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  1. Since Jack never remembers to post them, here are the show notes for this week:

    Un(expected)show 73

    Tuesday is the new Thursday

    GReasy Spoon
    The Energizer Bunny
    John Boze
    Lo Pan
    Ed from Texas
    John Boze (first of the week)

    Ear Buddies starting soon. Let Jack know if you want to join in.

    The next Deadpan will be kid friendly

    Don’t forget the High Fidelity Palooza. Would end of February or early March work for you? Let Jack know.

    Send in content: 480-788-JMDP(5637) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

  2. Yesterday’s album ripped to mp3 was The Talking Head’s “Stop Making Sense”. Don’t know what today’s will be.

    This process is rather cumbersome. I have to grab the entire Album side using Audacity. Then I have to go in and break song out and save it as it’s own mp3 file. THEN, I can import it into iTunes … except quite often iTunes won’t import the files … so I have to burn them to a CD. Once they are on a CD … THEN iTunes will import them.

    You have to be really stubborn to want to convert your entire album collection to a digital format.

    • Wouldn’t it be better to convert them to WAVs (or whatever the Mac equivalent of uncompressed audio standard is) before burning to CD?

      I susposed it will depend on your setup and how badly scratched your albums are, but compressing the twice would lead to a drop in quality.

    • Joe: What version of LAME are you using? I’ve never had a problem importing the files into iTunes after I’ve split the songs. Of course Audacity’s tagging sucks, so I have to fix the tags before I import, but I’ve never had to put the songs on CD first.

  3. This new date might skew my numbers a little bit for a month or two. Regardless, 2011 had about 30% fewer than 2010 over all. January 2012 is also down a bit over January 2011. Step it up Deadpan!

    Maybe I’ll do a play by play on Thursday.

  4. Just got back from the eye doctor. The girl at the front desk was telling me how she can’t drink milk because it “gives her the poops”. I just don’t think I’m close enough to my optometrist’s secretary to want to know that kind of information.

  5. How appropriate that the day before I get hired permanently at the job I’ve been temping at I get really pissed off at a coworker.

    Fuck I need a beer. Luckily I have a Winter Lager from Mustang

    • Yes, leave it to faux news to feel threatened by sculpted foam and felt.

      BTW – Ms. Piggy FTW!!
      “That’s almost as laughable as accusing Fox News..you know…of being news,” Ms. Piggy said.

  6. I know I keep not managing to be as regular here as I’d like to be (or even at all) and to be sure, most of you will look at me with raised eyebrow thinking “who is that again…?”). But if you’ll have me, I’d love to be part of the Ear Buds thing.

    In the meantime, I’ll be trying to knock out my reading to fit in High Fidelity before the big event, and if anyone wishes to quiz my bona fides, I’ll happily submit to questioning. (Because sometimes the best way to get to know someone is vigorous interrogation…)

  7. Crap joke for the day:

    Called my boss earlier & said I won’t be returning to work tomorrow because I’ve got vaginal issues. He said “For fucks sake you’re a man”. I replied “Yes but you’re a cunt”

  8. My daughter is just weird. She sent me an e-mail. The subject line was. “the Truth”. The contents:

    “I don’t really know how to tell you this, but your nostrils are insulting. I think I realized it when I quoted forest gump outside of your office and I saw you sit on the elephant in the corner. I’m sure you’re shamed enough to understand that we are related. I’m returning your letters to me to you, but I’ll keep The results of that blood-sample as a memory. You should also know that I Told in my confession today about the moose poaching, and by the way, I’m off to lead a new life as a lemon.
    Please don’t hurt me, Lyra”

    • Thanks for the welcomes so far (assuming this too isn’t stuck in mod mode…)

      I’ve actually commented here before; it’s just been a *really* long time.

      Been following things since the Wingin’ It Duel of the Fates bits, though.

  9. Ugh! People are so stupid.

    Back story, we have a Muslim mayor. Personally I think he’s 100 times better than our previous white mayor. There is this Christian fundamentalist minister who has had run ins with the city long before our current mayor took office for doing silly things like going into city hall with a pa system and trying to hold a service during the middle of the work week. This week, after getting yet another fine and being banned from city hall for a year for, once again being an idiot, he barged into the mayors office and demanded an audience. He was asking thing like “why do you hate Christians?”. And stuff like that.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s Christians he hates so much as idiots. I’m completely with him on this one.

  10. Today’s POSITIVE economic news –
    “Chrysler said on Wednesday that it earned $225 million in the fourth quarter of 2011, as the company capped its first profitable year since its government bailout and bankruptcy in 2009. ”

    Bailing them out may have been distasteful (they have now paid back 11.2 billion in TARP loans) but it turns out to have been the right thing to do for the US economy as it has directly saved 10’s of thousands of jobs and thousand more jobs of those who sell goods and services to those 10’s of thousands of people.

    No one new for sure if bailing them out was really a good idea so it’s nice to know when a plan works out.

  11. Hello unexpected unshow-ites!

    I needed to share because OMG look at how bad ass this artist is:


    I just had to share I was so blown away

    Wish I could fly to Amsterdam and see this guys work in person. I feel like these videos and photos do not do his work justice. I would give my right boob to be able to photograph these installations… ok maybe my right boob is a bit much

  12. Alright, today is Thursday….but we’ve already got the new Deadpan.

    I’ll say it the other thousand times in my head to get it 🙂

    Oh, and Welcome, Mark! Always remember, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. But you can always leave a comment, or let us know about a comet, or even a dasher or prancer.

    • “This is a huge moment for science and exploration, breaking through to this enormous lake that we didn’t even know existed until the 1990s,”

      Wait … I’ve seen this movie. It doesn’t end well.

  13. Stephen Colbert has been on a “one-liner” tare, sending out a stream of them the past 12 hours or so.

    – “Mitt Romney will make an absolutely fearless Commander-in-Chief, because fear is a human emotion.”

    – “No one should question Newt’s moral character. Especially since the answers will haunt your dreams.”

    – “Mitt Romney does not want to fire you, unless it is absolutely, positively possible. Romney 2012!”

    – “Newt Gingrich is a family values candidate. He values families so much, he’s had three!”

    – “Mitt Romney’s favorite Star Wars movie is: all six of them are pretty good, which one do you like? That’s his favorite too!”

  14. Well pan, you were warned. It’s movie time.

    For those new to the Play by Play here are the rules.

    Spoilers – yup we got those
    Spelling errors – a given
    A paly by play that makes sense… Ummm, no. Unless your watching the movie at the same time
    Fun – meh, depends upon the movie
    An extended version – almost certainly as WordPress likes to occasionally eat comments which will only show once Jack releases them
    Silliness – definitely

  15. Today’s movie: Red Riding Hood
    The DVR writeup: Medieval villager Valeriemgrows so preoccupied with her love for an orphaned woodcutter that she leaves herself vulernable to attack from a werewolf in this captivating horror fantasy. Meanwhile, the locals hire a werewolf hunter.

    Remember, this movie will captivate you. What it does after that… *shrug*

  16. Heavy snow, strong winds and cold temperatures will take over overnight. Locations along the Front Range will see 6 to 18 inches of snow. The heaviest amounts will be east of the metro area. Lighter amounts will fall near Fort Collins and Greeley, while Denver will be right in the middle of that range.

  17. Today’s positive US economic news.

    – The U.S. economy added 243,000 jobs last month, more than doubling expectations for a gain of 121,000 jobs.
    What’s more, the unemployment rate slipped to 8.3% from 8.5% in December. Also, the previous two months jobs numbers were revised upward.

  18. I leave my first job, after working 13 hours to arrive at my second job to take care of a few personal items and I get attacked for not wanting to debate eugenesis and Planned Parenthood with my IT Guy.

    Boo. Boo. Boo

  19. Now I am off to crawl under the house and do some plumbing.
    I hate plumbing.
    I dislike crawling under my house.
    I hate having to drag tools through a crawl space.

    This does not promise to be one of my favorite afternoons.

  20. aaaaaaand who didn’t see THIS coming?

    Remember the story we were discussing the other day about the Russian Scientists who were about to finally drill through 2 miles of Antarctic ice into a prehistoric lake?
    Yeh, well …

    “Fears held for Russian scientists” (not heard from in 5 days)

  21. “Temps are dropping below [minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit]…”

    This bothers me. -40 is the same whether it’s Fahrenheit or Celsius.

    yes, yes, the missing scientists bother me too but, lets face it, we all knew that was going to happen.

  22. Today’s movie is “Hush Little Baby”

    The DVR write up: a woman believes her infant daughter is demonic, but can’t get anyone believe her.

    Oh good, a new and fresh story line

  23. Just to mix Inge up, I’m going to do this play by play ea “when I …”. I’ve only done this format once before so, even if the plot is trite and over used, maybe I won’t be.

  24. Sorry, it was really bugging me. I think the movie this reminds me of is The Unborn but I’m not 100% sure. It’s also I did actually see this movie before it seems so bloody familiar, but I could be wrong


    Anyway, I’ll continue on.

  25. And I wouldn’t accuse my hubby of staring at other women’s asses… Well ok maybe I would, but that’s only because it’s true 😉

  26. My thoughts. First let me state Thai I acuually don’t think I have seen this movie before. Having said that, it was a very over used trope. If it wasn’t for the fact this idea has been over used, it was actually an ok movie

  27. There.
    Water is finally back on and I seem to have no leaks.
    Perhaps tomorrow I shall use the can of spray foam and try and fix the faucet in place. Now though, it is time for FRIED RICE! NUMMMMMY!

  28. Please excuse your normal Deadpan comments for this rant brought to you by the Madonna fan club:

    If I read 1 more article about how Madonna represents the decline of the superbowl halftime show I am going to throw something at someone. Madonna has earned her place in the music world. Yes she is pop but she has proven she wasn’t a 1 hit wonder many years ago. I am not embarrassed to admit I worship her 🙂

    This comment is Madonna approved

  29. Finally got to get caught up on Chuck. Watched the last four hours of it between Friday and this morning. Feeling a bit weepy. Quite the ride, it has been.

    • I just wish they’d decide if they wanted to make the Super Bowl “family friendly” or not.I’m okay either way, just wish they’d pick one or not.
      Watching “Go Daddy” ads with kids under 10 years old in the room feels awkward at best.
      At worst, I’m wondering if it’s somehow going to get all the adult males in the room arrested on indecency charges.

  30. Hope this works from my iPhone

    Best commercials:
    David beckam underwear (bought time someone other than go daddy used sex so obviously)
    Audi vampires
    VW star wars

    Madonna was freaking awesome
    Her roman legions were awesome
    I hope to be that hot when I’m 53 🙂 shot I just hope I can rock those boots when I’m 53!

  31. “Go Daddy ads seem to be for the 12 year old boy most of us hope to grow out of as soon as possible.” -stolentweet

    What kind of guys does he hang out with?

  32. So, did anybody actually catch “the bird” during the halftime show? Seems that’s all the news can talk about this morning. Nobody I was watching with noticed and I didn’t see any postings last night.

  33. Crap joke for the day:

    Studies show that during sex you burn as many calories as running 8 kilometres…..

    who the fuck runs 8 kilometres in 30 seconds?

      • I had one of the original white ones, it lasted about two years and died, I got it replaced under warranty for a newer white one that had an HDMI output, so that was neat. But it died after about four years. We purchased a black one with Kinect for our other television, so that is the one I have to use now. Like you I’m hoping the newest ones last a bit longer. Most likely I’ll be buying another black one once the tax returns come back.

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