Deadpanpalooza voting booth

This isn’t a Diebold machine, it won’t be rigged.
Go here to vote for the next Deadpanpalooza movie. The choices are:
Southland Tales
A Boy and His Dog
The Bride of Frankenstein (original)
Being There
Some Kind of Monster
Watchmen (the graphic novel)
or Pick Your Own

Click Here to vote for the next Deadpanpalooza movie

I’d suggested settling this with VoiceMail, but it was rightly pointed that out that calling VM is more difficult for some, so — sorry if you’ve already called -we’ll nix the VM idea and do it this way. Let me know if you have any trouble with the Survey site.

6 thoughts on “Deadpanpalooza voting booth

  1. 1. Eraser Head
    2. Southland Tales
    3. Tron
    4. The Wickerman (Original version)
    5. A Boy and his Dog
    6. Fight Club
    7. Blade Runner
    8. Behind the Green Door

  2. ok, not that I would not follow amy bowen anywhere….but i am all about clash of the titans.
    Either that or Beastmaster….anyone with me?

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