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  1. awww

    I haven’t listened to this yet, I can’t listen to this at this point in my life, but I will

    Joe is still sorely missed. Some of the greatest moments in podcasting were made by Joe’s fantastic 1 liners.
    I wish I had the chance to meet him, and I regret I never made that trip to Tucson with the promise of a drive to Phoenix and the studio with Joe. That would of been hawesome.

    I love hearing everyones stories of how they met Joe, they are always the sweetest stories about a guy who was so genuine. I hope doing this show, giving tribute to their friend helped his friends in some way.

    All of us that are still here have so much to be thankful for 🙂


  2. Justajoe made me cry!

    In all seriousness, I wish I had known him. The stories sound wonderful. Thank you for sharing this episode.

  3. Morning Pan.

    Downloaded the episode, won’t be able to listen to it for a while. Still catching up on podcast from holidays.

  4. Ditto, when you come on to the boards, since I know you’re Canadian too, have you heard anything about the rumor we’re going to lose the $5 bill and have it replaced with a $3 coin?

    We have the Loonie and Toonie, what would we call this one? The Threenie?

  5. I have my Joe Murphy memorial wristband on the base of my mic stand. When I got a new stand, the first thing I did was move the wristband to the new stand.

  6. It is sad that such a unique person died at early age. I love his book reviews and I never regret buying a book that he reviewed as a good book. He is also my hero because I am partly disabled in hearing and his work inspired my life.
    I am wearing wristbands with his name on them. When people ask me why I have his name on, I can say something about him and about my disability.

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