601 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #132: Non-Playa Character

  1. (continuing a conversation thread from the last board)

    Cj: I have walked through and past that park with the giant outdoor chessboard many times. I’ve never actually played, but I’ve watched people play. It’s very cool and adds a playful, quirky character to the area.

  2. On the Goldman Sachs front, is there anything on the news about the theft of an algorithm from them? I don’t watch the news, so I’m curious if there’s ever been mention of it.

  3. My cat is driving me nuts.

    I’m back on medication (stupid doctor) and it must change my natural odor somehow (yes, yes, I picture the comments now). She’s constantly bugging me to comb her, like usual, but then won’t let me get near her. This is especially hard on her because she’s really my cat. She just tolerates my husband and hates everybody else so she’s having trouble reconciling the attention she craves with the fact I seem to have changed.

  4. No Van, but Mr. TEB still avoids me. I have an infection on my hand (the reason for the medication) and it freaks him out a little.

  5. Maybe avoid is the wrong word. But he now makes separate bowls for popcorn and snacks and doesn’t want me to touch him with that hand – even though I’m not contagious and, as far as the food goes, I do have another hand I can use.

  6. ?# – seems I did hear something about that theft a week or so ago on CNBC.
    I must confess that the story kind of made my eyes glaze over, so I don’t remember any of the details. Then again, maybe the mafia transmitter the Steve Jobs put in my iPod has wiped my memory of the event.

  7. ^ Make that “sinners’ .”

    (Van: are those lines what you were thinking of when you said “glad Mr. TEB is not a saint?” Or am I just going off on a tangent here?)

  8. Good morning. Talk about motivation. I won’t allow myself to listen until I’m actually walking on the treadmill. Getting the kids fed and dressed so we can head out in a few minutes.

  9. Van – If I ever do get my chess pieces, I have a shed in which to lock them up at night.

    Amy – Yes! That place is so awesome to walk around. My favorite things are the chessboard and the little aquarium place where you get to feed the sea lions. It’s just the most relaxing town ever or well, at least equal to Sedona… which is my other favorite vacation spot for relaxing.

  10. Oh yeah, While Jack didn’t mention it, the Party Room is reserved for Sunday night, we are working on something for Saturday but nothing is firmed up yet.

  11. We could just wait until the big weekend to do the Palooza discussion (and still leave room for participation from those who’re unable to travel) – that’s less than 1.5 months away. Thoughts?

    And yes, as Bunny mentioned, there are organized social plans in the works for Saturday as well.

  12. Also gives time to find the movie. Having trouble locating it anywhere locally and Amazon doesn’t have it in stock either.

    Been a long time since I’ve seen it but may have to rely on memory.

  13. TEB – Re: wrist keyboard

    If that thing could be worn under a sleeve so no one could actually see I had it on, and it would work with my iPod Touch … I would soooo buy one.

    This “typing with your thumbs” thing is just stupid.
    The kid’s of today’s kids will look back on images of people doing that and LOL. The way we look at people in the 50’s who just put a big magnifying glass in front of their little TV to make the picture bigger.

  14. Wow.
    May I just say that the stock market is on fire today!
    In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial average is up over 2500 points since March!

    There will be up days and down days still to come, but it seems we have pulled back from the brink … and it is making the “uber right” simply INSANE!

  15. justa J0e: Thanks for the CNBC-reference. I’m curious to see how this’ll wind up. There’s too much unknown at this point to really be juicy.

    My IRAs have been doing quite nicely as of late. Really starting to regain lost ground.

  16. Obama’s spoke pretty eloquently last night about his healthcare and economic plan, not-so-subtly pointing out that the insane deficit projections are vastly better than they would have been without the administration change.
    Maybe his speech inspired confidence.

  17. Interesting note on the “the insane deficit projections” … these deficit projections INCLUDED all of the money that was loaned out through the TARP program.
    The projections DO NOT take into account that money being paid back OR the profit made from those loans.

    I don’t mean to say this will make it all better … but it is already better then they thought!

  18. I’m afraid I missed his speech last night.

    I can say it is amazing to hear them talk about the healthcare plan on CNBC. There are loads of politicians and Healthcare Industry spokespersons clambering over each other to decry the thing … but they never seem to have on any Academic type economists to discuss the financial pros and cons. Just paid spokespersons.

    It also took a while for me to realize that ALL of their arguments are framed on how it will effect the stock market and businesses … not a one of them ever talks about how it could help the 45 million Americans who can’t afford health care.

    I guess that might accidentally “humanize” the issue and there is NO WAY the industry wants voters to start thinking about this in terms of their own sick neighbors or grandparents.

  19. Back from lunch. Came home to hubby doing dishes. Grabbed a towel to dry but he told me not too. didn’t want me near the dishes with my groopy finger. I think I could get used to this 🙂

    ditto, I like that idea, if we could work out the logistics (viewing screen, etc). BTW did you get my e-mail?

    Van, thanks for the Flash Gordon link, I just might have to do that.

  20. Cj: Yes, Morro Bay is relaxing and awesome to walk around. I went into the aquarium and fed the sea lions the first time I was there, when I was about ten. My parents are up there right now, in one of their favorite rental houses in Cayucos; they’re going home this Saturday. If you care, my dad is blogging about it here: http://tinyurl.com/njd3pz (click on the link that says “Cayucos” in the sidebar).

    TSH: Hi there!

    ditto: LOVE that idea! We should totally do that. We could record it, or not, as desired. In any case, there definitely needs to be some live recording as part of this gathering. If I do manage to pull together enough funds to go (fingers crossed), I’m thinking of having a live “Questors” recording. As any audio drama producer will tell you, productions just come out better when two or more actors are in the same room together, because they can react to each other and play off each other.

  21. Have moved to my computer. That movie was definitely not aimed at me. In the 15 minutes I had it on TH changed costumes 3 times, each more… sexy(?) than the other. Then the other girl who had just moved in with her (Leelee Sobieski – and is supposed to be nice and semi-sweet) also put on a tight outfit and was wandering around the apartment in it.

    Not well acted but certainly eye-candy for the guys.

    I think I’m going to play Dawn of Discovery now.

  22. Well, good morning, Pan – afternoon?

    I went to the gym then took the kids bowling. Enjoyed the show while on the treadmill. Sure made that time fly by!

    Yay for Flash Gordon – I put it at the top of my Netflix Queue and will keep it at my house indefinitely.

    As far as September recording goes – As is and will most likely always be the case, the LLAP household is available for whatever studio needs anyone wants whether it be recording or a viewing of the movie. We could also bring the mixer to the hotel room if that would be preferred. I have okayed all of this with the king of the LLAP castle.

    We are cool like that.

  23. From Netflix

    Flesh Gordon (1974)

    When Emperor Wang the Perverted (William Hunt) of the planet Porno aims his sex ray at Earth, the planet becomes a sloppy, sex-crazed cesspool, and only Flesh Gordon (Jason Williams), the lovely Dale Ardor (Suzanne Fields) and Dr. Jerkoff (Joseph Hudgins) can save the day. They go to Porno, only to encounter a giant Penisaurus and other obstacles. This campy send-up of the Flash Gordon serials features plenty of gratuitous nudity and sex.

  24. TEB, thanks for the Chess Piece Links. I think I’ll be holding off on any such extravagant purchases for many many years. Maybe I’ll make it a project for the kids. You know, find 32 kids, 16 in black tee shirts, 16 in white tee shirts. They can decorate their shirts with their character, Pawn, King, Queen, etc… Then I can just have them stand in the appropriate spots and order them around.

    I think as long as they all go the bathroom before we start the game, we won’t have too much trouble. Right?

  25. J0e: No didn’t rent it. I PVR’d it off of the movie channel about a month ago and only now got to it. Stopped watching it and deleted from my box, though. Not really my kind of thing.

  26. I’ve been so busy today, I’ve just caught up, and I find out that another ep dropped, and I’m behind again. (I’ll never learn *sigh*)

    The chess pieces look very nice.

    I’ve wanted a large chess set like this for years.

    I decided that I’d build my own. The idea came about one Christmas when I saw a Smirnoff bottle in the shape of a Soldier Nutcracker. It looked convincingly enough like a White Knight, that I was inspired to build the set from variously shaped alcohol bottles.

    I’ve seen a plethora of interesting bottles, but because of the expense of the alcohol, I’m a bit behind on the build.

  27. There was some scientist claiming he could teach you how to alter your perception of the passage of time.

    He is supposed to have demonstrated this by by getting one of his trainees to face a guy with black belt in some MA and dodge the punches thrown at them by the MA guy.

  28. Van – Hope I helped to inspire that moment of retro-goodness.

    For me there is much retro-hotness in Tony Dow from Leave it to Beaver. That boy always made me swooooooon!

  29. Cj: I can’t get behind the Leave it to Beaver love. For many a year, due to a slight overbite, I was nicknamed “beaver”, and for the city kids that didn’t get the animal reference, I also got called “Wally”.

    Never could watch a whole ep of that show anyway… much to meh

  30. Ok, Arizona peeps, how’s this for a favour?

    The friend of mine who lives in Calgary and will also be attending the Disc World convention sent me this e-mail:

    “On another note…
    I am ordering a hardened notebook computer in the US to be delivered to Arizona so I can pick it up at the diskworld convention.
    I’ve emailed someone I know in Arizona who is attending, but haven’t heard back. He is probably on vacation.

    I was wondering if you had a contact in Arizona who could receive the computer and bring it to the convention.
    I want to make sure I get the order in in time to be delivered and I don’t know when my friend is going to reply.”

    Any takers (I understand if not)

  31. Of course, that will mean giving a complete stranger (although I can vouch for him) your address (through me).

  32. Naw, it’s more like if you don’t bring it across the border yourself, it’ll get hung up in customs for weeks.

    “I have ceased receiving goods across the border because there is no consistency whatsoever. Some things are delayed for weeks. Some have extra charges up the ying-yang, and others have no extra charges at all. I suspect there is a lot of isolationist retaliation going. The more available an item is in Canada (or the more unusual) , the more trouble you’ll have getting it across the border. On this computer I have a 10 day period (after shipping) to return it if damaged and I don’t want to use up those 10 days with it sitting in a warehouse at the border.”

  33. Hugs, TSH.

    Evening, everyone! You all were productive today!

    ditto, let me know where you book a room if you’re hotel-ing. I’m still only 80% for the gathering, but want to reserve a room before they’re all gone. Jack mentioned a Courtyard, I think, that is near the con hotel.

  34. On the topic of time:

    There was a company that sold a product that claimed to pretty dramatically (relatively) reduce your response time. I never saw anything that backed up said claims, though.

    I’ve read some claims that very “soft” martial arts, most notably Mantis Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, can enable people to view time as slowed down, allowing the practitioner to move at amazing speeds, relative to the event. These claims vary wildly from person to person.

    Having practiced several martial arts through the years (including years of Tai Chi Chuan), I can say that these claims, as they present them, are nearly all 100% bunk. They are unable to turn it on and off, or move through time as though on a different plane. The vast majority of what they’re referring to is relaxed movement.

    That being said, I’ve had a few events where I “got out of my own way” as Bruce Lee would say, or is taught about in Zen texts. I was able to move at a speed and with a strength I was unaware I was able to, for just an instant. It is amazing and simple all at the same time. But again, this can not be summoned at will like a mutant ability from X-Men.

    Also, it is possible for an adrenaline rush to slow down your perception of time. I’ve only experienced this once, when I was in my early teens.

  35. Vanamonde: Ah yes, thanks. I really would love a new laptop. Mine is a hand-me-down the likes of which would stun you at the decrepid-ocity.

  36. Van: I don’t think it’s the charges that are the bother, more like you never know when you’ll get it. Whenever I’ve ordered across the border, I can get things in a few days or it can take a few weeks, depending upon how customs feels and how backed up they are at the time.

  37. Van – glad to hear the wifi surgery was a success.

    Though, I was expecting a more detailed story about the taming of the screw.

  38. It was all pretty painless Ed.

    Friend used a hand powered drill to slowly drill out the centre of the head of the screw till it snapped off.

    Cos the drilling was slow, metal bits didn’t travel V
    very far and were easily removed.

  39. Oh and Reading Charlie Stross’s Saturn’s Children and one of robots bids Freya Adieu.

    Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself by not using Au Revoir.

  40. This just in – Palm fixes Itunes sync again after Apple breaks it.

    I haven’t bothered to use my Pre with Itunes so far, my Nano serves me perfectly well for music.

    Still, I find it amusing to see this back and forth going on. Apple takes a month to come up with a way to shut Palm out. One week later, Palm is back on.

  41. I just discovered there is such a thing as Judge Dredd underwear.

    Discovering that on a busy bus is going to scar for me life.

  42. Morning Pan!

    One quick announcement: Cj is one of the most generous people you will ever meet and if anybody ever burns her because of it, they will have me to answer to.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled Deadpan.

  43. Congrats on being a finalist, Wolf. I have my fingers, toes, eyes, ears and nose crossed for you (and believe it, those last two aren’t easy 🙂 )

  44. I’ve discovered a big advantage with having an infected hand. I haven’t had to help with dishes in the last two days. Friday’s I usually clean the bathrooms but I can’t. I just get to kick back and do nothing for the next week. I wonder if I can play this out longer…

  45. Yesterday I was down to 6 hours of podcasts, this morning I’m now up to 12 again. *sigh*

    I’ve moved WanderRadio to the top of my list, though.

  46. I have the solution TEB, when playing talk heavy podcasts on your Touch..hit that ‘x2’ button to speed up the playback rate.

  47. Van,

    1) I’ve actually done the 2x thing on occasion. It’s kind of strange and yet fun.

    2) the computer call of yesterday

  48. Too be honest, I wasn’t rather indifferent to EP 207. I noticed a new one came down the pipe today, we’ll see what I think in a couple of days when I get to it.

  49. So, here is today’s Deadpan query.
    Along the lines of “Can’t keep up with my podcasts”… how many of you can’t (or just choose not to) keep up with your “social media” sites ?
    I find I really only have time to keep up with the Deadpan.

    I have accounts with the following;

    MySpace – I might check the account every few months.

    Shelfari – every few months

    Flickstr – maybe twice, haven’t found the time to get familure with the site.

    Friendster – maybe twice

    Flickr – can’t even remember my log-on info

    Stumbleupon – Who has time to “surf”? Wish I could make this one stop.

    2nd Life – spent about an hour there. Gained little or no proficiency in using the controls. Realized it would take much longer. Never went back.

    Epinions – This one I really intend to use more frequently but I’m lucky if I add anything 2 a year.

    I suspect that there are others that I am signed up fr that I don’t even remember since I don’t have time for them. This is one of the reasons I haven’t jumped on Twitter or Facebook. How can you get anything done if you spend all day “contributing”?

  50. I’m only on Facebook, so it’s easier to keep up, J0e. Though I do find a lot of the little game apps on FB quite heavy time suckers.

  51. Oh, forgot to add the Forums at Escape Artist and FPM which I have visited in a year.
    I think I’ve made appearances on the Air Out My Shorts board twice this year.

  52. My hubby’s laughing at me. I’m cleaning my desk. Anything I’m not sure what to do with, I put on his desk for him to deal with. The cleaner my desk gets the messier his gets. It’s quite amusing.

  53. Since I mostly work from home, would my workspace dimensions be the size of the room the computer is in or the size of my house (I work on a laptop so technically I can work in any room should I choose)

  54. What I said TEB, the weight of the workspace is easier to obtain than the internal dimesions.

    The weight is printed on the side.

  55. I’ll just pass this one for DP FBers:

    Facebook has agreed to let third party advertisers use your posted pictures without your permission. Click on “Settings” up at the top where you see the “Logout” link. Select “Privacy”. Then select “News Feed and Wall”. Next, select the tab that reads “Facebook Ads”. In the drop down box, select “No One”. Then save your changes. Do it now. Help your friends…cut and paste this into your status

  56. Watching the Cdn dollar. If I’m really lucky, at the rate it’s going up, maybe it’ll be at par by the time I head to Arizona.

  57. I think my husband’s bored and really needs to start back to school.

    He found the rules for a D & D game called Dragon Chess in an old D & D book. He’s created the pieces on the printer and glued them to 1″ wooden blocks he pick up from the local craft store. He created and printed the boards. He’s removed the ornaments from two shelves of a bookcase, removed the shelves and had put the boards on these (luckily he only has them on with paperweights on each corner. If he glued them on, I might have freaked out). Now, when I go shopping today, he wants me to get 6 extra boxes of kleenex so he can make put it all together into three tiers.

    I guess the idea of the kleenex boxes is, when he gets tired of it, we can at least use the kleenex at some time in the future.

  58. Can I toss out a request to all you lovely Deadpanite ladies with your sexy voices? Please submit some dirty lyrics to Jack. Especially the following songs:

    Lick by Joi
    Lick it by 20 Fingers
    Hot White Cum by Liz Phair
    Pull up to my bumper by Grace Jones (Not particularly filthy, except in subtext)

    I’m sure Jack would really appreciate the extra content. (So will many male Deadpanites such as myself)

    Oh, and of course I will reciprocate. (Hmm, I think that sounded wrong) I mean I’m trying to figure out what song(s) I’m going to send in, too.

    If we work together I’m sure we’ll all be satisfied. (Hmm, that sounds wrong too).

    I’ll be in my bunk…

  59. TEB – 😳 Thanks for the compliments 🙂

    Computer King – Lick It is one of my favorite songs actually…

    OMGotch.. what a morning.

    Gotta run and jump and other exercising things.

    I shall return in hours!

  60. There’s a rather good story called ‘The Fairy Chessmen’ by authors I’ve forgotten.

    Time travellers, a mathematical equation that distorts reality, and different rules for chess all feature.

  61. RE – FB fail

    If they had used one of your photos that had been submitted to a photo agency – you could be getting paid anywhere from $25 to $500. In this case, an advertiser that uses one of your photos will still be paying for your photos … but that money is going to FaceBook and not you AND they can use it in any way they see fit, regardless of how personally embarrassing or invasive it might be to you.

  62. Just overheard said by an executive of a defense industry subcontractor, engineering firm –
    “Sure Obama is bringing home troops from Iraq. Big Deal! Now that he’s started a 2nd War in Afghanistan!”

    Oh the tragedy of revisionist history!
    *face in hands*

  63. Applied Van’s FB settings recommendation. Didn’t have any trouble doing it with Firefox.

    As for JJ’s query about keeping up with social networks. I definitely do some better than others and tend to go through phases. I’ll realize that I haven’t checked out a particular forum for a few months and then hit it pretty regularly for a few weeks before drifting over to another forum/community that I’d been away from.

    But, there is always Deadpan.

  64. Eewwww! Just came home to find some silly animal left a half eaten mouse on my sidewalk. Hubby figures it was some bird of prey that regurgitated it as there were some feathers near by. I repeat – eewwww!

  65. It’s been a heck-of-a morning around here, and it’s not over yet.

    Good Morning, Pan!

    J0e: I have MySpace, FB, Twitter, 2nd Life, LiveJournal, Bloopdiary, Twitter, the GuiseKnights forum, Twitter, and an intermittent blog

    I don’t update any of them regularly.

    Well, maybe Twitter…

  66. “But like everything else that’s good and noble in life, some Wall Street wizard decided that hospitals could be big business, so now they’re run by some bean counters in a corporate plaza in Charlotte. In the U.S. today, three giant for-profit conglomerates own close to 600 hospitals and other health care facilities. They’re not hospitals anymore; they’re Jiffy Lubes with bedpans.”

    Bill Maher is the best.

  67. Lejon – If you enjoy something different…then listen. The show is a bit unpredictable at times…but if you enjoy a wide range of music jump on it.

    and eventually a return to the short story dramatizations.

  68. I’m home again.

    We went to a new bounce place and bought a monthly pass so the kids can run and climb and jump to their hearts’ content.

    The place has free WiFi, but the password wasn’t working so I couldn’t get online, but if I need to get some work done, I could actually take my laptop and work at that location. Nifty.

  69. As far as social media sites go … let me see.

    I now spend more time here on Deadpan than anywhere else.

    Second would be Facebook. It really is an easy interface for keeping up with people.

    Twitter is probably third, although there are days where I don’t check it or tweet at all.

    I do enjoy posting things to flickr and have a ton of stuff in there.

    I was using Utterli, but it seems to fail a lot and not send my stuff where I want it anymore, but I still post videos there on rare occasion.

    I have a MySpace that I rarely visit. Don’t. Like. MySpace.

    There’s a LiveJournal account too that’s kinda useless but I think some stuff autopopulates there from Utterli and Twitter.

    Otherwise – I am entirely anti-social as I’m sure you can all tell.

  70. He didn’t send it yet? Arg! Hey – maybe we can record a better one this weekend. I’m sorry you don’t have it yet – I’ll make it happen.

  71. Thanks for the heads-up Vanamonde. I was unable to see a drop-down on my Windows box at work. I’ll try it here in a bit.

  72. Well, good to see Obama is at least smart enough to not fight losing wars on two fronts. He seems to slowly be learning that DC isn’t Chicago.

  73. Is “I think I just came” a decent response to grilled vegetables?

    Ed, I love you brother, but we disagree once again. I was applauding Daddy O. yesterday and am kinda bummed today.

    xox Panites.

  74. Van, I don’t think I’ve ever been drunk enough to think that stuffing hammers up my butt was a good idea.

    I have been drunk enough to think that flinging chunks of jalapeno at people was a good idea, in case you need a reference point.

  75. Well, gang, we’re about ready to head to the airport. So, I’ll probably be scarce around here. If anything, I’ll post to facebook from my phone as the urge strikes.

    Try to pretend to behave, at least, while I’m away 🙂

  76. My social media habits are very similar to Cj’s. I keep up with the Deadpan the most, followed by Twitter and Facebook, which I keep up with about equally. I’m on Flickr, but don’t use it very much. I, too, have a very little-used MySpace account. I’m also on LiveJournal, but I don’t visit very often, except for those times when I’m exploring a new fandom or when there’s a special event going on. (The two LJ-based special events I participate in every year, august_writing and naarmamo, start a week from today! Yay!) I have a del.icio.us account, but have only used it a little bit.

    Ed: Have a great trip! 🙂

  77. I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook
    Way too much time here (80-something posts a day while I’m at work you prolific crowd you)
    I’ve started getting in to Twitter, but not every day
    LiveJournal – but only to read what select friends are up to
    I have a MySpace, but I’m almost NEVER there

  78. I’m heading for the airport as well in a few hours. I would call in updates, like Amy, but my trips have far fewer stops. I’m organizing the Big Move (TM) all this week, for the rest of my family to come to Orlando (I’ve been down here on my own for almost 2 months now), so I’m not sure how it will affect my keeping up with the boards. We’ll just have to see what happens.

  79. Enjoy Vegas Mr. and Mrs. From Texas! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t . . . actually, forget that.

    I grilled zuchinni (seriously, how DO you spell that?) and onions, and B threw in corn and green chili from the garden to create AWESOME calabacitas. It was delicious, but I do think she liked them a few notches more than I did.

    I actually slept until 7:15 this morning. Wow, I like that!

  80. Morning Pan!

    Hubby has dismantled the dragon chess board, now watching him try to create the board from the original Star Trek. Some of his efforts have been quite hilarious but he won’t let me take pictures until he’s satisfied with the set up.

  81. Did anyone here watch that Torchwood special on BBC America this week? Not sure when it played in BBC UK.

    Hugh and I watched episode 1 Thursday night. Planed on watching epsiode 2 on Friday and ended up watching 2-5 last night.. wow that was some good stuff. I was crying quite pathetically on episode 5. We couldn’t stop watching it! It was so good it made us look up if there was any news on Torchwood returning for season 4. So far I’ve just heard they were waiting to see how well Season 3 did.
    Talking to my friend Dani and we agree we think the show is better without Tosh and Owen.. although their exit last season was quite dramatic.

    Kinda interested by the commercials for that show called Being Human.

    We are leaving Sunday morning for San Francisco for about 1.5 weeks so Being Human and Dr Who this weekend will have to wait on our Tivo till we get back.

    Finally did see some of episode 1 of Warehouse 13 and that seems interesting. Those have been collecting on Tivo too and will be watched at some point.

    that is your Smarty Hottie TV update

  82. Now for a podcast update:

    we think we might load up all the Deadpans we haven’t listened to and listen to them while traveling during our trip to CA. We have our flight and then while there we are going to be doing lots of driving too.
    At this rate we will be years behind if we try to play by play every epsiode. Our life is too complicated right now to accommodate that. So we decided to listen, and make note of anything really funny we want to comment on, which with Jack I am sure there will be lots to comment on 🙂

    we don’t listen to any other podcasts so that ends that (although we keep wanting to pick up another sex podcast and of course Savage Love- but alas again.. no time)

    that is your smarty hottie podcast update

  83. Any other updates Hugh?

    Hugh sez: movies


    errrr.. we saw Harry Potter, still need to see Public Enemy, thats it for movies

    We thought Harry was good even though they changed it sooo much.

    that is your smarty hottie movie update

  84. Hugh sez: Comics, music?

    Well I could do comics and music but that would be too much. Music is probably the only thing Hugh and i have been able to keep very current on.. but we are both music fiends. Lots of good new music.

    Hugh sez: You should call in an ear bud

    I really should

    I will work on that and call it in next week 🙂

    that is your smarty hottie music update

  85. Comics… haven’t picked up any new titles.. oh no thats not true. Picked up Unwritten. Seems interesting.. I want to know whats going on there, definitely going to keep getting that.

    Couple new Batman titles and of course the rebirth of Batman story is still going. I miss Bruce Wayne!!! *sobs*

    Sword is still kick ass.. Hellblazer will forever rule my world, Fables too

    Oh! Bringing Doom Patrol back.

    Lots oh good indies

    that is your smarty hottie comics update

  86. and going back to TV for a second.. I cannot begin to explain my excitement for Mad Men coming back next month methinks?

    I know Justa J0e watched Mad Men last season, not sure if anyone else here does. but I fucking love that show

    that is the end of your smarty hottie updates

  87. I believe that EssBee and her Sly one also caught the Mad Men fever. My TiVo anxiously awaits the new season.

    Tourchwood mini series – I’ve seen day 1 and 2 and am really digging it. Nice pacing, drama and a butt load of dramatic bombs were dropped in the very first episode.
    I personally will miss Tosh and Owen. Their characters were nicely flawed, I thought that made them very human. I DO think that there departure was a good thing for the show though. Shaking up the very foundation of your story line like that is a real good way to keep a show fresh, to keep from becoming the same old thing every week but with a different monster.
    … that is IF you have the writers to pull it off. So far I’d think they do!

    What’s the deal with Gwenn?!?!?
    She doesn’t have the stereotypical, model-esque, hot glamor babe, look and yet there is something about her I find very aluring. Maybe it’s the bangs.
    or the boots.
    Who knows.
    Nicely done BBC. *golf clap*

  88. I’m skipping all the Torchwood talk, because we haven’t caught the mini yet. It’s waiting on the DVR. We are currently at the end of Season 3 of Dr. Who on DVD. Martha is a cutie!

    I can’t decide if it’s naptime, or coffee time.

  89. I’m with the Mad Men crowd. although I didn’t grab S1 via BT cos I thought the show synopsis sounded a bit naff, caught it on BBC3 and was hooked.

    I find the gap in the front teeth of Gwen to be offputting from a hotness point of view.

  90. Smarty Hotties, I really like that plan – except that I’ve said nothing funny or interesting since some time in early 2006. 🙂 There have definitely been some good moments, however, over the past 30-or-so episodes and Unshows.

    Best of luck in all of your travels and endeavors. Hugs, prayers, good vibes – – all of that goes with you.

    Gah, Used Hair, Ed, and the Smarty Hotties are all taking off in different directions. It’s like the end of Empire Strikes Back around here. . .

  91. TSH: I think loading up all the Deadpans you haven’t listened to and listening to them while traveling is a great idea. In my opinion, your play-by-playing has been fun, but you shouldn’t feel like it’s an obligation, because that makes it less fun. Enjoy getting caught up! 🙂

    And yes, we would love it if you called in an Earbud. 🙂

    Jack: And me. I’m taking off in… actually, the same direction as TSH, since we’re both going to California. My commenting will only be interrupted for maybe half a day, though.

  92. j0e- I’m taking the whole kiss for myself and not sharing it with Hugh at all! 🙂

    Torchwood- I kinda like Gwens tooth gap too- kinda like Madonna’s tooth gap.. it is kinda sexy. Hugh definitely lusts for Martha Jones though.
    I think Tosh and Owen were good characters, I think I just really liked the dynamic with Ianto, Jack, Gwen and Rhys in this mini series.. those 4 were good together in this.

    Mad Men- Glad others like it! I caught that right when it came out being that I work in advertising. I think everyone at the ad agency I worked at watched it that 1st night. Speaking of sexy characters.. I have a Don Draper fetish.. I don’t care how much of an asshole he is.. that haircut, and those suits… *swooon* I can’t get enough of him. I have a weakness for a man in a nice suit. 🙂

    Jack- puh-lease. You are so damn funny and you know it. I spend half our conversations laughing my arse off. Thanks so much for the good luck. You know we need it 🙂

    Amy- We agree. We never felt obligated to play by play, we enjoyed it but it just is going to take us too long and we want to listen. The ipod is fully Deadpan locked and loaded as I write this.
    We will wave at you when we get to California Amy 🙂

    Earbud- will be worked on and called in.

    Alright pan, we are going out soon for a bit tonight and leaving 1st thing on a 9am flight to San Fran. Probably won’t hear from us until we return.. but who knows 🙂


  93. Just finished watching “Being Human”.

    Could be worth the ride. It borders on being another moody, “poor me I’m a misunderstood vampire” thing … but I think the ghost character pulls it out of the “same old thing” category.

    Production wise, I do think it is nicely done.

    and that is it for me tonight.
    Goodnight mush.

  94. Jack: Sorry but I am, by nature, against any and all remakes, reboots, reimaginings, etc. I can already see in the preview for Tron that it is going the modern way of digital flash in place of substance. Whatever magic existed in the original tron is bound to be lost. I could be wrong, but for every Start Trek reboot there are a hundred Land of the Losts.

  95. Don’t know which I saw Van.

    The episode I watched gave a 5 minute or so “set-up” for the show, from the ghost’s point of view … but it didn’t really get into how the Vamp and his Wolf met up or why they chose that flat. The wolf boy did explain to the ghost how he came to be but I can’t be sure that this was the pilot.

  96. Yeah Used Hair, most movies independently created based on other materials are just profit-focused, soulless products. The same could prove true for TR2N (as they were originally calling it).

  97. So ….
    Starting project I have long put off.
    I have an old “lime” iMac that I am going to give to family. So I need to go in and remove any of my private files from it. That’s not such a big deal I guess.
    What I am dreading though … Is that I really need to go in and reload the OS from scratch. Get the thing back to it’s starting point from before I added all of my A/V programs and made it so that it no longer plays DVD’s or Audio CDs.
    That means finding original OS discs, then getting on-line and downloaded all the upgrades and installing them … if I can still get them.

    I’d also love it if I could keep the version of iTunes that it is currently sporting, in tact. It has an old version of iTunes from before a time when the RIAA started leaning on Apple and therefore it has a lot more ripping capabilities then the current versions have!

    Oh well.

    This post is a last ditch effort to put this tak off for another minute or so.

    Hey, I know !!! I’ll bet a rum & coke would really make this go better!

  98. The Andromeda Strain
    Soylent Green
    Dark Star
    A Boy and His Dog
    Deathrace 2000
    Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Logan’s Run!!!!!!
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers
    Capricorn One
    Mad Max
    Time After Time

    I cheated and picked the ones I liked from:

  99. SciFi from the 70s that I have seen (from UsedHair’s linkage)
    A Clockwork Orange
    The Stepford Wives (30 minutes)
    Star Wars
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Superman (I’m not really sure if it was this one or one of the sequels)
    Star Trek: The Motion Picture

    I almost put Alien before remembering it was Alien3 that I’d seen.

    I’m actually surprised at how many I’ve seen. I had thought that Star Wars was the only 1970s SciFi (SyFy? *runs away*) I had seen.

  100. 2001 came out in the 60’s.

    Silent Running to the good 70’s scifi list.

    I can login to the Blip.FM site, but when I try to listen to the track it just says it’s unavailable…grrrrrr!

    Morning Pan, sipping tea and reading nipples, yeah.

  101. Can’t wait to listen, Wolf!

    My weekend was good, despite a few kidney stones that tried to get in my way. I can’t believe it’s already Monday!

    This week will be a stressful one at Evil, Inc. We’re meeting with reps from the company we’re merging with to “integrate” teams. I’m all dressed up, and ready for any kind of news.

  102. So my hubby walked in in the middle of Wolf reading the Parsec nominees. His reaction:

    “Wow what an interesting podcast. You’re listening to someone reading a list. Maybe you should do a podcast of you reading your grocery list every week. That would be a great”


    He was kidding of course 😆

  103. Morning Pan.

    Yep, if we’re taking an informal pole here … I’m in agreement with Van’s “Order of Joy” for WR episodes. Keeping in mind that I don’t dislike ANY of the WR flavors.

  104. Van – thanks for the rettro iTunes link. Unfortunately for my situation … they are for PC OS only.
    Can’t remember which version of iTunes I have on my old computer I just recall that DRM couldn’t seem to phase it 🙂

  105. jackmangan said:
    “Earlier, I posted: “I hope these blips are tweeting now”
    How the F did words like this enter my vernacular?? My life has become a bad 70s Sci-Fi movie.”

    LOL! We do have some interesting vernacular these days.

  106. Hola, Pans y Panitas! Buenas Dias!

    One of these days I’ll learn to say something more than Hello in 9 languages…

    Nomad Scry: Thanks for listening! I can happily take credit for the story, and be embarrassed that I actually did the kazoo theme too… My co-host said that it was “perfect” at the time…

  107. Morning, Pan.

    I made an appointment with a personal trainer for tomorrow morning at the gym. He’s grouchy on the phone so I’m suddenly trepidatious. (My former boss told me that “trepidatious” isn’t a real word. WordPress on this page seems to agree and is marking is as a misspell. Then again, it’s also marking “wordpress” as a misspell. Maybe my spell check is built into FireFox – which, for the record, is also coming up as misspelled.

    Nonetheless. I’m feeling trepidatious about my appointment with the grumpy sounding trainer with whom I just got off the phone.

    That was my point.

  108. Relative peril question –

    This old iMac has had a slight quirk ever since I’ve owned it (got it for $250 from a guy I suspect had dropped it).
    When you first power it up … the display is all white and washed out. After a minute or so, if you lovingly but FIRMLY smack the top of the computer with the flat of your hand, the picture will become clean and crisp. Sometimes it takes a few whacks.

    So I thought I’d open this baby up and see if I couldn’t find an obviously loose wire or board.

    I couldn’t.

    So here is the danger part. I’m thinking of plugging it in with the case off of it and then poking at things with a wooden pencil to see if I can find a lose thing what might be causing the issue.

    Question – on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being “You said NEVER cross the beams Ray!”) … how bad an idea is this.

  109. jJ – The worst dwarf to have as a trainer would have to be Bashful. I wouldn’t learn a thing because he’s just stand there cowering at me. I’d scare him to death with my outgoing personality really. I scare most people at first – I’m pretty sure.

  110. Wahoo!
    My new 3rd Gen iPod battery just arrived!

    Got it from a place I found on-line called “iPod Battery Depot”. Don’t know if the product is any good yet but they shipped this sucker FAST!

    Now to insta … oh wait, I have this dismantled iMac all over the room.

    This is why I never get anything finished. They new project always shows up well before the last is complete.

  111. There is some sort of fluxcapaciter thingy that when I push on it with my plastic straw, makes the picture get better. could be it’s solder connections are not right. hose are under it where I cannot see … of course.

  112. I just discovered that if I hold the CTRL key down and spin the wheel on my mouse it makes the print on the screen bigger or smaller depending which way I roll it.

    Technology fascinates me.

    jJ – Be careful with those wires. We don’t want you zapping yourself to the past.

  113. .start_vent
    GAH! Stupid Netscape open source project teams. One group understands how to use configure. The other doesn’t. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

  114. OK
    I have a cruel and ruthless plan. (not involving jeans OR Brooke Sheilds)

    I am going to fashion a widget to wedge between the side of the case and the fluxcapacitor. This should apply a slight force to the component and help to keep what I suspect to be a loose solder joint, tight.
    If it doesn’t, then at least I will be able to apply an external corrective force to that spot on the case to give it a “wiggle” without having to dismantle the computer.

  115. It is true that we are weak and sick and ugly and quarrelsome but if that is all we ever were, we would millenniums ago have disappeared from the face of the earth.
    -John Steinbeck

  116. As much as I love Daniel Radcliffe and think he’s adorable and all that – I have to admit that I didn’t need to see that.

    I’d like to erase it. Erase erase erase. From my memory.

  117. jUSTA JOE!!!

    Do not poke live monitor! I do not know the truth of it (meaning, I haven’t poked one myself), but everytime I study up on PC repair the two big dangerous things are Monitors and Laser printers. Both can have a tremendous discharge!

  118. In that show I talk about the grown up Harry Potter and the new HBO show hung so I think the photo fits.

    Sorry about the Photo Jack. I have not seen you in two years and that’s how I remember your hair.

    As far a Radcliffe I am glad he did hat nude play now, not when he’s 60s wanting his fame back.

    Plus he wants grown up rolls after Harry Potter. He is only 21 know and there only 2 films left. (they are splitting the last book and shooting all at the same time.) So he is a just 4 years over Potters age.

  119. Jack: Thanks for that really kick-ass quote!

    Trucker Overdrive: I will listen, but I’m back up to 198 unlistened. It’s in the queue.

    Everyone, listen to my podcast as well. It’s at:

    http://www. .com

  120. Oh yeah, on the topic of listening. Fractured Horizon was indeed fun, WNDRWolf. Somewhat predictable and formulaic, but fun.

  121. Did I miss something? Why is Mr. Mangan modeling an issue of Interzone? I’m staring at it very hard, but I can’t read enough of it to tell if he is on the cover somehow.

    Then again, I think this is the closest I’ve ever come to an Interzone. Maybe I should model with the picture of Jack modeling the Interzone.

    Hey, look! That wasn’t funny! *snert*

  122. ZOMG.

    Jack, I like that picture of you. The Daniel R. pic is probably going to stick with me all day, so thanks for that, TO.

    Off to day 2 of meets with the new corporate overlords.

  123. Wow, according to an e-mail I won an on-line lottery, I didn’t enter, for 1,000,000.00 Euros. All I have to do is give them all my particulars and I’ll receive it. I’m so lucky 😉

  124. Was up early this morning and gave blood to the vampires. Now I have to wait for them to finish their taste test to see if I’m relatively healthy.

    Wolf, wet and wiggly is because it’s raining here and all the worms have come out onto the sidewalk. Silly me, though, I didn’t look outside before I left and walked out without a jacket (just capri’s and a T-shirt), so I got a little wet myself.

  125. Hey, that’s what we need at the DPG (DeadPan Gathering) I want all the guys to wear white shorts for a wet shorts contest 😳

  126. You have to bear with me. I don’t handle bloodletting well. I don’t have a lot of it and I tend to get a little loopy until my levels get back up.

  127. My hubby is reading the latest Guitar World Magazine. He’s laughing at an ad. It says:

    Discover attraction secrets guaranteed to magnetically capture that 1 perfect woman you desperately desire… regardless of your looks, age or income.”

    And has such lovely captions as:

    “women are magnetically compelled to approach you first”
    “allows you to attract any woman you want, on demand!”
    “They were intelligent, desirable, beautiful business women who went gaga like little girls over this short, fat, dumpy guy!”

    And finally: “attracting women is nothing more than a paint-by-numbers, step-by-step, brain-dead simple process”

    Wow this is amazing!

  128. Good morning, Pan.

    I babysat for a couple who went to the Aerosmith/ZZ Top concert last night. I was at their house until almost 1am then had to get up early for a playdate I promised a fellow mommy this morning. I’m also meeting with the trainer at the gym at 10am for a specialized workout plan.

    I’d like to go back to sleep now instead though.

    Off I go. Have great days everyone. I’ll be online late afternoon.

  129. I allow FF to manage some passwords on my Linux box at home. But I’d never do that for anything really important, like banking.

  130. I think hubby’s under the impression I like his music. I guess it doesn’t help when I give him a dewy-eyed look, sigh, and tell him I’m his groupie 😉

  131. ditto, yes my hand is better. I’m even going to go to MA tonight. I’m still on antibiotics, though. I think the cat being on me is more a testament to her desperation than anything else.

  132. My kitty is definately MY kitty. She tolerates my husband and hates everybody else. She’s also old and arthritic (or creaky as the vet calls her). It’s rainy and chilly today, so she’s looking for a warm lap to lay on.

  133. Well Pan, I’m off.

    More test to be run. At the office tomorrow morning so not sure what my Panning schedule will be.


  134. Hello, Pan.

    The stuff I was responsible for in our apartment is all either cleaned out or packed up. My bags are packed and in my friend Nancy’s SUV. T minus 74 hours, 40 minutes until I leave for California. It’s bittersweet and strange to be leaving this place where I’ve spent so much of my time.

  135. A hardly has an appetite and pokes at food too long
    and B can barely bother because all the food is wrong
    C likes only candy and chocolate by the box
    D is just disinterested in anything you’ve got

    But E eats everything
    yeah E eats everything
    E eats everything
    yeah E eats everything

    so toss it on a plastic plate or stick it with a fork
    serve it on a shovel or serve it on a spork

    yeah E eats everything
    yeah E eats everything

    F is far too fussy and only eats with fancy wine
    G eats only gourmet but never can decide
    H burns food so horrible
    all I tastes is smoke
    J just likes drinking juice
    and K drinks only soda

    but E eats everything
    yeah E eats everything

    he’s eating in a moving car
    he’s eating upside down
    he’s eating on a space ship
    he’s eating off the ground

    L and M and N and P won’t start till O arrives
    Q and R and S and T are wearing clothes much too tight
    U and V and W are worn out from this song
    and X and Y just will not share and will not get along

    but E eats everything
    yeah E eats everything

    but look out now here it comes that final letter Z
    now Z’s not like the other letters Z’s only eating Es

    yeah Z eats Es
    yeah Z eats Es
    Z eats Es
    yeah Z eats Es

  136. Amy Bowen: Good luck on the move/trip.

    JackMangan: It’s not a bad picture. I know bad pictures, and that’s not one.

    Cj: Don’t worry about the bees. Reports seem to indicate that they’re dying off, and will soon pose no stinging threat. Humans will then starve to death because of pollination failure. I think it’s the bees’ way of passing judgment on mankind for that stupid Mimic: 2 movie.

  137. I am looking for some one to read some bible lines for some thing for the Dead Pan. I looking for the voice of God. Deep Guy like Computer King or Chyenne Wright hell any one!

    just follow the links

  138. Jack: I’m planning on e-mailing you tonight. The latest kernel update has all but hosed my Firefox on this box. [major grumbles] But I will persevere!

    Trucker Overdrive: I hope it’s good stuff, like stoning your kids for not obeying you. If it’s heretical, I may be able to fit something in here and there.

  139. EssBee: I must’ve missed that. Sorry to hear you have kidney stones. I used to know a guy several years ago. Pretty tough dude. Kidney stones turned him into a docile kitten.

  140. Jack and Trucker Overdrive: You’ve got mail.

    Seems to be a flash issue with Firefox. I’m so shocked. really. Hopefully resolution forthcoming.

  141. Lejon : The kazoos are appropriate. But, like the noble bagpipe and nails on a chalkboard, some people just find them annoying. I like bagpipes and have never had a problem with nails on chalkboards. (Steel on ceramic, however…)

    i# : I know. I appreciated it. So I “funned” back. Deadpan. I guess it was better for me than it was for you… =P

    Van : Thank you! The expiremental link works well for me.


    Mr. Mangan : Very cool! (getting pubbed in Interzone, that is)

    TEB : RIM … shot.

    EssBee is the only bee that doesn’t scare me. Of course, it isn’t that simple really. I’m not afraid of bees. I’m afraid of yellow jackets. Bees just make me nervous because I mistake them for yellow jackets sometimes.

    My copy of Flash Gordon is shipping soon.

  142. TO: you are a dirty, dirty man.

    Nomad, me too! I am terrified of wasps. My hometown is infested with them, too. I don’t like bees either (except Sly B). I am the girl with the Epi pen on hand at all times in case I get stung.

  143. Well, off to another day at work. For today, I hope that:

    1) Leonard Peltier is paroled

    2) None of my team is laid off in this project of “integration” we are in the midst of

    3) I am finished with the kidney stones – last night was not fun

    4) Each of you has a wonderful day! xox

  144. Morning, Pan.

    Orders of business for the day: shipping 1 very large and two small boxes of stuff to my family’s house, then finally catching up on some podcast production.

  145. JB – just make sure you say “TWEET” before anything you say to the repair guys and they won’t mess with you. While some mechanics might want to out “tough guy” a person, NO ONE wants to piss-off the insane guy.

  146. I have a small dog on my lap. (He’s my friend’s dog. The friend is out of the house, and the dog is afraid of the thunder outside, so he’s turning to the only available human for comfort, which suits me just fine.) Wish I could write fiction, but this 365 Days of Astronomy episode takes priority, since the deadline is tomorrow.

  147. Jack Mangan: Not so much a meme. I always wanted to write a character that had a quirk of counting off ten seconds as an anger prevention measure, but I liked the idea of them using movie titles rather than One Mississippi, Two Mississippi…, so I researched a bunch of titles. Of course, then I never wrote the character…

  148. Slow day in the Deadpan so I’ll add the following –

    /Public Service Announcement/

    According to an article in my local paper, the insurance industry spent more then 400 million dollars last year in lobbying efforts to try and get Health Care reform written to their liking.

    Since the only person lobbying for individual Americans seems to be the President, I thought maybe I would help him out.

    Here, direct from a White House e-mail, are the eight basic consumer protections he is trying to establish as a baseline for the US health care system:

    * No discrimination for pre-existing conditions
    * No exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays
    * No cost-sharing for preventive care
    * No dropping of coverage if you become seriously ill
    * No gender discrimination
    * No annual or lifetime caps on coverage
    * Extended coverage for young adults
    * Guaranteed insurance renewal so long as premiums are paid

    Here is a link to more info on this –

    As the President said, “Over the next month there is going to be an avalanche of misinformation and scare tactics from those seeking to perpetuate the status quo”.

    All I ask is that if you oppose health care reform, oppose it for someting that is actually part of the proposal. Take the time to be informed. Don’t oppose it based on some mis-information put out by a 400 million dollar, Industry PR effort.

    There are nearly 45 million Americans with no health insurance right now. Millions more are under insured or are being financially crushed trying to maintain their insurance. Congress has been “studying” the problem since the Clinton administration tried to do something about it (that’s over 15 years). How much longer do they really need?

    That is all.

    /Public Service Announcement

  149. JaJ, I think they are doing studying the way I used to study math.

    That is, they have a book on health care open, but are actually watching TV.

  150. ditto – I’ve seen the ROFLMAO! video many times. I clicked on the link not knowing and guess what my kids are running around the house singing now? 😉

    Jack – Now that I have seen the movie I can say that it wasn’t too scary and the reviews I was reading the other night were exaggerated. There were no “bloody bodies” and the suicidal rabbit was more Wylie Coyote vs. Roadrunner-ish in his self-inflicted violence so the kids laughed. I think the scariest part for Sarah was the dark skies, thunder, and lightning. And most importantly, it was incorrectly pronounced “Eee-Gor” and he was very aware of the existence of his own hump.

  151. Limited Edition Coconut M&M’s are not bad. They taste like Mounds. Is that the name of the coconut candy bar? Almond Joy without the almonds. You know what I mean. I think it’s called Mounds.

  152. The Seventh Seal

    The Magnificent Seven


    12 Angry Men

    The 39 Steps

    The Dirty Dozen

    Cheaper by the Dozen


    The Fifth of July

    It Takes Two

    The Three Amigos

    The Three Musketeers


    The Two Towers

    Godzilla 1985

  153. How about…

    Just One of the Guys
    2 Days in the Valley
    Three Amigos
    Four Rooms
    Five Easy Pieces
    Six Days and Seven Nights (I covered two numbers there I’m so clever)
    and an all-time-favorite (NOT) Eight Crazy Nights

    ** I’d like to note that this is my third use of the word “crazy” on this page. ditto and Jack have also used the word “crazy” once a piece.

    That’s just crazy.

    I’m done.

  154. Oceans 11
    12 Monkeys

    Transylvania 6-5000 (Remember that one? Didn’t Dan Aykroyd have a pig nose or penis nose or something in that? I’m totally thinking of the wrong movie.. What movie was that? Where they all went to dinner and Dan Aykroyd had a penis nose?)

  155. 50 First Dates

    Oh and the penis-nose movie was Nothing but Trouble

    I couldn’t wait for the you guys. I had to look it up. I knew I was wrong – but somehow can never seem to get that image out of my head once I remember it.


  156. Would someone please put me to bed.
    I’m tired.
    My muscles are twitchy and they hurt.
    My eyes are watery (from yawning)

  157. “Cj as representative of Deadpan intentions.”

    Probably much safer than my actual real life intentions. 😈

    I’m emoting way too much today.


  158. Hee hee.. the article refers to the horse as a “her” and her name was Sugar. I actually went back to look before I commented because it was so disturbing, I just had to be certain to have all my details accurate. LOL

    Kenley said she caught him then too. She stopped by her stable on Thanksgiving Day and found a man asleep in the hay by her horse, who had been locked in her stall, a mound of dirt and a stool behind her.

  159. So this is fun –

    I watched a NOVA Science Now tonight that talked about how they have found little bits of water trapped in salt formations from nearly 3 quarters of a billion years ago and are examining that water to see what microbes and life is in it.
    They are essentially bring into our environment, life from the past.
    While this in itself is more the ample fodder for a B movie … these salt formations are found in the deep deep mines that the Department of Energy dug to store it’s nastiest of cold war, nuclear waste.

    In review – they dug through 750 million year old salt formations, releasing trapped microbes … and then stored their nuclear waste there.

    Hmmmm, I wonder if it is too late to copyright this idea. Perhaps Micheal Bay won’t read this particular post.

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