Unshow 72. Now with Audio!

Howdy back atcha, WordPress.

Yes, the filename says it’s 71.

Ryah’s show notes:

Unshow 72. Now with Audio!

GReasy Spoon
Lo Pan
The Energizer Bunny
Ed from Texas
Dj Bunny
Vanamonde (first of the week)

Don’t forget the High Fidelity Palooza

Also, April 14thish. Is it good for you? Thinking of then for the next mmmmmeetup. Let Jack know if it fits within your schedule.

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570 thoughts on “Unshow 72. Now with Audio!

  1. Your mini incoherent rant for the day, and it’s an old one.

    One of the PKD nominees is a book I want to read, the Kindle edition is more expensive the paperback version available from another book seller.


  2. This morning’s ripped LP –
    Tina Turner – “Private Dancer”

    Not nearly as painful as the Album that shall not be mentioned again.

    BTW – This is NOT my stack of records. Someone gave them to me a while back when I didn’t have enough sense to say “NO. I will never get to these.”

    Some names in that stack that I will not even put on the turn table –
    BJ Thomas
    Barbera Striesand
    Dan Fogleberg
    and any number of “Country” acts

    I haven’t made up my mind about the Simon & Garfunkle, Bread or The Carpenters … just to get that disorienting, “rush from the past” feeling.

  3. Busy day planned for today.

    In half an hour, once hubby leave, I’m going to make banana bread
    Then it’s the day job
    Clean the bathroom
    Go to the dump and get rid of some of the stuff I pulled out of the basement
    Lunch with a girlfriend
    Bake cookies

  4. I do get a bit pissed off with writers who think the world owes them a living or that their work is worth more than than other creative people.

  5. Just watched these clips from last nights “Colbert Report”

    I have to say I am really excited about where this could go. This comedian may be able to do what legions of lawyers and activists were unable to. He may bring down the whole “Super Pac” system by being the absolute shinning example of the monster they have created.

    The “Super Pac” is the political system’s “beserker weapon” and with luck … it looks like it is about to be activated and turned on the very system that created it.

    Let the candidacies hit the floor.

  6. So I’ve played Stratego since I was 12.

    My daughter has beat me twice in a row.

    Its her first two times playing…ever. And I’m actually trying.

    My skills as a military commander are clearly void.

  7. It’s Jack Mangan Day!
    It’s Jack Mangan Day!
    The lion shall lie down with the lamb!
    Mods and greasers will degrade their violence to pie fights!
    Ronald McDonald and the Burger King will share a footlong veggie sub from Subway!
    Because it’s Jack Mangan Day!

    happy birthday :jack:

  8. And we’re back! Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! It has been a good day of breakfast and cake with kids, followed by napping on the couch. Tonight should be filled with good drink and good food.

    I have not even begun to tackle Facebook, but I will.

    Van, no more invading Georgia for me….

  9. I haven’t had much PC time today either. Hosted my wife’s family for lunch while we watched our team lose their playoff game. So, the game wasn’t so good, but lunch and hanging out was quite pleasant.

    Got so put some of my kitcheny Christmas gifts into action.

    • I haven’t read the book so I don’t know which version os more faithful, but I felt it explained Lisbeth’s relationship to the journalist better in the US version.

    • JB, by all means, contact someone and run an impromptu Earbuds, if you feel so inclined. Otherwise, I’ll put your name into the Earbuds hat.

      And of course, if the other party is willing, I can accommodate less-than-random EB pairings.

  10. After constantly seeing people making teetime reservations, looking up NCAA wrestling standings, and Facebooking, I’ve dropped Deadpan posting silence here at work, as you may have noted…

  11. Joe peered out at the snow-swept street one more time. They may as well switch that stoplight to flashing reds right now, he thought, there’s nothing moving for it to regulate. He strode back across the barroom to the bar, picked up the phone and pressed Jack’s line.

    “Heading home, Joe?”
    “It’s dead out there, want me to close up?”
    “Let’s play it safe and stay open until close, is Evo still in the kitchen?”
    Joe cringed as he peered across to the kitchen’s double doors. Curse it, the light was still on. “I think so.”
    “Ask him to mind the bar, and then head out. I’ll do the closing books on the till a bit later.”
    “Uhhh, could you do it?”
    “Joe, just ask him. He’s eccentric, I’ll admit, but he won’t bite.”
    “Hasn’t bitten yet you mean.”
    “That’s the spirit. He’ll probably just nod and-”
    “-And say that spoon bit?”
    “What is that anyway, some kinda heroin reference? Okay, night Jack.”
    “Good night mush”

    Joe sighed, crossed the seating area, pushed open one of the swinging doors and peeked in. He immediately regretted it, as he saw the strange chef at the sandwich press, closing it on something with legs.

    “Oh, hey! Wanna try something experimental?”
    “Uhh, maybe. What in the hell is in the sandwich press?”
    “Guinea Pig Panini.”
    “Uh, I just ate a bunch of bar peanuts, probably would clash on my palate.” Joe charged right ahead before the mad cook could offer a reply. “Say, pretty dead out here, I’m going to head out, could you mind the bar til close?”
    “Why, sure, climb into my spoon.”
    Joe opened his mouth, thought better of it, and closed it again.
    “Just let me finish up the Panini and I’ll be right out.” Evo pressed down on the handle and the rodent hissed and crackled.
    Joe paled, but simply said. “I’m off, you should be all right until then. Jack’ll do the books later.”
    “Okay, see you later!”

  12. Evo emerged from the kitchen some time later to find Jack at the bar.

    “Sorry man, a panini experiment went awry, but I managed to salvage for a try at a new chili recipe.”
    “Not a problem it’s pretty dead tonight. I think Joe may have overserved that fella…”
    There was a large man slumped over at one of the tables.
    “Odd,” said Evo, “I had the impression from Joe there was nobody in.”
    Jack shrugged, and peered at the bowl Evo was setting on the bar. “You said chili?”
    “Have a try.” Jack raised a big spoonful to his mouth, then made yummy noises. “It’s guinea pig.” Jack paused in chewing, managed to swallow and smile feebly.
    “How very unique.”
    “Fresh little guy, just slaughtered and skinned him within the last couple hours.”
    “Dressing out rodentia? You’re a man of hidden talents.”
    “Want me go get this guy up & at ’em?”
    Jack sighed, “Yeah, I’ll call and see if Brian can roust a deputy to escort him back to his house or the motel. Clearly in no shape for vehicular activity, even in better weather.”
    Evo patted the man’s shoulder. “Hey, Buddy. Up and at ’em, got a free chili sample you can…” Evo stopped and beckoned to Jack, who had phone in hand.
    When Jack reached the inert form, Evo pointed out the large wooden handle protruding from the man’s back. “That’s no spoon, that’s a big fuckin’ knife.”
    “This no time for playing Knifey-Spoony.”
    “Even so. Think you’ll be needing the Sheriff himself for this one.”

  13. OK, so 3 days ago, a guy named Bubbles posted here, but has been stuck in murgatory ever since. I’m probably way too late, at this point, but welcome, Bubbles, if you’re still out there!

    Curse my metal body, I wasn’t fast enough!

    • Lost girl is into it’s second season here in Canada. We enjoy it. The second season is actually better than the first. Have Alcatraz scheduled for my DVR, probably won’t get a chance to watch it until the weekend though.

      • I just read that, Bunny – sounds like it’s one we might like.

        Alcatraz was called “LOST with poor lighting” in a review I just skimmed . . .

  14. For The Wire fans, there’s a really well-written article in the current Rolling Stone about Felicia “Snoop” Pearson. I’d recommend checking it out.

  15. Your crap joke for the evening:

    Am I still allowed to describe the Italian economy as a sinking ship, or would that be in bad taste?

  16. Went to the Cheeky Monk this eve. 25 Belgian Beers on tap, including the non-Belgian Dogfish Head Pangea. Lord in heaven I’m in heaven.

  17. I’ve setup Lost Girl to record after the pimping it got on Slice a few months ago. Actually had to put an appointment in my calendar to set it up when the guide data closed to within two weeks of the air date.

    Hopefully this pans out better than Bar Karma or I may have to issue Mennenga a beating when I’m next in AZ.

  18. We now have our Episode Zero and Episode One “Pilot” of the Idjitcast live on iTunes. I’m not sure if there are Supernatural fans among the Deadpanites, but if there are I’d appreciate any honest feedback if you could…

  19. I borrowed the first few episodes of lost girl and enjoyed most everything except for the lead.

    My wife gave me a Kindle and reading is fun when I can carry my entire library in my coat pocket. Yay.

  20. Your crap joke of today:

    Lionel Ritchie has cancelled his forthcoming gigs on cruise liners. Apparently ‘dancing on the ceiling’ doesn’t have the same appeal anymore…

  21. A close friend of mine called me at 2am. Her 19-year-old daughter (my babysitter, who I’ve known for 15 years) is in the hospital. She’s stopped breathing for unknown reasons and is on a machine at this time. My friend is in Maryland and can’t here to be with her daughter. I’m not certain of the clarity of the information she gave me since she was quite hysterical when she called. I’m hoping to get more information today from local family and/or the hospital.

    She was in ICU as of last contact and slipping into a coma.

    So.. yeah, I’ve known this kid since she was 4. I cared for her repeatedly while her mom was in and out of … bad situations.

    I guess, you know… keep her in your thoughts, prayers, or whatever you’ve got to spare.

    I need to go to take care of my kids and go to work and get on with my day. I feel incredibly helpless.

    And seriously, I know I survive well on little sleep, but even I can’t handle this little.. ugh!

  22. Obama has vowed to quash this, btw – – if you still trust him.

    Call me a cynic, but I think the “internet blackout day” will be about as ineffective as those “gas out” days. I support and stand firm with all anti-SOPA and anti-PIPA movements, but I don’t plan to take Deadpan down on the 18th.

    • My Republican friends get all excited when I express my disappointment with Obama … until I explain that I am disappointed at his failure to stand up to Republican bullying.

      Then they get this look that reminds me very much of my dog when he is confused.

      Obama also promised to stand up to John McCain’s permanent detention “add on” to the NDAA bill … and instead, he some how got credit for creating it. Go figure.

  23. I have a question. I think I already know the answer but still… Jack, how come your comments are sometimes normal looking and then other times they are pink?

    Obviously someone who is comfortable in his masculinity 😉

  24. Well, with work done *glares at work computer* I’m moving into the living room. Time to watch last nights John Stewart & Stephen Colbert, do laundry, practice music, go for a “walk” on the elliptical, do dishes, have lunch. Then, if you’re very good, I’ll do a movie play by play this afternoon.

    • It’s ironic that SOPA’s infringes on the freedom of the average American, yet gives Corporate interest more merit in the law, and the MPAA thinks we are being misled by the corporate greed of Google.

      • Note that these “legislators” only care about the “rights” of certain corporations. When other corporations exercise their rights, they get criticized for performing PR stunts.

        I loathe double standards. These “legislators” only care about the corporations that fill their pocket books.

    • So what I am wondering is, did the authors of SOPA go to Google/Twitter/Facebook or anyone else who is actually IN the internet service business … or did they just let lobbiests from the MPAA and the music recording industry write the bill?

      I think most (or many) of us support an end to on-line piracy … but why not enlist the help of those who understand how this complex system of pipes and tubes actually works instead of just threatening them?


  25. Its no coincidence that an anagram for “censorship” is “Cos Her Nips”. It all goes back to pr0n, doesnt it? When will ‘Merica learn that the body is a beautiful thing?

  26. What the heck! Since we’re all riled up anyway.

    With opportunistic presidential candidates trying to paint all food stamp recipiants as black freeloaders, sitting around the ghetto living the good life on our tax dollars – I have gathered some facts here for you to distribute.

    (Gathered from US gov sites and sources such as the conservative Journal, “The Economist”)

    In 2010, 46.2 million people at or below the poverty level received food stamps.
    Only 22% are African American. 35% are white.
    49% of them are children, 20% are non-elderly disabled and 8% are elderly.
    While most (above 17 years of age) worked at least one job, only 14% of food-stamp households have incomes above the poverty line; 41% have incomes of half that level or less. Only 18% had no income at all.

    The amount each person receives depends on their income, assets and family size, but the average benefit is $133 a month and the maximum, for an individual with no income at all, is $200. A month. So the average person would have received $4.33 a day for food.

    In 2010, 46.2 million people at or below the poverty level received $65 billion in food stamps.

    For perspective, the U.S. averaged 80 billion a year to fund JUST our military excursion into Iraq.
    The Bush tax cuts have added an additional 130 billion a year to our national deficit while directly benefiting less then 3 million people.

    Side note – When Moody’s Analytics assessed different forms of stimulus, it found that food stamps were the MOST effective, increasing economic activity by $1.73 for every dollar spent. Unemployment insurance came in second, at $1.62, whereas most tax cuts yielded a dollar or less.

    • I got a bad taste in my mouth for food stamps (hehe sorry could’t help it) when my Ex’s son worked at Papa Murphy’s and people would come in weekly for pizza on food stamps. Then even more when my Cousin who works at a local grocery store told me he regularly come in buying steak and salmon with food stamps. I think in both of these cases it is programs being used by the wrong people because we don’t have a means test only an income test to figure out who should be on the programs.

      I feel for the mom, dad, or (insert needy person here) looking around before sheepishly handing over the food stamp card because they are embarrassed that they need the assistance.

      I certainly thing the programs needed and I also admit I don’t have a solution.

      • It is agreed that there can be abuse … but it is essential to remember that this program feeds 46 million people!

        One has to keep perspective. With more then 46 MILLION people receiving this assistance the chances are pretty good that each of us may have heard of an example of abuse. After all 1% of 46 million is 460 thousand people who were abusing their $5 a day worth of food.

        So if food stamp abuse was in-line with the rate of fraud for ANY program in our society (for example – mortgage loan fraud is around 3.57%, credit card fraud is 3.8%, corporate fraud … off the scale)… there would be a LOT of examples like your cousin told you about and yet the program could still be considered a success!

        If programs were to be condemned for a low percentage of high profile cheaters … we would have scrapped congress looong ago!

  27. You guys may have already seen this, but this is what’s up at Boing Boing today:

    503: Service Intentionally Unavailable

    Boing Boing is offline today, because the US Senate is considering legislation that would certainly kill us forever. The legislation is called the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), and would put us in legal jeopardy if we linked to a site anywhere online that had any links to copyright infringement.

    This would unmake the Web, just as proposed in the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). We don’t want that world. If you don’t want it either, visit AmericanCensorship.org for instructions on contacting your Senator. You might also join us with Craigslist and Reddit and sign this petition. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has more information on this and other issues central to your freedom online.

    The Boingers

  28. Today’s movie is Surviving Evil

    The DVR write up: A local legend in the CENSORED becomes a deadly reality for CENSORED and his television crew when a mysterious CENSORED begins to stalk them while they are on location


    It’ll be fine.

    I’ll go home… when this day from Hell ends and CENSORED myself until I’m totally CENSORED.


  30. Van, further to recording. I’m available most weekdays, all day, which would be day/evenins for you. except tomorrow I’m not available tomorrow afternoon. Or this weekend. Taking my grandmother shopping on Saturday and we plan to see Underworld on Sunday. I think I’m free all next week, though

  31. Does anyone watch Southland? It’s one of my favorites. I started watching E1 of the new season this morning before work and it was SO GOOD after 10 minutes that I stopped it so Sly B could watch with me.

  32. The bad – The Wall Street Journal editorial page gives up the last of it’s credibility shilling for Murdoch and coming out in support of SOPA/PIPA.

    The good – the pretty much universal condemnation the editorial received in hundreds of comments left by WSJ readers.

    Sadly, I’m seeing this happen more often lately. I’ll hear some really dumb editorial via the podcast I get from Audible. But, I go to check the editorial on the web to see the commenters have already ripped the WSJ a new one for their bone headedness.

  33. Great day today: My wife’s amnio results came back normal. Baby boy to be is safely progressing. We’re both in our 40’s… So we are quite relieved. Resuming Dead Pan mode…. Now.

  34. Just wanted to post an update to let you all know that my babysitter woke up last night and is doing fine. Still no knowledge of what the cause is/was.

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