362 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #272: Amy, Van, and UsedHair Burn So Very Bright

  1. I thought I’d be able to subscribe to the current season of Game of Thrones on iTunes. Darn!

    Ah well, lots of other stuff to watch.

  2. You’ve got to love Calgary. Yesterday it was 18C (70F) and sunny and nice. Today it’s below freezing and snowing. *sigh*

  3. There is this guy on the bus. His beard is grey and neck hair is grey but his head hair is jet black.

    I suspect a Whig but I did fail my Agatha Christie exam in observation.

  4. Your crap joke for the day:

    There were two nuns…

    One of them was known as Sister Mathematical (SM), and the other one was known as Sister Logical (SL).

    It is getting dark and they are still far away from the convent.

    SM: Have you noticed that a man has been following us for the past thirty-eight and a half minutes? I wonder what he wants.

    SL: It’s logical. He wants to rape us.

    SM: Oh, no! At this rate he will reach us in 15 minutes at the most? What can we do?

    SL: The only logical thing to do of course is to walk faster.

    SM: It’s not working.

    SL: Of course it’s not working. The man did the only logical thing. He started to walk faster, too.

    SM: So, what shall we do? At this rate he will reach us in one minute.

    SL: The only logical thing we can do is split. You go that way and I’ll go this way. He cannot follow us both.

    So the man decided to follow Sister Logical.

    Sister Mathematical arrives at the convent and is worried about what has happened to Sister Logical.

    Then Sister Logical arrives.

    SM: Sister Logical! Thank God you are here! Tell me what happened!

    SL: The only logical thing happened. The man couldn’t follow us both, so he followed me.

    SM: Yes, yes! But what happened then?

    SL: The only logical thing happened. I started to run as fast as I could and he started to run as fast as he could.

    SM: And?

    SL: The only logical thing happened. He reached me.

    SM: Oh, dear! What did you do?

    SL: The only logical thing to do. I lifted my dress up.

    SM: Oh, Sister! What did the man do?

    SL: The only logical thing to do. He pulled down his pants.

    SM: Oh, no! What happened then?

    SL: Isn’t it logical, Sister?

    A nun with her dress up can run faster than man with his pants down.

    And for those of you who thought it would be dirty, say two Hail Marys!

  5. Well, I suppose it’s my own damn fault. Took advantage of the HBO freeview weekend to blast through Game of Thrones season 2 and of course the first episode of season 3.

    And, now I’m a subscriber….

    So, I’ll be watching season 3 in real time this go around. Oh, those poor ignorant fools who’ve not read the books, what a ride they are in for.

  6. I also have to share: The kids and I watched the original Twilight Zone episode, “Eye of the Beholder” together, which was a huge success for all three of us. Even if you know the ending, it’s incredible to watch the ways they maintain the trick for the full half-hour.
    I highly recommend that you watch or rewatch, if you have access to Netflix streaming, and can handle slow, old black-and-white.

    Goodnight :Tower of Terror:

  7. Hey Pan,
    I know this is late notice, but we’ve had someone drop for tonight’s recording of Back Seat Book Club’s discussion of Snow Crash. Any of you interested in joining in the discussion? Unfortunately, I won’t be on the show and haven’t had the chance to read the book yet, otherwise I’d have jumped into the discussion.

    If you have interest and are available at 10 PM Eastern tonight, (we may be fluid on that time if we have someone interested in joining in) drop me a note. Also, Skype is kind of a necessary evil for this sort of thing.

    Best way to catch me is to email tony at backseatproducers.com

    • I would love to talk Snow Crash, Tony, but I don’t know if I can commit to that time :-/
      Let me check the status of my BTDUs.

  8. Well, the 3rd presale offer goes on sale at 10am today for Depeche Mode. I’ve already read a bunch of hate comments on the internet about the shitty process.

    Ugh. Why does buying concert tickets have to be so damn stressful?

  9. K. So here we go:

    “my powerline adapter”
    “plugin down stairs”
    “i have two”
    “switch box”
    “keep one switched off”

    • Such sad news to hear today. The passing of Roger Ebert. I have so many fond memories of watching “At the Movies” with my sister and cousin. My love of movies is definitely influenced by Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel.
      End of a wonderful era in cinema.

  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I’ve just discovered that if you have a Google account and go to the Google homepage while logged in on your birthday, there’s a special birthday-cake Doodle there. :happy:

  11. Fun Beer warning:

    Never ever ever ever ever ever ever buy Rogue/Voodoo Doughnut’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ale. Smells like heaven, tastes like battery acid. And at 15$ for a bomber you’ll be cursing Rogue’s name.

    *Groucho Marx voice* Which is different than jerking off to X-Men comics and cumming Rogue’s name.

  12. In some species, the tumbleweed is detached from the plant by abscission of the plant stem; abscission has been shown in Psoralea and Kochia.

  13. The largest tumbleweed ever recorded was 38 feet in diameter. The giant Russian thistle grew on the east bank of the Colorado River near Ehrenberg in the spring of 1963.

    By the time spring winds had tumbled the giant ball to Wikieup, 92 miles northwest of Ehrenberg, it had worn down to 19 feet in diameter. An enterprising businessman hollowed it, plastered it, painted it orange, and turned it into a juice stand alongside U.S. Highway 93.

      • *likes this post*

        I’m obsessive enough to insist upon reading Discworld in the order the books were released, even though I know there are multiple sub-series going on and they don’t have to be read in that order to be enjoyed. That’s one reason why I’ve only gotten partway through Mort. 😛

      • Nice! My second favorite Death. 🙂

        I read The Color of Magic first. And I’ve not read them in order. It really doesn’t matter that much for this series.

  14. It’s a glorious Saturday spring morning!

    It will be capped off thie evening with a friendly bout on the ice between the Desert Dogs and the Yeti of the Rockies.

    Go Yotes!

  15. Just finished Saints Row the Third. Highly recommend it. Now on to DMC: Devil May Cry.

    Actually I think I’ll take a break first and hit the books

    CR: Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance – Lois McMaster Bujold

  16. CW: Latest Dr Who

    Your crap joke as Sunday peeks around the corner:

    Little Johnny returns from school and says he got an F in arithmetic.
    “Why?” asks the father.
    “The teacher asked ‘How much is 2×3?’ I said ‘6’”
    “But that’s right!”
    “Then she asked me ‘How much is 3×2?'”
    “What’s the fucking difference?” asks the father.
    “That’s what I said!

  17. I’m in Reno for my son’s gymnastics meet. On the elevator ride to our room was my family and Bobby McFerrin. Dooo doot doot do do doooo o doo a doooo a ew .

  18. There is a shit ton of great rock and roll coming out of Russia these days. One band, Louna, has decide to try and tackle the Western market with an English language album. They may or may not be successful, but its well worth a listen. and I wish them the best. Lousine Gevorkian may have the best female voice I’ve heard since Emily Armstrong of Dead Sara (which is unfair to day since Lou has been around a lot longer).

    This song is probably their most radio friendly, if not their most impressive. Good good stuff.


  19. My doh moment for the day:

    Hadn’t realised Matthew Rys lead actor in ‘The Americans’) is Welsh.

    So we have a Welshman playing an American playing a Russian..,

    My brain hurts..

    • …playing a Russian playing an American, or something. But, I am surprised at his origin. I would have guessed something more eastern European somewhere.

  20. A cupcake sandwich? Ain’t nobody got time fo that! Besides, we’re not allowed to carry knives anymore, or are we?

  21. Our power has been out for about half an hour now. I called the city and they have no idea when it will be back up. It’s starting to get chili in the house

  22. Hubby and I have decided dinner is ruined. We are thinking of heading out to eat. The only problem is, we don’t know how far the power outage is spread in relationship to our house

  23. The mind is a strange thing. The temperature inside the house only dropped by two degrees and yet my toes are cold, even in their socks. I also felt the need to put a sweater on. I go outside without a coat in colder temperature yet, when its inside my house, I’m cold. Go figure

  24. All caught up with the latest Game of Thrones. While this is going to be an interesting season, I do think it is going to be a struggle giving sufficient play to all the disparate threads that are running along.

    Shoot, I’m explaining to my wife as we’re watching that after five books, most of these threads still haven’t reached any actual payoffs.

    Unless Martin starts putting out 3000 page tomes, I don’t see how he can hope to bring this story to any kind of useful conclusion in two more books.

  25. Your crap joke for today:

    I took being sent to jail really badly. I refused all food and drink . Spat and swore at everyone and I smeared the walls with my own shite.

    The family said they are never playing Monopoly with me again.

    • You should see my work computer. I start my day with: IE for intranet apps (mostly), Firefox for external websites, monitoring tool, telnet client, work-order database GUI, Outlook, Notepad, instant messenger, and Excel. It only expands from there as I get into multiple instant messenger conversations, open documentation files, and (sometimes) get into a different monitoring tool or remote into a server. My tech-support team has 4-screen workstations and uses all 4. o_0 I’m used to it, though.

  26. Being the optimist, I went on line and booked appointments for the end of April to have our winter tires swapped out. Now I’m heading out. Hubby would like me to make the same thing for dinner that was ruined with the power outage yesterday. I have to go and get a few ingredients.

    Later Panites

    • This one could actually be worth it. While it does have a nice cult following here, Blake’s 7 really never came close to making waves over here. If anything, perhaps this would allow the classic show a bit of new interest here.

  27. … It’s movie time.

    Today’s movie is Eddie: Sleep Walking Cannibal

    The DVR write up: a once promising artist gets a job as a teacher, and finds his creativity recharged by a misfit with a gruesome sleepwalking habit in this ingenious black comedy

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