Very fricken funny.

Yes, you can also see this from the link in Jason’s comment, but I think it deserves its own post here on the main page. It’s really pretty cool – and funny, even if it features the forbidden artifact. Thanks Jason C.! Your ban is lifted 😉 The text at the bottom actually fits nicely with the opening of Deadpan episode 2.

Speaking of art – the new header is from an image that Jaap Pelt put together for me. Thanks, Jaap! That wasn’t his intention for the image – – but I like the way it looks up there.

Jason C's Deadpan Artwork

Speaking of JMDP episode 2, I’m going to release it early – – one day this week. After that, I plan to pick a static weekly (or bi-weekly, still batting that around) release day. I know a lot of you are subscribed to Dragon Page podcasts, along with countless others. Do you want to suggest your preferred day for JMDP releases? At the moment, I’m thinking Mondays. . .

31 thoughts on “Very fricken funny.

  1. Oh a day for the cast, well if you go by the Dragon Page week, then thursday is basically a free spot. but its up to you, ill listen at anytime.

  2. I’m afeared if you look back at the old posts J.R, Phil Rossi, and myself are to blame for the bed pan incident. Dont feign ignorance Mr. Murdock. Dont do it! Or do…

    As far as a day, the Dragon Boys have a cast coming out each weekday counting the voice mail shows. I vote for Muesdnesday.

  3. I think that it really matters as to what is convient to you. The DP boys release something everyday. SO if you take you cast and divide it by 5. You could release a 4 min bit everyday!!!

  4. Peep death. Muppet Zen. JR Murdock, ladies and gentlemen. . . Thanks for that!

    Yes, you will hear occasional Duels on the Deadpan – – there’s even one planned for episode 2! That does NOT mean that there will never again be a Doodle on Wingin’ It!, however.

  5. Hey Sphincter boy-I heard first hand from Andrea that she want’s to have your ‘spherical.” Caused a big fight between her and KfK. Fighting over your dog water trophy. It took the mighty evo terrapin to settle ’em all down. Now, we talkin big mojo now.

  6. You people be nice to my boy Jackie. In third grade all the girls loved him and so did his social studies teacher. Even though Jackie started to make “dog water” later than most of the other boys in high school, he’s been producing a steady stream of it ever since.

    I’m knitting some nice argyle cookies for all of you people who are nice to Jackie and send some of your hard-earned money to him so he can lay around writing books, playing guitar and producing this high-concept audio art.

    I’m proud of my boy, he’s so cute wearing those bedpans on his feet and waddling about like a penguin. he’s a real card our Jackie.

  7. I love argyle.
    I love cookies.
    I love penguins.
    I love Jackie.
    I love Mama M.

    Full of fuckin love I am today.

    Talk like Yoda I just did.

    Hurry with Episode 2 you must.

    Sick of myself have I become.

  8. Dang it, Mama! You’re always embarassing me in front of girls!!

    (But – – “send some of your hard-earned money to him so he can lay around writing books, playing guitar and producing this high-concept audio art.” – – That part was OK.)

  9. Thats because you are on acid Mr. Rossi. Why else would you be listening to Jingle Bell Rock in April.

    Not that theres anything wrong….. eh fuck it.

  10. I hate Mondays. (Tell me why?) Because we only have Cover to Cover to sustain us until WI on Wednesdays. After the wacky weekend a Deadpan would be perfect for lifting up our spirits on Mondays.

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