DeadpanPalooza voting for Summer 2009

Link to the SurveyMonkey poll to cast your vote for the next DeadpanPalooza

What is a Palooza? It sounds like an episode of Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas – – or what every other fking podcast in creation tries to be – – but it’s not.
We choose a film (or book or whatever) and rally around it for one dedicated episode full of opinions, reactions, discussion, original fanfic or artwork, or whatever comes up. Deadpan-style – – so no, it’s nothing like the 8,000,000 other podcasts that talk about geek culture stuff.

14 thoughts on “DeadpanPalooza voting for Summer 2009

  1. Cool list of topics. A few thoughts. I think that if we do a movie for the next palooza, it should be of lighter fare than Watchmen. “A Boy and His Dog” is a great choice for a palooza but I’d perfer we did something lighter first. LOL

    Although, if we cover a medium that we haven’t tackled yet (like a novel, short story. album or video game), then it’s subject matter could be anything. Just my 2 cents.

  2. TEB: Interesting. I always just haphazardly inferred that Hapkido and Aikido shared some techniques and philosophies in movement. I had no idea there was indeed a historical link!

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