Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 12. Yo, Adrienne Jones!

Updated show notes! I’m sure no one has ever made the “Yo, Adrienne!” joke to Adrienne Jones before. . . . Have a listen, post a comment, be nice, enjoy yourself.

Cranky introbabble
JC Hutchins/Scott Sigler cross-promo
Brooklyn Bluesman Bumper
Ear Buds (new segment) – Matt Mango
Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop lyrics I – Dani in NC
Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop lyrics II – Jimmy in Denver
Adrienne Jones interview
-quick break-
Stolen movie line
TD-0013 bumper
back to Adrienne Jones
WNDR Radio bumper
Fiction: Sixteen Pieces at a Time, cont’d (performed by the WNDR Radio players)
Dumbass Memories: Fred in Smyrna
Chris Fisher bumper
Stolen Rap/Hip-Hop Lyrics III – Tee Morris
Cranky outrobabble
Original music: Land of Broken Hearts – Mango (featured on the “Be the Light” CD)
Voicemail Finale

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