Jack Mangans Deadpan #160: Zenith

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Jack Mangans Deadpan #160: Zenith

Jack is NOT The Jerk

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From The personal journal of Pitfall Harry

Jack sings the Canadian national anthem with Amy’s help?

Those of you who still owe an anthem from the Olympics pay up now, or else!

EssBee tells of her favourite Deadpan memories

More from Pitfall Harry

Broken Lyrics Challenge by Paul Maki (recorded live at the Deadpan mmmmmmeetup)

We tripled March 2009 comments in 2010

Greasy Nipples
Lejon from Chandler (first comment of the week)
The Energizer Bunny
J.R. Murdock
Nomad Scry
Johnny Null
Amy Bowen

Pitfall Harry continues

Thanks to everybody. Deadpanites Are The Way

Results of the Deadpan Force

Remembering Joe Murphy. Never forgotten, always missed.

Thanks to Pitfall Harry aka Brian Brown

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Outro music, recorded at the Deadpan mmmmmmetup.

676 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #160: Zenith

  1. Regarding the PDF vulnerabilities, I can’t tell if this affects Mac and Linux OSes. I d/l’ed and tried the author’s test file in Foxit on JoliCloud (Linux variant) and nothing happened. I’m don’t know enough to guess if this is because Linux doesn’t use the .exe extension or just because it doesn’t specifically have cmd.exe… I have no idea what a Mac executable looks like.

  2. You take that back EssBee! He was utterly misunderstood! Have you WATCHED “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward….” er… oh THAT Jesse James. Yeah hes a douche.

  3. I did a Topeka image search for “Peta Wilson naked”. The I topeka’ed “kittens for hire”.

    The power of Topeka is immense.

  4. Morning Deadpan.

    In March 2010 we reached 3.28 times March 2009. Way to go.

    April 2009 was the second largest month of that year at 3,504 comments. What do you think the chances are of tripling that number?

  5. Calgary is now only 2 points behind the Avs for the 8th and final playoff spot. Talk about a fucking disaster. No offense, Bunny 🙂

  6. I did a Topeka search for “Jesse James girlfriend”.


    I love me tattoos. But I also love me tattoos on a good “canvas”.

  7. Michelle McGee, JJ’s first revealed mistress, has WP tattooed on the backs of her legs. She claims it doesn’t stand for “white pow__”, but “wet pu*#%.” Either way, gag. Repulsive. The latter would just make her a dumb chick who makes bad decisions. The former makes her the lowest form of life.

    She’s also got “pray for us sinners” on her forehead. Bitch is hard core.

  8. Also, she’s tough as hell. Her armpits are tattooed, and I can attest to the fact that the underside of your upper arms and your armpits are probably the most sensitive places on your bod to have inked. Ouch.

    I wouldn’t want to meet up with her in a dark alley.

  9. Month end today (boo!) then on holidays for the next week (woo hoo!). Expect me to be very intermittant over the next week or so, Pan.

  10. Oh, yeah. I will wear my wristband today, and get a root beer at some time of the day. Thanks for the reminder, ditto.

    Also, The Starter will be available for preorder at noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific/8 AM Deadpan Time.

  11. CP: Jet Pilot — Bob Dylan

    Well, she’s got jet pilot eyes
    From her hips on down
    All the bombadeirs are tryin’ to
    Force her outta town
    She’s 5’9″ and she
    Carries a monkey wrench
    She weighs more by the foot
    Than she does by the inch
    . . .

  12. I won’t be able to record anything for the next week (on holidays woo hoo!) so, after speaking with Jack, for now I’m calling out people here for their anthems.

    Vanamonde (maybe. Van did do an anthem for Finland before the contest began. However his chosen team was Finland. Deadpan, should Van do an anthem on a team Finland lost to, or are we happy with his Finnish anthem?)

    May record something if I haven’t heard anything next week.

  13. The best thing about next week holidays… After I’m done today, I’m shipping my computer off to Ontario so they can look at the cooling issues I’m having. Nobody can even suggest I do anything because I won’t have a computer 😎

  14. I just spent lunch remembering Joe. I got a little teary, and am joyfully remembering two things:

    1) working out and listening to Wingin’ It and laughing HARD every time he said something great

    2) exchanging a few emails with him and finding him to be kind, caring, and very charming. He and I talked briefly about the fact that I knew Matthew Shepard, and about an author (Kelly Anderson? I can’t remember her name, which makes me even more teary)

  15. To pick up a thread from last week’s conversation again, someone in the meeting I went to this morning said “leverage.” That group (the Valley Young Professionals leadership/planning committee) isn’t too annoying with the business-speak, though.

    I ended up having a root beer float with my lunch, too. :happy:

  16. I like Chrome, been using it since it first came out.

    I’m not a great extension/plugin user, so didn’t miss using FF that much.

  17. I have also been using chrome since it first came out and so far I LOVE it. I used maxthon and firefox before but nothing can match the speed of Chrome. I also tried Opera and I only really like it on the Wii and Blackberry.
    and also like Van I didn’t use that many plugins. I mostly liked maxthon for the ad blocking which was far superior to anything else I ever used.

  18. I use FF, Opera, and Chrome on a daily basis and I prefer Chrome. It tends to just work, faster. I know that I did run into one complaint with it, but it was minor and i can’t remember it anymore.

  19. Oh, and we have multiple root beers, birch beer, ginger beer, and occasionally even sarsapsarilla. I’m a bit flabbergasted that root beer seems to be a North American phenomenon.

  20. Bunny and Jack: Call me out.. go ahead. It’ll be done.

    NS: Yes, me too. Not sure if I like it.

    Amy: You are welcome.

    *Waving my Topeka back at Bunny*

    Dirka Dirka Dirka

    Matt Damon

  21. I got my starter AND rookie today. Imma slacker 🙂

    Almost done with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I like it. It’s not OOOO awesome gotta get it, but it’s good.

  22. Once you go Bunny you never root for the damn Flames who are about to surpass the Avs for 8th place…uh..

    Once you go Bunny you never feel funny.

  23. Once you go Rhett you must have lost a bet.


    [sexy]Once you go Rhett you always stay wet. [/sexy]

  24. Once you go CJ you always get beejay?

    *Note: The views reflected by Lo Pan are not necessarily the views reflected by Lo Pan or his agencies.

  25. Once you go Lo, you never no blow?

    Day off today, though I do have to work. Aha! There’s the evil . . .

    First, we’re off to look at gutters. What lesbos.

    Van, you da man.

  26. I have small request for anyone who’s interested: A friend of mine has a granddaughter in kindergarten, and her class is collecting postcards from all the states. Could you please send one if you live anywhere other than California? (I’m sure they wouldn’t mind international postcards, too :happy: ) Address to Kindergarten Class, St. Mark’s Episcopal School, 330 E. 16th Street, Upland, CA 91786-2050. Thank you!

  27. Well, Chrome is plenty fast so far. But, the only plug in that I use on Firefox is the Delicious plug in for bookmarks. Chrome’s plug in still needs a fair bit of developing as there’s no sidebar yet.

  28. Null is pro-Krull.

    I was unimpressed last time I tried Chrome. I didn’t see the fantastic speed, and I really need more add-ons.

    Of course, Firefox is still fairly slow, and crashes quite a bit on my notebook.

    I don’t trust Google nearly as far as I can throw [insert person here].

    All this being said, if something comes up and bests Firefox, I think we’ll all be better off.

  29. Of course, my ego prefers that one.

    I like Highlander. Just a shame that it ended with one movie. Too bad there wasn’t a few sequels. Maybe a cartoon or a t.v. series.

  30. I liked the show. In fact I think Im in the minority when I say I prefer the show over the film. Say la veeee….

    Finally watched The Orphanage last night. Great great film but I was expecting more scare.

  31. I enjoyed the campiness of the television series. It was fun. I even enjoyed the Raven spin off.

    I did not enjoy the movie.

    I think this makes me a heretic. Which is cool, I like getting burned at the stake. =)

  32. I do think you’re in the minority. But I bet that most fans of the show had that exposure first, or didn’t really have a connection to the movie. If taken on its own, it’s probably pretty enjoyable.

  33. LOL.

    I liked the first Highlander, the rest were all crap of course. Although I hear that there is an edited version of the second movie, that removes all the unnecessary retcon moments “like them being aliens” that is suppose to make it a better film. I liked the series as well, but not enough to follow it regularly.

  34. Hell, Krull is palooza worthy right now. 🙂 I was thinking though, after listening to the latest KAMN show about Blade Runner, they mentioned they couldn’t do Minority Report because it wasn’t old enough. Care to scoop KAMN? *evil laugh* 👿

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  36. Over here we have the Montague family:
    Old Montague
    Lady Montague
    Benvolio Montague
    Romeo Montague
    And their servant Balthasar

    AAaand over HERE we have the Capulet family:
    Old Capulet
    Lady Capulet
    Tybalt Capulet
    Juliet Capulet
    And their Nurse, Nurse

    Let’s get ready to Family Feud!

  37. I hate myself for the mail about to leave my box and head toward :jack: for fear that it may make its way onto a future episode of the :pan:

    I see you all shuddering upon listening.

  38. “General Uses

    Stinging nettle has been used for hundreds of years to treat painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia. Today, many people use it to treat urinary problems during the early stages of an enlarged prostate”

    I don’t care, I’m not rubbing it there.

  39. OK, hate is a strong word. I don’t hate myself (or anything for that matter, though I’m really not a fan of okra… but I digress)

    I just feel sorry for Jack because I’m skeered he might push play.

    Also, I haven’t had time to read a damn thing in here for hours. So I will do that now.

  40. Alright, let’s get Old Montague and Old Capulet down for the Toss up!

    Hands on Buzzers –

    100 people were asked the following question:
    Name a metal implement for drawing blood?


    Old Capulet, can you name a metal implement for drawing blood?

    CAPULET: Yes, a surgical needle

    Our Survey SAYS?


    No Needles! Old Montague?

    MONTAGUE: er, how about a Bare Bodkin?



  41. OK, so… here’s the deal. Someone at my office brought something for lunch that the rest of us in the office found very comical. One of my co-workers even took a picture. I want to share the picture, but am I being mean?

    It really is funny……..

  42. I’m not really here. I just wanted to hop in and stick my tongue out at Lo Pan while the Flames are still ahead :tongue:

  43. It does, Van?! I can’t wait to hear what you think. I believe it starts here on the 20th.

    We are headed to my folks’ for the weekend. Slovak Easter food is my favorite: Ham, home-grated horseradish, sedak (Easter cheese, which we’ll make this morning), kraut and polish sausage, and poppy seed bread.

    What? How else can I maintain this girlish figure?

  44. Just finished my lines for Lilith’s Love Podcast.
    Currently Playing the Manafest the Spotlight Artist for episode 51 – If Eminem and Linkin Park had a love child.

    Ok that was bad –

  45. Today we are having an Easter Egg hunt and picnic in the park and then tonight I’m taking the kids to see Dearspeak at a free concert!

    Fun day for us!

    Taxes can bite me. I’m gonna pay someone else to do them so I don’t lose my fricken mind.

  46. Looks like the park is a bust. A local church decided it was going to have its Easter celebration there!

    I can’t remember a year when I didn’t have an Easter party at my house anyway… why start this year?


    I love having people in my home!

  47. Took my kids along with my nieces and nephews to “How to Train Your Dragon”. Most excellent and quite nice in 3D.

    But, it’s a good thing I’m a well paid engineer. Wee doggie.

  48. 1.) I’ll see what I can do about Shakespearean Family Feud.

    2.) Van: can that player actually play from Bluray discs?

    3.) Ed – “Wee Doggie”? I don’t think Jed Clampet came from Texas, besides he ended up in Beverly Hills…

    4.) Van: No spoilers… we don’t get it here for at least… well I can’t say because my alternate method isn’t yet available…

  49. Cj: Sorry the day in the park didn’t work out, but enjoy your at-home party! My bank branch organized an Easter egg hunt in the supermarket they’re located in today. I participated, and got a reusable grocery bag as my prize. That was fun. 🙂 My city had an egg hunt for kids this morning.

    Ed: That’s pretty much what my parents said about that movie. They saw it in 3D IMAX, making it even more expensive.

  50. Amy, I am actually happy to have had the time here. I have this huge yard and I love when the kids are out there playing. It’s soooo fun!

  51. Good morning DP!

    ditto, I’ll send you some recipes – the Easter cheese is really interesting (it’s an egg-based “cheese”) and quite tasty with horseradish.

    I’m up at the folks, ready for coffee and a dip in the hot tub.

  52. Good morning. The Easter Bunny stopped by and left my kids some movies and bubbles and brought Dan gum and candy.

    That silly Bunny is almost as silly as OUR Bunny! :silly:

  53. it’s supposed to be chilly in San Diego today. Argh! no sun. *pout*. Looks like Easter in the park may be Easter at home this year.

    At least it was fun at the beach yesterday. I’m still in pain 🙂

  54. Yes, FB is correct. Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! :happy:

    Yes, my cake is delicious and not a lie. :happy: (Yeah, we already had some last night… it was there, and already made.) I followed Cj’s Oreo cake recipe again, this time using Joe-Joes, the store-brand Oreos from Trader Joe’s. The cake is still quite good.

  55. [random hockey comment] Congrats Chicago Blackhawks on their first division title in 17 years. Well done. [/random hockey comment]

  56. Jack: LOL! Yes, I had a fun Birthdeaster! 😀 Church, lunch, cake, then an afternoon trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, then a nice dinner out. 🙂

    My dad has promised he’ll get my microphone back from the classroom today.

  57. Morning Deadpan!

    Had a nice holiday weekend so far.

    Spent some time with some friends on Saturday. Saw Clash of the Titans yesterday. Today we’re off to the zoo.

  58. So when we were at Clash of the Titans, hubby and I saw a preview for Piranha 3D. That movie looked so hokey. For reasons I can’t explain, hubby and I want to see it 😆

  59. Interesting. I had no trouble seeing the circles. I’m always able to see the Magic Eye thingies really fast too.

    Does that make me “special” ?

  60. Good Morning! For all those that were worried, San Diego did NOT fall into the ocean yesterday despite Earth’s best efforts. It was actually a fun ‘rolling’ type of earthquake and another at 4AM this morning. Both pretty big.

    Jack: Did you feel either out where you are?

  61. I have to say COTT was one of the worst 3D films I’ve scene, with very little sense of depth, probably because it was retrofitted as a 3D film.

  62. I really can’t get myself interested in seeing COTT.
    (Christmas Ornaments That Terrify?
    Cranky Octogenarians Threaten Teenagers?)

    I did give in to all of your suggestions and see “How to Train Your Dragon”, which was a lot of fun. I admit my error in that pre-judgment.

  63. It sucks having to wait for the new Dr. Who. I see all the sites raving about it.

    Plus, I haven’t seen any of the 2009 specials.

  64. Tuxguitar is really nice, but I do believe the payware Guitar Pro is worth every cent. Version 6 is out this week and I play on upgrading soon. 🙂

  65. If you guys had to buy a computer for a mom (60ish) and a grandma (80ish) who would use the machine only for internet (facebook, email, pictures) and games (solitaire, casino), what would you get?

  66. JR: I got that error message, too.

    EssBee, Van: I agree, a netbook would be fine in terms of processing power, but its screen and keyboard are probably way too small to suit the users’ preferences.

  67. I cannot believe I’m going to say this:

    EssBee – sounds like you may have an ideal application for an iPad.

    I’m going to have to go take a shower now.

  68. Hubby and I watched this movie blind. We picked it up on a whim, we hand no knowledge what it was about and I think that’s the best way to watch it.

    It’s slow moving, no gee whiz special effects (well one, but that falls into spoiler territory), but is an excellent movie.

    If you don’t mind the slow moving sci-fi, I would highly recommend this movie.

  69. Again, don’t look for a lot of information or any spoilers on the movie. I think if hubby and I had seen a write up, we probably would have passed on getting it.

    Now, where’s my beer…

  70. I am soon to be once again among the ranks of the fully employed. I did not get that call center tech support job, which incidentally would have been providing Apple tech support for iPods and iPhones.

    However, I did get a new job where I will be doing exactly the same duties as the job that went out of business, in approximately the same commuting radius. I will be working less-than-desirable shifts (11p-7a), but earning around 50¢ more an hour than at the last place.

    I start next Monday, for a week of day shifts (which alas means I can’t go to my first Twins game of my 20-game pack) and then switch to the other shift.

  71. Still have not seen Moon, but I can definitely recommend “The Man From Earth” as a similar kind of film, from the sound of Moon…

  72. So apparently L.A. is in the hockey playoffs. I only know about this via Twitter. I did, however, care enough to mention it here. I hope we do have another singing bet. 🙂

  73. JB: Congrats!

    I’m seeking out a new position at my place… but I might wind up driving several miles north for the place where they want me.

    Time will tell…

  74. Tomi Are You OK?
    So, Tomi Are You OK
    Are You OK, Tomi
    Tomi Are You OK?
    So, Tomi Are You OK
    Are You OK, Tomi
    Tomi Are You OK?
    So, Tomi Are You OK?
    Are You OK, Tomi?
    Tomi Are You OK?
    So, Tomi Are You Ok, Are You Ok, Tomi?
    You’ve Been Hit By
    You’ve Been Hit By -v A Smooth Criminal

    (This has been stuck in my head for hours now.)

  75. RE: Moon

    Saw it at the flicks, great movie, but like The Usual Suspects, once you know the punchline I find it’s hard to rewatch.

    RE: Netbooks

    All the netbooks I’ve seen come with a VGA or HDMI port and USB ports so can be connected to a monitor and external keyboard. Essbee you if you want to do that you may want to consider a nettop like the Revo:


  76. Oh and there is no rational logic to my moon statement, since some films I can rewatch quite happily (Grosse Pointe Blank and A Matter of Life and Death are two examples).

  77. Need advice.

    **disclaimer I know what I WANT to do… I just don’t think it’s the right choice.

    An unnamed person made me “uncomfortable” last year. I won’t go into details and I’ve since avoided contact with said individual.

    Now I’ve received a request from this individual for assistance in a promotion. I certainly don’t want to burn bridges as this person is friendly with many of my network/community/friends. I also don’t want to be rude based on something unrelated and the act was personal, not business related.

    Am I over-thinking this? Should I just let bygones be bygones and pretend like it never happened?

  78. Aww, that’s sweet Cj. Although I’m not sure what to think about the fact they remember me most by is my dislike of chocolate.

    I don’t mind setting up a video conference, just not this week as I’m still holidaying.

  79. The reason she said it that way was last night she said to me, “Mommy, did you know that EVERYONE loves chocolate?” and I was letting her know that not EVERYONE does… and she asked who didn’t and you were one of the people I named.

    What she remembered is that you might be one of the people we can talk to online. That was cool 🙂

  80. Cj, my philosophy always is to be civil. I really believe that each person is doing the best that he/she can. Sometimes, a person’s best just sucks.

    I think that you can respond with a “no” without being rude, and without dredging up gross things that happened last year.

    If it was me, I would probably tell the person something like this: “I wish I could help, but I am really overwhelmed with work and life and just don’t have any time to spare. Good luck.”

  81. Mind your business, Miss Cj. Just don’t allow any dickface to use you like a doormat. I’ll kick ass if that happens.

    CD: going to a dreadful meeting

  82. I’ll read that later, ditto, thanks. I really liked Caprica. Sly B liked it too, but was pissed that nothing really happened.

    Jack, I’m ignoring your links altogether. 😉

  83. While everyone’s links may be SFW (where I work, we are required to look at porn sites. Crazy, but true) most are also on the restricted list.

  84. :ftb:

    F! YOU! :ftb:

    Just shut the hell up with the “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” BS.

    I call bS.

  85. Nomad Scry, I was trying to thing of what to drink when I got home yesterday because I wanted coffee and a drink. Now I’m sorry I didn’t replace the Bailey’s when we ran out just after Christmas.

  86. Aaaaaaand it seems that the new Clash of the Titans is certified rotten at 29% fresh. Thats only 1% higher than…wait for it… Twilight: New Moon.

    Good job Hollywood. Good job.

    Couse it just made 61 million its first weekend so Im sure they could give a fuck.

  87. Morning Pan!

    The hike into K-country has been cancelled today because Bunny is a dough-head.

    So we decided to stay local. Trying do decide between Fort Calgary or the Military Museum.

    Decisions, decisions.

  88. LOL, Van.

    I take at LEAST 4 advil a day. In fact, if I didn’t take advil before I went to bed, I wouldn’t get out of bed.

    As previously discussed, I am kinda butch, so not wimpy!

  89. I am most definitely NOT a Kate Winslet person… She does practically nothing for me. It wasn’t until Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind that I thought of her as an actress with potential… Seeing her Nude in Holy Smoke did not save that film. NOTHING could save that one…

    OH, and GOOD MORNING Pan!

  90. Re: Kate Winslet
    Fun to look at. I’m not the kind of person who likes to deeply analyze movies and TV shows I just want to be entertained.
    IE: I liked the 2 transformer movies. But I do know it was all flash. Though I also would never plunk down $36 for the family to go to the theater to see it. I’ll wait to buy it when it is on sale for $15.

  91. But for my bonny Kate, she must with me.
    Nay, look not big, nor stamp, nor stare, nor fret;
    I will be master of what is mine own.

  92. Recap:

    ditto. He swings only one way.

    Van. He is no wimp.

    Rhett. He might be Irish.

    Lejon. Kate, she does nothing for him.

    reaper. He has better things to do with his money.

    Jack. Team Kate.

    Bunny. On vacation.

    JN. Poppin’ pills.

  93. Ewan McGregor is one of the few Hollywood yummies that I agree with.

    He makes me swoooooon!

    Kate Winslet is quite the hottie too though…

  94. Ewan was on the cover of the last issue of The Advocate covered in mud with the caption “Ewan gets dirty” or something like that. To clarify, I’m not talking about the current issue — that one is dedicated to Sean Hayes (Jack from Will & Grace) coming out, which is just SHOCKING, I realize. In the McGregor interview, though, I really was impressed with him as an actor/thinker. His flopping around in various films was discussed in depth. I still don’t like his singing.

    Non-homophobic straight guys are hot.

  95. If you ever thought ‘Hey, Ozzy Osbourne is an interesting person’ then buy/read his book. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at one person’s antics.

    It’s got a lot of high (and HIGH) moments and a lot of lows. He didn’t hold back in his recollecting. Great stuff. Being an Ozzy and Sabbath fan, this book is awesome!

  96. JR, I loved the first season of “The Osbourne’s”. mostly for that kind of stuff. In home Star reality shows where a much more novel concept at the time

  97. I seriously just got an email from a guy with the last name “Glasscock.” Man, I’ve watched too much Beavis & Butthead.

  98. “Younger children may not be able to see it in theaters, but when it comes out on DVD, children of all ages will have access to it”

    I find this line of reasoning problematic. I could have just as easily said, “Younger children may not be able to buy liquor at a liquor store, but once their folks bring a bottle home children of all ages will have access to it”

    Apparently parents are powerless in the rearing of their children and thus adults must be censored across the board. I don’t find fault with the concern for the young actress playing an exploitive role, but the fearmongering about the effects of the film on society at large.

  99. [because you care] This unusual and interesting name, with variant spellings Glascock, Glascocke, Glascott, and Glasscote, is of English locational origin from a place in Warwickshire called Glascote, so named from the Old English pre 7th Century “gloes” meaning “glass”, plus “cot”, a hut or shelter, probably referring to a site once inhabited by a glass blower. Glascoed in the former Welsh county of Monmouth, so called from the Welsh “glas”, green, plus “coed”, a wood, may in some instances have given rise to the surname. On October 8th 1559, Peter Glascott or Glascock married Margerye Cheverill in St. Michael’s, Cornhill, London, and on October 2nd 1718, Susanna Ann Glasscock, an infant, was christened in St. Sepulchre, London. A Coat of Arms granted to the Glascock family of Essex depicts three blue cocks with gold talons, beaks and combs on an ermine shield, itself divided per chevron. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Walter de Glascote, which was dated 1332, in the “Subsidy Rolls of Staffordshire”, during the reign of King Edward 111, known as “The Father of the Navy”, 1327 – 1377. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to “develop” often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling. [/because you care]

  100. Who are we to pass judgement on that God created fluid, jizz? Paul Reuben likes it so much he shares it with his fellow movie going patrons.

  101. “the unusual and interesting name”!!

    I’m still stuck on Butthead me:

    heh heh . . . mm . . . heh heh . . . you said COCK.

  102. (drive-by comment – short on time)

    Hey FoxNews, wtf does it matter if the young actress you claim has been damaged is “attractive”? If she was ugly, the stuff you purport as damaging would be ok?

    BTW, Bush still sucked as President.