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  1. Seven, the number of perfection…..unless you want a Chevy Volt.

    Friend and I are both interested in them as a next car, but we stumbled upon this depressing article. You probably don’t need to go much beyond the executive summary. After a couple of pages, he seems to keep repeated the same stuff with different charts and graphs.


    Bottom line – not everyone gets an electric car.

  2. Number 9
    Number 9

    Ed – I looked at the article and I see it as more of a “Your Chevy Volt is half charged not half discharged” scenerio.

    I am encouraged that the lithium shortage has been identified so early and that alternative solutions have already been researched!
    Once again, if we’d commit this countries FULL science prowess (and funding) to the problem we’d have it solved in years and NOT decades.

  3. First of May, First of May!
    Minneapolis weather sucks today.
    So I’ll just have to go down to the Varsity,
    And see Jonathan Coulton in concert with Paul and Storm!

    Okay, as song parodies go, not so good, the rhyme scheme disappears as does any sort of meter.

    But it still accurately represents my day…

  4. You too could maybe have a Coulton day later on, though:

    Friday May 2 at 7 PM
    Majestic Theater (Madison, WI) with Paul and Storm

    Saturday May 3 at 7:30 PM
    Lakeshore Theater (Chicago, IL) with Paul and Storm

    Thursday May 15 at 7 PM
    Brickhouse Theater (Phoenix, AZ) with Paul and Storm

    Saturday May 17 at 9 PM
    Lestat’s Coffee House (San Diego, CA) with Paul and Storm

    Sunday May 18 at 9 PM
    House of Blues Sunset Strip (Los Angeles, CA) with Paul and Storm

    Saturday June 21 at 7:30 PM
    Highline Ballroom (NYC) with Paul and Storm

  5. First of May, First of May
    Aching blues balls start today.

    So anyway, I thought I mentioned I’ve taken up running a few months back to help me get back in shape. So here’s the status report for this 5′-11 and change male.

    The heaviest I’ve ever weighed was 198lbs, back around 2002. I switched to diet soda and was 186lbs back this December. Two and a half months of running the new total is! ……. 172.5! I’m still about five pounds from my goal. Who knew that with diet and exercise, you could actually loose weight? That’s just crazy talk.

    A funny aside, I had my wedding ring increased in size last summer because my fingers where getting fat. Now it’s loose when soap gets on it in the shower. Ring size is a moving target.

  6. Yeah JOe, if my ring falls off in the shower, I should take a good look around before I pick it up. LOL Seems like I remember a device in Naked Gun that offered good protection from this problem.

  7. I must confess, “1st of May” is probably my least favorite Coulton song. Throwing the word “fuck” in something does not automatically make it art.

    But, everyone else, feel free to enjoy it. Art is mostly a matter of personal taste and I begrudge no one for feeling differently than I do about it.

  8. I think it’s a silly song, designed from the ground up for it’s shock value. Sweet love songs aren’t supposed to be obscene. Once you get the joke, it doesn’t stand up to repeat listens. But hey it’s only once a year.

  9. According to my nephew, she just sits on a bench in the shopping centre for hours at a time just watching the world go by.

  10. and now …

    Indian Jim’s e-mail, re-duex!

    “I live in lunchville.
    We should do Louis”

    Thank you! Thank you very much!
    No, you’re too kind. Thank you.
    Remember to tip your wait staff and enjoy the rest of the Deadpan.

  11. Okay, I posted a link to my LJ which didn’t pass WP’s filter. It’s johnboze dot livejournal dot com and you can read of the Coulton show and my running into an old friend and her husband, Bill Corbett of MST3K fame…

  12. Re:Yesterday
    On Wednesday I traveled to CadCamp at the Spokane Convention center, and had a lot of fun. But I decided to do it the Jesus way and walk… He was better at it though. I know its only two miles, but its the only two miles I’ve walked in three years… Today its my ankles AND my hips. Overall it was just a very bad idea. But at least I saved $5 on parking and reduced my carbon footprint.

    Of course the downside is that I WANT TO DIE, but I feel that way most days anyway, so at least I’m feeling like I broke out of my shell a bit and did something I never do. And the convention was fun. They served super expensive food for free… all of which was allergic to, so I had to walk another mile to get fries and a frosty from Wendy’s for lunch. But that gave me a chance to slip into Hollywood Video to rent Cloverfield, so that wasn’t too bad.

    Cloverfield sucked by the way.

  13. Guess what came in the mail from Netflix yesterday? Yep, Eraserhead. LOL I spose I should archive it for a later viewing.

  14. I love the way the Netflix works that way, huh Jack…

    Dropped your name when talking with Bill Corbett at the show last night, regarding your interviewing Mike Nelson early in the Deadpan…

  15. C’mon, Deadpan, entertain me! I took yesterday and today off work and I must enjoy my midday internet access. At work all web addresses point to a form to fill out for IS descirbing what functional need you have for accessing the site in question…

  16. So, Jack, you think you’ll go get some Coulton on Thursday, May 15?

    I highly recommend it, especially forthe interaction with the opening band, heck for Paul and Storm as much as JoCo…

  17. Oh, Surely Mr. Richard Q. Farnsworth Head wouldn’t be alone as a source of jocularity. I’m certain that Messrs. Blow, Wad and Weed would be in on the action as well.

    That’s it – Tee Morris needs to feature the law firm of Head, Blow, Wad & Weed in his next Billabub adventure. Of course, all the partners would need to be named Richard….just to keep it simple.

  18. So I decided to watch Labyrinth tonight, the 80s David Bowie one, not Pan’s Labyrinth.

    So here follow the official “Lost” Play by Play and Lessons Learned of Labyrinth.

    (Maybe it was lost, maybe it was intentionaly left in the dirty laundry.)

  19. “Lost” Play by Play and Lessons Learned of Labyrinth

    Oh joy the female protagonist is a spoiled bitch, aren’t movies supposed to have warning labels for this kinda content?

    Apparently fairies are little cute pests, kinda like chihuahuas. I wonder if Raid kills them?

    Note: Whenever I’m lost in a labyrinth I should listen to any nearby worms. Also ask detailed questions about his directions before walking away from the worm. Maybe I should enjoy that cup of tea he keeps offering.

    Conversely if I ever build or operate a labyrinth invest in pest control so random worms don’t give away any secrets.

    Oh look the pit crew robots from Phantom Menace used to be little pixie-like creatures stuck in a maze. Overexposure to 80s hairspray explains why they were so dumb in the 90s.

    Bowie was apparently contracted to do a musical. Too bad everyone else is trying to do a movie.

    Note: Carry shiny jewelry in case I’m ever lost in an oubliette, so I can bribe any nearby gnome like creatures to help me. 50 cent toys from vending machines will work, no reason to spring for the $1 walmart crap.

  20. I man in grey tights giving fashion advice. I wonder if he signs his name as David “kettle” Bowie.

    Note: Cleaners work better with soap and water, would help keep down on those unsightly spiderwebs and get rid of unwanted guests.

  21. “The Bog of Eternal Stench” ultimate smell that never washes off. Is that where they make perfume?

    “It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is”, a jewel of wisdom, my time spent watching this movie has now been validated.

  22. Yay! Random singing muppets. Although maybe they should ask David for help in writing their lyrics, or call Kermit he knows some good song writers.

    The Bog of Eternal Stench, light a match. Reminds me of some bathrooms I’ve been in.

    Apparently bureaucrats can’t smell the stench, at least I think the fox is a bureacrat, he talks like one.

  23. “Oh, Goblin King I can’t stop looking at your eyes, who does your makeup?”

    Aw, her bubble popped.

    And now we visit the local Goblin wal-mart a pile of junk.

  24. Man, even goblins have mechs, when can I get one?

    Damn gnome broke it.

    Ah the finest in goblin architecture.

    And here comes the army, decorating by explosives, my favorite style.

    It looks like they got the leftover armor the Mordor orcs didnt want.

  25. Cool they even have “smart bombs” *snicker*

    “Rocks! My brothers, rise up and fight those that have kept you under foot for so long! ”

    Strike! Self-guided bowling balls, I want one.

    And now we come to the castle.

  26. Architecture by Eschure (sp?).

    Ambient music by Emo Bowie.

    Apparently leaps of faith break the castle, this is why your mother always told you not to jump on the bed.

    The Goblin King did everything for her, stole the child, tortured her. He sounds kinda like a stalker to me…

    And now for the denoument…

    The baby is safe back in his crib, and she has learned to share.

    it tears at the heart strings.

  27. Damn time zones. May 3rd here.

    Morning Pan,

    the guy with the strange agricultural implement is beckoning to move one step forward across the chessboard of life.

    I’m off to see the King Tut exhibition.

    Extra points if you can spell his full name without resorting to using internet search engines.

  28. So, where’s all those late-nite hijinks?

    Smarty Hotties and A&A’s bantering around?

    It’s two in the morning, do you know where your innuendo is?

  29. It’s 6:45 a.m., and it’s way too early on a Saturday for innuendo.

    Going to a 6 year old’s birthday party today. I have to choose which Spice Girl I am.

    Hi, LostRalph – it was like I was watching the movie with you. Nice one!

  30. Cool, Van. We want to see the Tut exhibit too. Unfortunately I spent a good chunk last night cleaning up the wife’s laptop from spyware. I don’t know what happened, but it was some combination of visiting the Tut site and having to install a special player.

  31. “Unfortunately I spent a good chunk last night cleaning up the wife’s laptop from spyware.”

    hmmmm…. this looks fun.

    “Unfortunately I spent a good spy last night cleaning up the wife’s chunktop from lapware.”

  32. woops
    got distracted with my wordplay.

    Meant to add my thanks to LR for tking us into the Labrynth with him .

    EseBee – tell us what you want, what you really really want.

  33. I guess I’m playing too much Call of Duty 4 lately. I read JJ mistype as

    “Meant to add my thanks to LR for Team Killing us into the labrynth with him”

    Which reminds me, it’s time to go shoot some people…

  34. NBA playoffs Round 2 predictions from Hugh

    Magic vs pistons – Pistons
    jazz vs lakers – jazz (fuck you lakers)
    spurs vs hornets – Spurs (*ginoblli swooooooooon*)
    cavaliers vs still undecided – I don’t fucking care who it is, cavaliers is my choice

  35. Greasy Spoon Nipples Udder Bangles Susanna Hoffs Dickens Comments Cockles Spooges Comment-a-palooza shitzus donkus nose hairs nipples Comments solo nipples privates nipples through Ep 91 rounds 1-3

    Smarty Hotties® – 18
    justa j0e – 13
    The Energizer Bunny – 13
    Vanamonde – 11
    Mr ditto swooon – 10
    Rhettro – 10
    Dubshack – 9
    Ed From Texas – 7
    Leann 2.0 – 5
    Jeremy- 4
    Alvie – 3
    Rhettro – 3
    Thomas – 3
    Jackamo – 3 (even though it doesn’t count according to him)
    WNDR wolfie – 2
    Addie in boulder – 2
    Lost Ralph – 2
    Amy Bowen – 2
    Trucker Overdrive – 2
    disgruntled scientist – 2
    psion andy – 1

  36. Dre sez: Did everyone celebrate free comic book day today?

    Our free comic choices were:
    Del Rey and Dabel bros
    Atomic robo
    comics go hollywood
    the stranded
    bongo comics

    then after we got our free comics we got sushi


    I’ve decided to cash in my winnings now.
    I’m feeling no pain at this moment, so its a good time

    Dre sez: nighty night

  37. So, “Iron Man”.

    15 minutes in … my date say’s “It’s a comic book.”

    It is. If you are okay with that in a film (meaning the normal laws of physics and such don’t apply) then this film is a lot of fun.

    Unlike the last Bond film, I never found myself wondering how much longer this was going to go on.

    Unlike the last Spiderman vehicle or a lot of the CGI action flicks … I felt like the computer generated stuff was there to support the scenes it appears in and wasn’t the purpose of the scene itself.

    The plot line might not be original … but it was presented in a very entertaining fasion!

    I say Bully for Iron Man!

    ps: I liked the music too!

  38. *sigh*

    If the FPM servers weren’t so slow today I might be able to do my show. Otherwise I’m just bored. Which for me is a huge waste of production time.

  39. So I got a question for all the tch and photo gurus in deadpan land.

    My little sister is going to NYC next month and I would like to get her an external hard drive to transfer all of her digital pictures to for safekeeping. I’m sure devices like this exist, but if any of you can give me personal experience notes I would appreciate it. I’m pretty sure her camera uses an SD, or microSD card. She doesn’t have a laptop, obviously, or i’d just get her a 2nd SD card.

    So if any of you have any advice, or sugesstions I would appreciate it. Or if you have any other suggestions in terms of a travel kit for a 14 year old girl traveling to NYC with her class, I’m all ears, or eyes since this is all text.



  40. Considering how cheap SD cards are these days, the extra SD might be the best option. Unless your sister is planning on taking thousands of photos.

  41. Man, none of those hard drive backups looked terribly appealing. I can’t believe companies have the gall to still be making USB 1.1 devices, especially for 10+ GB size drives!

    Definitely go for the extra SD cards.

  42. My old boss used to say that Cinco de Mayo was spanish for have another margarita. LOL

    Lost Ralph, I agree with the others, get a few more SD cards in the 1Gig or higher range. That’s more than enough space for several thousand pictures.

  43. Okay Ironman = fun, fun, FUN.

    But I’m not a fan of the Ironman comic so you may hate it if you are,

    As JJ mentioned, anybody who likes their movies to obey the laws of physics, switch off the analytical part of your brain before entering the cinema.

    Oh and stay after the credits have run, there is a short segment that YOU need to see.

  44. I think I’ve said it before but I’ll repeat it anyway. My feeling is as long as the movie follows it’s own rules it creates, then I don’t really care. Take a movie like Torque for example. Okay it’s not a good movie, the physics are far beyond laughable. But it’s consistant in that it wants to be a comic book/music video all the way through. It doesn’t even pretend that the action sequences are going to make sense. I’m fine with that. I did find it jarring in Xmen 3 when Magneato moved the entire Golden Gate bridge to walk to the island. He could have moved everyone over by their belt buckles, rings, car keys. For the tone of X3, I think that would have been better.

  45. “My feeling is as long as the movie follows it’s own rules it creates, then I don’t really care. ”

    Yep. My date for the movie is an actual “rocket scientist” – which is why she had to make the statement “This is a comic book”.
    The fact that (once she had stated this) she was able to forget about that and really enjoy the film is why I go out with her ! 🙂

  46. That’s cool JOe, as long as she isn’t a disgrunted rocket scientist. You don’t want a rocket crashing down in your front lawn. 😉

  47. I was considering taking the little ones to Iron Man, but there really wasn’t any time for it. I also wanted to find out more about the PG-13.

    As long I don’t feel insulted by the movie, I can deal.

    Dammit, I missed Free Comic Book day.

  48. So there was trailers for Speed Racer and the new Indy movie.

    Speed Racer looks a bit naff.

    Harrison Ford is looking old but the movie looks cool…really looking forward to this one.

    Oh and Karen Allen still looks good.

  49. I really WANT Speed Racer to be good … but I find the trailers to be nearly un-viewable – a mishmash smear of colour and movement. Can’t see shelling out cash for that unless it comes in tablet form.

  50. Well we’ve gone from wife’s sister being in a serious car wreck and in the hospital to wife’s sister’s cousin’s ex-father-in-law being run over by a logging truck and killed.


  51. What a tumbleweed day.

    Dub – that’s fucked up. Holy crap. Hope the wife’s sister heals quickly.

    Go Amy Bowen!! And hey, someone named Jessica also makes a guest appearance in that episode. . . . .

  52. JOe – I checked out your website, and it’s awesome! I still don’t know what LCMoD is, though.

    Dub – hang in there! Sorry to hear about your family stuff.

  53. Dub: My condoleyournces, and I hope your sister-in-law gets well soon.

    Amy: Good performance as one of the voices of Nadinath. The Deadpan ambassador is not representing in Morevi! 😀

    EssBee: LCMoD is the Leather Clad Mistress of Deadpan. You too can have your own AKA name by asking Jack for one.

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, and help looking for ways to archive pictures. I think Van had it right, and I might as well just buy extra SD cards. Looking at the prices and reviews I could just buy a 4th gen Ipod and transfer widget from eBay. Thank you for the link though Jeremy, it was very helpful.

    Now I wonder if I can find a pink SD card storage case…

  54. Women and pink..aaarrrrgggghhh.

    Sad news Dub.

    I’m travelling back home today, and the backtoworktomorrow blues are kicking in.

  55. Ralph- yes indeed the SD cards is the way to go. I personally own more SD cards than any human should really be allowed to own.
    They are way easier and cheaper than anything out there.
    Even with my MacBook that comes with me anyway, I still will bring handfuls of SD cards. Whether on vacation or a photo shoot with a client, it’s just easier to use the SD as the permanent storage. If you happen to view some images on your laptop, keep the SDs and comb through them thoroughly when you are back home with time.

    thats how I do it anyhoo

  56. Fatality at Grantham, causing severe delays meant the train I was booked on was cancelled. . Had to run to catch the earlier train that was delayed but not cancelled.

    I’m not built for running.

  57. Morning, everyone. Sorry, LCMoD. I should have gotten that! I am terrible at working out acronyms!

    I’m trying to record something for Deadpan — I’m nervous!

  58. Well that sounds very mysterious JJ, Essbee’s AKA name that is and not the float.

    Journey home turned out to be unevenetful after the journey started, just as public transport journeys should be.

  59. Ah, sorry. Not as good as a mystery.
    I meant that I had already given her the AKA that I liked … “Easy Bee”

    I don’t think she has asked Jack for an OFFICIAL Deadpan AKA yet.

  60. Ah ha! Found it!

    Van – only in it’s singularity.

    In the process of searching for it though, I was again PAINFULLY reminded of the sheer volume of STUFF that I have around here. I have GOT to frakken let go!

  61. While I’m not offended by it per se, maybe the new AKA could leave off the “easy” or “EZ”? I like to have fun like all the girls, but that just gives the wrong impression.

    JK – y’all can call me anything you want, as long as you call.

  62. Don’t be nervous about the call, EssBee. We’re all friends just hanging out around the deadpan. I look forward to your voice and content.

    The worst that can happen is that you end up with an experience for a future dumb ass memory – so it’s a win-win 🙂

    You’ll be fine.

  63. I already have some possibly(?) funny thoughts for an EssBee AKA name, if you want one. Let me know.

    Yes Ed, I think Rhett’s “AAAAAA” link pretty much sums it up.

  64. OK – before I bail – i have to do the hockey thing.

    I went 3 for 4 in the second round of the playoffs! (stupid Flyers)
    I’ll make conference predictions sometime before Thursday.

    And speaking of hockey, a quote from John Buccigross’s latest column:
    “The most important word in the English language is love. The second most important word is sacrifice. The third most important word is forgiveness. And the fourth most important is mozzarella.”


  65. Jessica, Jack, Dub, LostRalph: Thanks for the compliments!

    Jessica: Nice work as both Josephine and my fellow priestess. (Was that you in Morevi: RM Chapter 11, or are you going to be in another upcoming episode?)

  66. I’m trying to decide between GTA 4 on the 360 or PS3.

    My 360 being a bit unreliable (and not having the decency to fail so I can get it fixed)is leaning me towards the latter option.

  67. I’m afraid if I got GTA my son would some how get a hold of it, so I’ll wait another 6 six years after he’s 16. LOL

    If you only intend to play GTA as a single player, I’d pick it up for the PS3. Otherwise 360.

  68. Wndr – No. 😕

    Ever have one of those day’s where someone else fails to take care of something and you get one of those emergency phone calls that leaves you rushing out to get a bottle of Ranch dressing and take it to them only along the way you end up following a white rabbit down a hole and … No?
    Well, take it from me – what happens is you end up trying to post your podcast at noon instead of 8am.

  69. sorry to hold the suspense. I keep getting called away.

    I believe the movie was “Our Man Flint” and in the end they discover that the evil organization is “The Phone Company”. Yes, there used to be just one.

  70. Movies aside, Morning Pan, the sun is shining and I’m going to pour myself a cup of tea as I await the new DP episode.

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