576 thoughts on “Jack Mangan's Deadpan #92: Podtaint, part 2

  1. Good morning all. Jack, not sure whats going on but iTunes is refusing to download this one. I’m pulling it down manually.

  2. *justaJ0e shuffles his feet, looking around uncomfortably, then quickly changes the subject*

    I have the dreaded “Nasel Click” this morning. Any other podcasters here ever suffer from that? It’s the oddest thing … and infuriating to boot!

  3. Here is a link to some local webcams. Click on any one.

    So far the snow is at three about 8cm (approx 3inches) and still falling!

  4. Welcome to the last Thursday of your life.

    And probably the last Podango upload too.

    Thats weird though, Itunes is detecting the episode. And it plays on Podango. Itunes just won’t download it.

    I actually don’t think this is a Podango problem. This looks more like the Farpoint Server problem I experienced a week ago… Supposedly there is a setting in Podpress where you set the URL for media files, and mine is always set for Farpointrecap.com even though Podango integration is on and it always detects the episodes when I upload them. Summer said this was supposed to be routed through Podango, but Jarsto said their address was bunk because they changed something (which I see they’ve done again) and that stopped working, which he was under the impression everyone had stopped using the service.

    So I dunno… I think this might be more of a temporary problem that we’ve been seeing across the FPM board that has more to do with bandwidth than anything else. But I’m sure I’m wrong.

    Damn it Jim I’m a Lindsey Lohan, not a podcaster.

  5. Thank you for the insight Dubshack. I’m able to hear it off Podango directly.

    Jack, good insight and good essay. Best of luck with the life stuff.

  6. Yeah, I had to go to Podango’s host page to download the file. Even with this being somewhat of a Deadpan Unplugged episode, the intelligence and humor on display here is why I haven’t missed a single Deadpan. 馃檪 And I’m not blowing rainbows up Jack’s backside to advance my standing in the pod-o-sphere, I wouldn’t know what to do with advanced standing anyway. 馃槈 L8r Pan, I have some melons to farm.

  7. It’s a mystery.

    FWIW – I uploaded a CCU episode yesterday afternoon with no problem and it was downloading back to me through iTunes within minutes.
    I would say that when it gets to that part of the process I have been holding my breath a LOT lately.

  8. Good episode, Jack!

    And, using my love of shoe-gazing music, I thought I’d post a semi-appropriate song. It’s from the fan perspective


    Just because they seem to understand the way you feel
    It doesn’t mean they’ll feel the same way too
    Just because they seem to hold a mirror to your life
    It doesn’t follow that they’ll be just like you

    Take no heroes,
    Its no good
    They don’t stand up to you
    Just take the bit you think they can use

    I remember when I was younger
    I thought the answers were locked in people
    So I admired the ones whose lives were a source of envy to people like me

    But do you really want to meet
    The ones who write your dreams
    Believe me, it’s a fantasy
    You won’t like the reality

    If you want heroes keep them safe
    They don’t stand up to life
    So lock them in your soul and lose the key

    (I love you, I don’t want to meet you)

    When I see you it makes me feel
    There’s someone else out there like me
    You touch my soul with what you do
    It all makes sense when I hear you

    You understand the way I feel
    I know exactly what you mean
    It’s like I’ve known you all my life
    I think of you I feel alright

    But in the flesh how would it be
    If you could really see
    The weaknesses you never knew
    Alive and staring back at you

    If you want to heroes keep them safe
    They don’t stand up to life
    So lock them in your soul and lose the key

    Lush — Heavenly Nobodies

  9. For some reason the mplayer plugin for Firefox reports DP 92 to be 2.24 minutes in duration.


  10. 茂陆聛茂陆沤茂陆鈥灻b偓鈧悸┟b偓鈧剿喢铰伱解撁解γb偓鈧脚矫铰徝b偓鈧解懊解灻解γ铰伱b偓鈧解斆剿喢解γ解櫭解γb偓鈧解澝剿喢解懊解溍b偓鈧解斆解γ解懊解櫭解灻b偓鈧解犆铰徝脚矫解澝b偓鈧狡捗铰徝铰嵜解γ解溍b偓鈧解犆解櫭铰徝铰嵜寂

  11. Jack, whether it goes without saying or not… I really, truly apologize for the water pistols comment. I meant it in good fun but I may have gone over the line. Sorry.

  12. Jack,

    I’d like to apologize to you for the comments Dub made, since he can’t.

    I apologize to Dub for that joke.

    What else could I write? I don’t have the right.

  13. In that case I’d like to apologize for the hundreds of sexualy explicit emails I’ve sent you over the past year, those were completely innapropriate. Tantalizing but innapropriate.

  14. I would also like to apologize to Leann for those dozen or so photos of me sexually molesting various household objects I sent her a few months ago… That was also innapropriate…

  15. I have something to say about politics.

    I should say this onpod, and I might – but here goes, right here.

    Don’t believe a single poll you read this year. The newsmedia have figured out that closes races get people reading/viewing/listening/etc.
    If McCain looks to be pulling ahead, they’ll poll 18-24 year olds in Newark, NJ and tout Obama’s comeback. If Obama (or Clinton) pulls ahead, they’ll poll the Old Heh Guy Diner at 5am in Dallas, TX. and the headlines will show McCain’s miracle comeback. Expect the newsmedia to sell us a dead heat going into November.

  16. Its funny you should bring that up Jack, I was considering going on pod to discuss something parallel but along the same lines.

    On the other hand, thank God we’ve got the Polygamists taking up the airwaves for the most part this week. I mean not that its a good situation, but at least on Anderson Cooper they were doing a good job of exposing the sort of cult programming thats involved in these sorts of communities. I was a victim of a similar situation over a decade ago and some of this stuff is pretty hard to hear, but people need to hear it.

  17. BTW Rhett, I got it!
    In fact I had that album on cassette (2 media that are now both endangered) and STILL have the VHS collection of her music videos (3rd media going extinct).

  18. I once worked on a commercial for a Gubernatorial campaign.
    Before the candidate arrived at the studio, the guys from the firm that had been hired to get him elected were carrying on about what an idiot the guy was … mocking him by doing things like talking into the stapler when the phone rang, stuff like that.
    After the candidate had departed the set they continued to carry on about what a half-witt he was.

    They got him elected Governor anyway. They were VERY good at what they were hired to do.

    Is it any wonder I am as cynical as I am?

  19. meanwhile …
    ever need to do something simple and it just turns into a HUGE thing?

    I want to scan a picture but my scanner is an old SCSI model.
    The SCSI card on my work station is kaput.
    So I thought I’d dig out my old “Performa” and use that …only I get no video out of it. So I dug out me even OLDER MAC 2Si.
    It worked … at least long enough for me to start trying to figure out how I was going to network to it … then it could no longer see it’s hard drive.
    I can boot it off of the “Disk Tools” but I can’t get it t see the hard drive or either of the other two I have just tried.

    ALl I wanted was to scan some photos and now my desk is littered with partially dissasembled Macs and monitors and hard drives and various cables … and I’m no closer to getting these photos scanned then when I first decided to do so.


  20. Scanners are fickle creatures. Way back when, I had an old Mustek that worked with my parallel port. It did a good job but conflicted with the ZIP drive and printer that wanted the same port. So I bought an upgraded one that had a USB port that worked well until I upgraded to Windows XP. It was incompatible, so I bought an XP compatible one later. I think the computer industry just doesn’t want people to have the power to scan photos.

  21. Do you have a digital camera JJ with a macro function?

    If you just want to grab a few photos, it’s a bit fiddly but you can use a DC to take a photo of a photo.

  22. Van, that happened when I met Carmen Miranda.

    (I’ve never met Carmen Miranda)

    Can’t really check out the video at work – but hey, cool about the autographed CD! Is she folky?

  23. One of the advantages of going to smaller venues if that you can usually get a CD signed by the singer.

    KP (and not KR..groan) is folky.

  24. Ok… I think it’s time to admit the therapy isn’t working. I mean it is, it’s been helping a lot… But clearly something else is going on. Something really not normal.

    I’m going back to my medical doctor on Tuesday. We were going to do that test, but I guess there is too much else going on for me to be able to take that test and get any sort of results. So I’m just going to see him and update whats going on and we can come up with more theories. Which I’m kind of tired of, but what I’m even more tired of is living my life in a box. I want to go back to school damn it and I can’t do it like this.

  25. Dub, based on your last podcast it sounded like you were making good progress. Speaking only for myself, if there are a multitude of things getting me down (physically or mentally), I find that pretty overwelming to try and tackle them all at once. I’m not sure if that is you situation or not, but if it is, my advice is to try and identify the biggest thing that is holding you back and address it. Then acknowledge any progress you make on that single issue, no matter how small. That’s what I try to do and it keeps me from getting flustrated. I wish you good luck with your doctor visit.

  26. Thanks JOe,

    I find my brain full of disjointed pop-culture references. There’s probably something more useful I could have filled it with. LOL

  27. Seems like I remember getting a pamplete in the mail that was trying to get a law passed that would stoo those mind altering chemicals from being added. Of course the next day I got a letter saying that law would have a negative effect on the familys of those producing those chemicals. I felt bad and sent them 50 bucks. Ever since then I’ve been hording tubes of Crest. Not sure why.

  28. So Dub, therapy’s working, but not covering all of the problems?
    Don’t know if these $0.02 apply, but therapy’s purpose isn’t always to make the problems go away. Sometimes it’s just to help you cope with the fact that they’re there.

  29. Home on the Range – traditional cowboy song

    Oh,give me a home where the buffalo roam,
    Where the deer and the antelope play;
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
    And the skies are not cloudy all day.

    Oh, give me a land where the bright diamond sand
    Flows leisurely down the stream;
    Where the graceful white swan goes gliding along
    Like a maid in a heavenly dream.

    Home, home on the range,
    Where the deer and the antelope play;
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
    And the skies are not cloudy all day.

    How often at night when the heavens are bright
    With the light of the glittering stars,
    Have I stood here amazed and asked as I gazed
    If their glory exceeds that of ours.

    Home, home on the range,
    Where the deer and the antelope play;
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
    And the skies are not cloudy all day.

    Oh, I love these wild flowers in this dear land of ours;
    The curlew I love to hear scream;
    And I love the white rocks and the antelope flocks
    That graze on the mountain-tops green.

    Home, home on the range,
    Where the deer and the antelope play;
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
    And the skies are not cloudy all day.

    The red man was pressed from this part of the West,
    He’s likely no more to return
    To the banks of Red River where seldom if ever
    Their flickering campfires burn.

    Home, home on the range,
    Where the deer and the antelope play;
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
    And the skies are not cloudy all day.

    Where the air is so pure, the zephyrs so free,
    The breezes so balmy and light,
    That I would not exchange my home on the range
    For all the cities so bright.

    Home, home on the range,
    Where the deer and the antelope play;
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
    And the skies are not cloudy all day.

    Oh, I would not exchange my home on the range,
    Where the deer and the antelope play;
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word
    And the skies are not cloudy all day.

    Home, home on the range,
    Where the deer and the antelope play;
    Where seldom is heard a discouraging word,
    And the skies are not cloudy all day.

  30. Funny old thing the media.

    There used to be a factory that converted coal to coke in my local area. For years the local rag ran stories about residents complaining about damage to their health and houses from pollution from the plant.

    When the factory was finally closed down, the same rag headline was how terrible the loss of 89 jobs was to the local area.

    Ho Hum.

  31. What a load of swill. You call yourself a podcaster?? I knew there was a reason I stopped listening to podcasts other than my own(and of course those only for the music). I didn’t get it but will only say that those really talented podcasters (are there any??) have a right to snipe at a Patser caster like you!

    Full disclosure: I like talking smack with Jack, because he knows I got his back! Mark Forman 2.0 is the way…2 bbluesman, yeahhhhhhh!

  32. Jack! Can’t believe you wussed out and didn’t name names! How else can I prove my sycophant devotion to you than to actively snub those who have wronged you?

  33. Take that, Lou Ferrigno! 馃檪

    You know, I must just be listening to the wrong podcasts, as I’ve not come across what’s sounded like abusive condescension of fans from any of the shows I listen to. I’ll count myself fortunate in that regard.

    Though, admittedly, I’ve not gotten deep into any community aspects of anybody else’s podcasts, either. So, perhaps I’ve been listening to douche-casters w/o knowing. And that’s the way I’d like to keep it.

  34. “Air Out My Shorts” tends to dish out abusive condescension of their listeners … and their contributers … and their guests and each other … and then they pass out.

    It’s quite fun actually.
    In that “Wow! I want to turn away but I just can’t!” sort of way.

  35. You know,
    In billards you try to put English on the ball to spin it into the pocket. In politics though, you try to spin in your pocket to ball someone who is English.

    … again, I may have that a bit off.

  36. Is it me, or does anyone else feel Dub is threatening them this week?

    “Welcome to the last Friday of your life….”

    Bwa ha ha ha

  37. In the news…

    JAKARTA – A bid by a local government in Indonesia’s East Java province to curb prostitution by asking masseuses to wear a padlock on their pants was an insult, a newspaper quoted the minister for women’s empowerment as saying.
    the recently implemented policy in the tourist area of Batu was misguided, State Minister for Women’s Empowerment Meuthia Hatta told the Jakarta Post.
    “”It is not the right way to prevent promiscuity. It insults women as if they are the ones in teh wrong,” Hatta said.
    The paper showed a masseuse with a padlock on the waist band of their trousers and said the local administration’s move was aimed at curbing prostitution.

    Calgary Sun

    Chasity belts? Really?

  38. Just heard the episode. And that, combined with the last one was very good.

    You’re not the first one I’ve heard mention this type of stuff, Jack. It was brought up in another conversation I had that, as the population in the podcasting community grows, like everything else, so does the bad that goes with a larger population.

    It’s one of those very unfortunate facts that seems to go along with life.

  39. Damn, the board’s a buzz this morning.

    Mark Forman is here? It’s 2006 all over again!

    EssBee: Logged in? Have you found new employment within the Evil Industries?

    Cat gag? Can Iz hav a hot dogg?

    Indiana Jim: Feeling Minnesota?

  40. Actually, Ditto. To look on the “up” side. There might be some good in the situation if it brings to light, and helps to fix, those kinds of problems in the system.

  41. Well Pan, I’m off. I have butterscotch bars that are not going to make themselves. No matter how much I will it.

  42. Well that certainly left me squirming in my chair. Not so sure I like the being the only shout out in a two-series rant on podtaint. And I don’t even have a taint! Nor do I have my own podcast! Why’s everyboy always picking on me? /kidding

    Though even without specifics, I can think of a couple of podcasters who fit right in with this. One actually that I wish would crawl back under his rock and the others I just find amusing. If you didn’t have the bad you couldn’t appreciate the good as much.

    I miss seeing you Jack.

    Lurve, Debbie

  43. Rhettro – not a new job in the evil empire, same job with same evil empire.

    Debbie – how’s your backache now?

    Ditto – FPL very bad! And EW!

    You guys are kinda awesome.

  44. Debbie — I did also give some shoutouts in Podtaint, part 1! Sorry about the squirming. 馃檪

    JB: I appreciate the thought, but — it’s cool. I’m not going to tell anyone who or what to listen to.

  45. The last x of your life did seem a bit ominous to me…till it was explained.

    Still I feel the swift passage of time when I look at an empty strip of tablets.

  46. Hey Rhettro!

    I’m not a stranger! More like a wallflower here. Y’all have this whole clique thing going on and I can’t keep up. I’ll just stand over here in the corner and clear my throat every once in a while.

  47. The DPCB is not a clique. We hunt down and shoot cliques, like Al Queda, only not by proxy of other countries.

    Actually I’ve always thought of the Deadpan comments board as the place where former Wingin’ It contributers go to retire.

    (and I was really tempted to say “where they go to die” but thats just so untrue its barely even funny)

  48. I was running an older version, so the new one could be better. But my only real use for Linux at all was running a voice chat server, but Skype pretty much superceded that.

  49. It can’t start for another 3 hours for me. 馃檨

    Looks like tomorrow is going to be filled with a lot of kid rangling. Got to take my son and his friend out to the go-kart rental place as part of a belated birthday party for my son, and my wife invited one of my daughter’s daycare friends over to play tomorrow as well. Hopefully tomorrow won’t resemble any scenes from “Daddy Daycare.”

  50. So where’s the fabled “Deadpan Movie-apolooza” suggestion list?

    Dammit! I payed my zero dollars! I want my money’s worth!

    Oh well, might as well do one myself, it’s Friday. LOL


    Bizzaire movie choices:

    Silent Running
    Time Bandits

    Violent movie choices:
    Fight Club
    A Boy and his Dog
    Wicker Man (original version)
    Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
    A Clockwork Orange

    Geek choices:
    THX 1138

    Feel free to append and remove items from this list. LOL

  51. I think bizarre is the only thing Repo Man and Zardoz have in common. Well, I guess they’re both “Sci-Fi” in some way. Still, no restrictions around here.

    OK, here’s a thought. If Eraserhead turns out to be boring as all get out, then we’ll launch the follow up palooza a.s.a.p. What do you think?

    Are we all still cool with Eraserhead? If so, we can make that the official selection for palooza 3. Erasapalooza? Headpalooza? Lynchapalooza? (since it’s a David Lynch film)

  52. I realize its an extremely recent movie but I want to throw in Southland Tales for consideration, just because there isn’t another movie out there more fucked up then that.

  53. I’d be up for that too. Eraserhead still gets my vote — because it’s here (Charlie the Beer Guy’s copy), but I’d also gladly check out Southland Tales.

    OK, I’ll put a mainpage post about this – but here’s my idea. Send in VMs 206-350-TOMI with your vote for the movie for the next palooza episode (and pick any movie you want. Except Freddie Got Fingered). Whichever movie gets the most VM votes, will be the movie for our next Deadpanpalooza episode. .

  54. Would it not be easier for Jack to post on the webpage (like he did for the NHL predictions) a section where we can enter our votes for movies we would like to get covered by a DP episode (I’m sure somebody mentioned doing this ages go)?

    Would mean no faffing around with voicemail and no international phone charges for deadpanites outside the North American continent.

  55. Jack, you are competing with Dvorak and Curry with this last podcast. No music, no jingles blah blah. No Agenda with Jack Mangan

  56. Well, just as a word of warning – I’ve had Erasurehead at the top of my queue for a good three weeks now. It shows “very very long wait” which suggests it is exceedingly popular….or there’s one copy in the system somewhere in Kansas that is going to have to make it’s way to be via carrier armadillo.

  57. Well, Eraserhead’s still on my list of movies I should watch all the way through but I’m dragging my feet on. I saw a scene in college in my Horror Film class, and was at the time very into Lynch with Twin Peaks fresh in mind. I never have gotten to it yet.

  58. The article is pretty spot-on, Ed.

    “After a long hibernation, China, and her 1.3 billion people – twice the population of the U.S. and EU combined – is awaking almost overnight.”

    The US stock market has been talking about this for about 2 years. It’s ironic, the US pushed and pushed to spread it’s brand of capitalism throughout the world and the success may be our downfall.

    Our high energy crises is caused LESS by our own increased consumption of oil but instead by China’s efforts to give their 1.3 billion people a western economy.
    … and they have only just started. 8(

  59. Hi,

    My name is TEB
    I’m 5’2″ with brown eyes and brown hair.

    My turn ons are: Movies, music and books (mostly sci fi or fantasy), hockey and gaming.

    My turn offs are: cigarettes (apologies to any smokers out there – it’s just not my thing) and people who don’t clean up after themselves.

    And I’m looking to have a little fun 馃檪

  60. “Our high energy crises is caused LESS by our own increased consumption of oil but instead by China芒鈧劉s efforts to give their 1.3 billion people a western economy.
    芒鈧 and they have only just started. 8(”

    110% true. We need to start to think about locally produced power. I guess we need to start mining colonies on Mars to meet demand. *shrug*

  61. LOL

    upon reading bunny’s post and rhettro’s post, no offense to Rhett, but methinks I will follow in bunny’s footsteps (pawsteps?)

    My name is Smarty Hottie
    my female half is 5′
    my male half is 6’4″

    turn ons: sci-fi, comic books, art, rope, handcuffs, latex, sports and stock markets

    turn offs: people who can’t laugh at themselves

    we like long walks on the beach, romantic dinner dates, and are also looking for a little fun

  62. …and is noticing the shop assistant at GAME (wearing a tight Mario Kart t-shirt that exposed her midriff) had a tattoo of Japanese letters just above her hips is final proof I’ve turned into a dirty old man.


    Better not answer that one.

  63. It occurs to me I ought to participate in the communities more.

    But all I can say right now is “Here here.”

    Anyone who witnesses me getting too full of myself is allowed to slap me silly. In the meantime, though, I need to pick some stolen lyrics to phone in…

  64. No one wanted to date us 馃檨

    Van you are a dirty old man. I aspire to be one 1 day.

    Dre sez: aspire to be? Ain’t you 1 now?

    Yes babe I am a dirty old man. Now come here you pretty little girl.

    Smarty Hottie’s sez hi to Mark

  65. Shit man, I just realized I really AM a dirty old man

    I can’t believe the things I made poor innocent little Andrea do when she was just a wee 14 year old baby.

    Dre sez: you were a teenager too, and I wasn’t so innocent my dear.

    No you weren’t you little slut!

    Dre sez: Hey! What hapened to poor innocent?

    My memory came back, slut

    Dre sez: 馃檨

    I sez: 馃槈

  66. Tell them about our yoga breakthroughs today!

    Dre sez: We had yoga breakthroughs today!

    Thats what I said

    Dre sez: you told me to tell them

    Oh yeah. I did. Please continue.

    Dre sez: Thank you, sir. Lets find the poses and show them

    yes, and keep up with the sirs. It pleases me.

    Dre sez: Yes, sir.

    oh she is such a little slut.

  67. umm.. if its called cervical spondylosis, why is it in your neck?
    Dre, is your cervix in your neck? All this time I thought I was bangin into your cervix and I was no where close?

    Dre sez: LOL

    really that is what she sez. She is laughing too hard to comment

  68. the blonde girly they ise often on that page is fucking hot

    Dre sez: I’d do her

    I bet you would you slut

    Oh there is this 1 girl we see often.
    mmmmm.. biggest, roundest ass Ive ever seen on a white girl. I just want to reach out and touch it

    Dre sez: and she keeps it covered!

    she do! She wears long pants and good lord I would kill to see her in some little shorts like you wear.

    Dre sez: you like my little shorts?

    I love your little shorts.

    Dre sez: *swooon*

    you have nice ass too babe

  69. ok pan we have grown tired of you

    Dre sez: we want the smarty hotties of Colorado

    we shall try to round them up tomorrow. See if we can’t give them a little podtaint

    Dre sez: you want to give Alvie and Addie podtaint?

    I do

    Dre sez: you’re the slut here

    I am

    Dre sez: *swoooooooon*

    night pan

  70. … and knitting, and knitting, and knitting …

    Hi Deadpan. Welcome Mark!
    I am attempting to update the CCU’s WordPress software version.
    I hate it. I just want to have a podcast. I don’t want to be a Webmaster. 馃檨

    … and knitting, and knitting, and knitting …

  71. It’s the perfect weekend to mow my lawn and my lawnmower is broken.

    Is this supposed to mean something? I’m confused. And hungry.

    But mostly hungry.

    I accidentally left my BBQer outside through the winter… Is it ok to BBQ chicken on a rusty grill?

  72. oh! oh! oh! then you know the goddamn Avs let one slip away and are tied 1-1.
    i cant believe the nuggets will probably make it.. of all the undeserving teams….

    um… crap wed better not sports talk.. lol.

  73. look at that, she won’t fawn but she wants my podtaint

    Dre sez: maybe she wants MY podtaint

    I want your podtaint. mama

    Dre sez: I’m not sure I want podtaint until I know what it is exactly. Is it safe? Will it give me a rash?

  74. my computer is so fucked.

    yknow, i enjoy the Sinead O’Connor… but she always looks bored…

    wait…. “fuck me running”… isnt that the epitome of a “fuck and run”? oh i could never do that to addie.. i need to cuddle afterwords.

    *prepares for disownment fron man-club*

  75. lol. that’s really good you guys.
    i’m sure your bow posture did look beautiful. 馃檪

    i liked # 4, where the lady looks like she just accidentally pooed in her tiny yoga shorts.

    cuddling is overrated. 馃槈

  76. oh i saw that. you better run byatch.
    i do laundry so that i don’t have to smell him when he wears the same clothes for a month. it’s more for me than him.

    Hugh knows me so well. that’s the perfect way to distract me.

  77. I’m all about the love. Hugh has big love to share

    Dre sez: and he wants to share it freely with the world

    Yes! How can we deny the good people of earth all this wonderfulness!!

    Dre sez: Are you sure you can live with this ego Alvie? It’s a tough job. but you know secretly I love it

    see, she loves me ego. She loves me.

  78. ha! the laughs on you cause the kids are coming with! god love em, but theyll have you running out the door in 2 days! lol.

    then againb, i feel T and hugh, and L and Andrea would really hit it off big time.

  79. Dre sez: I like cock and boobs too.. umm but not mixed. I want my boobs on a different person that the cock is on. The boobs with the pussy, the cock with the.. umm.. dude 馃檪

    hermaphrodites are people too babe

    Dre sez: Actually a hermaphrodite might be hot.. get everything in 1 package

  80. Dre sez: No, but some are air conditioned hard nipples.. sometimes I forget to lower the AC before getting nekid.. then my nipples get extra hard 馃檪

    God, this is the best conversation ever. Nipples.
    Now if we can bring sports back up, I would be in heaven.

  81. doh! well, really….um…. oh! tell her, “of you love me youll do it”. never works for me but maybe for you! lol.

    ok kids, i think me and addie are gonna retire. “start” my new job tomorrow so wish me luck 馃檪

  82. 170 new comments since Friday. Oh… it was the Alvie, Addie, Andrea & Hugh four way. LOL I survived the kid weekend, no one was killed or lost any limbs. Certainly the pinnicle by which all child care is to be judged.

  83. Is there a Youtube video that splices footage of “The Good Son” with “Home Alone?” Then you could see Frodo’s mom drop Kevin off a cliff.

  84. Ditto – But what if the hamsters LIKE being poked in the butt? I mean who know how they get their jollies off. We stop saying ‘alright’ and suddenly the whole hamster community is well…lacking. Alright? Alright?!? Alright! Alright.

  85. Dubshack, and yet they continue to reproduce. I don’t think they’ve mastered hamster cloning yet, so I’m just assuming they socialize in some form or another.

  86. I believe it’s an old pornographic motion picture, Van.

    Just checked the voting. Southland Tales is just slightly ahead of Eraserhead. The other choices have some votes too.
    Did I mention that the poll is setup up to close at midnight on Tuesday of next week? So I’ll announce the official winner on that week’s output.

  87. Frak Me!

    I have a guy who was going to send my podcast link to the head of a company that is a major advertiser/sponsor in NASCAR … and my “pal” calls me to tell me that there are NO CCU episodes available in iTunes.

    PLLLEEEEase can’t I just catch one break!

    There is no telling how long this has been broken like this. Not having episodes available is probably NOT helping me grow an audience.


  88. meh

    I just checked them but couldn’t find a setting for “I’d prefer that none of my episodes actually be made available at my iTunes site.”

    Anyone know where this is hidden and how to KILL it?

  89. Hey Jack,

    I have been there .
    Hit the “Ping iTunes” button.
    Also checked the feed validator. Although my life may not be validated my feed IS.

    Anything else there that I can do?

  90. Thanks for trying to help me out Jack.

    Seems all I needed to do was go out to dinner and it fixed itself.
    Hopefully that is just a temporary burp that won’t show up again.

  91. Well, my daughter has had a rough day for her 7th birthday. Yesterday, while a bunch of the neighbor kids were over playing, she got some kind of splinter in her eye. It bothered her pretty bad, but I was able to flush it clean.

    This morning, she woke up with her eye swollen shut and had to spend the day first at the pediatrician, and then the eye doctor. They’ve put her on steroid eye drops to reduce the inflammation and all that has had her pretty wiped out for the whole day.

    Her eye is responding to the drops and she’s going back tomorrow for a follow up to make sure her vision is clearing up again.

    Not quite the way we had planned her day to be.

  92. Have any of you guys thought about ditching everything and taking a six month hike up the Appalachian Trail?

    It really could be a lot of fun for those who like the outdoors.

  93. But just think of all those creepy crawlies DG, just waiting to have a nibble on passing hikers.

    Not to mention bluegrass singers.

  94. Happy Birthday little Miss – Ed from Texas!
    Sorry you two can’t see eye-to-eye today. 馃槈

    I joke because I care. 馃檪
    I hope the day is all better for her from here on!

  95. ds- that does sound inviting.

    Some years ago I was in a campground near Gattlenburg (sp?) and met two, 20 something guys who were hiking down the trail. They had spent the summer working in resteruants at the northern end of the trail and now were camping their way south. They stay in an area till weather/time of season was closing that part of the trail and then they’d head a little farther south.
    Their goal was to make it to Key West (not on the trial – I know) and spend the winter there.

    Sounded like a grand adventure for young, single people with no mortgages or job deadlines.

  96. Morning Pan!

    today I get to find out how much it’s going to cost to replace my furnace and hot water tank…

    …my life is so exciting.

  97. Well, took a brief break to make some muffins, which are currently in the oven doing their thing.

    The furnace man phoned and is on his way to give me a quote. (My hubby and I have a bet on which side of ten grand this is going to cost us 馃檨 )

    Ditto, can we pretend Avery’s a hamster? Already, already, ALREADY!!! (unless he likes it 馃檪 )

  98. 10 grand?!! Seriously? Back in Kansas we had the furness replaced for around 2 grand. I would hope the water heater would be in the same ball park. My guess 4 grand in US dollars which is like what, 10 Canadian bucks now?

  99. I’m almost hoping that Watchmen would win, because for some reason three public libraries have went on a Watchmen buying spree and have multiple copies of the graphic novel for lending.

  100. Well, suck. I wrote a comment before I left home this morning, but I must have not hit the submit button.

    Guess I’ll have to get some lessons on how to properly submit. (cue justa joe comment)

    Anyway, thanks for the birthday and well wishes – I shall pass them on to her. She’s doing much better today.

  101. Rhett, it breaks down like this:

    3,500 for the furnace
    3,500 for the water heater (we’re going to a tankless system)
    ??? for the humidifier

    plus 5% government tax.

    I figure it will be closer to $8,500 when all is said and done. Hubby’s not so sure.

    The only real advantage is, because we’re going “green” we will be eligible for some government rebates, bringing the price down.

    On a different note: The only way I seem to be able to get Eraserhead is if I get it from Amazon. Which I won’t do for a one shot deal (sorry). I don’t like doing torrent. So for me, that movie’s out.

  102. 2 Torrent questions –
    Is there a torrent client that works for Macs?
    Would I be correct in assuming that these torrent downloads are … um, shall we say – “frowned upon” by certain official agencies?

  103. I’m sure there is, and yes some items are “frowned upon” Of course the amount of the frowning seems to corrolate to the mainstream nature and timeliness of said torret items.

  104. They came;
    They quoted;
    I signed the contract.

    Now we’ll have a warm house and hot water, but no money. Is that a fair trade?

  105. So was in the the ball park range of 10 grand TEB?

    …and by furnace do you mean something you chuck firewood or coke in and not just a gas fire connected to the mains supply.

  106. Van, we have (and will be getting) a forced air furnace, not something that we have to do any physical work to get heat from (i.e. firewood – needs chopping, and then throwing in the fireplace).

    Yes, we were close in price – it will come to about $8,500. But we will be eligible for about $750 in government rebates, bringing the price down further.

    We are very happy to go with a tankless hot water system, though. I loves me loooooooooogn showers.

  107. Haven’t even fully caught up on today’s nipples yet – but my heart weeps with joy at the outpouring of anti-Avery sentiment. Amazing that this guy is SO low-class, that a rule needs to be made to tell him how to behave. Unsportshamsterlike conduct.

    Palooza update: Southland Tales appears to have pulled waaaaaaaaay ahead. Voting ain’t over until next week, but that looks like the one we should start prepping.

  108. That hot water heating system is teh excellent, TEB. Holy crap though, 8 grand hurts.

    Yes, that is Southland Tales. From the guy who made Donnie Darko. And actually, until following TEB’s link, I’d never known this:

    “In addition to the feature film, an expanded version of Southland Tales will be presented as a six-part interactive experience with the prequel saga to be published as three separate 90-130 page graphic novels, each written by Kelly. The graphic novels will be released over a six month period early in 2007 leading up to the film’s release with the feature film comprised of the story’s final three chapters.”

    Do those exist? Had anyone read them? Can anyone recommend them? Do we really have to watch a movie with Justin Timberlake in it?

  109. When were we thinking of doing movie night? If I order them, it will take a couple of weeks to come in. (assuming that’s the one that wins.)

  110. You’re right, Van. Furnace is pretty dramatic compared to gas heater, but it’s also cooler to say. “I have a FURNACE”.

    …. must be a Canadian thing.

  111. Tweet: Just finished recording and sending in new Deadpan content. Off to attempt to plan the rest of my Script Frenzy script. Step One: Stop using the screenplay template. I’m not writing a screenplay.

  112. Morning Pan, another grey day in this part of the uk.

    Talking of Roos, do a search on youtube for Skippy the Bush Kangaroo…..be amazed or appalled at the Australian version of Lassie….

  113. Your Deadpan vampires wish Deadpan a good evening

    Your Smarty Hotties have made the complete transformation into nocturnal beasts… imagine the vampire porn that we could inspire!

    Dre sez: I love good vampire porn

    I know you do babe 馃檪 She is a sicko.

    Dre sez: am not!

  114. Speaking of getting pee’d on –

    As some of you may be vaguely aware, In 2009 TV stations will have to STOP broadcasting in their standard format and ONLY broadcast in a “DTV” format.

    What this means to you an me is that if we have a TV that wasn’t purchased in the last few years and doesn’t have this specific capability … it won’t work. At least the TV won’t receive broadcast signals, not with having a converter box.

    For months they have been advertising that if you have cable you will be “OK” but everyone will receive a $40 coupon from the government to buy a converter if you get your signal over the air.

    Just now I was reading that at least one cable company was planning on charging it’s customers to “rent” their converter box … per month … per TV.

    All of this is annoying enough but if you understand WHY the country is doing this then it is even more annoying. This whole thing was pushed through by the Telecom industry who wants the broadcast frequencies currently used by TV stations for their own use.

    So the government, at GREAT cost to the taxpayer, is giving it to them.

    That’s right, in order to allow them to increase their profits, you and I will be covering the cost of converting our own TV’s (or having to buy new ones) as well as paying (through our tax dollars) for those who get their signal over the air.

    Most major networks have been broadcasting a companion “DTV” signal for about two years now. So those people who care enough to view this signal … have already bought the equipment to do so.

    Now however … EVERYONE will be required to pay (one way or another) to have the TV signal removed from it’s legacy bandwidth to make room for the mega corporations like AT&T, Sprint and Nextel to increase their quarterly profits.

    Anyone care to guess why the companies who will profit from this aren’t paying for it (even though they would just write it all off as a business expense) ?

  115. Morning Pan!

    I spent the first hour or so of the morning looking for Folly one and Folly 2 (also known as the snakes) who escaped sometime during the night..

    We still haven’t found them, but I stopped because I have work to do. Will have to continue looking later, if the cats don’t get them first.

  116. It’s happening in the UK as well JJ.

    Not to bothered about it personally as my TV already has freeview built in. Also it is a way of getting people to move to digital TV at a much faster rate than if the left the analog channels on (a problem that DAB radio is having now). Yes I’m sure their motives aren’t pure, but DTV for me gives a much better picture quality than analogue reception does.

  117. *sigh*
    1)I am crushed by the two-face-edness of the situation. When ever we talk here about regulating Health care providers so everyone gets basic health care … Corporate America screams bloody murder. The cry that the market forces will determine what the public really wants.
    When government interference results in a profit for corporate America though … it is all OK.

    2) Government mandating an aesthetic upgrade at the user’s expense? Where does THAT stop.
    Betamax was a much better format then VHS. If the government had started THEN forcing the public to pay for mandated upgrades to entertainment formats every time there was another technological improvement … how much of everybody’s income would have to be dedicated to this.

    As I said before, if you think the aesthetic improvement of this luxury item is worth it then feel free to spend the money.
    Me? I take offense at being forced to pay to make people upgrade a luxury item for the economic benefit of Corporate America.

  118. Yeah, that looks really cool, Rhettro. I didn’t want to buy anything fancy. Since I already have an iPod, I thought the Belkin attachment would be a cheap way to record the lectures I have to go to. That way I don’t have to worry about taking notes with my wrecked wrist.

  119. So I can still get the Murder She Wrote program on my black & white television?
    Not picking on Republicans in general, but this administration has made its agenda from day 1 to rob from the poor (and the middle class, and the moderately wealthy) to give to the massively rich.

    ditto – Those iPod recorders look sweet. I’d love your product review, after you’ve given it a few test drives. Mainly, I’m curious about battery life.

  120. I was considering something to record podcasts and live music with that was portable ditto. I think something, like what I posted would be ideal, but it’s kinda overkill at the moment. Perhaps your belkin thingy would be a nice middle option.

    So anyway I stumbled on this thread.


    I made it three pages without laughing, I think. Until I saw the rapist image. I’ll wait until lunchtime to get through the whole thing.

  121. Jack- The Digitial Conversion legislation was passed in 1979 and was delayed in the 90’s. The idea was that a certain percentage of the C-Channels would be used to improve the first responder network, and the rest would be sold to the highest bidder. Whether that actually happened or not I’m not fully versed in the current affairs of it.

    But this one is far from a Republican thing. A more appropriate vein of frustration would be the Bear Sterns bailout and McCain’s proposals to fix the housing industry that STILL benefit corporations over individual people.

  122. Ok, I give up! We’ve spent all morning and part of the afternoon looking for these damn snakes.

    I think I have to accept the fact that we’re going to have a couple of dead snakes in our walls. 馃檨

  123. The Digital Conversion Act was passed in 1998.

    “The idea was that a certain percentage of the C-Channels would be used to improve the first responder network, and the rest would be sold to the highest bidder.”

    That was the “wrapping” they put on this dead fish. Even if you wanted to stand up against the telcom lobbiests you didn’t dare do so for fear of NOT supporting the first reponders in the face of TERRORISM!

    However, the funding was never allocated for all of the new technology that the first responders would need to utilize this new frequencies so that was pretty much just a smoke screen.

    BTW: A small group of polititions worked for years to get funding for PBS cut under the guise of fiscal responsability but it turns out their real mission was to get public broadcasting kicked of the airwaves so that THOSE channels could be given over to the Telcom industry.

    In the case of PBS though … they were dealing with an end user whose demographic was a bit more educated, wealthy, and activist then your average TV viewer.

  124. … my mistake
    I just did a little more reading.

    The final conversion act was passed when it was tucked inside the “Deficit Reduction Act of 2005” … because what politician is going to vote AGAINST reducing the deficit!

    BTW – $990,000,000 tax dollars (I guess they thought a 1 billion dollar figure would have a taint to it) were allocated to providing $40 vouchers for D to A converter boxes. What corporation makes those little jewels I wonder? I should buy stock.

  125. I’m laying free of research but I distinctly remember the initial digital conversion act being passed in 79. Its been revised several times since.

    And Justin Timberlake only narrates for the most part, when they do show him he’s both horribly scarred and completely stoned. You hardly notice he’s there amidst the other insanity.

  126. Does anyone here have the skilz to do ZP-esque animation?
    (the time to do it is an entirely different question.)

    Instead of these long, head exploding posts, would it be more fun if I made them into snappy, snarky, animated rants … ala zeropunctuation.

    just thinking is all.

  127. So my old and blind dog Patsy has decided to start barking until someone plays with her… at 2:00AM… every night. *grrrrr* Someone could push me over with a feather.

  128. Today when Keith the sales guy went to International Dairiy Queen down the street on a sales call, he brought back a gigantic bag full of Dilly Bars.

    Also, at one point today I handled an 8″ floppy disk. Didn’t actually do anything with it, but held it, marveled at it, and then put it away…

  129. The closest I’ve gotten to Scotch around here is Nyquil. Blech. Podthroat this week, think we’re gonna see an Unshow. And I’m calling the comments at 576. Apologies, all. Next week will be a freakin bonanza.

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