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1st message of the week: Vanamonde

Greasy Nipples

Justa J0e
Johnny Null
JR Murdock
The Energizer Bunny

New episode of Questors from Effpiem coming along with plenty of other content.

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Exciting dramatic conclusion of “Nowhere in Jersey is Safe”

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474 thoughts on “Nowhere in Unshow 43 is Safe

  1. I always wondered how -anyone- did the underpants thing. Now I know it is ‘cuz they all suck, um, I mean, are right-handed.

    Also, I feel six saying underpants. Underpants underpants underpants. Yup, still six.

  2. Well, I’m glad to see that’s finally been taken care of. Another one for society to check off the list. My congratulations to all the Deadpan Lefties.

  3. I’m not sure what is worse. Using the wrong word or not following the advice in the mental note for a second time in 10 minutes. Wow I’m a Moron.

  4. Jack: An enjoyable Jersey-related tale. Otherwise unheard of.

    And after listening to this episode, I have determined that Jack is part of a geek club. He called it a “keyboard clique”.

  5. Every once in a while I’m reminded of the . . . delicateness . . . of part of my anatomy. Often when I’m winding up long extension cords. There’s life living on the edge of volcano thermal vents and we can’t be just a LITTLE more protected?

  6. Our weekend will be spent cleaning out the bedroom. We got new furniture and it will be delivered on Monday. Now to tell hubby I bought a new bedroom suite without his input. (not as bad as you think, he knew it would happen this week)

  7. Good to see the Bunny up and at em.

    I have had quite a day and it’s not even 2pm yet. It’s amazing how many people I have had actual conversations with today.

    Is it possible to have too much interaction in one short period of time?

    I’m officially going out of town this weekend. Have laptop, will travel. So, I’ll be around, but can’t say if I’ll be posting much while I’m in the cooler climate. Dan almost had to work and we were going to cancel our trip, but someone stepped up to cover for him so, I’m going to start packing!

    Salsa Festival, here we come!

  8. After all of these years, I still have no idea what that movie is about. I suppose I should see it but that one scene (which is almost impossible to have NOT seen over the years) has put me off seeing the rest of the film.

  9. Vanamonde: It is indeed my actual birthday. Even though it’s a major piece of personally identifying information, I left that accurate in some places.

    Thanks for taking note.

  10. From the Department of Unfortunate Statements –

    Research in Motion (makers of the Blackberry) are commonly referred to as RIM. Yesterday afternoon they released their quarterly earnings.
    A CNBC host was talking about the market implications of their report and what it would say about the Technology sector.
    His quickly spewed out comment as his segment ended was “We will know more after we get Rimmed”


  11. justa J0e: Thanks much. I would like to thank all the little people. The bacteria that allow me to digest food, the white blood cells, hemoglobin, the list just goes on and on.

  12. Funny Bunny!

    Happy Friday, DP! It’s the last day of our vacation – it’s been a good one.

    Last night we watched the original pilot and the unaired episode of Dollhouse — you were right Ed, they were fantastic!

  13. I know, TEB!

    My plan for today includes some landscaping, but with my bum shoulder, Sly B will be doing all the heavy lifting. We’ll also be watching more TV, because we’ve only watched about 5,000 hours of it this week, and making some macaroni and cheese.

  14. Oh, Mac and Cheese sounds good. Maybe for lunch….

    I’m actually now out. probably for the day. Likely for the weekend. A girlfriend of mine is taking me out for the day tomorrow. We’re going to do lunch, see the movie 9 and then see what the evening brings πŸ™‚

  15. I’m only about 1/2 way through Evo’s recent show. I don’t have a lot of non-child time on the weekend and something about that show just forces me to listen when they aren’t around. Not sure what it is… πŸ˜›

  16. Parting of the clouds … I shall go to dinner and a movie tonight. A last minute date as it were. Going to get Thai food and see “The Informant”.
    If I do say so myself … I clean up rather well! πŸ˜‰

  17. Watched the S2 opener of Dollhouse after getting home. I thought it was a pretty strong start, especially given the flash forward that is Epitaph One.

    And, speaking of Flash Foward – watched that on the TIVO today. They’ve come out swinging hard with that one. Hopefully it will payoff.

    Though, the preview for V was most intriguing. I don’t remember the Slice gang ever mentioning that Inara is the face of the reimagined Visitors.

  18. This weekend has been made of win so far.

    I even took a nap. In the middle of the afternoon. ZOMG… that NEVER happens! Two hours! TWO!

    And I read about 4 chapters IN.A.ROW in the book I’m currently reading.

    So Good! I share the joy with all of you – and I will post pictures in a day or so πŸ™‚

  19. I’m grabbing Cosmos via P2P, boy does that bring back memories.

    Oh and I’ve said this before, but it still stands, the book is still a good read..

  20. Well back, and Surrogates is worth checking out. I haven’t read the comic so don’t know how faithful is to the source material. The plot is interesting if a little well worn (a useful technology being turned on it’s users).

  21. Jack: That video made me want to go watch all the episodes of TOS again. I love TNG just as much, but the TOS has so many colorful characters and a bit more of the silliness which that video clearly highlights!

    Amy: I’m reading Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner.

  22. So I saw “The Informant!”.

    It was not the “slapstick, laugh riot” that the previews would lead you to believe.

    It was actually quite funny but it was more like … well sort of like a documentary (it is based on a real characture and events) but full of “The Daily Show” type. ironic humour … and a lot of that “How stupid can people be” type humour.

    I thought it was well done and had some really good performances.
    I recommend it – but maybe as a matinée or video rental.

  23. I’m so relaxed I think could actually sleep more. Is it wrong that I also feel so guilty for feeling so relaxed. Soooo not used to this. We should go away more often.


  24. Morning Pan!

    Saw 9 on the weekend. It was…It was. I’d say wait until it comes out until video. Hubby and I wanted to see Surrogates but life got in the way. I was rather indifferent to the graphic novel.

    Working this morning and getting the bedroom ready for the new furniture.

  25. Good morning!

    I’ll be off to the gym this morning and then it’s end of month and I’m going to get started early. I have high hopes of being productive today-this week-etc.!

  26. Fan of Dr. Tyson as well.
    Was a big fan of “Cosmos” as well. It had the added plus of being a show my Dad really liked so watching it became one of those father/son “bonding” things.

  27. Oh … and good morning all.

    Essbee – Best of luck at Evil Inc. (don’t drink the Kool-aid)
    TEB – remember to use twice as much mounting hardware when attaching those mirrors to the ceiling. Better safe than sorry. πŸ˜‰

  28. meh
    The external Maxtor drive that contains my music and podcast library … has suffered a power failure. Don’t have time to troubleshoot at the moment but this will really suxor if I can’t revive it.

  29. back back back … and it’s gone! High above the outfield bleachers. Jack’s reference may have made a new altitude record as it soared over the heads of all the kids and left the park!

  30. Happy Story to Share.

    Really it’s not that exciting, but I went to the grocery store to get milk as ours expired over the weekend. Picked up a few extra things – fruit was on sale which is always a win.

    So we are in line to checkout and it’s taking longer than I’d like so I go to the self-checkout and start ringing up. The cashier in charge of the self-checkout hands me this beautiful in bloom long-stemmed pink rose. (actually she gave it to my son and said, “Here give this to Mommy.” Then the bagging dude gave my son a balloon.

    It was like we’d won a prize or something just for being regular customers. We shop there all the time so we are recognized, but it was just a couple little things today that were sweet.

    It’s often the little things that can make or break your day. πŸ™‚

  31. Hmm we have slushies that we get at the QT – they come in different flavors. Sometimes 7-11 has them with sugar free flavors so I can have one too. I like the sugar free Pepsi slushie. Slushies are the closest I want to get to anything snow-like.

    S.N.O.W. – Something Nobody Obviously Wants

    (at least according to this message thread)

  32. Is anyone else excited to go see Toy Story in 3D? Am I alone in my love of these 2 Pixar films? (Toy Story 1 and 2) and I’m scared for #3 when it comes out. I want it to be great.

  33. I love PIXAR films.
    3D ? Not so much.

    I don’t care how “good” it is … the novelty of “3D” lasts about 5 minutes with me and then it’s just an annoying distraction to whatever story they are trying to tell me.

  34. I agree kinda on the whole 3D thing, but I admit it I did see Captain EO more than once and it was pretty cool.

    It also wasn’t 90 minutes long.

    I think I’m mostly just excited to see the movies in the theater with the kids. They are 2 of our favorite movies to watch as a family because we ALL really enjoy them. I think seeing them on the big screen is going to be super fun!

  35. Someone from Wisconsin who moved to AZ and when asked if we would ever move back. his answer was “Hell no” when asked why he said “You don’t have to shovel sun shine.”
    I personally want to move back to Seattle.

  36. TEB: Congratulations, you’re a… Wait… What do you get called when bouncing baby furniture arrives?

    Cj: For me, the term “3-D” has always signaled a “Look Out, Cap’n! She’s Gonna Blow!” sort of warning (i.e. “please don’t watch our bad movie, for it will suck much”) – Sort of in the vein of Jaws 3-D or Spy Kids 3-D, etc. – However, Pixar went through much effort to develop the scripts for Toy Story and Toy Story II – the only thing that could screw up a 3-D version of them is the addition of pointless “oo-ahh” moments. If the 3-D is used to enhance the original story, that’ll probably work.

    In Fact, I recently listened to a [url: Technorama [/url] where they interview a guy from a In-Three (a company converts 2-D films to 3-D where the final product looks as if the original stock had been filmed in 3-D in the first place.) They were probably tapped for the Toy Stories films.

  37. JΓƒΛœ: Oh, yeah, they’re annoying as hell if the whole point of the movie is to sell 3-D… I have heard that Up, on the other hand, used it as an enhancement, rather than for cheesy effect, and did a good job of not being annoying. Of course, I haven’t seen up yet. Fear of heights and all…

  38. Lejon: I had to go to your link for sure after all that work you went through to post it. Saved and will listen.

    Jack: 8-D? Would you just settle for Double D?

  39. 8D? Definitely risking a sprained tongue with that one.

    I am intrigued at the notion of seeing the Toy Story movies in the theater again. Though, I’ll be curious to see how the double feature works. I’m sure my kids (or myself) could sit still for three hours….

  40. As for deportation – my company has an office in India and I’m heading there for a week for coordination and training. It’s about 20 hours in the air each way. My contact will probably be pretty sporadic starting Friday.

  41. Well over on this side of the pond Up is coming out next week and I will probably see it in 3D.

    Saw Creation today, as a costume drama it’s not bad, but it’s not half as controversial as the hype is making out.

    Unless you think Darwin was part of Satan’s master plan..then you may find it getting you riled up.

  42. Did anyone watch The Cleveland Show (Seth MacFarlane’s newest animated series)? I wasn’t that impressed, but I’m having a hard time deciding if it’s just because they had to do so much character intro that they couldn’t fit in many jokes (like the start of American Dad) or if every new series he does will suck just a little bit more than Family Guy (like American Dad). I suppose that only time will tell.

  43. We watched a lot of Episode 1s for a lot of new shows last week. Mostly, we were underwhelmed. Keepers so far:

    Flash Forward
    The Forgotten (25 year old crush on Christian Slater)
    Modern Family
    The Good Wife

  44. “company converts 2-D films to 3-D where the final product looks as if the original stock had been filmed in 3-D in the first place.)”
    I guess what I’m getting at is … can you name ANY good films that were actually made better by being in 3-D?

  45. Just delete “Heroes” from the DVR record list. It feels good.

    I tend to like “Family Guy” in small doses. The gag after gag kind of numbs the impact to me.

  46. Jj: I would say that any movie with Dolly Parton would be made better by making it 3D, but you distinctly said any GOOD films, so I’m at a loss.

  47. Buckaroo Banzai: I’d love there to be sequels, but I’m pretty sure they’d be super-awful. So I don’t want there to be sequels. Yeah.

    Ed from Texas: Happy travels. I do not envy you on this one. But if you’re hiring, let me know. πŸ˜‰

    Vanamonde: Well done with the Cthulhu reference!

  48. meh

    Somehow the second stanza of my fractured fairy tale did not post.
    Should have been –
    “Van’s been to London to Deadpan the Queen.”

    *picks up Van’s coat and slinks out of the bar with head held low*

  49. Attention Computer geek types.

    It seems that I need a new enclosure for my Failed Maxtor external drive.

    I’ve never shopped for such a thing.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    It is a Maxtor 500GB “One Touch III” drive with 2 Firewire ports and external power.
    That’s about all I have to go on. Oh … the current case is about 1.5 x 5 x 8.25 inches.

  50. Honestly, joe, unless you really need to recover what is on that drive, you’re probably better off just getting a new external drive. I’ve seen Terrabyte drives going for less than $100 now.

  51. If you really do want to reuse the drive, you’re going to need to pull it out of the case so we can determine what kind of interface it has (ie. SCSI “scuzzy”, IDE, SATA) – that will determine what kind of new enclosure you would need to get for it.

  52. Thanks Ed.

    This is actually my “back-up” drive … except that after I had backed up 2 computers to it … I still had 200gb of free space just laying there whispering “Take me. Take me NOW!”
    Being the data ho that I am … I quickly organized ALL my music and podcast files onto that drive and was using it to feed iTunes.
    All that stuff is around here … somewhere, but it would be worth $60 to me to just move the drive to a new housing.

    BTW – I WILL NOT be going bigger then 500gb until they come up with a drive that never fails. That would just be too decimating!

  53. justa J0e: “never”? *cough*

    As I understand it, if you have a 1TB drive, the more platters that make up the 1TB, the more prone to breakage it is.

    But I could just be dead wrong.

  54. Or as Roger Waters said:

    The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
    He makes me down to lie
    Through pastures green He leadeth me the silent waters by.
    With bright knives He releaseth my soul.
    He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places.
    He converteth me to lamb cutlets,
    For lo, He hath great power, and great hunger.
    When cometh the day we lowly ones,
    Through quiet reflection, and great dedication
    Master the art of karate,
    Lo, we shall rise up,
    And then we’ll make the bugger’s eyes water.

  55. Jø – “Never” as long as I can fight it.
    Maybe they will start giving away old 100gb drives and I can just utilize a shelf full of them.

    Jack – Just one back-up ??? In my research for this problem I actually ran across post where people were being chastised for not having made back-ups OF THEIR BACK_UPS !
    So now you are expected to own three, 1 Terrabyte drives for every Terrabyte of data you wish to hang on to.

  56. /engage panic mode

    /panic mode engaged


    So tomorrow, fingers crossed the trains run on time, I’m meeting up with somebody I’ve spent the last two weeks chatting too on the phone.

    Yeah I’m nervous.

  57. Crap. One of my fave scary flicks growing up was “It”. Actually, I thought it was “It”. Apparently I have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s a black-and-white film. As I recall, scientists find a UFO under the ice in the (ant?)arctic. The action takes place in the shelter that they’ve erected there. There’s a great scene where a guy is going to do an autopsy and surprisingly the body on the table has been infected by the alien whatever, has grown a mouth in the corpse’s torso and bites the dude’s arms off.

    Any guesses as to the title?

  58. I watched the b&w just last week. Honestly, I enjoyed both versions, but I have a weakness for Carpenter cheese.
    And Johnny, I’m pretty sure you’re confusing the 2 versions. The chomping scene wasn’t the black-and-white. Probably the color, but I dunno; it’s been a few years since I’ve seen it.

  59. Food for thought –
    “Transportation officials said in a research report that 5,870 people were killed and 515,000 were injured last year in crashes where at least one form of driver distraction was reported. Driver distraction was involved in 16 percent of all fatal crashes in 2008.”

  60. I would point out that after just 80, “air bag” deaths (over a period of a few years) in the U.S. resulting from children (or small adults) being in the front passenger seat of cars when the airbags deployed … Congress lept into acion and forced the auto industry to change car designs so that the driver could shut off the airbags.

    Apparently the Cell Phone/Hand Held industry has a MUCH better group of lobbiest.

  61. I usually really dislike listening or reading a series if it’s not completed. My memory is lackluster enough that the period of time between installments really interferes with my enjoyment. That being said, I’ve been listening to The Stolen Moon of Londor on Podiobooks. I’m quite enjoying it. The first six files are up.

  62. Morning Pan!

    Was supposed to be downtown today but I decided the four block walk from the train station to the office was not in my best interest – Or is that I wasn’t interested?

    Anyway, at home again this morning. Not going anywhere all day (stupid start of month end)

  63. I never start a book listening to a book till it is finished. I got burned on that once with a book the was pulled because it was not updated for a year. And again when I started a book with 3 parts left. That book did get finished but it took nearly 6 months to get out 3 episodes. I even made sure to look at the past releases to see if they where consistently released… live, listen, and learn

  64. After reading the comments:

    Van, like everybody else, nothing but well wishes firm in the knowledge you don’t really need them. You’re a great person and anybody who thinks otherwise is a fool πŸ˜‰

  65. I find I need that tactile bookness. I’ve listened to several books both through Podiobooks and Audible and find I don’t often finish them. More often than not, I’ll start a book then pick it up, if it’s available in print form, to finish it. I’ll sometimes read during commercials on TV and it’s also harder to start/stop an audio book then an actual book in that situation as well.

    My hubby, on the other hand lives for his audio books. He has an hour(ish) drive each way to/from work so he’ll put it on and listen as he’s driving.

  66. I still strive for nicest. I hope your sheets spread in an acceptable manner today.

    My assistant is retiring – Friday is her last day – and I am so not going to love life after she’s gone.

    Ok, I’m off — have a wonderful day, y’all!!

  67. I have a 40 minute drive to work for listening and also I go to the store often which is 10-15 minute drive there, grab the ear buds when i’m in the store than 10-15 minutes home. add washing dishes and i get quite a lot of time. Being dyslexic sitting down with a book isn’t easy; sometimes it is even a chore. I read the Harry Potter series and it took my kids (15 & 17) about an hour to read 2 chapters but for me 2 chapters might take a full week of reading over lunch hours and when my wife was watching something on TV i wasn’t interested in. I don’t think I would have picked up a book again if podiobooks hadn’t made me interested again in reading.

  68. All that being said, I did enjoy Both the Star Trek novel and Coraline in audio form. Sylar and Neil Gaiman are both good readers πŸ˜‰

    If it’s something short, I’ll listen to it, but anything larger than a few hours, I needs my old fashioned hand held πŸ˜‰

    Just shows there’s a market for both.

  69. ooohhhh, had to change one of my work passwords today. There are four of them that I have to change quarterly and I can’t use the same one I used in the last year, nor can they have too many letters the same as the previous one. Let’s see if I remember what I changed it to tomorrow

  70. CR: Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett πŸ˜€

    Heading out to volunteer in my little girlie’s classroom this morning. I, too, have to start month-end prep.

    I even went to bed early, 9pm, last night to give my eyes a computer break since I’ll be looking at the screen non-stop for a couple days.

  71. I just finished reading The Watchmen. I’m waiting for my son to finish it so I can watch the movie with him. Reading it makes me want to pull out my old comic books and read them again. I don’t have many but I did enjoy reading them.

    I hate end of month jobs. Making sure backups work correctly is very dull. But on the upside I have more time to Dead panning

  72. Last month’s month end was kind of fun. With Cj’s help I learned to spice it up 😳

    Whatever it takes to make the tedium less.

  73. I seem to have pretty much given up on dead tree media for the foreseeable future. I’ve got a couple of books that I’ve started, but haven’t managed to make the time to finish. I’ll probably end up getting them as audiobooks – I finally got myself a subscription to Audible a few days ago. About 36 hours in the air back and forth to Bangalore, plus layovers is going to give me a lot of time to listen.

    I’ve picked up the original Dune and the first Dresden Files as my two starters. Dune I read many years ago. Dresden I’m trying on reputation, particularly EssBee’s endorsement.

  74. For me … it hasn’t been a mater of choosing one media over the other. It is a mater of life forcing me to go with audio or go without.

    There just isn’t time to read books unless I give up the 2 TV shows I watch every week … and even then, I’m not sure that one hour ever twice a week would let me really “get into” a book.

  75. Oh yeah. Not exactly going to be a secret because:
    1) I don’t care if he knows and
    2) I’m horrible with surprises anyway.

    I was at Sentry Box yesterday and saw a couple of movies I was talking to Jack about when I was in Arizona. Do I send them for Christmas or hold on to them and give them at the next DP meetup?

  76. I’ll listen to audiobooks when I’m at work, otherwise I too prefer actual text. And I hate reading a book on my desktop. An e-reader I’d try.

  77. I prefer the audio versions when I’m in the car or at work. I can read and drive, but I keep hearing about that is supposed to be dangerous and my wife freaks out when I drive with my knees, so… And I get coated in grease and ink at work, so I would have to read really really fast to finish before the print got obliterated.

    On the other hand, I have never been as immersed in an audio story as I am with a text based. If my eyes can wander, they do. And then I find myself thinking about something else and then I realize I’m not listening (again) and trying to rewind to the point where I dropped out is way way harder than just flipping the page back.

    As for deadtree versus digital, as long as I can get the text formated to about the same width as the average paperback, I’m good. Well, it cannot be CRT tech. That flicker just drives me nuts when I try to read off it. All in all, that pretty much means that I can and have read books on my phone, but I greatly prefer the paper.

  78. I like to read. Dead trees make me feel all comfy, but I find that I am 1.) a slow reader, and 2.) reading puts me to sleep (does not matter how exciting it is, I will pass out after 5 straight chapters)

    I’d like to try an electronic reader, but I’m not sure which one I’m willing to amputate an arm or leg to get yet.

  79. I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets… I will not give in to temptation and avoid my spreadsheets…

  80. So last night I dreamt that TEB was trying to put the moves on my wife at a party. I woke up feeling conflicted. I blame the chicken nuggets I ate for dinner.

  81. Naked Twister???

    What happened in Phoenix stays in Phoenix…

    Time for another round of spreadsheet double entondre

    damn how is that spelled any way???

    Cool thing today – Was just asked if I wanted Wander Radio destroyed in an audio drama Halloween special…
    Of coarse I said yes…

  82. I think one of my favorite lines from the weekend was when Jack said, “I’m just wondering how far you two are going to take this.”

    Note: He looked hopeful.

  83. TEB – You’re my Hiro!

    The people over at Broken Sea Audio Productions have several Audio Productions ( ) There anthology series OTR Swagcast replays old radio plays with intros from a host (usually Bill Hollweg) This year for the month of October Bill’s Granddaughter’s will be taking over the Swagcast and the “world” – So I think it is an honor and something fun to do to help celebrate Halloween.

    The girls will be traveling across the Broken Sea Landscape reeking havoc… It will be fun…

  84. Arg! So there’s this little girl in my daughter’s class and my daughter REALLY wants to be friends with her, but this little girl seems to be a bully. She told Sarah she’d be friends with her if she her candy! UGH! So Sarah comes home and asks me to give her some candy to give to this girl so she’ll be her friend.

    I’m going to have to do a MM episode on this one. Why does she want to be friends with someone who doesn’t treat her well? Why does anyone? I suppose adults do this too, but it’s a lot easier to tell another adult “Walk away. That person is treating you like crap and you deserve better.”

  85. Good lord, all of you!

    Ed, we do seem to share similar tastes – aside from the whole political thing. Oh, and the gay marriage issue. Otherwise, I truly don’t know how these friends tell you & I apart. Dresden Files books are really fun and I think you’ll enjoy it!

  86. Oops.
    After I saw I wasn’t being persued I rechecked the post …

    Seems it was “Madly, Bunny!” and NOT “Mad Bunny”.
    Still, I’ve seen Monte Python and it’s best not to take chances.

    Goodnight mush.

  87. Just listened to Flash in the Pan.

    Thanks for liking the footbal scene Van. I’m surprised no one else liked it. How can you go wrong with Brian Blessed knocking people on the head.

    Jack, you didn’t like Shock Treatment? I’m astounded. I love that movie.

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