Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 12. Yo, Adrienne Jones!

Updated show notes! I’m sure no one has ever made the “Yo, Adrienne!” joke to Adrienne Jones before. . . . Have a listen, post a comment, be nice, enjoy yourself.

Cranky introbabble
JC Hutchins/Scott Sigler cross-promo
Brooklyn Bluesman Bumper
Ear Buds (new segment) – Matt Mango
Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop lyrics I – Dani in NC
Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop lyrics II – Jimmy in Denver
Adrienne Jones interview
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Stolen movie line
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Fiction: Sixteen Pieces at a Time, cont’d (performed by the WNDR Radio players)
Dumbass Memories: Fred in Smyrna
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Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop Lyrics III – Tee Morris
Cranky outrobabble
Original music: Land of Broken Hearts – Mango (featured on the “Be the Light” CD)
Voicemail Finale


It’s late into the evening, my friends, and the gears of the machinery are still grinding away, churing out a fresh new Deadpan.

I’m going to sleep, and will get the episode out there when I wake up. A thousand apologies for the brief delay.

M.C. Jack Mangan

The “M.C.” before my name is now official:

I am going to be Master of Ceremonies for the Coppercon 26 Masquerade! I guess I’ll have to rise slighlty above Deadpan timbre for the task. So if you’re not going to Dragon Con, then come to Coppercon! Make a costume, enter the Masquerade, and have some fun. First weekend in September.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 11. Jennifer Batten interview.

Contained in this podcast:

Ravyn Crescent (bumper)
Ex-Wife Files (promo)
Dani in NC (Stolen Rap Lyrics)
Amy Bowen (Dumbass Memories)
Unrelated thought
Guitar legend/virtuoso: Jennifer Batten – interview part 1.
Stolen Comedy Line
Mark Forman poem
Guitar legend/virtuoso: Jennifer Batten – interview part 2.
Spherical Tomi Spherical Tomi Spherical Tomi  promo and silliness
Chris Fisher’s: The Adult Spaces Child Free Podcast (promo)
Excessive outrobabble/announcements
Original music: Asteroid Speed Highway by Matt Mango.

Thanks to everyone! Follow that Jennifer Batten link and watch her “Flight of the Bumblebee” video. Then – if you own a guitar – take it and smash it into a million little pieces.

Deadpan is the way.

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 10. Mur Lafferty!!

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Mo’ Babble

Thanks to Brad P for the donation!

Stolen Rap Lyrics — Double Shot

(Thanks to Alvie from Boulder and Chris Fisher )

Getting a Leg Up promo

The Deadpan Research Team – part 2. Delving into Star Wars/Dukes of Hazzard. (Inconsiderate me: I never thanked Michael R. Mennengha for his wonderful guest appearance on this bit. Thanks, Mike!)

Mur Lafferty Interview – part 1

short break

Guest Highbrow/Lowbrow (Thank you Computerking!)

VoiceMail from Andrea

Mur Lafferty Interview – Part 2

Post-interview babble.

(Mur’s husband Jim’s podcast: The Vintage Gamer)

Original Music: Love Temple. Matt Mango (I forgot to mention during the show — this is the first mix, not the one that appeared on the Wishing Bridge CD)

Top 25 songs in iTunes

Remember when .mp3 players were for music AND podcasts?

Here my Top 25 Most Played songs in iTunes for June 6, 2006:

1. Vanity Fair ~~Mr. Bungle 43
2. Is There Love In Space? ~~Joe Satriani 35
3. Wine ~~Jack Mangan 29
4. Organ Donor ~~DJ Shadow 27
5. Dad and Dog ~~Fredo Viola 25 (Great stuff. Go have a look and a listen)
6. Saddam A Go-Go ~~GWAR 25
7. Did My Time ~~KoRn 25
8. playing with spiders-skullkrusher ~~Overkill 24
9. Slaughter of the Soul ~~At the Gates 23
10. Miss Misery ~~Elliott Smith 22
11. Rumble ~~Link Wray & His Ray Men 22
12. Spirit Man ~~Mango 22
13. Defender ~~Manowar 21
14. Asteroid Speed Highway ~~Matt Mango 21
15. Lost In Space ~~Aimee Mann 20
16. The Enemy ~~Anthrax 20
17. Microphone Fiend ~~Eric B & Rakim 20
18. Tears of Liquid Mercury ~~Jack Mangan 20
19. Nuthin But a G Thang ~~Dr. Dre 19
20. Hallowed Be Thy Name ~~Iron Maiden 19
21. Solfeggietto ~~CPE Bach ~~Leslie Bridges 19
22. Time Is Running Out ~~Muse 19
23. Red Right Hand ~~Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 19
24. West End Girls ~~Pet Shop Boys 19
25. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face ~~Roberta Flack 19

From the forthcoming Spherical Tomi Manga

Whenever I go to type the word, “Manga”, my fingers just reflexively add an “n” at the end.

Check out some of the first sketches (shown here with permission from the artist):

Michi Talking to Van

First sketch of Tomi

Cool, huh? I think the ST Manga is going to turn out to be something very special. I’m looking forward to it! -Jack M.