Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #136: The Answer is Unshow 42

It has an Unshow filename – yet a full episode title.

(Thank you for the show notes, Cj!)

Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #136: The Answer is Unshow 42

Holy Crap.

Everyone is coming to Arizona for the Deadpanmmmm gathering.

Jack is hosting Holy Wood Squares at DiscWorldCon

Saturday is BBQ at LLAP Studios w/Live Deadpan Recording

Flash Gordon

Sunday Night Hotel Party

watch Twitter and the Boards

Good Flash Gordon Goodness


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The Energizer Bunny
justa J0e

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Send stories about how a song has been important in your life.
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Nowhere in Jersey is Safe Part 2

UnShow #42 needs recognition.

Jack is beyond grateful for contributions to the gathering. Thank you!

Hashtag is #deadpanmeet

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Music: Jack Mangan’s Deadpan is the Way Live – Jack Mangan

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512 thoughts on “Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #136: The Answer is Unshow 42

  1. Morning from the Calgary airpot, Pan

    I’ve checked in, done the security thing, and am now sitting at gate 22 listening to DP 42 while I wait for an hour before my flight boards

  2. I know your supposed to be at the airport 2 – 3 hours before your flight on international flights but I think that really applies to flights that are at normal waking hours. I had practically no customs wait being here this early.

  3. Wow. Can’t tell you just how much I had to wrestle WordPress to get to post today.

    But I think I now have the WPFucktardbot in a headlock.

  4. Guys, I have a bit of a snafu on my end. I can’t make it to the party. I’ve stupidly exchanged it for a trip to the doctor. I’m sure that trip won’t live up to the DeapdanMMMMCon.

  5. You will be missed, ditto, but you definitely need to take care of yourself.

    We’ll just have to do it again for everyone who won’t be here this time.

  6. ditto: We’ll miss you! 🙁

    Morning, Pan. Off to do Cisco homework and prepare for my first job interview in a year, and only my fourth in-person interview. It’s for a homework-tutoring job at the local library.

  7. Dang from me too. That is terribly disappointing, ditto, but it sounds like you’ve made the wise choice. Just feel better. And hey, maybe you can swap those tickets for a flight tomorrow. 😉

  8. Good Morning, Pan!

    TEB: Welcome to Hell… er… Arizona…

    ditto: I hate doctors. It’s always, “lose 50 lbs… your blood pressure’s too high, take these meds… you have diabetes…” They piss me off.

    Ed: You seem to be looking for a Deadpan Live… Would that be a “Live Pan” and therefore a paradox?

    Van: How was “The Hurt Locker”? I hear Dean Haglund is in it.

  9. Well, I’m going to do everything in my power to attend the BBQ, I’ll be iffy for everything else. But if there is a group going out for dinner/lunch/breakfast, I may be able to swing that as well.

    Did the Bunny melt? I think it’s only supposed to top 101F today, not like last weeks 115F.

  10. Re: The Hurt Locker

    Pretty good, a bit slow at times, and a severe case of kill off the major star having a cameo role.

    Is this the same DH from the Xfiles? if so I don’t remember seeing him in the film.

  11. Spent the morning/early afternoon with the lovely and wonderful Cj. Am now in my hotel room. Think I’ll have a rest befoe going for dinner with Jack and Cj

  12. Van: Yeah, that’s the one – I may be confused – He and Phil Leirness either did an interview with people on the set while it was being filmed for Chillpak Hollywood Hour, or they just talk about the film a lot… They talk about a lot of films – I could be/am confused.

  13. Hey guys! Cj will be very happy to hear I haven’t had any rest yet 🙂 although I am now finally laying on my hotel bed and just veging

  14. Rhettro, LOL!

    ditto, Ed, Wolf, i#, Van, JOe, UsedHair, everyone else, I’d still be up for a un-MMMM-bbq meet up via skype or elsewhere if you guys are into it. Sunday’s out for me, though.

  15. So, bring on the hot coals. I bet they are easier to walk on than my sidewalk down to the mailbox. Yes, I did go barefoot again.

    It’s like a game to see if I can go all the way without shoes!

  16. Alas, I’m going to pretty much be internet free this weekend attending a family reunion. So, my chances for skyping in are asymptotically approaching zero.

  17. So… anyone want to wager on the nipple count this week? I’m of two minds (per usual) on this.

    I figure we can expect a really low number of overall nipples due to everyone being busy with the DeadMmmmCon, Dragon*Con, PAX, etc.

    I figure we can expect a really high number of overall nipples due to everyone busily talking about the afore mentioned Cons.

  18. I’m up for calling in, but looks like I’ll be staying upto 3am….don’t get disturbed if you hear snoring noises coming from the speakers.

  19. Morning Pan just got done listing to all the shows I could download. took 2 months but i loved every minute of it. Wish I had more to listen to it made my morning commute, mowing the lawn, and washing dishes go much faster.

  20. Morning pan. Eating an omlette while panning.

    Dinner with Jack and Cj was great fun. I expect that kind of enjoyment every night I’m here now 😉

  21. Just found out room service at the hotel is actually close to twice the posted rate (I prefer hotels that give the actual amount you’ll be paying, like some I’ve been to). I won’t be doing that again.

    Here’s hoping they won’t charge me too much for using their little coffee machine and the very frikken strong prepackaged coffee they supplied

  22. Bunny,

    We will do our best to continue the awesomeness for your weekend – at least at night. I can’t do anything about your time at the con, but something tells me you’ll have a great time there as well!

    Yes, I’m speaking for everyone when I say “we” because we are the Deadpan Borg Collective apparently.

    Resistance would not only be futile, but also unexpected. Duh. Who wouldn’t want to be assimilated?

  23. I finally finished reading the first part of that article on the Technium. Overly rambly, perhaps, but pretty full of interesting ideas. For instance, my take away is that we human people are probably one of the old technologies that will never fully disappear, but our time at the peak is over. (Or our current idea-form for human is. Not sure which.) http://kk.org/thetechnium/

  24. “Resistance would not only be futile, but also unexpected. Duh. Who wouldn’t want to be assimilated?”

    That made me chuckle. LOL


    The Deadpan Bar may be a little empty this weekend but pull up a chair anyway.
    In fact fell free to pour your own but watch out for the abandon well behind the bar and I wouldn’t reach up into the top shelf.
    The “Hall of Doors”® can be a little tricky as well.

  26. justa J0e It took me a while to figure out what you meant with the correction I’m dyslexic so I just read it again and put the right word in. I love podcasts no reading necessary… other than comments.

  27. OK, off the airport again. Gotta pickup the Deadpan Ambassador.

    I feel like this should involve some sort of ceremony!

    Stupid transporter malfunction. Where are my keys?

  28. Good to know that even the reaper has to wash dishes. . .

    imaginarynumber: feel free to voicemail in a few “Huzzah!” phonecalls from the renfaire. That is, if you’re not shivering in fright from the corset atrocities.

    (Anyone who’s been to a renfaire has seen them.)

  29. And on a more serious note, Summer sent this email out to the FPM mailing list, forwarded from a note by Jan Schroeder:

    Jeanne Robinson, co-author of the Hugo and Nebula award-winning
    “Stardance” books (and wife of Spider Robinson) is fighting a rare
    form of cancer and a number of us are helping raise funds to help her
    with costs not covered by Canada’s health service.

    There are a number of ways that people can help out that are listed here:
    We Dream For Jeanne <http://wedreamforjeanne.blogspot.com/>

    A lovely blog post that’s emblematic of just what a special person
    Jeanne is can be found here:
    Stardance : : The Official Movie Blog

    And I’m doing some auctions to raise money:
    eBay Seller: dreamforjeanneauctions: Collectibles items on eBay.com

    and I’ve already collected over $500 but I need more things to auction
    and I need people to help spread the word.

    Can you help spread the word?

  30. Bunny, which hotel are you at? If you’re at the host hotel, there’s tons of places to eat right there on Mill Ave. Don’t be afraid of a little walking.

    If you’re not there, I’m sure we could find a few places for you to get food!

  31. Things to do while waiting in the cell phone lot at the airport: 1. Realize I forgot to bring my book. 2. Watch Disney movies in the backseat with my son. 3. See if I can read/post to Deadpan from my cell phone…

  32. As for me, the van is loaded and I’m off to pick the kids from school to start a weekend road trip adventure. Have a reasonably safe and fun filled weekend, Deadpan!

  33. Hi, reaper!

    My morning was so rotten at work, I decided not to go back after my hair appointment. What a whole lot of assholes.

    JOe, is THAT what’s wrong with the top shelf? I’ve always wondered.

  34. The Ambassador is safely hunkered at LLAP studios.

    I did make her eat lunch with me and go shopping for vegetables and a leetle surprise … muahahahahah

  35. Hey pan!

    Had a lovely day of conning, now just chilling until someone tells me it’s time for EVFN.

    Debbie, yes I’m at the con hotel. Food is not really an issue. I’m a volunteer (put in 6 hours today), and they keep the staff lounge nicely supplied. I just wanted to be pampered one day while I was here and do the room service thing. I was just surprised at all the “extras” they added on 🙂

  36. All of these conspiracies. . . .

    Bunny – I talked to some of the Con organizers last night. They said we should email them about Sunday’s party, if we want them to put a blurb in the newsletter. So there you go. Email me if you’d like the newsletter email address.

  37. Yeah, Jack.

    Send me the e- mail address. I’ll also see if I can find the newsletter person tomorrow. I’m at the info desk in the afternoons, eventually everybody comes to me 😉

  38. reaper: All are welcome! All are welcome! Step in to the light.

    Lejon: A path! A path!

    EssBee: I would still be up for Skype. Saturday night may be alright for me (depending on how late the event is and how late we get back from SeaWorld). Monday would also be fine for me.

  39. Lejon: Yes. I had a mic at one point, but it’s been lost in all the moving and whatnot. I’ve not had much reason to buy a new one, but with the new Deadpan mayhem I will have to pick one up at some point. Plus, I’ve entertained doing my own podcast at some point, so I imagine a mic would help.

  40. jackmangan: I will see what I can do 🙂

    And yes, corset atrocities abound at Ren fests. The first time I went, I was dumbfounded (nonplussed even), finally deciding, “Oh, you WANTED it to look like that.”

  41. EssBee – you following “Mad Men” this season?
    I’m finding it like last year in that it has been sloooow to get going. I thought this last episode roused it from it’s coma though.

  42. Mr. Mangan: It should have been Locutus but I wasn’t sure how to spell it and I didn’t feel like looking it up or looking stupid, so I decided to just spell thee next best word and the idea of the collective being locusts instead of borg and swarming over Cj as a part of Cj … well, it amused me. I think I was tired too, if that is a better explanation… 🙂

  43. I don’t want to go there (The Bunny and the Red Devil an allegorical tale for adults..cough).

    Think I’m going to check out District 9 straight after work.

  44. Fun, fun, fun with Bunny, Cj, Danthol, Debbie, Amy, plus a bunch of non-Deadpanites and peripheral Deadpanites at EVFN, then the restaurant, then at the Discworld Holy Wood Squares.

    I hope everyone had a good time tonight.

  45. Mission accomplished. Watched Flash Gordon (again) last night. Man, I love that movie. Better yet, my 12 year old daughter has now seen it twice and still loves it. Even my I-Don’t-like-sci-fi wife likes this movie. I’ll never understand why so many hated it (apart from the bad acting, bad effect, bad etc.).

  46. I have Flash Gordon coming from Netflix next week, and plan to take it on my next Evil Dallas trip (Wednesday). My plan: to view it in my hotel room while my colleagues close down the bar.

    Since we’re not in Phoenix, Sly B and I plan to do some yard work and maybe house work today. It’s high time I went through my wardrobe and figured out what should go because it either no longer fits my arse or hasn’t been in style since the Reagan era.

    Have a great day!!

  47. Morning Pan.

    It’s six am, why am I awake?

    Oh well, I think I’ll have a shower then rustle up some food.

    Had a wonderful time last night. Met/spoke/mingled with many wonderful people. Unlike Jack, I’m not going toention any names. Everybody was so nice I don’t want to forget a name, then feel bad after. Suffice it to say, everybody was great – they all know who they are 😉

    now for more conning, then the lovely Debbie is going to pick me up for the BBQ being hosted by the lovely Cj.

    Later Pan!

  48. And if anyone cares, I did remember to soak the beans.

    The crock pot is making beans right now!

    I need to get dressed and head to the grocery store for the rest of the stuff I need to feed people!

  49. Good Morning, Pan!

    So happy to hear that the Bunny is enjoying the con! The Mrs. and myself will be at the Deadpan party tomorrow. Wife has to work today, and I have to de-crappify my office desk (I’ll take pictures if you like, but it’s embarrassing.)

    Have a good Saturday!

  50. A couple of nipples that I have not yet raised in regards to past nipples.

    I totally agree with the link someone (Vanamonde?) posted in regards to women being largely predatory towards married men. Put a guy in a general social setting, like a mall or a casino. I can just about guarantee that he will get hit on at last twice as often if he’s got a wedding band on.

    I like using songbird, which is available for Linux and Windows, and it’s got iPod support via add-on. Though I have not tested that aspect.

  51. Hi Deadpan!

    Just stopping in to say hi.

    Hope you are all doing well and those of you at the Deadpan meetup in AZ are having fun.

    23 more days before we make our temporary move to San Francisco… not sure how we are going to get everything done in time. How the hell did Hugh and I collect so much crap?

    l8r panitos

  52. reaper: Glad you enjoyed the show! Welcome to the board! 🙂

    LOL @ Lejon’s DeadPan Party comment 🙂

    Hi, TSH!

    It has, indeed, been a rainy morning here in central AZ. I just prepared the “leetle surprise” Cj mentioned
    above. I’ll be spending the afternoon cooking and watching Flash Gordon. 🙂

  53. So back from seeing District 9 and er wow.

    No spoilers, but another nice change from the blockbuster crap and spits on Transformers 2 from a great height.

    So go and see it if you get the chance.

  54. Wow, I just burned the holy hell out of my short ribs. I turned on the burner to heat the grill up, and forgot to turn the one under the meat off. Poop!!

    Might be hotdogs tonight!

  55. Nomad_Scry: The Tomb game is spelled either “Senet” or “Senat” depending on the manufacturer.

    Oh, and while you’re savouring the Farscape, here’s just a piece of advice: After you have watched the last forth season episode, “Bad Timing”, don’t watch anything Farscape for a month. It will give you a sense of what some of us who watched that ep live had to live through

  56. The live Duel of the Fates was made of win. I had a fantastic time tonight. I’m so glad I could be here.

    There were fourteen people crowded into LLAP Studios for the live Duel of the Fates: three teams of four people each, plus the two hosts, Jack and Evo. With that many people playing off each other, the finished product will be long enough to be an entire Deadpan episode all by itself. The live discussion of Flash Gordon probably will be, too. Both were tons of fun.

    Thanks to everyone who checked in via Ustream, Skype, Twitter, or this board. Everyone else, we wish you were here, and hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

  57. Kids are home safe and having some pancakes.

    The beautiful Amy Bowen is still hiding in her room, but I do believe I heard her stirring.

    We probably won’t hear from Dan for a few hours. ZZZZZzzzzz

  58. Ah but you haven’t actually seen me TEB..lol

    Work on a Sunday…should be a law against it for non emergency work, now if only I ruled the world..

  59. Hi, Pan! I finally came out of my room a little after 11:00 AM (!) This is very unusual for me, but so is staying up until 1 AM playing computer games, which is what I did last night. I’ve mostly been doing the same today. I had homemade enchiladas for lunch. We leave for the room party in about half an hour.

  60. Jinkies, I had an awesome time last night. Yes, I’ve stopped lurking long enough to pop in, say hi, wish you all could have been at the MmmmmBBQ, and now say that I wish I could hit up the party suite tonight. Have fun everyone.

    And, oh yeah, Inara was robbed! Just sayin’.

  61. Sounds like a grand time was had by all. And it even sounds like y’all mostly even remember what happend 🙂

    While I would have loved to have been there, I did have a good time with extended family this weekend.

    Though, I think I’ve about 40% decided to try and make it back to DragonCon next year. That will make three years between trips.

  62. Ha! G4 just played Flash Gordon last night. Is someone important watching these posts? More importantly, why would I consider anyone from G4 to be “important”?

  63. Can I just say wow?

    What a fun weekend full of Deadpan.

    And nobody verified whether or not I’m picking up TEB so I’ll buzz by the hotel front door around 10:15. If there’s anyone there I recognize I may even stop.

  64. Now must get my butt in gear. I should put some clothes on. Then I think I’ll take one last tour of the party room to make sure nothing was missed during cleanup, then hand in the keys.

  65. The hotel staff were finishing clean up of the party room already. Hopefully nobody did leave anything behind because, at nine am, it’s too late now… Zzzzzzzzzz

  66. It occurs to me I have absolutely no plans for today once breakfast is over. Maybe i’ll find a tourist brochure and see what there is to see around this town.

  67. It’s nice and sunny in Arizona today. This is a good thing, then I can wear sunglasses and nobody can see how red and baggy my eyes are

  68. Sorry for the late post, CJ & Dan are great host. I had a blast at the Deadpan BBQ Saturday night. Dan cooks a mean burger and I can’t remember the last time I met so many intelligent, kind and funny people in a large group. And as an aside, TEB is plenty easy on the eyes. 🙂

  69. I’m nonplussed by this:

    Some women carry around fake Coach purses (handbags?). I’m not aware of a man that can tell the difference between a fake or real Coach purse. But women seem to magically know. So why would a woman carry a fake Coach purse, since presumably she’s mostly interested in showing off more to men than women, and we really couldn’t care less. And if she’s showing off to women, they can pick out the fakes. I just can’t figure it out. I spend brain cycles on this stuff. Sad, I know.

  70. What is a “Coach” purse? (kidding)

    All of my purses are from Target or Walmart.

    I don’t like the idea of carrying around a bag that costs more money than I’ll ever have to put in it.

  71. We are catching up on Warehouse 13 and Eureka episodes this evening, and aren’t very impressed with either.

    I seriously don’t know what a Coach purse is. I carry a small bag, but it’s pretty unfeminine. I don’t have a dog in your fight, #!

  72. Had a nice quiet day exploring some of the local countryside with Jack. Jack was a wonderful host and it was nice to just relax and have some down time. Then dinner with the incomprable Cj and Dan. Cj is a great cook and hostess.

    Thanks to Jack, Cj and Debbie for being my taxis over the weekend. Hugs of appreciation to you all.

    It was great seeing everybody and putting faces to the comments and voices. Amy is one of the sweetest people you will meet. Lejon and his wife were wonderful, as was Rhettro. Evo and Shelia were nice and Debbie was do friendly and wonderful. It was great meeting Dan s. And his wife(girlfriend? I apologize) they were both wonderful too (do you see a theme here?).

    I just know I forgot someone, if so, I’m sorry.

    Obviously I think everybody was wonderful.

  73. Oh Kris!

    I forgot to say how wonderful Kris Mayo is. Which she is!

    Now let’s see who else I can remember I forgot befor I shut off the light…

  74. I must must must say thanks to everyone who contributed in some way to the Deadpanmmmm Gathering. It was a wonderful time – and I feel like George Bailey at the end of It’s A Wonderful Life. I am truly blessed with beautiful, wonderful, caring, witty, great friends in this community.

    I had a great time this weekend. It was just a reminder I’m really grateful to know and count all of you who hang around Deadpan as my friends.

  75. Morning Pan.

    Was in bed by 9:30 last night. It was nice.

    Just about to check out, then it’s off to the airport. A little early, I know, but maybe I’ll have breakkie there.

  76. Van, TEB isn’t gone. I just haven’t changed it back on my touch. Maybe I’ll be TEB on my home computer and DJ Bunny on my touch that way you’ll always know what I’m on. Not that it’s really hard to tell, my spelling goes downhill by leaps and bounds when on te touch. Stupid tteeny tiny keyboard 😉

  77. Oh phooey, I spilled coffee on my shirt. It wasn’t hot but now I’m going to have a brown stain on my breast. Can’t take me anywhere

  78. Holy crap!

    They just called a (spelling it phonetically to avoid confusion) Rye-ah Delie-nes to the info desk. I almost went up (I’ve had many strang pronounciation of my name that I answer to) but then they said it was for a flight going to Memphis. That was still really weird.

  79. I don’t really have much to say. Just killing time while waiting for my flight. I still seem to be quite tired and I don’t want to fall asleep until I’m actually on the plane

  80. I actually drank surprisingly little over the weekend and not at all yesterday. Net that it matters, it takes very little to make me loopy.

    PS: we missed you Wolf. And everyone else who didn’t make it to Deadpan land 🙁

  81. More info you don’t really care about:

    going to Arizona my luggage weighed 47.5 lbs. Coming home it is 25.5 lbs. I think I needed to buy more stuff while I was out here. Oh well, next time.

  82. I’ve resorted to watching wipeout over lunch because I can’t find anything good (that I haven’t watched) on HULU, I can’t wait for the new seasons to start. Guess on the bright side and I can bypass our web filter. I like being the network admin! 🙂

  83. Aaaaaaand… The weekend is officially over.

    Safe travels DeeJay 😉

    Happy meeting all the DP crew at the Sunday Meet-up.

    I’m sorry we crapped out early. The wife is an early to bed sort of person… I – am not…

    Good to hear Amy got home safe, too!

    Now, I get to put my head down and get back to work, and feel out all those sore muscles I got hiking Mormon Trail on South Mountain yesterday…

  84. Lejon:
    I used to have the same problem during the winter and my wife finely convinced me to spend a little money to take care of my skin and beard. Zirh’s “Clean” worked really well for me. It is expensive but the bottle last a long time.

    I feel like I should be saying “But wait, there’s more!!!”

  85. Well hey, I appreciate the sentiments. Sorry to bring the mood down – – it’s ok. This date is a bit of trivia to me now – and I truly feel nothing about the end of that marriage (sorry if that sounds cold – – but I moved on many years ago). It’s history; I’ve had quite a few fun experiences since, and have learned my lesson about crazy women.

    I only noticed that today was the 8th because I was reminded about tomorrow’s release of the “9” movie.

  86. Wise words, Jack. We are still here and with many more opportunities for great and fun things. While it is fine to look upon your past, it is never a good idea to obsess about it.

  87. I picked the “non-military” path.
    -I met many good friends
    -I met my lovely wife
    -I earn little.

    Had I chosen the “military” path.
    -I wouldn’t have met my current friends set
    -I wouldn’t have met my lovely wife
    -I would probably be a nuclear engineer earning top dollar.

    You’d be surprised how easy it is to reflect on both paths and ponder over which is better…

  88. CP: Harry Potter, Book 4 audiobook (again)

    CD: Packing for another Evil Dallas trip.

    Sleep tight, y’all! I might try to swing by during my trip if I can. If not, have a wonderful rest-of-your-weeks!

  89. CW: Deal or No Deal (ugh! want to watch The Office with Dan. Hope he has time soon.)
    CD: Playing WoW
    CE: Nothing, but in about 5 minutes I’ll be eating cheesecake

    Have a good trip, EssBee!

  90. Sheesh, I missed my lunchtime DP update.

    Yes, I’m soon to take possession of a pair of power squids. That’s almost as good as getting some more flash lights.

    Does anyone else struggle to avoid buying flashlights when they come across them in a store? Or is that manic behavior unique to me? Though, I do generally resist the urge.

  91. Be cautious with the tentacles, Ed.

    I see that “CW” now has 2 meanings around here.

    Everyone on the earth is a little bit nutty, in their own special way. Just avoid the CWs and CMs that take it too far.

  92. Yes. I heard lots of good things about Mr. Bunny this weekend. I hope he can make it to a future event!

    I still haven’t had time to edit the DeadpanMMMmmm Meetup audio. Considering that, along with all of the other contributions in the queue, I think the meetup recordings will come out next week.

  93. So, check this out. In my mailbox this morning I received a package.

    An LLAP listener sent Dan and me not ONE but TWO Flesh Gordon movies: The Original and the the Sequel. Didn’t even know there was a sequel.

  94. I’m always building people up just to let them down and mess them around and worst of all I never call when I say I will.

    “I’ll be over at ten”, I’ll tell you time and again
    But I’ll be late and you’ll wait around and then
    You’ll go to the door until you can’t take any more.

  95. So 2 things have happened.

    1. My next door neighbor who I only know a teeny bit came over with her 4-year-old granddaughter. They’ve had an emergency and need someone to watch her for a couple hours. OK. Cj’s babysitting dropoff location is open today.

    2. My a/c unit has failed. At last glance it was 93 degrees in the house. The a/c guys should be here within 45 minutes.

    Holy F….. I’m hot!

  96. Okay let’s see where we stand –

    () CJ is Hot!
    () Lejon is about to blow. … or maybe not. He’ll let us know.
    () Jack thought she meant the other Buttercup which she didn’t but by coincidence I was once Wesley/Dread Pirate Roberts.
    () TEB may have something caught between her teeth … for some time to come.

  97. Well, I had a joyous day–not!–with the doctor and his tests. Perhaps some good will come out of this. As my reward, my wife & I went to see “District 9”. Wow. Not quite what I expected. I enjoyed it. My wife, less so, but she’s more of a fan of straight-action-blow-em-up films. I tend to like the stranger stuff.

  98. It did, but the movie was fairly different from a typical American movie. It didn’t help that the main character wasn’t likable, but that was also the whole point.

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