Kingdom of the Crystal Scroll

There are some bad moments on the other pages, but they’re all still pretty enjoyable. This one is by far the worst.

Except for that thing with the refrigerator.

Rest in peace, Dad

John T. Mangan 11/3/194-2/21/2015 Father, grandfather, friend, son, big brother, storyteller, joker, patient listener, employer, and dispenser of wisdom and knowledge. Tonight, his pain ended. Tonight I focus on the great things he was, the great contributions he’s made to my life, and the great memories we made together.

For Whom the Page Scrolls

Time marches on.

Temporary Scroll Relief

Per EssBee’s request.

Mellow Scrolled

Still open to your BTiLC content.

The Man Who Scrolled the World

It was time.


It was time.

(Watch Big Trouble in Little China! Record your thoughts!)

Un Silent

No audio this time. Thst last thread was starting to require a lot of scrolling.

Un Mas

How about a new thread?

Give Un Thanks

A Silent Unshow this week for contemplation and digestion.