Wow! A second post!

Rather than just accumulate 100 comments on that first entry from last month, I figured I’d add a new message here. It’s true, there is no way now that the crappy first episode will live up to the hype. The 2nd episode is already almost finished though, and will be awesome.

So – – the first episode will be out either tonight or tomorrow (and thanks for your patience). I say during the first episode that I’m going to release on a biweekly schedule, but you can disregard that. The second episode should be out fairly soon as well.

Thank you all for the great thoughts and comments!!!! You guys really rock.

7 thoughts on “Wow! A second post!

  1. Well super fantastic… better not suck. 😉

    And the norm for podcasts is that the first ep wont be so hot, but itll get better. Or is it worse? I dont know.

  2. Please do not worry about not being able to live up to other’s expectations. I know a few girls who would say that about me.

    Crap there goes what credibility I had…

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