The last unshow of January? Not ready yet for a talkie …. this one is silent.

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    • I believe it. It always bugs me when someone is at home, at work, etc. and they (or someone else) says, “the plane leave in an hour, I better go.”. Maybe I can see it in a program done several decades ago but when I see it in a newer sho it irks me.

      Just another one of my pet peeves

    • Let’s see. There is a 5 minute wait for a ticket, followed by 10 minutes through security, followed by 10 minutes of waiting for the plane to be ready to load, then 10 minutes for the plane to load, 10 to unload, etc.

      Can I just swim across instead?

  1. I think Canada Post/USPS has lost another package of mine. I was told when I sent it, it would arrive on Wednesday (yesterday). According to Canada Post website “International item has left Canada”. on December 29th. There has been no activity since then *sigh*

  2. Just finished (finally) a little show called The Wire. Damn that’s hot. Truly when U.S television gets it right, this is what happens. Those who have already seen knowwhatimean.

    Seasons ranked by order of favorite:


    Theme song versions ranked in order of favorite:

  3. Well I have things to do. Don’t know if I’ll make it back on line today.

    Tomorrow I’ll crack open the DVD Lo Pan gave me and do a cheesy play by play. Most of the movies are from the 50’s or 60’s so I expect the to me MST3K worthy.

  4. Well Mission Inpossible:Ghost Protocol was rather fun in a going through the motions way.

    I wonder how more times Hollywood can butcher a classic theme.

    It helps not to ask for Mission Impossible 3 when buying a ticket..

  5. TIL: ex-spousal maintenance (AKA Alimony) shows up on your check (in Wisconsin) as Child Support.
    I’m going to be laughing about that all year… but only a little because I still have to pay it all year.

      • I think the even funny part is I have nothing to do with now the money gets there and i already got a call about it.
        He He. Your lack of planning isn’t a crisis on my part. I might feel differently if she wasn’t living with her parents.

  6. RE: Justa Joe’s “Songs for Dad” link above.

    Unsurprisingly, I didn’t know most of the “If your Dad likes….” artists.

  7. I don’t know who Dierks Bently is, but I saw him/them live at my company’s holiday party. It sounded like country music so I didn’t pay much attention.

  8. Alright, I’ve got my Mass Effect 3 preorder in.

    Guess that means I’ve only got two months to finish my walkabout in Skyrim.

  9. The League is possible the best comedy on TV. Granted I havent started the current season yet but Im positive that Season 2 made me wet my pants from laughter more times than I can remember. Kind of like Liam Neeson leaving a pub.

  10. Finally followed up on ditto’s previous posting. Downloading the “End of Line” edition of the Tron: Legacy fan compiled mix. Both “Bio-digital Jazz” and “The Perfect System” have enjoyed heavy rotation on my Ipod this year.

  11. According to IMDB this movie is only an hour and two minutes long. Obviously that means it will be better than you normal 2 hour or 90 minute movie as they will have to pack all the tropes in a smaller package.

  12. So, I listened to the “End of Line” edition. Afraid this one is pretty much a complete strikeout. Daft Punk does not need silly words over their music. Pretty well ruined every effort in this collection.

    • I think it’s within a nation’s interest to help level the playing field with foreign companies when foreign governments unfairly support their companies.

      • I think most people would agree with you, especially people in other countries … and that’s why this is so complex.

        “I think it’s within a nation’s interest to help level the playing field with foreign companies when foreign governments unfairly support their companies.”

        There are undoubtedly businessmen and politicians in China/India/Elbowbekstonia that think this is exactly THEIR position. They are just trying to level the playing field in order to compete with the giant US corporations who currently receive billions in support from the US government.

        It is the economic version of an “Arms Race”.
        Sadly, I haven’t seen any good solutions for how to stop the spiral.

    • I think that IS a good summation of the schizophrenia that is developing within the economic community right now.

      There is a growing schism in the psych of US capitalism. Half want to increase profits by having the government somehow force the rest of the world to be as expensive as we are … the other half want to be free to utilize the cheapness of the rest of the world to maximize profits. If that means laying off American workers to utilizing slave labor in Indonesia then so be it!
      Both sides are fanatical about their way being the truly patriotic, real AMERICAN, capitalistic way.

  13. … in other news …
    I was playing dominoes with some friends tonight and was put to work with a cutting board, knife and hunk of cheese. Then, I was told it was my turn to play and I explained that I couldn’t because I was cutting the cheese.

    Another proud moment. I thought of you guys.

  14. Crap joke alert (passed to me by a work colleague):

    A pretty primary school teacher, is concerned about one of her pupil’s,
    So she take’s him aside after class,She say’s,

    “Jack,i’m concerned about your work,You seem distracted”,

    Blushing,Jack say’s”I’m in love miss”,

    Smiling,the Teacher say’s”Who with?”,

    Jack say’s”You miss”,

    The Teacher say’s,”But Jack,dont you see how silly this is?,
    It’s true,i want a husband one day,But i dont want a child”,

    Jack say’s”Dont worry Miss,I’ll cum on your tit’s”.

  15. I find This last season of Chuck to be unbearably cheesey at times.

    I find eating a bowl of Frosties and looking at the screen at an odd angle helps at such times.

    • Granted, this year has been less consistent. But, I do have to give them credit for trying to move in a different direction. Though, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to go for the full season after those first couple of episodes. Since it is the last season, I’m sticking with it to see what they do with everyone.

    • I find I am in no hurry to watch this season’s episodes like I did with previous seasons. I’ve grown tired of the heart to heart, “trust me” speech the give every episode.
      That being said, this last episode brought back some of the funny/quirky that made the show fun.

  16. Ugh, I posted to the wrong comments – here we go again…

    Took the kids to see Hugo.

    Sarah loved it, I loved it… Fletcher is still 6 years old. It’s really long for a kid that age to sit through. I’d like to play back a conversation had during the movie. (Disclaimer: If I did text during the movie, I kept my phone all the way down inside my blouse so as not to disturb other patrons with the light.)

    Scene: Watching movie.
    Fletcher: Mommy, I have to poo.
    Me: Right now? Can you hold it?
    Fletcher: I don’t know. Is it almost over.
    Me text to LostRalph: How long is this movie?
    LostRalph: That bad huh? 2 hours 6 minutes
    Me: It’s good. Fletcher has to poo.
    LostRalph: Oh, bad timing.
    Me: Fletcher, do you want to go to the bathroom? There is almost an hour left.
    Fletcher: No. I can hold it.

    Fletcher then lies down and goes to sleep.

  17. Jack: I’ve been catching up on my backlog of Deadpan episodes lately, and today, I got to the Christmas Duel of the Fates episode. I had a huge, cheesy, silly grin on my face throughout the segment you recorded with your kids. Great idea for a DotF, Jack and Cj. You brightened up my day. 🙂

    Good night, mush.

  18. Morning pan

    My Internet is all flighty right now. I never know if the modems working or not at any given time. The cable company won’t be in until Friday to replace it so if I’m a little quiet this week, that’ll be why

  19. mini rant:

    I don’t believe in New Year Resolution. To me it’s just setting yourself up to fail. Very few resolutions are kept beyond a certain point. Why do you have to wait until New Years to make something better of yourself. If you want to do/be/quit something you should be able to do it any time of the year, not just at New Years.

    /end rant

  20. In response to EssBee’s bass guitar question from page 1:

    You need just about all of the stuff included in that package, and it would cost just about the same to buy it all separately. I don’t know much about Kona instruments, but as long as the frets don’t buzz too much (which can be fixed), it should be a good learner bass.

  21. Well, judging from the Facebook comments, sounds like I didn’t miss much by not catching the BCS title game last night. At least I know which coworkers to give a wide berth today.

  22. Finished listening to “Snow Crash” yesterday. The ending was somewhat abrupt and less than satisfying, but overall an engaging tale.

    Got “High Fidelity” downloaded and ready for the drive to work. It’s unfortunately only available abridged on Audible. I’ll probably catch the movie and well before I draw any conclusions.

    • “somewhat abrupt and less than satisfying”

      Though I enjoy a lot of his books, I find this statement to hold true for a number of them.

  23. I sent a happy happy song to Van… anyone else wanna hear it? I need to know your youtube username or something cuz It’s private and all.. since yeah.. something legal blah blah..

  24. I like the human-centric nature of Fahrenheit.

    0 degrees F = damn cold.

    100 degrees F = damn hot.

    less than 50 F = uncomfortably cold.

    greater than 50 F = comfortably cool.

    greater than 100 F = life challenging.

    less than 0 F = life challenging.

  25. CW: 1984 (The one with John Hurt and Richard Burton).

    So giving the UK version of Netflix a trial.

    1984 is classed as scifi/fantasy

    Ah I can feel the ghosts of literary snobs past spinning like Catherine wheels

  26. Internet, I am dissapoint.

    After Van’s response wondering if Roll Tide had something to do with being Rick Rolled, I was sure someone would have mashed those up some how.

    Perhaps my Google-fu is just lacking, but I’m not been able to come up with any decent hits for a Rick Roll Tide….

  27. Well not too impressed with the what Netflix has available for streaming in the UK.

    Early days I suspose, but compared to what you can stream in the USA, it’s a limited selection.

    …and despite trumpeting the access to BBC content, no classic Dr Who..grrrr!

    • I have three editions of D&D, 1st, 3.5 and 4e. You know how many dungeons I created with them? One, when I was twelve. It seems I am more a rule book collector than D&D player, I see that as a problem for D&D moving forward.

  28. ok………………………………………………….
    So the technology-eating tree ate my router (I’m umbilicalled to the modem atm), and now it seems to have eaten the Snowball mic. I’m sure it still works, it’s just not working with Windows 7.

    I was working on this week’s episode, but it appears I can’t do any recording, unless I reactivate the laptop’s internal mic. I’m booked tomorrow evening, so it’s looking like another fking Unshow week, if anything at all. Sorry, folks. I am the :ftb:

  29. And oh – no panic yet about the mic. It worked just fine before the move, those Snowballs are sturdy, it was packed securely, and it only traveled about 200 yards from old place to new.

  30. Well, hubby just finished going through the last of the stuff in the basement. He said yes to trashing the disks and the cassettes. He even went so far as to mention the LP’s we have. I’ve decided to hold on to them for, at least, another week just in case he changes his mind on those.

  31. Sooooo I’m playing Devo’s “Red Eye Express” while doing dishes.The chorus is “Gone Gone Gone, the Red Eye Express” over and over again…. and from the living room I hear my son chanting ‘Bom Bom Bom, I like bread’…

    And now that all Ill hear when I hear that song….

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