Really Big Things in one place

The “Really Big Things” serial was a Deadpan staple for over a year, delighting us with the strangest assortment of characters, locales, podfamous guest stars, and landmarks ever heard onpod. Author Paul Maki wove a twisting, twisted tale, combining horror, comedy, suspense, and absurdity into one Really Big story. The series had been spread across a number of Deadpan episodes, but now, for the first time, is available in one .zip file.

Download Paul Maki’s “Really Big Things Serial here.

“Quitting Time” comes first.

That sounded way too much like a commercial. Act now! The first 100 callers will get a free Big Thing!*

*Offer void.

Anyway, thanks Paul Maki for the link and the coolness. The download is free, by the way, just in case that wasn’t clear. .

6 thoughts on “Really Big Things in one place

  1. Looks like 10GB/day. As long as this doesn’t go viral, I should be safe, as that is roughly 75 DL/day…

    If I really want to do more, I could pay for the service and I would really be in the clear. Seems reasonable enough for now…

  2. Also, note this is the full original files, no re-editing or cleaning up, so you will hear the progression from internal mic, to handheld recorder, to Snowball mic. There is a whole lot I would do differently if I were re-writing it now (Which I admit I have done a bit of… from time to time)

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