. I just don’t get it. Cartoon Network is running a commercial in the theater that they now have live action shows and not just cartoons. WHY? WHY? WHY?

  20. I remember “The Friends of Mr. Cairo”. Jon Anderson’s voice got extremely Mickey Mouse high-pitched, if I recall.

    “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” is actually one of the short stories I was thinking of, since it’s freely available online.

  21. Never heard of it, no surprise, but I’ll read it, whether or not it’s the choice for the Palooza. Seems quite interesting at first Wikipedia glance.

  22. Well, Ice Age 3 was pretty good. Simon Pegg playing a Captain Jack (the Pirates of the Carribean version) type character was most excellent.

    Of course, a Captain Jack from Dr. Who would have certainly been interesting as well.

  23. Well, all I can say is that nobody better let DubShack see that RoboGeisha trailer, or he’ll be rigging another Palooza vote on us.

  24. Martial Arts fighting – check, robots – check, giant monsters – check, scantily clad women – check, swords – check, explosions – check, machine guns – check, boobies – check, fried shrimp – check, samurai – check.

    Robogeisha appears to be a perfect film.

  25. Jack: Thanks for that list of lectures. I’ve thumbing through some of them off and on. Unfortunately there’s a 9-11 conspiracy wacko mixed in. But the rest thus far are really good. #twocents

  26. Just stopping in from WesterCon. . . and, I have. . . . absolutely no stories. Except that one of the guys stopped me to ask about the Deadpan event happening during DiscWorldCon. This Deadpan get-together is gaining steam. . .

    And I’m moderating a panel tomorrow morning with Diana Gabaldon. That will probably be my most famous co-panelist ever.

    OK, I’m off again. Have a good night, mush.

  27. Go forth and be all independent and such. And may your day be a cooler on that mine. Although it looks like I get a break today – only 97°F predicted around here.

  28. Hello from Kansas. It’s been busy around here, so busy in fact that I don’t think I’ll be able to make the trip to KC. So it might be another year until our next meet up ditto. Thanks for the invite though.

  29. happy 4th!

    Bunny- normal is DEFINITELY relative

    Ed- you “binged” her eh?? LOL.. couldn’t resist 🙂

    Jack- have fun at the con

    whats this deadpan meet up?? I know I am a very sub-par deadpanite lately, and with what we are dealing with here with Hugh i cannot promise anything in the future, but I would still like to know. Just in case 🙂

  30. Hooray for good news about the Deadpan gathering! 🙂

    My plans for the day: clean out old apartments, go out for donuts and coffee, write, maybe do video editing, maybe watch fireworks in the evening.

  31. Hi, TSH!

    Since TEB is planning to be in the Phoenix area to attend Discworld Con during Labor Day weekend, we figured that that would be a good time to hold a meetup. All Deadpan listeners are invited. Plans are still in the works. I’m going to do my absolute best to secure the funding to attend.

  32. Whats everyone here in the US got going on for the 4th?

    Hugh’s family is in town and we bbq’d last night on our rooftop and watched the fireworks, then we went out with some of his brothers and sisters for some martinis at this awesome martini bar we discovered.

    Basically going to do the same thing tonight 🙂

    have fun everyone


  33. ah cool.. that is good to know. I will make note of it and we will see where we are when that time comes. No idea what part of the world Hugh and I will be living in in the near future. We have many options, but Houston Texas is still high on the possibility list, so we might be close to AZ come labor day.

  34. Thankfully I got most of my work done yesterday. So mostly R&R today. My S/O is working until ~7:30, so we’ll have a cookout later today. I’m in a grey mood today.

  35. Good morning, Pan.

    Happy 4th.

    We have nothing planned for today, although I am contemplating the idea of picking up all of these toys and vacuuming the living room floor.

    We could bbq later. Might send my hubby down to the WesterCon thing to see Alan Dean Foster.

    I’d like to go back to sleep now.

  36. So today’s localised expression..if feeling a bit worse for wear after having a skinful the night say:

    I feel as rough as a badger’s arse.

  37. I know that I hold these truths to be self evident.
    That ALL (hu)men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. Among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    So I hope you will all go out and pursue some happiness today!

  38. We missed you mucho JOe!

    Hi everyone. Today, we spend 3 hours gardening, which is just good for the soul. I’m now doing laundry and packing for a trip to VA Beach for Evil. Sly B’s mom is due to arrive at any moment, and I’m going to grill steak and corn, rain or not.

    Did anyone catch Margaret Cho’s special on Showtime last night?

    Sly B and I are 85% for the Pan-up over Labor Day weekend. Bunny, what hotel are you staying in?

    xox, everyone!

  39. Took hubby for a walk. Beautiful day for it.

    EssBee, I’m staying at the Tempe Mission Palms.

    Oh yes, Cant forget Day of the Tentacle. Also, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis or the original Sam and Max

  40. Hi, J0e! Welcome back!

    This morning, I finished all the cleaning-up of stuff I’m going to do. Hopefully, I’m going to go out and have coffee and donuts with friends soon.

    EssBee: Cool. I agree, gardening is good for the soul.

    ditto: That’s too bad. I can sympathize. I slipped down some steps in the rain on Thursday, and had to go to the walk-in clinic to find out whether my elbow was fractured. It wasn’t, but it’s still tender and sore. I hope you feel better soon!

  41. Hope you itch less, ditto. Or, at least, you itch in the right places and your wife is willing to scratch. 🙂

  42. Lots o posts to wade thru.

    RE: Farrah
    I did not have THAT poster but I DID have the one of her in the silver dress … from “Logan’s Run”. Oddly enough, now that I am searching for it I can find no trace of that poster on the web. It was the only “pin-up” poster I ever had.

    This is ENTIRELY anecdotal – but I was told that just before she died, as she lay in the hospital bed, Ryan ask her (one more time) to marry him and this time she nodded yes. She motioned for him to lean closer to her and with a pained smile she said one word … “Pre-nup”.
    Sounds a bit “urban legend” but it is a nice image.

  43. ditto: Yeah, I’m pretty pissed right now. I just fashioned a nice e-mail with the offending C code (well, offensive to me), and it just got eaten. I’m going to e-mail you from my gmail account. This is flippin’ ridiculous.

  44. Good evening panitos!! Had a good evening hanging out with Hugh’s crazy family so far. Night isn’t over yet, Hugh is up on the roof with his brothers right now. Waiting for them to come in. I think we are going to regroup and play some drunk board games. I’m a bit intoxicated this evening already, hope the rest of you are good.

    justa j0e!!!!! *run* *pounce* *mmmmmmmmmwwwwwaaaaaaa!!!!!!!* I hate when we return from our Deadpan absences and you are not here. 🙂

    ditto: please get better 🙁 I would give you a get well soon kiss you but you are probably contagious.. ah hell.. you’re worth it ditto *mmmwa!!!*

    Bunny- hope you had fun poling or poking the priest, you pervy pervy girl!!

    buenas noches panitos!! viva la libertad!

    oh wait.. before I go I need to fo swoon that sexy mangan pic he posted

  45. Good early morning, Pan. It’s been a full day. Marched in an Independence Day parade in the morning (probably the hottest it’s been that I can remember for that one). Spent the afternoon with the family. And, just got back home from working bar duty for a hall rental. I’ve been working a bar crew for several years, but this was probably the most high energy wedding I”ve seen. I have to say, the Hispanic functions, whether a wedding or a quincinera, are usually pretty energetic, but this one was above and beyond. Had a great time tonight.

    Now, I shall crash.

  46. Which was fun and the 3D wasn’t over the top.

    Scrat still had all most of the best bits.

    Saw this on facebook:

    Why God never got a PhD

    1. He had only one major publication.
    2. It was written in Aramaic, not in English.
    3. It has no references.
    4. It wasn’t even published in a refereed journal.
    5. There are serious doubts he wrote it himself.
    6. It may be true that he created the world, but what has he done since
    7. His cooperative efforts have been quite limited.
    8. The Scientific community has had a hard time replicating his results.
    9. He unlawfully performed not only Animal, but *Human* testing.
    10. When one experiment went awry, he tried to cover it by drowning his
    11. When subjects didn’t behave as predicted, he deleted them from
    the sample.
    12. He rarely came to class, just told his students to read the book.
    13. Some say he had his son to teach the class.
    14. He expelled his first two students for learning.
    15. Although there were only 10 requirements, most of his students
    failed his tests.
    16. His office hours were infrequent and usually held on a mountain top.

  47. Oooo, oooo, oooo. War of the Worlds album. Fantastic Idea. Every fiber of my being votes for the War of the Worlds album (and that’s a lot of votes).

  48. I had a fun 4th. I hope you all did too. Posted some pics on FB.

    Finally feeling better thanks to the meds I got. Poison Oak isn’t contagious, BTW.

  49. Thanks for the welcomes. I’ve been listening for a long time now. Just getting started on the boards and calling in content.

  50. SO ….

    I just took all of the gift cards and birthday cash I have been saving for the past 3 years … and bought a 32gb iPod Touch.

    Q for you Touch/iPhone owners –
    What is the first thing I should do upon opening the package?

    Anyone have an opinion on extended warranties?
    I bought this jewel at Best Buy and they want to sell me a 2 year extended warranty for the same cost that Apple wants for their 2 year extended warranty.

  51. Welcome, Usedhair.

    JJ: While I’m typically the “Don’t by an extended warranty on the electronic gizmos” kind of guy, I’m betting the warranty directly from Apple would probably be better for you.

  52. jj: First thing? Maybe get a fun app? And then work on your library.

    As for extended warranties, I almost never get them since they are almost a scam. The lifetime of the product is almost always greater than the period when the warranty expires. This is a way for a company to make extra money from the product since the expectation is that they will rarely have to pay for warranty service.

    It is still possible to get a lemon, and then in that case, the warranty will certainly save your bacon. However, that is an exceptional case.

    The only times I get the warranty are when the company doesn’t have a good reputation for quality. That certainly isn’t the case with the iPod. If you want the piece of mind that a warranty will give you, then I recommend getting it from Apple. Best Buy usually doesn’t do a bad job either.

  53. Sorry to bust up the topic at hand. . .

    So if your apple is a lemon, then a warranty will save your bacon?
    It sounds like justa J0e is making the most disgusting pie evar.

  54. OK FINE.

    hmph and all that.

    I just paid the stupid 10 dollars to update my iPod Touch.

    Maybe now it will work the way it’s suppose to.

  55. JJ, if you plan on keeping the iPod Touch for a while and not jumping on the Apple upgrade bandwagon then go Applecare. Not a Apple fan boy, but getting a faulty iPhone replaced was a painless experience under the standard warranty.

    Oh and buy Geodefense and Flight Control on the app store.

    Will interested to know if you have any problems after the 3.0 update Cj. I noticed my battery life was shorter after the update.

    Oh and morning Pan, off to get drenched.

  56. Van, update appears to be seamless. I will let you know if battery life worsens. It isn’t great to start with.

    Goodnight, Pans of mush.

  57. Well, it’s Monday. The only good thing about that is that the dentist will be open today so I can get this stupid crown fixed again. Orajel and Ibuprofen is no way to go through live, son.

  58. Van, When I did the 3.0 Upgrade some of my applications (like eReader) crapped out until the next update. The only other aspect I notice on a day to day basis is that even though I really wanted copy and paste functionality, and was really pleased to get it, it activates every time you place your cursor somewhere. So, they replaced the pain in the ass of not having copy and paste with the pain in the ass of constantly asking you if you want to copy or paste something. Leave it to Apple.

  59. Morning Pan!

    Been having evening showers here. Yeah! All the silly Stampeders are now all wet in more ways than one 🙂

  60. Of course, we have disagreements on the best way of getting rid of them. Hubby does the humane thing and catches them (in a glass) and releases them outside. I don’t like it when he does this, I feel they’ll only come back inside.

  61. Based on your above comment, Van. I guess I’m going to have to bring an oversized bug swatter and lots of bravery.

  62. We now have a giant garbage bin in our driveway.

    We’re tearing out a wall downstairs this week so they delivered the bin this morning.

  63. Strangely I don’t have a problem with Scorpions.

    There was a craze (might still be happening), where UK workers working in Arab countries would bring back scorpions encased in blocks of plastic as mementos (strange but true). Never had a problem picking one of those up.

  64. By daughter works for a place that puts on reptile shows for parties and schools. These also can include a tarantula and a scorpion. I would never let her bring those into the house when she was living at home. i was ok with the snakes and lizards, just not the creepy crawlies.

    I assume this is not uncommon, though because their form had an area asking if it was ok to show the tarantula and scorpion or if it was preferred they not be brought at all.

  65. iTouch/phone question –

    Trying to view this forum on the iTouch browser is painful. Everytime you refresh the page you have to scoll AAaaaalllll the way back to the bottom of the comments again.
    Is there some better way to read this forum on the iDevice?

  66. Van – well, I tried that missile command-esque game and it alone could suck me into a black hole … but I could also spend endless amounts of time tweaking the photo, video and music selections as well as finding/using apps like “i.TV” or trying to set things up to get my TiVo shows moved onto my iTouch!

  67. Long answer, posting a short message will refresh the page leaving you at the bottom…hence all the short TEB messages.

  68. About the bugs – TEB – You’ll be safe here. I’m married to a contract killer.

    He’s paid to snuff out the lives of those creepy crawlies you so despise.

  69. Me I just expand the page out a far as possible and make big flicks with my finger to get down to the bottom of the page.

  70. As if all that wasn’t enough … my on-line stock trading platform offers a FREE mobile app so I can set it up and be able to watch stock prices move, in “real-time” anywhere in my wireless range.
    Talk about addictive … use to be I could walk out of my office and get a break from it but now it can follow me everywhere!
    must … tare eyes … off endlessly changing … red and green numbers!!!

  71. I’m a thumber-downer too. I’ve considered the short message thing, even taken advantage of it at times, but if I’m usually near my laptop.

    I (usually) only use my iTouch to read the Deadpan when I’m in bed at night.

    Go figure.

  72. Slightly differrent tech/geek question.

    I’ve a friend whose e-mail servie just seems to refuse to “play nice” with AOL.
    So if my goal is to simply be able to exchange messages and pictures with someone (no chatting or any other “stuff”) … what is the best “bare bones” way to go on this?
    Should I simply open a google account? Should I give in and do a Facebook account?

    I’m not looking for bells and whistles and “social networking here” … just the facts mam.

  73. I find the same with trying to Deadpan on the Pre. It’s too bad you can’t just zoom out and out and out until the whole page is in view. Stupid internet.

  74. Man … what a time sink!

    I just found and downloaded the HORRIBLE VAN CONTROL app.

    I’m going to need a 12 step program.

    (Or maybe 5 other volunteers to join me in a 2 step ?)

  75. 90% of the time I’m on my computer too. Usually later in the afternoon or in the evenings is when I move on to the touch.

  76. Sorry, JJ, I thought we were playing the “quotes from Airplane!” game.

    But, I see I may have earned a penalty, anyway. It appears that the whole “Macho Grande” meme didn’t enter until Airplane II, featuring some of Shatner’s finest acting.

  77. First you’re all sweaty, then you’re getting soaked in the rain – – It sounds like you’re in a Whitesnake video, Bunny.
    Next: sliding around on the hood of a Jaguar. . .

  78. I don’t care how you put it, troweling is a dirty job. Now filling in holes in our cement basement floor that were made when pulling out the wall.

  79. Sure, give me a jaguar of my very own to keep forever and ever and I’ll dance half naked in front of it for three minutes 🙂

  80. Hubby and I had a very productive day. Not only did we tear out a wall, we cleaned up, assembled the book cases and moved all the sprout equipment. Tomorrow morning we will ne working out in our new area.

    I also will be shopping with a friend for some throw rugs and we will be shuffling books.

    The only thing is, hubby wants to put the chess table he’s getting in the newly renovated library/workout room. While I agree a chess table does go in a library, I still want to put it in the living room and leave the doenstairs open so I can lay out mats and practice my MA.

  81. Currently listening to hubby playing the guitar.

    #. While uderstand some hapkido practice forms, we don’t. We do,however have a few “pattern”. I only know two at the moment.

    I found this site which actually has a pretty good description of what hapkido is ( scroll down – ignore the history at the beginning)

  82. We’ve gotten some decent showers today. That will give my sprinkler system a few days off….if I remember to turn it off.

    Still, any unwanted rain from other parts of the world, feel free to send out way in Texas. Most of the state is way behind on rain for the year.

  83. CP: Take Your Medicine — Cloud Cult

    These are things that I keep hidden in belly
    I can’t see them but they control my life
    For a moment you could see right through me
    See right through me
    Help me make this right
    Look at all those skeletons running from their closets
    Get them in the light

  84. [cranky old man mode] I’m kind bothered by all of the lawns here. All of these people with their cars, pools, lawns, etc. are increasing the AZ humidity every year. [/cranky old man mode]

    Damn kids, get off my rock lawn!

  85. In other news …
    I won my family’s “1st Annual Family Polevault Competition” yesterday.
    Yea me! I received a tasty plate of chocolate brownies which I then shared with the other competitors.

    Winning height was only 9 feet but hey, I hadn’t vaulted in ages much less been doing any training.

    and yes, I am really soar today.

  86. ditto: I did a quick read-through the other day and your explanation was fantastic. Amazingly better than the one the book offers. I should have free time Thursday to go back over the code and see if I grok it now. So expect an e-mail then. 🙂

    Thanks again so much!

  87. mmmm… I wouldn’t mind having my own vault of poles.

    I’m so not funny.

    I have a rock lawn in front and a large grassy area in the back.

  88. jJ… FYI – “Who died this week?” might just get some play on the next LLAP. Possibly.. really I can’t be sure.. I mean.. It’s not like people are dropping like flies or anything.

  89. Sooo the Public Enemies flick wasn’t that bad, Depp outshone the batman guy, some of the dialogue was muffled near the beginning..but all in all worth checking out.

  90. I’m actually very excited about the Harry Potter movie. I have secured a babysitter so that Dan and I can see the midnight showing at the Cine Capri! Woot!

  91. ditto: Yeah, I’ve been following that off and on for, well, it feels like forever. I wish we could outlaw stupid.

  92. Today’s mystery:

    Why do taxi drivers insist on coming to the heavily boilted back door?

    There are no euphemisms in this post.

    Morning Pan.

  93. Morning pan!

    the innuendo’s I’ve walked into here are overwhelming! My brain is going to explode!

    Tivo’d Warehouse 13 last night. Anyone here watch it? Any good?

    Public Enemies is on our must see list. I LOVE Chicago gangsters! We’ve got ourselves set up for a stressful weekend coming up so I think we might make a Public Enemies viewing our weekend date night to have some mindless entertainment to break it up.

    Harry Potter will also be a definite must see for us. Probably see it the week after it premieres. Next week is also a busy week.

    Fighting a little insomnia this morning. I hate insomnia. Going to try to get back to sleep again now. Wish me luck.

    good day panites

  94. TIVO’d it, but haven’t watched yet. It seems of late I’ve really got to make an effort to watch something, unless it’s some sort of History/Travel/Discovery/Military channel type documentary that I can veg in front of for a while.

    btw – Eureka returns this week. I will make the effort for that one.

  95. Morning Pan!

    Had another productive day yesterday. Basement (de)construction is now complete. Just have to put away the books in the guest room and we’re ready to face the public 🙂

  96. FYI: There were 2,171 comments on the Deadpan board for the month of June. This was a 5% increase over the same period last year.

    Way to go!!!! 😎

  97. I was never into cheerleading. I was always that geeky kid, with her nose in a book, that all the cool kids picked on 🙁

  98. Good Morning, BTW, Pan.

    So – I went to set up Eureka on my DVR, but my DVR is made of awesome and outsmarted me! It was already set from last season. “Record all first run episodes of this show” actually works! Yippity Skip! Friday just got better! Wheeeeee!!

    So very few TV shows get me this excited. I truly enjoy this one!

  99. And I’m back.

    Van, When the new Sam & Max came out I they released the entire first season in a box shortly after it was done. I’ll probably wait and get Monkey Island the same way.

  100. Your surveymonkey says:

    Upgrade in Progress

    We are currently in the process of performing emergency maintenance.

    We should be finished very shortly. Thanks for your patience!

  101. There’s a rather good ACC short…where a guy survives an accident. It’s only later as he starts to lose weight that they realise the accident has physically inverted him so he can no longer digest normal food.

  102. Van: reasons for my inversion include, but are not limited to:
    1.) enjoy the blood rushing to my head, and find that I don’t get enough (please see recent nipples)
    2.) That scene in the original Batman movie truly inspired
    3.) I’m of the opinion that my overly compressed discs can be relieved through periodic reversal of “up” and “down” with respect to my feet.

    T.E.B.: I believe you are correct. It would be more of a “screech”, although, a Ping would be much more cool.

  103. T.E.B.: Yes, BM had the boots… which is why it was inspirational. Of course, for some reason, I can’t find the boots cheaper than a particular table, so I’m going table-ward.

    T.E.B.: It’s so hard to tell, I’m dizzy a lot.


  104. “He winked at me…” Lejon… “winked at me”

    (And the real geeky person will know what that adjusted quote is from)

  105. RE: Deadpan on smartphones – my Tilt usually freaks out trying to load the page, but I can do the zooom way out and see the entire page thing if I use the SkyFire mobile browser (WinMobile). It does some sort of translation in the cloud and works quite well actually. But it is usually over kill too.

  106. Re: bugs / mosquitoes in Manitoba. I used to live in Jacksonville, Florida where we had four different species of mosquitoes. Each on was attracted to and repelled by something different. Ugh. That sucked so bad. I’m getting itching remembering it and that was twenty years ago.

  107. Mosquitoes in Northern Canada are mean. I was camping in NWT. I woke up one morning to the sound of rain. It was the mosquitoes trying to get in. They laugh at 99% DEET.

  108. Elvish: Celebriän Súrion

    Hobbit: Orangeblossom Bracegirdle of Hardbottle

    No, really… Orangeblossom? Bracegirdle? … sigh.. Hardbottle.

    I smell good, I’m strong and contained, And apparently made of glass.

  109. Van said something about needing more saliva. As much as I tried to behave myself and just surf past that comment.

    I’m having a difficult time not remarking on it.



  110. I used a pair of those clamp boots a few years back and that was the most awesome feeling as my back muscles slowly relaxed and each jerk/pop as my spine realigned itself.

    But it was always terrifying to get down again.

  111. So, I am making a roast in the crock pot today and it’s smothered in garlic, of course. I put some carrots around it and they are now just crispy, warm, and soaked in garlic. I can’t stop eating the carrots out of the pot. They are way too yummy.

    Looks like we’ll be having a carrot-free roast for dinner.


  112. jackmangan: Actually looked into the hanging door contraptions, they are quite cheap, but require the afore mentioned expensive “gravity” boots.

    I’m leaning toward the inversion table anyway, as I am having a minor problem visualizing myself hoisting my fat ass into position and back down again…

  113. My hubby is trying to convince me the mailman is dead because we haven’t had mail foe two days and his Guitar World magazine is late. I personally have my doubts.

  114. So. I always try to watch the ZP videos that Van links to in the hopes that I’ll suddenly understand what the guy is saying. He talks really fast and uses a bunch of swear words which does make me giggle ultimately.

    Something shaken up a dogs arse? What?

    Dan rented that game recently and took it back this morning saying, as he walked out the door, “I have to return this and I didn’t even have time to play it.”

    I do remember it being on the screen at one point and all of the Ghostbusters looking like the guys in the movie and hearing Annie Potts talking in her sexy yet kinda whiny voice.

  115. It won’t, no flash content on mobile safari.

    One suggestion why Apple is dragging it’s feet on flash is that it’s concerned that if people can play all the freebie flash games out there then the app store will take a big hit.

  116. The had to put down another horse at the Stampede yesterday. You just can’t have a Stampede without killing a few horses.

  117. Alright, AZ panites, I have a friend in need of a recommendation:

    “Can anyone suggest a good but nonstuffy place to get a good b-day dinner in phoenix? Maybe french or steaks or seafood?”

    Fire away!

  118. Everybody seems to like Smugglers but I prefer Caesar’s when it comes to steak. Not that that means anything to anybody not in Calgary. 😆

  119. Ed,

    My favorite place is Melting Pot – it’s fondue. I don’t know if you’d call that stuffy… I call it pricey. The one in Scottsdale is better than the one in Chandler. I’ve been to both and confirm this personally:

    For steak I absolutely recommend Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse. Totally worth the drive. If you wear a tie, they cut it off and if you order your meat well done, they bring you a boot. All gimmicks asides, the food is outstanding and it’s really fun.

    I know both are in Scottsdale and you said Phoenix, but I don’t venture into the actual City of Phoenix very often. I was born and raised in Scottsdale.

  120. More ideas.

    McGrath’s Fish House (I’ve only been to the one in Mesa) is yummy and the service has always been good. I’ve been there with a group and they were awesome. There is one in Phoenix somewhere.

    I also love the White Chocolate Grill – it’s more of a date restaurant in my opinion, intimate, but not stuffy. Yummy desserts.

    I think I’m done now. I’m going to go eat a fudgesicle.

  121. I love southwest and Mexican food and for that, nothing beats Barrio Cafe in Phoenix.

    I also really like the prime rib and spinach dip at Houston’s. Although Houston’s is somewhat of a chain,but good none the less.

    Being from KC, I’m a snob when it comes to BBQ. Probably the best BBQ in the Phoenix area is “Thee Pits Again.”
    Hey it was featured in “Diners, Drive Inns and Dives.”

  122. Sorry I disappeared so soon after first appearing. My son showed up for a few days and I was busy driving him back and forth from Orlando to Jacksonville. Got up at 4:45 this morning to get him to the Jacksonville airport by 5:15, then drove home and worked a 10 hour day. You would think that at 1:22am EST I would be shot, but I’m not that bad.

    Jack: What happened to War of the Worlds the Musical? Weren’t you the one to suggest it in the first place? Damn.

    Lejon: Please let us know how the inversion table works. My wife has a herniated disk and it would be good to know if it will help.

    Hobbit name: Dimple Underhill of Frogmorton
    Elvish name: Fëanáro Telemmaitë
    I like the hobbit name better.

    TEB: I’m actually quite surprised to find out that Oscar Mayer was not only a real person, but actually still alive in the first place. Go figure.

    Good night Pan.

  123. UsedHair – I’d actually never heard of the War of the Worlds musical — that was Vanamonde’s suggestion.

    I’m game, it had simply slipped my mind when I wrote up the SurveyMonkey page. There is an option for write-in votes, though.

  124. UsedHair: I’ll be happy to relay my experiences with personal inversion, at the same time, your wife might want to consult a physician about doing it herself. A herniated disk is different from my condition and no joking matter. I’ve known a few people with them. I wouldn’t want to say “Yeah, the table’s great” then have her end up in worse shape.

    Of course, I will still try it out, and if it works for me, I’ll say so.

  125. Just stayed up waaaay to late watching Warehouse 13.

    IMHO It is a “could be ” show.
    Could be good … or it could be complete crap.
    It is a “re-tooling” of the “Friday the 13th “TV show but I’ve always liked that premise and the characters are fun … but I wasn’t completely hooked.

    “Time will tell” I guess. I’ll give it 2 more episodes to make it’s case.

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