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  1. The movie is done. It was ok I suppose
    But I had no thrills or chills, from my spine to my toes

    Based on a true thing, is what they say
    Bah, I don’t believe, ant won’t any day

  2. So I wasn’t terribly impressed with the first episode of Dark Matter. It picked up a bit towards the end of the episode, but it was one trope after another.

  3. So this week I finally finished off the first seasons of Gotham and Forever.

    There was lot of mediocrity in Gotham but still interested where S2 will go.

    Forever ain’t coming back, hated the narration but was starting to enjoy the episodes as the season drew to a close.

    • We’re still working on Peaky Blinders.

      Our inability to get through a 6-episode season is a reflection of our limited free time, not the show’s quality. I’m seriously loving this show and the hats they wear. Cillian Murphy has never been better.

      Once that’s done, we can consider OITNB season 3, Orphan Black season 2, Vikings season 2, the latest GoT, Arrow, etc.

  4. I don’t understand people. Hubby’s boss came to him and asked him to go to New Orleans… tomorrow. This would have been a week long trip. Now we will see what happens since hubby said no. One day was just too short of notice for a trip that far and that long.

  5. Far too humid a day to stand outside for an hour to listen to the CEO and film a commercial clip. If I can find it this weekend, I’ll share the youtube link (if anyone is interested)

    • Although times are changing as far as that goes. I saw Rush last month and someone lit up in the row in front of us. The people next to them went ballistic and insisted they put it out. Then the guy behind me leaned past me and asked the guy that lit up if he could have the joint because it would otherwise go to waste. Then the people next to him went ballistic. Crazy.

  6. In a different musical genre… I was excited to begin “Birth, Life, Death, Metallica”, which is billed as a no-holds-barred account of the band’s early days. I had about 15 different “oh please” moments in the first chapter alone, which calls the Black Album “uncompromising” and claims that the band is still pushing the musical envelope today.

    Let’s hope the gushing and bullshit stop when the book finally starts in on their actual Bay Area early days with Mustaine.

  7. On ordering a new electrical item, my CC was initially refused, when I phoned the company they said it was because I had used my desktop rather than the laptop.

    Thing is, both my laptop and desktop use go through the same router which should only show one IP address on the internet…so WTF!

  8. “North Korea: Country Claims It Has Drug That Can Prevent and Cure MERS, Ebola, SARS and AIDS”

    Yeah, it’s called ‘death’

  9. Ok any suggestions for curing an overheating laptop?

    It’s not the HD, which although 3 years old is not overheating according to the SMART data.

    I suspect the fans are no longer cooling the CPU+GPU properly. the vents in the laptop not blocked, and I’ve tried blowing air through then to shift dust.

  10. Oh and that moment of despair when you see tweets from Americans claiming Sally Ride was the first Woman in space..that.

  11. Every reputable and un-reputable news source – “The Charleston killings were clearly a hate crime”

    Fox News – “We cant say for sure why this happened but religion is under attack!!!”

  12. Got an email from Ello stating that they now have an app available.

    Lost the password and not sure I can be bothered to install it.

    • I love that the author cites Red Letter Media as a source. I only made it to the end of page 1 (of 9!? On the internet?), but I remain skeptical.

    • With some of those I don’t know whether it’s more disturbing that people thought of the idea or that he painted it so well. Others are just plain brilliant.

  13. So for non FBers, the lump on my heel is a rather large bone spur.

    So going to need to see a specialist to see if it needs an op.

      • This isnt a reboot. This character will be incorporated into the Marvel universe films and I dont believe they will be doing a reboot film.

        Plus they only rebboted Hulk once… so I dunno

    • I’m a little tired of Spidey. I’d like to see some different characters get their chance on screen.

      ROM: Spaceknight being the most desirable.

      • Understood but being able to see Spiderman and the Avengers together in film finally is really what its all about. Im all for a ROM as well

          • The Spider-Man problem as I see it: of 5 films for their most beloved character, only 1 was really any good (The Doc Ock movie). The rest are bad-to-ok-at-best.

            I’d love to see them get him right.

            Ditto for the Hulk. He’s been well-used in the Avengers movies, but otherwise, his film career is pretty meh.

          • I’m one of the ones who defends the Ang Lee film.. but whatev. I also think the first Spidey was a good film. The 2nd was a classic, and the 3rd and the 2 reeboots were shat. But none of these were Marvel’s fault. They probably watched on in horror as we did.

          • I liked the Ang Lee film even though it was probably too long. The real problem is that it wasn’t what a lot of the fans wanted, so it suffered from misplaced expectations. And I agree about the Spidey movies.

          • I generally liked both Hulk films, but agree the Avengers versions where best.

            I would rate the first Spiderman movie really good, the second one almost perfect (except for the botched heroic powers being linked to confidence, bah). The third one was a stinker.

            The first reboot was actually not so bad, just tainted by being the second origin story in four movies. The last one was shit.

          • ditto that’s one reason I defend it. It wasnt Hulk smash all time and that was fine with me. The comic is closer to that one. Was anyway.

          • I was so onboard with a gifted filmmaker like Ang Lee taking a philosophical, psychological approach to the Hulk. Such rich source material! Unfortunately, I just found his movie dull, with no payoffs in depth or action.

            The best pure Hulk movie to this day, IMHO, is the original Bill Bixby/Lou Ferigno pilot. No really! It was actually pretty good.
            Just stop there. Don’t watch the series. Don’t watch the one where he meets Thor. Just don’t. Leave that in your childhood.

  14. On some good news, the Alberta Publisher Awards nominee list came out today. All of the books in the Spec Fic category are published by us. So I guess you could say, we win. :happy:

    • Starring Bill Pullman as Roberts. Rainn Wilson as Alito. A black-faced Wilford Brimly as Thomas. And introducing An Ugly Bag of Mostly Water as Antonin Scalia

  15. zomg! I just read the modt appauling post on FB re: today’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriages. The post calls America the new Sodom. (i dont know or read the Bible so I dont know that reference) but thats not the appauling part.

    It is quite the rant.

    I am amazed and shocked by ignorance, all of the time. I dont know why.

    I hate stupid people. Most stupid people are outspoken, which amplifies my hatred.

    Yes, I use the word, Hate. It’s valid.

  16. Been working my way through Branson on Netflix. Tom Hardy is clearly talented, but this is a bit much to get through all at once.

    Anyone k or of this movie? Or the real British career criminal? Van?

  17. Jesus… it took me all this time to realize that Tim Russ (who played Tuvok on Voyager) was the “We aint found shit!” trooper in Spaceballs

  18. CW: Florence and the Machine performing at Glastonbury.

    Thankfully watching it via iplayer means I can avoid the crowds and mud.

  19. Hubby and I had a long talk on the weekend. I don’t want to jinx it but, now that we don’t have kitty πŸ™ , there is a better than average chance he might make it out to the meetup/wedding next year. Part of it will depend upon when it is and if he can get a couple of days off.

  20. Apparently, the Millenials nowadays no longer use the word, cool.

    It is now an acronym for the following:

    They are not cool for saying the cool kids are losers

  21. Another Black church burned down in South Carolina. This fucking country needs to rally around the rights of minorities like it did with gay rights. Seriously wtf.

    Also good on the OK supreme court for ruling that Ten Commandments stature need to come down. Now can they take down that dumb ass satanic one too?

  22. Well I now have 11 days off.

    Plans have fallen through so won’t be going anywhere non local.

    Still no work for 11 days!!!!!!!!

  23. This time, I’m probably going to vote for the candidate that offers the highest percentage of non-lying, non-pandering, non-fear mongering in their campaign. I may finally have to do a write in for Mickey Mouse this time around…

  24. Enjoyed the new Terminator flick.

    Yes the trailer spoilt the twist.

    You will look for a blue box in vain.

    They over use the terminator Muzak with Arnie.

  25. Today’s retro game is Xenophobe.

    The arcade game is bloody hard.

    I may dig out my Lynx and play it on there instead as I can get further on that than in the arcade.

  26. Crap joke for the day:

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto were camping in the wilderness. After they got their tent set up, both men fell sound asleep. Some hours later, Tonto wakes the Lone Ranger and says,”‘Kemo Sabe, look towards sky, what you see?”
    The Lone Ranger replies, “I see millions of stars.”
    “What that tell you?” asked Tonto.

    The Lone Ranger ponders for aminute then says, “Astronomically-speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Time-wise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three in the morning. Theologically,the Lord is all-powerful and we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you,Tonto?”

    “You dumber than buffalo… It mean someone stole tent.”

  27. I’m thinking of getting a PS4 this week, just wondering if I should wait for the new 1TB model or just go for the standard and upgrade down the line.

    • A lot of the newer games take up a lot of space: 40-60 GB. But, you can always upload your saves to the PSN cloud and delete the game if you need the space. I also read somewhere about being able to backup to an external drive.

      Doubling the available drive is nice, but not super important imo. It depends on how much admin you will want to do in the future: a little bit, or a little bit more.

    • I’m totally digging the PS4, the Xbox One on the other hand is barely being used. Looking forward to getting the new Batman game today for the PS4.

  28. Roll up, roll up, a feeling old moment just happened:

    So unpacked my Atari Lynx to play some Xenophobe and the receipt fell out. I bought the ‘handheld’ on the 3rd May 1990.

    It still looks brand new, still works and is over 25 years old.

    wTF ! #oldfart

  29. CD: New Belgium’s Snapshot. It’s a wheat beer in a can. It’s a lot like Blue Moon, but more citrusy, on the lemon/grapefruit side. I like it. Very refreshing on a hot day.

  30. Considering we’re in the midst of the 100th Anniversary of the Great War I’ve taken it upon myself to dork out on the subject. This month its Dan Carlin’s magnum opus 25 hour, 6 part Hardcore History podcast “Blueprint for Armageddon”. ‘

    Also, just finished the BBC doc “Churchill’s First World War”. Both are recommended.

    carry on .