From the forthcoming Spherical Tomi Manga

Whenever I go to type the word, “Manga”, my fingers just reflexively add an “n” at the end.

Check out some of the first sketches (shown here with permission from the artist):

Michi Talking to Van

First sketch of Tomi

Cool, huh? I think the ST Manga is going to turn out to be something very special. I’m looking forward to it! -Jack M.

18 thoughts on “From the forthcoming Spherical Tomi Manga

  1. Might I suggest a name change, perhaps you cn be Jack D’Manga or DeManga or DiManga all the equivalent of Jack Mangan but sligthly more, er, eh, “highbrow?” Then you can turn around to Joe Murphy and sell him the “Jack Mangan” and have him assume all your debts and have to edit your podcasts and stuff. My only concern is that Pete (you know the GUY) wouldn’t know who is the rightful recipient of the goats and chickens anymore.

  2. OMFG!!! That is totally Snakes on a Plane, dude!!! And, falling in line with my theory that anime/manga will be Hollywood’s next big movie fad, you are one step closer to having a Spherical Tomi movie. 🙂

    When is it coming out? And can we get it signed?

  3. Thanks everyone!!

    Alvie: Thanks! I. Agree.
    Jason: Thanks. There’s no rush.
    Jack H: Sorry! I’m getting there.
    Mark: D’Manga. Hmmmm
    Andrea: Thanks. Her work is awesome, isn’t it?
    Karen: Thanks. Oh, the possibilities….
    Paul!: I know that the artist (Allyson Amador) is very busy. I don’t think she’s ready to commit to anything resembling a deadline or release date yet.
    Ditto: Thanks! We’ll get a Spherical Tomi/Mansquito double feature on the Sci-Fi Channel yet! I’d be delighted to sign a copy.
    Fred: Thanks. Yes, I expect to work pretty closely with Allyson.
    Ravyn: Wooot! I agree completely.

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