Mangan Saves the World

I am grateful beyond belief to imag1narynumber for putting his considerable visually creative talents to use and surprising me with this fantastic image. Amazing.

Jack Mangan Saves the World

Check out my muscular physique! It’s like looking in a mirror!

12 thoughts on “Mangan Saves the World

  1. What is it about small children and their need to damage a man’s crouch ?

    So, near the end of the family/friends gathering last night, I was put in charge of lighting sparklers for the children. No mater HOW I tried to position the children and/or the sparklers … it seemed that as soon as the thing ignited, the child would turn in such a way as to subject my crotch to flame. 😯

    Fortunately, as I am the chief pyromani…er pyrotechnition at these events, I have taken to wearing a nomex flight suit. My bits thank the inventor of the flame retardant material.

  2. Jack, if that’s your current physique, then you’ve really let those muscles atrophy since I say you at DragonCon 🙂

    Hit the gym, buddy!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, all! I’m honored to have achieved a Deadpan page! The inclusion of the guitar was thanks to the input from the effervescent, bio-luminescent, Deadpan Ambassador Amy Bowen.

    I just wanted a bit of a thank-you to Jack for all the work he’s done. Without him at the helm, we’d have no Deadpan, or the great community that’s come from it.


  4. That’s poop. Schemitzun 2009 and all further ones are cancelled until further notice. To my knowledge it’s the single largest powwow in the U.S.. It’s been held on some of the Foxwoods Casino’s grounds for several years now.

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