Temporary Scroll Relief

Per EssBee’s request.

Mellow Scrolled

Still open to your BTiLC content.

The Man Who Scrolled the World

It was time.


It was time.

(Watch Big Trouble in Little China! Record your thoughts!)

Un Silent

No audio this time. Thst last thread was starting to require a lot of scrolling.

Un Mas

How about a new thread?

Give Un Thanks

A Silent Unshow this week for contemplation and digestion.

The Sounds of Silent Unshow

Can’t wrap it up yet. Soon, though.

Breaking Bad, Fixing Good

This is a post for spoiler-tastic discussion of all things Breaking Bad. I myself will not be participating in this discussion, because I’ve only seen the show through season 4. But you kids have fun in here and stay off the meth.

Be warned, if you aren’t caught up on Breaking Bad and want [...]

Silent Unning

This was supposed to be a full episode… then it was supposed to be an audio Unshow… and now it’s this. Can you hear me Unning?