393 thoughts on “unshow12

  1. ok where were we….

    Hugh sez: you were about to take your clothes off

    No, thats not it

    Hugh sez: are you sure?

    yes baby, I’m sure 😉 you perv

    Hugh sez: NBA playoffs babe!!!

    oh… “joy”
    I love how he transitions so seamlessly from sex to NBA

  2. We know Deadpan is a hockey zone.. and Hugh has been watching the hockey but he wants to insert *snicker* a little basketball appreciation here.

    So… These are Hugh’s NBA Playoff predictions*
    * some of these predictions are based on love for a team and not necessarily the team he believes will make it

    Celtics vs Hawks – Celtics
    Lakers vs Nuggets – Nuggets
    Pistons vs 76rs – Pistons
    Hornets vs Mavericks – Hornets
    Magic vs Raptors – Raptors
    Spurs vs Suns – Spurs
    Cavaliers vs Wizards- Cavaliers
    Jazz vs Rockets – Rockets

  3. We both have crushes on LeBron James.. dude is so fucking sexy.. and young.. he strong like bull…
    Hugh sez: He is a really fucking talented player

    So we decided if we ever meet him we are going to proposition him


    Hugh sez: I wonder if i will be intimidated

    I doubt it baby

    Hugh sez: I would love to see you take both of us on


    or you and Jordon

    Hugh sez: *swooooooooon* If Jordan agreed to threesome with us, I would submit entirely to him

    LOL! Wow!

  4. Hugh sez: I would get on my knees for Jordan

    you wouldn’t you liar!

    Hugh sez: your right.. I couldn’t even suck Jordans cock

    I could

    Hugh sez: I know you could you dirty girl. and you will too. I can see it now. I would just sit there and watch him fuck you and keep saying to myself.. Jordan is fucking my wife, Jordan is fucking my wife!

    LOL. Then you can do it right after baby and then it would be like you are having sex with him

    Hugh sez: it would! lets do it! Lets go to Jordans house now and ask him!!!!

    We can’t baby, remember the Mrs got he house in the divorce, we don’t know where he lives

    Hugh sez: Can we proposition his wife too? She was a looker

    sure we can 🙂

  5. it will never be this date again

    today can never be redone

    I sure wish we could

    Hugh sez: I know you do babe

    today sucked 🙁

    Hugh sez: it did, and its all my fault

    you shut up, no its not.

    you will not be this age, in this place on this date

    Hugh sez: thank the gods

    I know you are not talking about us here

    we have to break 500 this week! Or umm.. a few weeks ago

    Hugh sez: did we break it like Jack asked

    me no not baby

  6. I feel like I m startng to get sick 🙁

    Hugh sez: no babe! No sickies!

    I can feel it growing in my throat. A sore throat is coming

    Hugh sez: the only thing that will prevent it is to coat your throat in cum

    LOL.. I should of known. I wonder where I can find cum to coat my throat in

    Hugh sez: I know a place

    I bet you do perv

    Trent swooooooooon!

  7. Morning Pan,

    It’s sunny in Colorado today – after the snow here. We got quite a bit of snow yesterday. TEB, enjoy your nice day today!

    I blew the GJB guess too. Ah well.

    Off to work — evil empire, blah, blah.

    Have an excellent day, everyone!

  8. High of ten today… high of minus 10 on the weekend. Gotta love Calgary in spring.

    (p.s. all temperatures in Celsius)

  9. “Engineers guide to cats” – Very nice TEB.
    The Deadpan style of that presentation was most excellent! We should seek the producers out and have them join our little movement.

  10. I have the Classic “TI-35” here in the desk drawer.
    It did waaaaay more then I ever needed it to do but that is what all the cool geeks (oximoron?) in High School had!

  11. “And then our arrows of desire rewrite the speech,
    And then he whispered would i,
    Be safe, from mountain flowers?
    And at first with the charm around him,
    He loosened it so if it slipped between my breasts
    Hed rescue it,”

    Mmmm Yessss.

  12. The “broader” crossing may be a pain, but everything and everybody is cuter up here so it makes the trip soooooo worthwhile

    (kidding, non-Cdn’s please don’t lynch me 🙂 )

  13. Chocolate olives??? That doesn’t even sound good. You’re a braver man than I am Ditto. I doubt I would have even tried that.

  14. The wife got some… extremely unusual chocolate bars as a Valentine’s present from a friend. We’ve been putting off trying them until now; didn’t want to just throw them away. Maybe we should.


  15. Sorry – you’re out of murgatory, Cheyenne.
    Yes indeed, everyone — Cheyenne has created a masterpiece for me. Sorry for keeping it under wraps, CW. I’ve been withholding because I was trying to plot out a grand unveiling.

    I am and humbled by his brilliant work, in awe of Cheyenne’s abilities, and in his debt.

  16. Wait a second. You’re “, in awe of Cheyenne’s abilities, and in his debt?”

    Well, if you’re in awe of Cheyenne’s debt, you haven’t seen nothing ’til you’ve seen mine!

  17. “You bloody Pans, always thumping your chest, saying “see here.” Well piss off. Your dead now.”

    Okay I’m reaching now. Better stop.

  18. Okay Cheyenne, I have an idea for a t-shirt. Feel free to steal it and put it on Cafe Press.

    A drawing of a zombie pan with the caption ” I want a podcast with BRAAAINNS”

  19. ^note: the all-caps text above is supposed to be smaller than the regular text, but either WordPress strips the “font” tag, or I should have used a value smaller than 3

  20. So are there any medical conditions where one of the symptoms is a strong odour of brussels spouts?

    Other an addiction to eating them.

  21. Okay, Jack, what we all really wanna know (but everyone else is too freaked out to ask) is just whose perfumed grandmother you have been licking???

  22. ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok. 😛

    Some twisted pAper chAse lyrics. Not in reference to anything, the song just played on my iPod:

    In your tender place when you’re safe at home
    There’s a tombstone that waits of your very own
    While you’re rutting like beasts
    In the sheets of my sterilized room
    In your comfy bed, air-conditioned car
    There are vapors and toxins to get you all
    In the water you drink, in the air that you breath
    In the soil under your shoe

    I don’t know about you
    But I am at peace, I know what it is that I must do
    I hope you are sitting down, dear
    Come hell or high water this sick world will know I was here

  23. Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later than You Think) – Guy Lombardo

    You work and work for years and years, you’re always on the go
    You never take a minute off, too busy makin’ dough
    Someday, you say, you’ll have your fun, when you’re a millionaire
    Imagine all the fun you’ll have in your old rockin’ chair

    Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think
    Enjoy yourself, while you’re still in the pink
    The years go by, as quickly as a wink
    Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think

    You’re gonna take that ocean trip, no matter, come what may
    You’ve got your reservations made, but you just can’t get away
    Next year for sure, you’ll see the world, you’ll really get around
    But how far can you travel when you’re six feet underground?

    Your heart of hearts, your dream of dreams, your ravishing brunette
    She’s left you and she’s now become somebody else’s pet
    Lay down that gun, don’t try, my friend, to reach the great beyond
    You’ll have more fun by reaching for a redhead or a blonde

    Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think
    Enjoy yourself, while you’re still in the pink
    The years go by, as quickly as a wink
    Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think

  24. “Set on you
    I got my mind set on you
    Set on you

    But it’s gonna take money
    A whole lotta spending money
    It’s gonna take plenty of money
    To do it right child

    It’s gonna take time
    A whole lot of precious time
    It’s gonna take patience and time, ummm
    To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it
    To do it right”

    That’s what George Harrison said, of course he’s dead now.

  25. LOL, I guess I should have put a smiley behind my post. 🙂

    The death of the women competing for a Wii was widely published around here.

  26. here we go …
    10CC – from “Englishman in New York

    “Caught in the tunnel an ambulance howls
    A men’s room attendant is flapping his jowls
    Ssshh, Howard Johnson is moving his bowels
    Strange apparatus, you’ve never seen
    Strange apparatus, even stranger theme”

  27. ^Same here. I should see if that’s available on DVD. I’ve never been a George Michael fan, however based on his performance above, I think he captured the spirit of Freddy M. perfectly.

  28. While soliciting other men in the public rest room. . . . .

    Actually, I agree. He has an amazing voice, and would be a damn good (i.e., probably way better than Paul Rodgers) stand-in, if Queen were to tour again.

    Of course he’s no Freddy. . . but who could be? Axl Rose? Biz Markie?

  29. Who knows where the time goes? – Sandy Denny

    Across the evening sky, all the birds are leaving
    But how can they know it’s time for them to go?
    Before the winter fire, I will still be dreaming
    I have no thought of time

    For who knows where the time goes?
    Who knows where the time goes?

    Sad, deserted shore, your fickle friends are leaving
    Ah, but then you know it’s time for them to go
    But I will still be here, I have no thought of leaving
    I do not count the time

    For who knows where the time goes?
    Who knows where the time goes?

    And I am not alone while my love is near me
    I know it will be so until it’s time to go
    So come the storms of winter and then the birds in spring again
    I have no fear of time

    For who knows how my love grows?
    And who knows where the time goes?

  30. I am and Jack Mangan home state of New Jersey. I’m looking at the back of the Statue of Liberty’s head. It’s funny, they treat newcomers to America better than they treat the citizens of New Jersey. At least they get to see the front.

    Then again, Jersey is one of the places that the do not trust their own citizens with the responsibility of making left-hand turns. Or the difficult skill of pumping their own gas.

  31. Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo) by Gorillaz feat Ibrahim Ferrer

    dejalo si quieres continuar (hermano)
    sal ilumina tu vida
    todo el cielo aplatandote
    dime que harés (intentalo)
    ilumina ese amor
    antes que se vaya

    algo siempre te entristese
    cuando todo va bien
    que pasa contigo?
    algo siemre te entristese
    cuando todo va bien
    que pasa contigo?
    que pasa contigo?

    dejalo si quieres continuar
    no ocultes tu alma al sol
    tienes una vida preciosa
    de que sirve si solo
    mueres suavemente

    que pasa?
    que pasa contigo?
    que pasa contigo?
    (mi hermano)
    qQue pasa contigo?
    escucha a tu propia voz
    salva tu amor
    que pasa contigo?
    antes que se vaya
    si todo va bien
    que pasa contigo?
    que pasa contigo?
    mirate a ti mismo
    que pasa contigo?
    mi hermano
    ven animate
    que pasa contigo?

  32. Want to know how to ruin a non English song? pass it though google’s translator program:

    Dejalo if you want to continue (brother)
    Salt illuminates your life
    The entire sky aplatandote
    Harés tell me that (try)
    Illuminates that love
    Soon to be

    Always something you entristese
    If all goes well
    Passing you?
    Siemre something you entristese
    If all goes well
    Passing you?
    Passing you?

    Dejalo if you want to continue
    Not hide your soul in the sun
    Have a beautiful life
    That serves itself
    Die gently

    What happens?
    Passing you?
    Passing you?
    (My brother)
    QQue passes you?
    Listening to your own voice
    Save your love
    Passing you?
    Soon to be
    If all goes well
    Passing you?
    Passing you?
    Mirate yourself
    Passing you?
    My brother
    See Animate
    Passing you?

  33. Good Morning from the freezing north. To the left we have below freezing temperatures… To the right, more record breaking snow.

    What’s that? A question from the back row… Spring? No, no, sorry. I don’t know anything about that.

  34. Hey Van 🙂 LOL I know I kind of suck at duplication from memory. It’s been a while since I took Spanish.

    I think Youtube has a vid of Latin Simone live if you want to hear it.

  35. Be careful or just start some rampant new internet meme!

    Nice finds on Mr. Rodgers and the LoC Flickr group.

    I’ve been out living this weekend. Weather has been very nice around here this weekend.

  36. quickie translation:

    dejalo si quieres continuar (hermano)
    leave it if you want to continue (brother)
    sal ilumina tu vida
    leaving illuminates your life.. or this can mean leaving explains your life
    todo el cielo aplatandote
    all the sky opens or explodes. .the sky reveals itself
    dime que harés (intentalo)
    give me what you have
    ilumina ese amor
    show me this love
    antes que se vaya
    before you go

    algo siempre te entristese
    there is always something you are scheming or that is going on
    cuando todo va bien
    when everyhting is fine
    que pasa contigo?
    what happened to you?
    algo siemre te entristese
    there is always something going on
    cuando todo va bien
    when everything is fine
    que pasa contigo?
    what happens to you
    que pasa contigo?
    what happens to you

    dejalo si quieres continuar
    leave it if you want ot move on
    no ocultes tu alma al sol
    dont burn your soul in the sun
    tienes una vida preciosa
    you have a precious life
    de que sirve si solo
    that can take care of itself
    mueres suavemente
    and dies slowly

    que pasa?
    what happened?
    que pasa contigo?
    what happened to you?
    que pasa contigo?what happend to you
    (mi hermano)
    my brother
    qQue pasa contigo?
    what happened to you
    escucha a tu propia voz
    listen to the right voice for you
    salva tu amor
    save your love
    que pasa contigo?
    what happened to you?
    antes que se vaya
    befor eyou left?
    si todo va bien
    if everything was fine?
    que pasa contigo?
    what happened to you?
    que pasa contigo?
    what happened to you?
    mirate a ti mismo
    look at yourself
    confront yourself
    que pasa contigo?
    what happened to you?
    mi hermano
    my brother
    ven animate
    go live
    que pasa contigo?
    what happened to you

  37. So drink drink, it’s never to late
    To drink drink, this town is so great

    Let’s drink drink, to no great suprise.
    but what words rhyme with “burried alive”?

    What words rhyme with “Burried alive”?

    TMBG “Drink”

  38. I had this weird idea last night before going to bed, and it was weird cause typically these things should happen while I’m sleeping… but I was like “I wonder how many people I could get to marry me online…” Kinda like that whole spiritual marriage crap, only podmarriage.

    I could be a podligamist.

  39. One of the issues I have with the stupid weather is that the roads are such I have to drive my daughter for her doctor’s appt. I don’t feel safe with her driving herself. 🙁

  40. I think I over did the back exercises yesterday, coupled with this generic over the counter acid reflux medicine, I was 50/50 on coming in to work today. Let’s see how the Tums and Iberprofen do. *grumble, grumble*

  41. Our little podcast is four years old and quite a show
    So we spell out the words we don’t want him to understand
    Like T-O-Y or maybe S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E
    But the words we’re hiding from him now
    Tear the heart right out of me.

    Our P-O-D-I-V-O-R-C-E becomes final today
    Me and little J-O-E will be goin’ pod-fading away
    I love you both and it will be pure H-E double L for me
    Oh, I wish that we could stop this P-O-D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

    -Tammy Wynette (sort of)

  42. Mehtaint is the word, is the word, is the word.

    Dub, there was a cute Texan girl in a blue dress all over the TV news this weekend. She’s recently been separated (with some help from the FBI). If you don’t mind the monobrow, she might be game for a podligamist marriage.

  43. “Don’t touch me please
    I cannot stand the way you tease
    I love you though you hurt me so
    Now I’m going to pack my things and go
    Tainted love, tainted love
    Touch me baby, tainted love
    Tainted love”

  44. Back from meh (that’s right I said meh) doctor’s. They were only 45 minutes behind schedule! She’s been transferred to a new doctor. That’s always stressful.

  45. I saw that girl Jack, she’s not quite my type. Too old really.

    Prerequisite for podmarrying Dubshack: Must have a Second Life Avatar that looks like Avril Lavigne. And have a nice voice.

  46. Dub, does your wife know you’re looking for pod-wife? Is this a different version of the Invasion of the Pod People?

  47. My daughter like to joke that she can do all the silly things she wants. When she does, if anybody asks her “are you crazy?”, she’s one of the few people who can answer in the affirmative 🙂

    (it’s a good think I know she’s just joking)

  48. I saw the errors of my ways and purchased seasons 1 through 3 of BSG on DVD. The Misses and I are hooked. Ready to start the last few disks of season 3. I’ve got the current episodes of season 4 sitting on my DVR. Hopefully I’ll be completely caught up in a week or two. No spoilers until then. *glare!*

  49. sorry, Joe! I had to pay attention to meh work a little. Evil empire might be watching.

    I am loving the new season so far, but this last episode was SHOCKING. No spoilers for Rhettro (about time, by meh way), but woah. I’m also not sure how I feel about the recent turn. But I do like to be able to say “I did not see THAT coming.”

  50. So Mario Kart on the Wii.

    After trying to play online using the wheel and getting my ass handed to me time after time, I decided to use the classic controller.

    What a difference it makes…I can actually manage not to fall off the road (time after time) on the Rainbow course.

    So Meh for the Wheel and Wahoo for the classic controller.


  51. I think I missed the Shock with the latest episode of BSG. It was an interesting development but hardy shocking (not in the same league as Adama getting shot).

  52. Say, can anyone recommend some Mac-based software (free or shareware of course) for editing DVD files?

    I have plenty of video editing and DVD authoring software but I have this sudden need to edit a scene out of a DVD.

  53. Of course I would never go so far as to imply that you are the sort of Bee who would sting just anyone!
    (bad French accent) Huh Huh Huh (/bad French accent)

    I just keep transposing your second “s” as an “e” and Whala ( which is French for “Eureka” … which is Greek for “saxophone”) it becomes Es-e-Bee.

  54. My 2GB iPod is almost full. I have 137 (!!!) podcast episodes I haven’t listened to yet. (Granted, many of those are past Songs of the Day and NanoMonkeys episodes, but still.) I need to pull out the iPod more when I have quiet moments in my day, seriously.

  55. Well, I’m glad to see that Deadpan was able to take its lemons and make le-meh-naide yesterday. Tasty!

    As for BSG – grrrr…someone who engaged in a nasty bit of plot twist in that episode better get spaced before the end of the season.

    I’m also having trouble remembering who the good guys are that I’m supposed to be pulling for.

  56. Hey folks!

    Well, Fox was in the hospital Sunday night for observation, with grunting for breath the main reason we went to the ER. He’s got the slightest touch of pneumonia, and it appears he is following in Darcy’s genes and developing asthma. We’re hoping it never gets as bad for him as Darcy had it, as she grew up with her mother’s smoking in the house all the time. We don’t smoke.

    So he’s back home and pretty content, we’re struggling with the liquid meds, any tips on getting a 2 year old to take their medicine?

    I think I’ll cross-post this in my LJ, I’m too lazy to formulate a separate entry…

  57. Morning Pan.
    Another day, another day of trouble shooting my “workstation” computer.

    Sorry to hear about Fox JB. Hope the little guy gets to feeling better.
    Did they give you those little “eyedropper” medicine dispensers? Those are good for medicating small children.

  58. Hey Gang,

    I’m feeling much better than yesterday. The headaches gone, the music aches mostly gone and my stomach doesn’t have that full on heartburn. I hope it is a continuing trend.

    Amy: Congratz on the writing. It’s good to be in the habit of keeping your creative side nurished. I still have some pretty hefty house projects to complete, but my hope is sometime towards the middle of May, I might have some time to invest in my creative side.

    JB: Sorry to hear about Fox. As it turns out, both my son and daughter inherited my asthma. But luckily, my son’s is mostly in control with medicine and my daughter has shown less symtems the older she gets.

    Ed: I’m still not caught up on BSG (one more EP of Season 3 and I’ll be on 4), but I’ve felt that way since season 2. I’ve got some theories, but I don’t want to be spoilerific until I’m caught up. LOL

  59. And Dub, I’m looking forward to FBR 8.

    “Jack Jaffee is gonna shit his pants when he hears FPR 8. And everyone else is gonna hate me for it.”

    Tainted Dub? 😉

  60. Once I pod to you (I pod)
    Now I’ll pod from you
    This tainted Dub you’ve given
    I give you all a Dub could give you
    Take my posts and that’s not nearly all
    Oh…tainted Dub
    Tainted Dub

  61. Sorry to hear about Fox. For the liquid meds, I usually have to bribe them with a cup of juice to rinse it down with and a cookie.

    You know, you can take this as a spoiler possibly, but regarding the last BSG, I think it was the first time they use frak specifically to describe a conjugal act rather than the usual general swearing. On the one hand, I’d expect a complaint to be filed with the FCC. But, on the other hand, the type of folks who would make such a complaint are probably not watching BSG to begin with.

    I will say it has gotten a bit tougher in that there’s no way I’ll let the kids watch it with the wife and I anymore. That’s a bit sad in a way since that was certainly not a problem with the original BSG.

  62. Ed – you are right bout the differrence between the two incarnations of BSG.

    I did not watch the first few episodes of season 1 BSG because I thought it was going to be a re-do of the original “kiddy-pop” version which I didn’t much care for even as a kid.
    Thankfully, this version was made for adults … and made well.

  63. I wonder if Dub is going to confess his undying love for Jack Jaffe, thus explaining the stool in pants comment.


    So I’ve just eaten a Belgian waffle that was over a month old and had no mould whatsoever. It must score highly on the junk food scale when even mould won’t grow on it.

  64. I’d always been a little surprised that the new BS:G had no “Parental Discretion” advisory.

    Poor Fox! JB, I’ve had some success with the plastic medicine droppers. Tuck it (gently) against their cheek and it’s harder for them to spit the meds out. I hope he recovers quickly.

    Van: that CYOA is cool, but it angers me. You’ll hear why tomorrow night. (how obnoxious was that?? sorry:) )


  65. I saw the original BSG pilot at the cinema in the late 70’s (it got a theatrical release here in the UK). Ws really good fun at the time, but I can’t watch it now…it hasn’t dated very well.

  66. As a kid I remember watching the original BSG. The first season was pretty good, but the rest was very slow. And with the budget cuts, when they would show the same cylon raiders breaking the same way, over and over again I was burnt out and had to move along. In fact, I was so burnt out I wasn’t interested in the new BSG. The new BSG is an improvement in everyway possible, aside from a few odd things here and there, it’s pretty solid.

  67. I’m in a fairly good mood, so I don’t think I’ll go down that rabbit hole with Trucker. 😉

    Punctuation? The future is ZeroPunctuation!

  68. Public service announcement –

    I normally don’t participate in “internet lynch mobs” but this is from a guy I’ve known on-line for about 5 years. His mother was apparently one of the “perp’s” victoms.
    I am sending this link to the group so you all can watch for these people and redistribute this in as many ways as possible to get the word out.


    This is a web page that has information about a woman (Debbie Jones) and a man they believe abducted her.

    I personally don’t know her but the man (Mike Doyel) was the SOB that ran off with my mother for a few months about 8 years ago. This story is real and not a hoax.

    Ironically it was Salt Lake PD that finally captured Doyel when he was on the run with my mother.

    Now he has run off with a woman from Salt Lake …

    Please pass this information along to as many as you can, to try to catch this idiot before he puts this family through the hell he put me and my family through eight years ago.

    Our story had a happy ending … I flew to Salt Lake and drove my mother and her car home … that was a long 17 hours for mother to have to listen to me tell her what we had gone through to save her from this freak. She had no idea of what was going on with him or us, he had her totally isolated from any contact.

    Here is some info that the site don’t have:

    Mike is schizophrenic and he also passes himself off as a woman at times to help avoid being caught.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  69. Anyone want to take bets on how many points Obama will loose Pensylvania by?

    My vote is 14.

    Despite early exit polls saying 2/3rds of voters over 49% believe Hillary was more negative than Obama.

    I’m allowed to be pessimistic. It’s a Tuesday primary day and I still haven’t gotten my test results back. I’m waiting for that call that says “Nope, nothing wrong there…”

  70. just got this update

    Well I am sorry to report that they caught Doyel at a hotel in Branson, Missouri today and found the body of Debbie Jones in the trunk of the car.

    My prayers go out to this family as it saddens me to know that this was preventable.

    Thanks to all that spread the flyer to help.


  71. Day ???? of troubleshooting this workstation.
    I had to spend half of yesterday, backing-up/recording to disc about 10 gigs worth of data to clear space on a drive. I was hoping to install a working version of the OS9 on that drive.

    I did, and it wouldn’t boot up from it.
    So …

    I blindly stumble onward.

  72. “Problems were encountered with the ‘Big System Morsels’. Installation cannot continue.”

    Of course not! My gosh, how could any of us continue if we encountered problems with the “Big System Morsel”?

    my rage builds

  73. wewants an adipose baby!!!*

    *please see Doctor Who Season 4, epsiode 1 for explanation. The Smarty Hotties® are not about to begin procreating.

    side note: Kylie Minogue (spelling?) won me over.. i was crying like a wee girl at the end

  74. Finally listening to this week’s Unshow.

    heeheehee, I got a GJB point again! 🙂 And a Greasy Spoon Comment!

    Between the Podthroat jokes and the Cthulhu Haiku, this is probably the funniest Unshow we’ve had!

  75. I thought the Cthulhu C’chu Haiku was funny 2.

    It’s been a punishing couple days at work between irrate clients and co-workers, but in the end I’ve come out relatively unscathed. That’s saying something.

  76. Dub, I’m also sorry to hear that you haven’t identified the source of your pain. I hope you find a doctor that can identify your problem.

  77. Yah, we make light Dub but I’m sorry things didn’t get sorted out for you.
    Maybe though, this will be the last night of the rest of your pain!

    or something like that.

    In billiards you …

  78. Morning Pan,

    Last shift of the week today and after that I’m on holiday for a week.

    As Tony the Tiger would say..Grrrreeeaaartttt!

  79. insomnia has the better of me this evening

    not that it even matters but my comment about Doctor Who the Kylie Minogue comment was about the xmas episode, and the adipose comment was about episode 1.

    We watched the 2 episodes back to back today

    I hope everyone is doing good this evening 🙂

    now I gotta go either find something to occupy my insomnia evening, or take something to knock myself out.. probably should sleep eh?

  80. Hi Jack 🙂

    of course you are still up 🙂 go to sleep dammit!!!!

    I came back to tell Deadpan about my new vampire porn books I just discovered! In case anyone else here likes vampire porn.. I love vampire porn. Vampires are so hot…

    But the author is Stephanie Meyer and she has a vampire book series called the Twilight Series.. with Edward the vampire *swooooooon*

    I wish Hugh would be turned into a vampire, then he could turn me! It would be great!

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