Top 25 songs in iTunes

Remember when .mp3 players were for music AND podcasts?

Here my Top 25 Most Played songs in iTunes for June 6, 2006:

1. Vanity Fair ~~Mr. Bungle 43
2. Is There Love In Space? ~~Joe Satriani 35
3. Wine ~~Jack Mangan 29
4. Organ Donor ~~DJ Shadow 27
5. Dad and Dog ~~Fredo Viola 25 (Great stuff. Go have a look and a listen)
6. Saddam A Go-Go ~~GWAR 25
7. Did My Time ~~KoRn 25
8. playing with spiders-skullkrusher ~~Overkill 24
9. Slaughter of the Soul ~~At the Gates 23
10. Miss Misery ~~Elliott Smith 22
11. Rumble ~~Link Wray & His Ray Men 22
12. Spirit Man ~~Mango 22
13. Defender ~~Manowar 21
14. Asteroid Speed Highway ~~Matt Mango 21
15. Lost In Space ~~Aimee Mann 20
16. The Enemy ~~Anthrax 20
17. Microphone Fiend ~~Eric B & Rakim 20
18. Tears of Liquid Mercury ~~Jack Mangan 20
19. Nuthin But a G Thang ~~Dr. Dre 19
20. Hallowed Be Thy Name ~~Iron Maiden 19
21. Solfeggietto ~~CPE Bach ~~Leslie Bridges 19
22. Time Is Running Out ~~Muse 19
23. Red Right Hand ~~Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 19
24. West End Girls ~~Pet Shop Boys 19
25. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face ~~Roberta Flack 19

121 thoughts on “Top 25 songs in iTunes

  1. Quite honestly Id figure the one GWAR song youd have would be “JACK the World”. But hey, S a G G is a great one too.

    Glad to see youre tastes are as eclectic as we are.

    Also – whats an MP3 player?

  2. I wanna be like Jack too.
    My Top 25:

    1. Shining star ~ Earth, Wind, and Fire
    2. Rubberband Man ~ The Spinners
    3. Ballroom Blitz ~ Sweet
    4. Re Your Brains ~ Jonathan Coulton
    5. America Fuck Yeah ~ Team America
    6. Skullcrusher Moutain ~ Jonathan Coulton
    7. Jump Jive an’ Wail ~ The Brian Seitzer Orchestra
    8. Dirty Harry ~ Gorillaz
    9. Feel Good Inc. ~ Gorillaz
    10. I can’t get next to you ~ The Temptations
    11. Clint Eastwood ~ Gorillaz
    12. first of May ~ Jonathan Coulton
    13. Nosey Joe ~ The Brian Seitzer Orchestra
    14. Switchblade 327 ~ The Brain Seitzer Ochestra
    15. Kids with guns ~ Gorillaz
    16. Get Ready ~ Rare Earth
    17. T.N.T ~ ACDC
    18. Montage ~ Team America
    19. Futurama theme
    20. Surfin’ Bird ~ Trashmen
    21. Zoot Suit Riot ~ Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
    22. War ~ Edwin Starr
    23. Thriller ~ Michael Jackson
    24. Volcano ~ Jimmy Buffett
    25. When Im 25 or 64 ~ Jonathan Coulton

    Wow I got lots of “old” people music. But im glad I dont listen to all that bullshit emo shit that most kids my age listen to.

  3. Alvie-I can relate-my sons midle name Miles is after “Miles Davis.” I felt kevin “Stevie Ray” was too long.
    Jason-My birth certificate tells me that I’m becoming an “old people”, but my heart still feels like a “young people” and my ears always listen to everything that sounds good to them.
    I hate labels-particularly when it comesto music-case in point: I’d say at least 85-90% of J&J’s IPOd lists are good to go with me.

  4. well I like some of the newer stuff as you can see with gorillaz, but I hate the music where all they are doing is screaming. oh and the extreamly whiny music too. I just cant stand it. I really hate it when the beat is awesome, but then singer comes in and starts “singing” about his lost girlfriend or dead dog. I blame MTV.

  5. I could have rubberband Man on a loop for ages……It makes you feel good. You could have just lost your Girlfriend, job, and you dog died and it would make you feel good. 😀

  6. Thanks for sharing your list, Jason! Lots of good stuff there — much more energetic and less doomy than my Top 25 🙂 Go figure – my favorite “90s Swing” tune is After Life, by Squirrel Nut Zippers. Have you ever heard the Surf Punks’ cover of Ballroom Blitz? Classic.

    Is that really true about your kids’ names, Mark and Alvie? I’ll have to tell my son, the Rza about that.

  7. My parents have a Squirrel Nut Zipper CD back home, been a long time since I heard it. My favourite Swing band is Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Its not on the list cause my files got lost, I need to upload them again to the hard drive.

  8. I’m not speaking musically here when I tell you I don’t like the words “Nut”and “zipper” being mashed up. I’ve had a couple of painful and frightful experiences…

    When it comes to swing, wow-Duke Ellington said it all, “It Don’t mean a Thing, if it Ain’t got that Swing.” Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys had some good stuff too.

    I wouldn’t take punks surfing any more than I’d take skinheads bowling.

  9. Jason-good listening right now. Another cool band with a litle more country in with the swing-Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen. BR5-49 not bad either. Cool song-great imagery. Love those zoot suits. We should have Jack wear one when he collects his Hugo award.

  10. Put CDs into iTunes… No can’t do that to tempted to play on the air…wait no can’t say that already have my 300 cds (I know small collection but I am still working on digitizing album collection) on…Hmmm… No way I could give a top 25… I made WNDR CD and listen to them in the car. I have no way of counting plays…Damn this sucks.

  11. Yes Jason, I can put my Cds into Itunes. Then Ill go ahead and get a big assed cord. strap my PC on my back, and have the MP# experience Ive always wanted.

    Gimmie a 10 year old Discman and a binder full of cds any day.

  12. Alvie-being a wee bit persnickety today,eh? Actually I just had a vision of you with the PC.cord,etc. dancing for change at the Wingin It party. Like the organ grinder and monkey all in one. Better and shiny-lol.

  13. Better still like one of those Transformer’s with cool music coming out of you and you fold up into one of those monster trucks like all of your friends and neighbors have up there in CO.

  14. Just a wee bit. It is 6-6-6 after all. Waitaminnit – Its 06/06/2006. Theres a fuckin “2” in there!!!!!!!!! What crap, we’ve been had.

    Actually I have honest to God reasons why I wont buy a portable MP3 player. I like the feeling of hearing an ENTIRE album. Not just a few songs. The cover, the way its put together, the liner notes, everything makes the album have a specific feeling to me. Thats one reason I avoid FM radio like the plague. It ruins songs for me. I just cant have that. Those who make one big mix tape on their itunes or ipod are just as right in doing so as I am in not doing so. It all preference, man.

    Good Lord. Youre right Mark. Sompins in the air…

  15. ALvie-I think the whole album thing for me was destroyed by the CD. Stick it in the car, all the art work was either left out or shrunk to the size of a postage stamp needing a microscope to read it.
    So since then it’s all become digital audio files for me. In essence it’s all good-just as long as you have whatever tunes that’ll put a smilke on your face.

  16. Well I think that most of the advances in music formats was for convienence. I love my iPod because it is easy to carry. But I still buy vinyl and CDs all the time.
    Actually MP3s have expaneded my musical experience because I could never afford to buy every CD that ever had a song on it I wanted. MP3s have allowed me to only buy 1 song and also (shhhhh) trading MP3s with friends. If you look at my vinyl and CDs you would think I only listen to punk rock and Industrial and sometimes something else. If you look at my iTunes you would see I also listen to classical, and pop and latin, and country, and a million other things. I still think vinyl is the best way to listen to music but I cannot deny what MP3s have done to my musical collection.

  17. I will try not to go essay on you here, eses. . . . Andrea stole a lot of my thunder!

    I started out with tiny cassette tapes, so the CD is a vast improvment in terms of the artwork. But I think some good points have been made. There are lots of classic albums that — intentionally or unintentionally — work better as a whole, rather than individual tracks. There are CDs which must be experienced as entire packages — with every song in order (turn off the fucking shuffle) — where the inlay artwork, images, words, etc, are a vital part of the whole piece. That’s where the term “Album” still works – and isn’t obsolete. I respect that stance, Alvie.

    But on the other hand, there are many more albums 11 of 12 tracks are just dogshit, with that one good song – for which you paid $16.99. I was also a big mixtape guy – so I’m OK with taking songs out of their element, using them as a block to build something new and cool. And like Andrea said, it can be a great way to get introduced to new bands and musics that you might not have heard otherwise.

    Damn, I went essay.

  18. Yes, yes as long as it makes you happy who cares what anyone else says, right?

    Well good night to anyone who is still there-


  19. Yes I have just finished my latest mixed tape with some attempt at art intersticed between the music-it’s called a podcast. haha. anyway you can get the music in you is good.

  20. WOW JACK! You still gotta pay 16.99 per cd in AZ? They dont have any nice used muzak stores there?

    Well point taken, of course. In the past Ive bought cds for one song. (Anyone hear of Deadsy? No? Good.) Anyway Ive done that and ended up hating the song i really liked because the album was so terrible. thats the price i pay. now i look more into the deeper cuts of an album b4 i buy. in THAT respect i am thankful for mp3s. wow how did i goe from usingh proper grammer to forgetting caps? hmm. anyway this saves me the hassle of buying crappy albums. if o tyhink 4 or 5 songs off the album are aces there’s a good chance ill love the album. the one exception so far in the new blue october cd. still undecided.

  21. *Jason busts in the door with his Proton Pack and shoots up the place*

    Get Down!!!!

    *the dust settles*

    Alright I captured that ghost Wash, all is good. you can go about your comments.

  22. Yep I captured that ectoplasmic pilot right here in this capture thingy thing.

    *tosses the capture thingy thing in the air*

    *drops the capture thingy thing and it busts open*

    ……uh oh.

  23. 1.Mountain Song-Jane’s Addiction
    2.Tear the roof off the Sucker-Parliament
    3. 801 Live-TNK
    4. Fear-John Cale
    5. FFF-Public Image Ltd.
    6. Killing in the Name-Rage Against the Machine
    7. Dry the rain-Beta Band
    8. Cars-Gary Numan
    9. I Feel Love(extended version)-Donna Summer
    10. Life During Wartime-Talking Heads
    11. Suspect Device-Stiff Little fingers
    12. Fiction Romance-Buzzcocks
    13. Mama Weer All CrazyNow-Slade
    14. Watching the Detectives-Elvis Costello
    15. Can’t Stand Losing You-The Police
    16. I Love the sound of Breaking glass-Nick Lowe
    17. The Payback-James Brown
    18. Planet Queen-T-Rex
    19.Rap Promoter-A Tribe Called Quest
    20. Baby’s On Fire-Brian eno
    21- Starless and Bible Black-King Crimson
    22-All Blues-Miles Davis
    23-Kashmir-Led Zeppelin
    24. My Women from Tokyo-Deep Purple
    25. All the Young Dudes-Mott the Hoople

    Ok peeps-hopefully beter late than never and I don’t own an IPod.

  24. Ok if Mark can do it w/out an ipod so can I. Heres my top five full albums I have on heavy rotation.

    1. Flyleaf – Flyleaf
    2. Tool – 10000 Days
    3. Lacuna Coil – Karmacode
    4. Fu Manchu – Start the Machine
    5. Polysics – Now is the Time!

    That was fun. Thanks Mark.

  25. Mark wipes blood smears off of computer screen and puts the crowbar down. Thinks of simpler times when all he needed to do was water the gras, tend to the ducks, and shoot people from his window with deer rifle. Ah-w w w ait-I think i was dreaming or having a nightmare.

  26. Thanks for your Top 25, Mark – – and Alvie, thanks for tossing in your estimated Top 5. I also don’t have an iPod — that’s just my Top 25 on iTunes at work….

    Very respectable stuff there!! Alvie, I assume you must dig Monster Magnet?

  27. If Alvie can do albums so can I!

    Nevermore – This Godless Endeavor
    Evergrey – The Inner Circle
    Bruce Dickinson – Chemical Wedding
    Soilwork – Natural Born Chaos
    Insomnium – Since the Day It All Came Down

    23 out of 25 stars based on Amazon’s customer rankings. I rule! LOL

  28. Dig indeed, Jack.

    I just took out a loan to buy a new cd. I went and got Anti-Flag’s “For Blood and Empire”. If you like your punk intelligent and powerful, this be for you.

    Rhett, you heavy, heavy bastard. nice choices.

  29. Alvie: I like your choices too! Lots of good taste on the board. Man, look at Jack, GWAR and Aimee Mann, now that’s diverse!

    Mark, I’m betting my tastes might run a bit on the heavy side for you. But I’ll agree with you that Peter Gabriel rules, I wish I could have seen him live. I stumped you on 4 out of 5? Hehe that’s fun, how ’bout the next five?

    Sack Trick – Sheep in Kiss Makeup
    Strapping Young Lad – Alien
    Symphony X – The Divine Wings of Tragedy
    In Flames – Whoracle
    Children of Bodem – Hate Crew Deathroll ?

    Kate Bush? LOL

  30. Rhettro – that is mostly some heavy stuff.
    I haven’t heard that Bruce Dickinson album — it’s good?

    By the way — was Rick Moranis here earlier doing a Ghostbusters bit???

  31. Jack said Moranis, does that make him a “butt”man?
    Rhett: I like heavy stuff as well. Just haven’t had good resources-now I’ve got some info from you for reference. thx. I need a lot of different music in my mix to account for all the different moods.

  32. That Rubber Band Girl song is just about the weirdest thing ever….

    I like what I’ve heard of In Flames, Rhettro — John Joseph Adams mentioned them on Deadpan a few weeks back.

    There will be a mention of Opeth in this week’s Deadpan — you guys familiar with them? I’ve only just recently been introduced to their music…. wow.

  33. Opeth is… difficuilt to wrap your head around if your a newbie to Scandinavian black metal. Actually, I absolutely repect the nuances and technical mastery needed to usually play this kind of music, but Im not a big fan. Bands like this can freakin play, tho, and its a shame that so many people think that, since they are so heavy, they are just shouting and randomly playing whatever. Its the same thing with a lot of punk bands. You need to actually listen to see whats going on.

  34. Alvie – word. I own one Opeth album, Damnation. Ironically it is an all acoustic number. Haunting, technical and depressing. I don’t listen to it much but there is much art in it.

    Jack, the new In Flames sounds a lot different than the old In Flames. To me they peaked with Whoracle. But if Gothenburg Death Metal ain’t your thing, you may not like it. Insomnium picked up the style after In Flames dropped it and they are quite good.

    I think you can find free song samples off the bands websites. If you want to check them out. I dare anyone to listen to Sack Trick’s “Blue Ice Cream.”

  35. Holy God! Is all of Sack Trick’s shit like that? See THATS what Im talking bout. Thats some great, unpredictible stuff. A lot of Bungle elements. Thank you Rhett. Thank you.

  36. Alvie: You are quite welcome. Yes all their stuff is like that, however the musical style takes some pretty big shifts. Totally goofy themes, great musicians.

    Jack: Sorry, I totally spaced about your Bruce Dickinson question. The Chemical Wedding is, in my opinion, his best album. You might want to check out the prior album “Accident of Birth” first, as it is somewhat more accessible.

    Mark: Glad you liked it.

  37. I love the work of Bruce Dickinson:

    A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, David Copperfield…

    On on that note, I bid you adeau… WA ha!

  38. Actually I said mark was lying, you posted before mine went up.

    I was joking. He typed here he dosent have an ipod, but in the story he had on WI, said he did. Im was making a bad joke.

  39. Well I knew you were joking I just didnt know about what.

    [serious]It’s ok, we are just kidding[/serious]

    Heh. Jeremy would be proud…

  40. Lyin, I’ll give you lyin-FOOL. It’s obvious the Mr. T suppressing medication Mark has been taking is wearing off. Jason-you one eagle-eared mofo. You’re right-I actually have an IRiver device which is mp3 player generic ipod, but i son’t have any apple IPod. Now that I have been exposed I’m going to do the honorable thing and blame it on Ken Lay of Enron.

    7th Son rocks. Wea dat albee boy art?

  41. Jason-hope you’re happy. The insinuation that Alvie might ever lie on WI was too much for him. He’s developed a nervous tic now and thinks his name is Jeremy. jeremy Piven?

  42. ROBOT HOUSE bwaah one of my robot friends went there and BWAAAAAAAAA it was terrible they needed 1 hole can of WD40 to get them apart and BWAAAAAA my friend could never compute the same again.

  43. Thats funny, Mark; I went to Nissan House and could never COMMUTE the same way again.


    Wait! I m supposed to be cheesing it! Theres a me around!

  44. hmmmm im guessing your resolution is pretty low, casue im on a 17 inch monitor and it looks fine. but Yeah it is wider than most sites. Im not the web dude. Once we get started I guess if we get enough complaints then we’ll change it.

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