Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 10. Mur Lafferty!!

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MoÒ€ℒ Babble

Thanks to Brad P for the donation!

Stolen Rap Lyrics — Double Shot

(Thanks to Alvie from Boulder and Chris Fisher )

Getting a Leg Up promo

The Deadpan Research Team – part 2. Delving into Star Wars/Dukes of Hazzard. (Inconsiderate me: I never thanked Michael R. Mennengha for his wonderful guest appearance on this bit. Thanks, Mike!)

Mur Lafferty Interview – part 1

short break

Guest Highbrow/Lowbrow (Thank you Computerking!)

VoiceMail from Andrea

Mur Lafferty Interview – Part 2

Post-interview babble.

(Mur’s husband Jim’s podcast: The Vintage Gamer)

Original Music: Love Temple. Matt Mango (I forgot to mention during the show — this is the first mix, not the one that appeared on the Wishing Bridge CD)

813 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan: Episode 10. Mur Lafferty!!

  1. Glad you enjoy the music sir it always makes a fine gift πŸ™‚ Enjoyed this show a lot, first female yay! uh… so… Yes you have a good way of getting people to talk about what they have passion for that makes for good listening. I also wanted to mention that I did finish your short story from the other week which has stayed on my mind. I was even reminded of growing power parallels with the chess scene in X-men3 as well. Quite! Another great show, cheers.

  2. Andrea’s VM-interesting-I haven’t a clue why that happened with your friends. Working out good for me. On music comment-right on. Open is where it’s at-all the better for you. In NY people were very segregated musically-don’t know if that’s changed.

  3. Hey!

    Mark- isn’t that weird? and the funy part is none of them could explain what it was about Taiwan. One guy went there with a friend who basically abandoned him and he had to fend for himself with only knowing how to say “Can I have a beer” and “wheres the bathroom”, and somehow he loved it.

    I loved Chris Fishers stolen rap lyrics, and of course Alvie i heart you.

    Finally, Mur is the bomb. She never ceases to amaze me. I was never a gamer but somehow I still like hearing her talk about it. As for the being a woman podcaster, I think I am in the camp of why cant you just be a podcaster. I dont know about other computer fields but in the graphics field I have come across alot of sexism. At work everything is fine but as soon as there is client contact I get grief. Last week I was with a client and the guy couldnt look or talk to me the whole meeting, but then after the meeting we went out drinking and there he is all fucking over me. Asshole.

    I dont know I consider myself a feminist, I know I am a feminist, but Im not extreme. I am not uncomfortable with sexuality- were women we like sex too, there is nothing wrong with that, and I dont think all men are pigs. But at the same time my sexuality is not all I have to offer. I have a pretty hot brain too, and it can be frustrating when your brain is considered less because of the body it is in.

  4. I forgot to say before that the Computer Kings contribution was really really awesome.

    Also the continuation of Star Wars and Dukes of Hazard almost ran me off the road this morning. I should sue you Jack Mangan

  5. You think correct…

    Yknow, being a boring ass white male in America, there is no way I can relate to the way minorities or women are treated today. I mean, I know its not like we’re in the 1800’s, but considering it IS the 21st century, I wonder how far we truly have come considering the amount of time that has passed since slavery was “abolished”. Then again, we’re talking bout a country who’s women were allowed to vote only about 80 years ago. Andrea, I have no idea where you are coming from, but I know it sux (hey, hey, understatement of the day!).

    I mean, this is one reason that I got out of buisiness school and got into that SUPER well paying and lucrative field that IS being a history major. That and I flunked out of buisiness school, but hey… Actually I couldnt stand what I saw going on around me. The shit that Andrea be talkin bout starts at fuckin college. Actually it probably starts as a kid, but thats another essay. Which this has turned out to be.

    Andrea, your brain IS super sexy. Especially in a plaid skirt and tank top.

  6. Awww Alvie- thanks.

    Well you dont have to relate, and its not your job to relate. I think one thing people dont realize is that there are still people alive today who grew up during segregation and womens lib. Some of the people thought those were okay ideas and raised children in that mindset. So for someone to think, oh everything is different now, and racism/sexism is a BS excuse is crazy. We need to go past several more generations before all that is gone. All you can do is teach your children in hopes of a better future.

  7. If I had kids I’d do the same. Sometimes I wish I went into teaching. I have all these crazy futile hopes of actually changing peoples lives and making the world better. But then my complete insignificance slaps me in the face.

    Anyway- hell yeah Evo is a rockstar. I think Mike and Evo are. (right now I can feel their ego’s expanding)

  8. Thanks Alvie!

    No Jason, I get to ride on the tour bus πŸ˜‰

    PS- sorry we got all serious on you there

    Sure thing Mark

  9. And ill make the music videos. See just like Jack was talking about this podcast, we are all a big community. But we dont have to smell each others dirty laundry.

  10. I liked the movie, I never delved into the comics. Whay dso you ask?

    Now, as Mark said, your break is over. My incredibly heavy amps need lifted into my incredibly tiny 1987 Chevy Nova. Manage him, Mark. Manage him.

    Andrea Im not sure Im comfy with this. Usually groupies arent known for their, urm, smarts…

    Tell you what. Rather than “groupie” can we use “eye candy”?

  11. Im the opposite of Alvie, I read the Hellboy comic but did not see the movie

    Alvie, I will take that compliment and eye candy it is- although eye candy implies to be seen and not heard. Im not sure if I can do that either.

  12. Andrea, crap thats true about “eye candy”. How bout “Smarty Hottie”.

    Jason I wouldnt knock it cause of that. Theres been plenty of strait to dvd animated shows (Animatrix, Chronicles of Riddick, The Avengers..) that have been really good. Thats good news. I also hear the second movie will kick ass. SO I hear.

  13. I just say that cause Straight to DVD dosent have the greatest track record….thanks to Disney. Oh and the 30 Land before Times. which might be Disney.

    But you make a vaild point Alvie some good stuff there.

  14. Yes I will take Smarty Hottie…hmmm maybe I need to change my Dragon page forums title to that.

    Im leaving for the day you guys. have fun without me.

  15. that was weird I tried to post my comment and it flipped out on me- I will post this again so if it doubles up sorry!

    what I said was – yes I will take Smarty Hottie, and maybe I should change my DragonPage Forums title to Smarty Hottie.

    I am leaving for the day, you guys have fun without me

  16. Okay Ive tried posting 3 times now– if this post shows up finally 3 times pleasede forgive me…..

    I will take Smarty Hottie. Maybe I need to change my Dragnpage Forums title to that.

    I am leaving for the day, You guys have fun without me

  17. ooo I think I am being targeted here– I kept trying to post and it wouldnt let me, and now it showed up with this next to it:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    whatever Deadpan!!!

  18. I know what you mean, Jason. I know what you mean. And I think there we 48 Land b4 Times, to go along with the 23 American Tales.

    And conversely, Ditto: Sexy *is* smart.

  19. Thanks for the Kudos, I’ve been doing that “Devil Went Down to Georgia” Schtick for friends for years. I’m just glad somebody made a niche for things like that. Took me a while to connect Highbrow/Lowbrow with that in my mind.

    I like the “Dramatic Shakespearian Prose” thing. It helps me shake off the shyness that sometimes creeps up my spine.

    And for a simple comment to the Sexism/Racism thing: As a Black Guy (African American’s too much of a mouthful) I grew up and remain keenly aware of various level of conscious and unconscious racism that goes on. Next time you’re in a store with “floating salespeople,” watch who they zero in on to “Help” and who they allow to wander around unmolested.

    It doesn’t happen all the time, but when you grow up being overtly watched by Security in department stores, you get a nose for it…

    Oops, Comment wasn’t so simple. Oh, well.

  20. Life wouldnt suck if it was like futurama. We would have 4 armend Neptunian chefs, and beer drinking robots, and poor out of work doctor lobsters. Life would be grand.

  21. BTW I do the best Zoidberg impression. Um, is just doesnt translate well over type.

    Ditto: I couldnt say it any better myself.

    Thats it. Im freezing myself. Thaw me out in 1000 years.

  22. Jason stop it! No one can do a Ditto impression quite like Ditto.

    BTW Dave, when did you start going by Ditto on a regular basis? Its cool, but if I remember it wasnt always the case…

  23. Ok geek confession, Jason:

    I had to pick ONE medium to collect due to monetary constraints (yeah, that college degree got me NOTHIN but debt) so I picked action figures over comics. Havent bought a comic in years.

    Now, everyone has about a half hour of free “toy collecter dork” comments toward me. After that I fight back.

    Anyway, Jason, thats the way that is. I miss em tho.

  24. got me back Alv. Touche sir.

    I just remembered that I havent truly commented on the podcast. Loved this episode, had a great balance of interview and stuff. Its making me get off my ass and work on my podcast and make segments for this here Deadpan. I really want to do my doodle.

  25. To CKing-Cool man. I finally heard clearly on your last bit in your rich voice that you were a black man. Being a large caucasian living in an Asian country I can relate somewhat with too many eyeballs being on your ass too much of the time. Hope you keep supporting Jack and feeding us with your stuff. Peace out.

  26. yeah I know what you mean alvie, DVDs come before anything else for me. Love me my DVDs.

    when I buy comics I get the Trade paper backs, I think Im getting a better deal.

  27. Now as to the rest of yuze mooks-what is it the 3 Stooges running loose here. Geez, I turn my back to podcast a SongStory inspired by Andrea Smarty Hottie and this site goes to hell in a handbasket.

  28. Alvie, ditto has long been a nickname of mine, ever since my first day of University when, out of a class of 80, there were 10 Daves. I started using ditto in the comments when I got the moderator “job” at the forums.

    BTW, I’d collect action figures if I could afford it. I can barely afford the comics I do buy. πŸ™

    Jason, totally agree. Awesome episode. Mur-sama is very wise in giving the best piece of advice I’ve heard in a long time: “Don’t be an asshole.”

  29. But what a fine basket it is!

    Yeah, CKing may just be a bit to refined for these boards. I mean, I welcome any comments he has, I just dont wanna scare him away. Hes too damn clever.

    You hear that Cking?!?!? Too. Damn. Clever!!!!!

    And may I say that as a white guy living in a white bred city, well, it makes me wish for diversity. I remember my trip to NYC and I was so overjoyed to be able to talk and hang with all sorts of folks, when I came back, I cried a little.

  30. “BTW, IΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’d collect action figures if I could afford it. I can barely afford the comics I do buy.”

    Heh, why do you think Im in debt? I mean beside the college and the kids and the cost of living. Yup. Buying stuff I shouldnt. Thats why.

  31. Touche, Mr. Forman.

    Ok now I must take an, urm, extended lunch. Talk amonst yourselves. Heres a topic:

    In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.

  32. OK, where do I begin?

    Radio Raheem is a god…..

    RK – you rock. Thanks so much for sending me onto this Opeth kick. Brilliant stuff.

    Ditto – thanks for the backstory on your nickname. I also did not know the DVDA true meaning until I clicked your link. . . Yikes.

    Many good points made in the discrimination discussion. Sexism and racism are still active and strong in this country — let no clueless person tell you otherwise…. computerking’s point — and Andrea’s story — perfect examples. But — I think the most damaging of all forces at work now is classism.

    This community is awesome. . . . . If I can channel Ozzy in his shirtless, tattooed, inebriated 80s glory: “I love you all!”

  33. And I was saving this for a Dumbass Memory – hell, I’ll still tell it as a DM — I was Hannibal when we played A-Team during recess. I love it when a plan comes together.

  34. Hearted in Taiwan replies-Love us indeed. As you well should-love is only good if it keeps going around in circles. Now I’m going to cry and dress up like Ozzy after emptying Ozzie’s medicine chest. IRON MAN!

  35. Yep I like the size of this community we have here, kinda hope it dosent grow any bigger. Itll get too impersonal. not saying I want you podcast to fail however Jack, quite the opposite.

  36. “Ditto – thanks for the backstory on your nickname.”

    yw. Much to my chagrin, I learned several years ago that Limbaugh fans are called dittoheads. Grrrrrrr.

  37. Hey, Alvie, Don’t cry, you interact with hundreds of people of all sorts of diverse ethnicities online! You are connected to the multi-colored asphalt of the Information Superhighway! And Hell, you flirt with a Latina on a regular basis (Looks at Andrea). Consider yourself Culturally sensitive.

    Now I must leave work and go home, possibly to record the third and/or fourth soundfile I’ve done this week to send to M&E… I like my hobby, less than half the work, and all of the fame/notoriety of making my own podcast!

    Not that I haven’t entertained the notion of doing one… I already own Podcasting for Dummies….

  38. Ok, Im taking a break from my break.

    Ditto: “Yours is the superior intellect.” Nah, its just my superior subtlety.

    Mark Foreman: Youre channeling

    Jack Mangan: I pity the fool who wasnt B.A. at recess

    Jason C.: We can have both. Jacks listeners can grow by leaps and bounds and we’ll be the ones on the board. Cause we’re scary.

    CKing: True dat my friend

    Andrea: Where’d my Smartie Hottie go to??

  39. That could be. Shes a professional unlike some peeps on this board.

    *looks at self*

    At this rate Jack will blow past the last Wingin It show comment board. Thats our mission, I think. And I choose to accept it.

  40. Jason’s last comment made me think of this:
    Right ! now ! ha ha ha ha ha

    I am an antichrist
    I am an anarchist
    Dont know what I want but
    I know how to get it
    I wanna destroy the passer by cos i

    I wanna be anarchy !
    No dogs body

    Anarchy for the u.k its coming sometime and maybe
    I give a wrong time stop a trafic line
    Your future dream is a shopping scheme cos i

    I wanna be anarchy !
    In the city

    How many ways to get what you want
    I use the best I use the rest
    I use the enemy I use anarchy cos i

    I wanna be anarchy !
    The only way to be !

    Is this the m.p.l.a
    Or is this the u.d.a
    Or is this the i.r.a
    I thought it was the u.k or just
    Another country
    Another council tenancy

    I wanna be an anarchist
    Oh what a name
    Get pissed destroy !

    sex pistols lyrics

    * Anarchy in The U. K.

  41. u r NOt the greetist. u NED to lUtrn How too tipe.

    Wing Commander, Mark! Thats on my Tivo and I cant wait to watch it!

    Oh, I dont want a competition with Wingin It. That would mean we would compete against ourselves over there and I hate those bastard.

  42. Oh I see what happened to Andrea! Her comments just showed up. Look around comment 35. She left for the day. I didnt know she put in “Smarty Hottie”. Thats why her comments got moderated.

    It all makes sense now.

    Ah well, a belated “have a good day” to our smarty hottie

  43. BTW if I get voted in Ill officially change the 6th comm to ΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ…β€œdonΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’t pwn n00bsΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬?.

  44. I was gonna metion that, Jack. This had the potential to be a good series, now, with Yackoff Smirnoff in net for Edmonton theres no chance. I mean, even with Rollie still in goal, they BLEW a 3 goal lead in game 1. That took em out. I mean (Jack skip the next portion), even when the Avs torched the Devils in game 1 in 2001 the Devils were able to come back and push it to game 7 BECAUSE they got blown out. It wanst a heart breaking, crushing loss like Game 1 in Carolina was. (Jack you can come back now).

    I cant stomach the fact that the south is gonna have the champ 2 years in a row. And yes, the series IS over. I dont care what game theyre on.

  45. Yeah, I was thinking that the Canes would win in 5. Not that I want them to, but DAMN IT!!! Edmonton just doesn’t look like they can stand up to the Canes. πŸ™

    Anyway, I like the Bolts so I wasn’t disappointed that they won, but I really don’t like the Canes. Sigh.

  46. BWAAAH I love hockey but am left out because they don’t show the games here. Now I’m really pissed. In fact jut wrapped a realy cool mixie tapie podcast thingie-yeahhh!

  47. Thingie yay!!!

    Ditto, um, are you people allowed to like American teams? And could you tell your freinds to stop booing our anthem?

    Thats our job.

  48. Yeah, we are allowed to like “American” teams, especially when they have mostly Canadians on them.

    Sure, I’ll tell them to stop booing, but I think they still remember when the Marines had the Canadian flag upside-down during the world series. Not that that is an excuse, mind you. πŸ˜‰

  49. Ha! Oh thats right. I forgot about the Marine incident. That sucked. I just figured it was cause we keep stealing your teams. If it was up to me youd get em all back.

    Cept the Nordiques. I think we’ll keep them , thank you very much.

  50. Well in all seriousness I cant believe how much the nhl has raped CA of their teams. Really, what they have 5 left? Thats another problem. The NHL has TOO MANY TEAMS. I dont know why it works in other leagues, but really, hockey is a regional sport. Nashville? Bah. Arizona? Bah. And up untill the Canes and Lightning success, well, I still say BAH to those places.

    I dunno.

  51. Ive never had Poutine. Whats more, that article just informed me that there is a place called the “Rocky Mountain Tavern”… IN S. KOREA! WTF???

  52. Alvie eat a bowl of derf. I eat putine here in Taichung, Taiwan. Dang Boulder Boy-what’s the cuisine like up there-caribou burgers and Rocky Mountain Oyster shooters only?

  53. Mark starts of to the rice paddies with IRiver in hand to poll potential hockey cast listners on their comments. Karen from Kalifornia jumps out scvares the living bejesus out of him and takes off on her road rocket. well I’ll be….

  54. *wipes blood off chin*

    youre lucky. moms callin. there will be another meeting, J.C. oh yes….

    And on that note, thank you ladies and gentlemen. Well done indeed! And thank you, Jack Mangan, for making this slice of heaven possible.

    I heart you all. In a totally non gay way.

    Not that theres anything wrong with that.


  55. Mark being totally enraged challenges Alvie to a game of hockey in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with Jack Mangan (who cruised under the Fonz’s package) using his shark mojo to let the boys have at it in a temporary shark-free zone. Screw it watchin the SJ Sharks on tv is quicker.

  56. ditto, If you really lived just south of KCK, you would have said you lived Johnson County. No one who lives in the KC area wants to admit KCK exists. LOL

  57. lol. Like anyone from the area would know where JC is, but I do know what you mean about KCK. Yikes!!! Point in fact, I live near the arboritum. πŸ˜›

  58. Who cares about jack-I’m trying to get a part on Denny Crane out of this. Jack never forgets his “peeps.” Ain’t in his DNA or DVDA or whatever. Never paid attention in science.
    Alvie you horrible man-I hope you’re happy DVDA has gone viral and that ain’t good.

  59. Albee-Ay chihuahua mi pero es malo. Que lastima. 200 chihuahua McNuggets for the Pool Party-no problem. Make sure those fugs take you to the Chino Bandito kick-ass Mexican/Chinese/Jamaican joint. Favorite of Mike, Evo & Joe.

    Andrea make sure you check this out: hereΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’s a SongStory podcast of mine inspired by Smarty Hottie Andrea. http://bbluesman.com/2006/06/09/pretty-in-pink/ Smart Hotty hope you dig it. Smarty Hotties are the hottest!

  60. Sorry my computer doesn’t do windows. I don’t have IE either-I’m a Firefox man-emphasis on the Fox. Hit me Bootsie. We want the funk, we wants to get funked up
    Yeah we need the funk, we want our funk uncut

  61. Wait Paris Hilton is a woman? All I know is “she” looks like “shes” been punched in the face, twice. With two fists. of cement. with rebar sticking out. and the rebars rusty. and its sharp. and there are STDs on the fists.

  62. I hate you all. And by hate, I mean, um, hate. Er, love. Huh?

    Now if you excuse me, I have to do my morning Depends dump out.

    Shesh, some of us have to get up a 5:30 to go to work yknow.

    Jack: Just shows to go ya what a tightly held together ship can do. And you have *snicker* the tightest ship of all…

  63. Did someone say blue ice cream? That should be Jack’s next interview. Sack Trick is Jonathan Coulton’s evil brother. LOL

  64. You getting biblical on me again? Remember that Nothing But trouble movie-http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102558/ with Digital Underground and Tupac in it? Dan Akroyd as the decrepit old judge?

  65. Damn yuze quick on the trigger-must be a Texan πŸ™‚ My cousins all grew up in Ft. Worth. My aunt was from Sweetwater. I visited Ft. Worth when I was 9 and everybody couldn’t get enough of my New Yawk accent especially saying wawtuh (water)

  66. Rhett: Noted-I’d write more but big chunk of ice just hit me and I’m bleeding all over.
    JM-I get the feeling that Mur’s not going to show up and pist here-lol.
    Jason-get of that bull and go pratice you’re roping on the check out girls at Piggly Wigly

  67. Yeah.

    1. I dont own a car that would make the trip
    2. It was pretty cheap to fly since Im relatively close.

    About your sticky keys… yes, strange…

  68. Translation: Alvie is gay in a big way and a major denture and adult diaper user
    He is on drugs(hence the flight reference)
    He is also a paid assasin hence the deadpan reference
    Happy flying murdering gay funny man!

  69. Denny Crane. Lock and Load. πŸ˜‰

    man this is such a long comment board.

    I think we need to setup a system so Jack can see comments that are connnected with the cast or post.

  70. well ok then. Jack when you read this just tell us if we are getting out of hand. plus dont want all these commetns going to your omnipotent head up there. πŸ˜‰

  71. Jack’s head is gowing down-Randy Savage is gonna do the thing. I’ve got Jack in a choke hold on Skype he says, “oooook ooook now let me breathe and don’t touch the hair”

  72. yeah dont work you guys. Working is bad for you. Have a good weekend! I hope Alvie gets smashed tomorrow and takes all his clothes off– and someone BETTER send me pictures.

  73. Hey, this is really fun and cool. It’s only out of hand if it gets unfun and

    “unfun and uncool”. Yeah, I’m an author. . . . .

    I read ’em all – not just the show-related posts. Carry on, chaps (until Graham Chapman comes through and declares that this has all gotten way too silly).

  74. Jack- you know I heart you, but there can only be ONE smarty hottie in this comments page. So since it is your page, I guess you can have it πŸ™‚

    Hey, if you guys like Monty Python have any of you seen Spamalot??? I saw it last month – it was SO funny
    spam, spam, spam spam, wonderful spam! wonderful Spam!

    Oh my god I was crying from laughing so much.

  75. I’ve heard nothing but raves for Spamalot. But I feel your pain, ditto; I doubt if Spamalot will ever get here to the desert.

    And that’s very gracious of you, Andrea, but you can keep your Smarty Hottie title.

    Jason C — You rock!

    Today is the pool party! I will have to get Alvie to a computer so he can add a few posts.

    Where’s Oyabun??

  76. Hey Mark I want to ask you a question:

    Do you like the way WI is going? and what im talking about is less “random” content and more “look im drunk” and sex talk.

  77. I hear ya man. I used to listen to WI because it had a nice balance of elements a good mix of zany fun and interesting content. I feel the content slide has slipped a bit similar to what you said. That’s why I’m spending more time over here.

  78. Yay- Im not the only one!

    Now time to begin the revolution. πŸ˜€

    First order of business, start building a robot to send back in time to terroize Evo as a child.

  79. OMG! What you just said made everything so clear. WE made Evo hate the Matrix. We sent back in time a robot that jsut happened to look like Keanu, and when it found Evo, it started spouting off lines from the Matrix. Cause it loved those movies. Thus when Evo grew up and saw the Matrix those memories came flooding back up to the surface.


  80. Okay you guys, you are so close to 400, I know you can do it.

    Jason, I agree with everything you said. The party was boring to listen to, it sounded like they were having fun though. I still enjoy Wingin It, but I totally understand what you are saying. I know I’m part of the problem πŸ™‚ so sorry!

    But I think it bothers me more when Slice of SciFi starts sounding like Wingin It. What Wingin It has become, feels like a natural progression from the beer drinking. Does that make any sense?

    Have a good day you guys

  81. PS- Jack thanks for giving me the Smarty Hottie title and sorry I discussed those “other” shows on your board.. We heart Deadpan.

  82. We all heart Deadpan.

    Andrea- While drinking would I guess lead to that, Im wondering if it should. I have nothing against beer drinking and the occasional sex talk and or innuendo, but too much of it is not so good. Think of it like this, go for a whole month where the only entertainment you can watch is porn. You cant read, you cant watch TV, the news, movies, cant play video games. You can only watch porn. Soon its not going to be so great is it. πŸ˜‰

    I should have started this over at WI, but I was kinda afraid of getting attacked. So Sorry to Mr. Mangan if this is not good here.

  83. I hear you Jason- That would suck, big time. It can get old. But again its that whole your the sober person driving around a bunch of drunks- they are having a great time laughing at shit that is NOT funny. Thats what that show is, they are drunk- Im sober driving to work in the morning.

  84. Hey guys, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said.

    The pool party itself, wasn’t much to listen to, but the show was good. The chat room, in particular, was a lot of fun for me. And I was really happy to see the Skepticality crew there too. Even Tee joined in towards the end.

    As for where the show is going… well, I’ve felt it strayed a long time ago. I stared listening to WI just after it started. It’s nothing like what it used to be. I think the migration to booze and sex talk makes sense when you realize that we are just feeding both Mike & Evo’s egos. But, considering the work they put into their shows, they are entitled. What matters to them is the amusement factor. They got tired of the drinking game, so you don’t hear about that anymore.

    If you want WI to change, the best way to do it is to send in your own segments. Then again, I can see why you like Deadpan so much: it is more like the old WI.

  85. “Very true. I guess if I want to try and change it, then ill have to make my own segments.”

    D’oh. That’s what I get for typing a long comment. πŸ™‚

  86. I dont know why I was afraid that I would get “torn a new one” for starting this, You guys and gals are awesome. and the most awesomest (its a word I swear) is Jack for putting up with me. Even though he hasnt read this yet I bet.

  87. More Mur would be awesome. I’ve been on Mur withdrawl, but it’s been my own fault: I haven’t subscribed to her casts yet. Silly me.

    Whoever it was from Yard Dog Press also had some good essays. Not as good as Mur’s but I still enjoyed it.

    M&E are the gateway “drug” to podcasting. People tend to start their own podcasts after being on M&E’s show.

  88. I will try to call in less when I am drunk if it will help. Although I called last night because I was really drunk and I mentioned sex…. so I apologize in advance πŸ™‚

  89. Alvie and Mark should of been here for this.. well you guys I am going to go for a bike ride. Have a great day.


  90. I leave… for ONE day… and this is the converstion you have?

    Wheres the sex talk?

    [serious] Im only joking [/serious]

    If you excuse me I have to wash filth off myself/

    [serious] Im not joking [/serious]

  91. Mark is not here so his cyborg named, “Drunken and I Wanna Sex You Up” replies in proxy. Greetings humans. You are a chatty bunch. Does drinking and sexing cause this? Some of what you say is most logical. Mur Lafferty was definitely the unique and special voice in the DP WI mix that stood out and grabbed my master. My master hearts all of you guys but Andrea more. Well the latter is not my master talking but his… ahh never mine will stop at heart on for you all.

  92. I want Mur (who isn’t writing essays anymore to non paying customers), TD0013 reports every week, Duel of the Fates (Which got me hooked) I wish I knew how to write… I should be writng with my geek fu action grip for the empire through Mad Dog Press….

  93. Jack H.-interesting points. Strangely, I didn’t get Doodle( I can’t help this-the same day I met Jack I met TD who re-titled Duel to Doodles and hence it stuck) of the Fates at first, thinking it was kind of dumb. I both get it and like it now. I’ve told this to Jack M. directly-I think he is the Mashup king when it comes to stuff like “Doodles” and the Star Wars/Dukes of Hazzard stuff. Here’s to Jack really furthering this unique talent of his.

  94. Ok since it seems that everyone here agrees with me, even jsut a bit, so the question is, what are WE going to do about it?

    I think we come up with some pretty funny stuff here on these comments, and Im sure we can share them with the Deadpan show AND WI.

  95. Alvie- we are nothing without you. Sorry we disappointed. I for one don’t feel sexy unless you are here. πŸ™‚

    Welcome back

  96. The artist currently known as Prince has this to say on the matter:

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  97. Hey Sexy MotherWOOTers. (that’s from the radio edit)

    Alvie is as cool and funny in person as he is on the message boards. Alas, I drank too much at the pool party, and have been eating toast and english muffins today.

    Interesting discussion here. . . . I enjoy being a part of Wingin It on weekends, but I agree that I’d like to see some of the Geek element return. Evo and I have discussed this. I’ve told him that I miss his philosophical ramblings on the show.
    Hey, I really appreciate all of your kind words about Deadpan.

  98. Ja-C-getting back to your question. I remind you of the power of the motivated individual. Why don’t you continue to submit content to WI and DP that you feel is representative of yourself, funny, and something you feel that everyone will enjoy. That kind of ction speaks much louder than words and is a big help to time/content restricted podcasters everywhere.

  99. Mark “Can I get a wOOt wOOt” Forman says,”jackie me boy all those bad MF’s weer from the Prince man and not myself, but since my initials are also MF, hmm perhaps I get a hall pass on tht one. I love English muffins. Menudo always worked real good for me after a bender-helps absoorb the excess alcohol. A decnt bowl can be found in Glendale at La Perlas over on Glendale/59th Ave/Grand crazy intersection.

    Alvie who Alvie-oh the SEXY MF GUY-ok.wOOt wOOt

  100. Well my brain right now is really liking poddramas right now, you know theater for the mind stuff. I already have ideas for a couple poddramas for my podcast, but there are so many others. Im going to ask, would anyone like to team up with me and write/produce/direct/act/etc. a short poddrama serial for WI? Right now im thinking espinoge but with a geek twist. Maybe 007 in Space. ( and no not Moonraker *shudder*) It would be the perfect platform to still have innuendos, but so much more. Explosions, martinis, Evil bad guys, spy chicks, more explosions.

    Im just spouting things from my brain.

  101. Ja-C great ideas I’d say yes(well it’s a defereed yes-simply because I have a Podiobook in progress and lack that time thingi right now). I’d be hapy to do voice parts if they’re scripted even now. Keep the brainstorming/brainfarting coming. wOOt wOOt

  102. Thats going to be the problem…cause im good with coming up ideas and such (at least I think so) but writing dialogue and stuff like it is not my strongest side. So anyone who can help with that would be awesome.

  103. Jason, a writer I ain’t… sorry. If you are in need of a female voice, though, please let me know. It sounds like a good idea.

  104. awww cool! Look at the community now. Working together. Awesome. Let me know if I can add my voice. Group fucking hug people. I am drunk and I heart you all.

  105. oh my HMNSHLD alias? Thats from my gaming, I got fed up with dying all the time so I became the human shield for my team. We won lots of games. The name stuck.

    and jackrabbits? you mean jackalopes? πŸ˜‰

  106. Yeah, dying all the time can be a drag/Mark wonder’s Can Jason be a goth? You mean jackalopes are not just something to sell to stupid tourists on postcards? Knowledge wants to know?

  107. I heart my own bed.
    I heart you all.

    Jack, you fucking rock, even when you have dranken too much. Ive sooooo been there…

    Hmm I have to go to work tomorrow. The Post-man commeth!!!

  108. I believe jackalopes are real and live in Alvies bunk. They help keep his Depends widgets locked and loaded. He offers us “hearts” and I return “clubs” to him-on of these days I’ll get it back in “spades” I suppose.

  109. Careful there Jack H, no one has ever accused me of that before, but the diamonds would be nice.
    Jack M- I recently polayed Spehrical Tomi ep 3 backwards and heard he following, “now hurry up white man, and bring me my damn money ‘fore Iput a ccap in your ass.” Um, are there some issues here we should know about?
    Confused in Taichung.

  110. Community a gathering of people crowd of magpies on a steeple
    communication a sharing of information lack of causes litigation
    cooperation a bridling of energies hoping for expanded synergies
    conspiracy of whispers and knowing glances a subterfuge for romances

    Concert a blend of sound and voice symphony when realised we rejoice
    conversation flowing through dialogue brings illumination of demigogue
    Coalescing through thoughts, ideas, visions cause hope scattering fears
    collage random colors varied shapes merge into synaptic escapes
    Peace out for the Markster

  111. I’m on board for whatever needs to be done. I can be reached at pch001[at]gmail[dot]com I can help with recording or writing if need be. My time, however is limited due to a crazy busy schedule right now, but when and where I can, I will definatley help.

  112. Hmmm. After being gone from this board, and coming back, reading, catching up, I now know what it must feel like to be a n00b reading this. Wow. Poor n00b5.

    G00d times! Great comments. Deadpan!

  113. You people are insane and awesome at the same time. Almost 500 comments? Jack is right, this is a great community.

    And I’m in shock and awe that Jason C is looking for another writer. What is wrong with my stuff?

  114. /PROBE BEACON/ DeadPan commenters? Alvie shoot your whole load in DracoVista? Jason actually reading those text books? Andrea can’t put that cell phone down? This blog silence thing is kind of different.

  115. Im reading…just not my text books. I picked up “His Majesty’s Dragon”. Not a big fantasy person, but I love history. So far its pretty damn cool. Dragons in the Napoleonic wars.

  116. Jasom: Book sounds interesting. I imagine Alvie is still paying for weekend fun. This is a phenomenon that occurs after age 30. Not being able to drink everything in sight and feel fine the next day. That’s when the angry men with the jackhammers show up in your head and weasels start a knife fightinside your guts. Ugggh.

    Alvie cheers-have a milk on me brother, one for Jack too.
    Andrea-have you ever tried menudo as hangover remedy? It really works.

  117. Hey kids-

    sorry I was away today Mark. In meetings at work all afternoon- YUCK!!!

    Menudo for hangovers? Yes the Mexicans claim as such. I have seen it work. I on the other hand have never tried it. I actually have found the best cure is a big greasy cheeseburger. I am past that blessed 30 as you said and yes I cant quite drink as much as I used to. I am proud to say I have not gotten sick in many years. I have learned to pace myself and drink lots of water. Also- my number 1 rule? NEVER mix alcohols. If you start with vodka, stay with vodka.
    Sorry thats all I have to add. I am being a good wife right now and am doing the laundry.

  118. Andrea SH- Definitely white puer spiris re the way to go. I love vodka-one mix I came up with for the dehyration/mineral depletion issue is mixing vodka with gatorade(grpefruit flavored). taste is ok and never get the drys. You are absolutelyright on not mixing. Are bodies won’t let us get away with all the abuse they tolerated when we were kiddies.

  119. Yeah, mixing alcohol is a bad idea, which is why, when I drink in quantity, I tend to drink non-sweet beer. Sugar does very bad things to me. Even though I’m getting old, I can still out drink most people. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, like Jason C, I’ve been reading too. I’ve been finishing the Battle Royale novel. It’s very good.

  120. C’mon you guys– we have to make it to 500 before the next Deadpan….

    Uh so uh….. topics:

    – reasons why Star Wars and Dukes of Hazard should forever remail seperate
    – Mur Lafferty is the coolest person in the freakin’ world and this is why
    – Why we love Deadpan
    – ?????????????

  121. I love Deadpan cause Jack makes me laugh.
    I love Deadpan cause Jack does a mean rap.
    I love Deadpan cause of interesting guests
    I love Deadpan cause the people is the bests.


  122. “reasons why Star Wars and Dukes of Hazard should forever remail seperate”

    Because it is wrong wrong wrong. Kinda like Boss Hog and Rosco slash fiction. Now excuse me while I wash my brain from that horrible mental image.

  123. Hey I know another topic… how many words can I spell wrong in every post?– I suck.

    Reason why Mur rules?
    Becasue Heaven is an awesome story

  124. Actually writers have always amazed me. I could never write, my grammer and writing skills are offensive. I dont have the creativity for it either. I am a visual person. So I just think anyone who can write like Jack or Mur are amazing. Ill just stick to my art and photography.
    Musicians are pretty awesome too- another art that escaped me completely.


  125. I enjoy writing. Unfortunately, because I’ve been doing so much technical writing for work my plain writing suffers for it. It’s one of the reasons why I started a blog even though my blog leans towards the techie side.

  126. dictionary.com:

    No entry found for audialistic

    then I thought maybe the 2nd a should be an o:

    No entry found for audiolistic

    ?????? You lied to me Jason C

  127. In my world, “cookie” has a different definition. And it aint the kind on your computer and it aint one I want from Jason.

    No offense, Jason.

    Not that theres anything wrong with that.

  128. I dont know what you said…but im sure you just turned something innocent into something perverted. didnt ya? You did alive didnt you?!?! WHY??!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

    *starts to rain inside Jason Dorm*

  129. Well then make room for mine. Its floating up next to you.

    *titter* I fluster Jason.

    Yes I used “titter”. Fuck off, Jason. Fix your cieling…

    Thats doesnt look right. Is that how you spell “cieling”?

  130. Ha! I just git this pubication on my desk. Its an admin history of Grand Canyon. Its called “Polishing the Jewel”. Ha!

    Alvie likes beatings. ALIVE is not to sure of em….

  131. Polishing the Jewel (hee hee)

    Alvie you are a bit of a masochist arn’t ya? Thats okay, everything in moderation.

  132. I want to read that book, its on my list

    Yeah no making fun of spelling mistakes!

    I am going to send you to your rooms if you can’t play nice!

  133. Im not even going to tell you what I am reading because you guys will laugh at me. I will have to check out dinotopia.

  134. For Ditto:


    Abraham Lincoln was a good ol man
    He hopped out the window with his dick in his hand
    Said “Excuse me ladies, Im doing my duty
    so pull down yo pants and give me some booty”

    And the 2 Live Crew lived happily ever after.

  135. Dinotopia is kinda of big childrens book, but its still badass. Its not a “novel” more like a really big picture book, but the story is cool. Theres a whole continent that dinosaurs still live on and with humans. Theres this whole civilization there.

  136. I read childrens books all the time. I LOOOOOOOVE Chris Van Allsburg. I have nieces and nephews I get books to read to them. Some of them are sooooo good.

  137. Alvie I didnt call you a girl

    I am reading a Star Trek book about Ryker and Troi’s romance– DONT YOU DARE LAUGH it is so sweet, I love it.

  138. ohhh Im sorry Alvie– there are too many posts, I get confused with my inferior girl brain.

    Everyone needs to read stinky cheese man

  139. I actually like Walter the Farting Dog.

    Another good little kids series is the “Naughty Naughty” pets series. Daughter has “Naughty Naught Kiefer” about a cat who leaves “presents” everywhere. Its Hi-larious.

    *turns to Jason*
    put the fucking ladder down, Jason

  140. stop hitting each other RIGHT NOW!!!

    Or I will have to spank all of you πŸ˜‰

    Do you guys realize we are almost at 600 now?– well half hour more of work with nothing to do…. c’mon 600

  141. Alvie abandoned us the the eve of 600. We have to go it alone.

    Oh and alvie we heart you back.

    C’mon I want to see the 600 before I leave for the day… we have 10 minutes

  142. You all is a bunch of sick, twisted, hilariously funny nutsos. You making me look bad. I’ll have to reprogram my borg to be more prolific during my sleep. You people comment like Barry Bonds hits home runs-Steroids? No??? Synaptic erruptions, ahh…

  143. Ooooh! Yes I do!

    Also, a bush in the hand is worth two in the bird. Um, kinda like ganja bush, only not illegal, but still intoxicating.

    Im just making bush up now.