At last! Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Podcast: Episode #1

Your order is up. Two scrambled eggs and one extra-cheesy podcast. Please tip your server.

No RSS is available yet – but I’ll have that set up soon. I had a fiction segment in this one – but Mr. Mennengha and I agreed that it would be best to postpone that, since episodes 2-5 are already brimming over with content. So the fiction is out. Some of you have been kind enough to give me content – – if you don’t hear it here, fear not! Your stuff will be in episode 2. What *is* in this episode:

Mark Forman bumper
More introbabble
7th Son Podiobook promo
Unrelated Thought
Stolen comedy line
Morevi promo
Stolen rap/hip-hop lines
Getting a Leg Up promo
Spherical Tomi promo
Dumbass Memories
Music: “Spirit Man” Mango

And I think that covers everything. Like the podcast itself, these announcement plugs will improve with time.

15 thoughts on “At last! Jack Mangan’s Deadpan Podcast: Episode #1

  1. SonovaBITCH! That sucked hard!

    are you crying yet? nah im just kidding. For a first episode it was pretty good. Im guessing we can catagorize this cast as “variety”, when a better word appears ill use that.

    I have no idea what I would submit but do you have standards for submissions? do you have standards yourself?

    Ill be listening for the next cast… I can run and hide.

  2. OK, Jason C. is no longer allowed around here 😉
    Sheesh, dissed in the very first comment! And then categorized!
    Anyway, if you have content you want to submit for the Deadpan, then go for it. Send an e-mail, tell me what you have in mind, I’ll tell you how to get it to me.

    JR – I’ll have all of the RSS/subscription stuff straightened out pronto.
    Sorry to make ye do an olde tyme manual download to get episode 1. . . . . I’ll also make you churn your own butter.

  3. And you thought it would suck. Sweet Jumping Christ the potential is huge! You see, 7th grade humor is universal; made especially better when the host(s) are giggling like school children. Its also good to know that I will never get prostate cancer. Ever.

    I’ll wait for show 2 with mastur-bated breath.


  4. A muppet show start. How cool is that. I could almost hear you saying Wakka Wakka like Fozzy bear, but that’s all I hear when I hear Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

    Great start. My only complaint, pare down the adverts. I think you played more plugs than had content. I’d rather have a shorter show with more content.

    Other than that, I’d say you lived up. Hearing your wife bust up and not be able to read that lines was great. 🙂

  5. Praise from Andrea — yes!!!! *ahem* And to be fair – praise from Phil, JR, and Alvie — yes!!!!
    Thanks everyone!

    JR, thanks – you’re right about the adverts. Episode 2 will have about the same amount of ads, but much more content. And it’s just better.

    I’m going to start letting Phil Rossi allow JR to speak for me. GONG!

  6. Awesome show. Especially for a first episode. I can only imagine its going to get better in time. Keep them coming. Great job! I especially loved it when your wife kept cracking up and couldn’t read the lines. Giggles should definitely stay in.

  7. Wow. For months, I heard other podcasters tell their listeners not to listen at work, mainly because they look ridiculous when they start giggling and guffawing at their desks. That never happened to me until listening to this podcast.

    Hiliarious poop (ie: shit). Truly hilarious!

    How is listening to your wife quote rap as funny as it was? I think I’m going to go pick up some Eminem and get my wife to read it to me. Maybe something by someone who’s been shot a bunch of times, cause bullets make everyone better rappers. Sweet damn!

    Great work, dudes. Rock on!

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