2008 NHL playoffs predictions

A Deadpan tradition. My picks for this year:

Canadiens-Bruins. Les Habs in 7.
Penguins-Senators. Pens in 5.
Capitals-Flyers. Flyers in 7.
Devils-Rangers. Rangers in 5.

Red Wings-Predators. Wings in 5.
Sharks-Flames. Sharks in 6.
Wild-Avalanche. Avalanche in 6.
Ducks-Stars. Ducks in 7.

8 thoughts on “2008 NHL playoffs predictions

  1. At last for the 20th year in a row, I will lay out my predictions for Mr. Mangan. In the East: Montreal over Boston, Pittsburgh over Ottowa, New Jersey over New York in the battle over the Hudson and Philly over the Washington CRAPitals. Out West: Detroit over Nashville, San Jose over Calgary, Minnesota over Colorado and the defending champion Ducks over Dallas.

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