Jack Mangans Deadpan #163: Deadpan the Musical

Requiem for Lazy Show Notes.

This ep is not Levelated, though the previous one was. Your feedback is appreciated.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #163: Deadpan the Musical

Jack is a Sorcerer with a Sword

Jack phones it in

Promo – Podculture (http://www.podculture.net/)

Paul Maki Broken Lyrics Challenge – recorded at the Deadpan mmmmmmeetup

JR Murdock reading I Am Ozzie

Jack mashes music

Johnny Null gives us some Dirty Lyrics

New Zealand Anthem by Tee Morris and Pip Ballentine

Cj tells a musical moment

More Broken Lyrics Challenge

Greasy Nipples:
Vanamonde (First of the week)
Johnny Null
Johnny Null
Lejon from Chandler
Ed from Texas

JR Murdock rapping Green Eggs and Ham

(At this point the person doing the show notes just gave up. I don’t know who half these people are)

Johnny Null has more Dirty Lyrics

More Broken Lyrics

La Bruja – Sly B

Jack has happier news – thanks to all for their warm wishes.

Outro Babble

Send in content: 206-350-Tomi (8664) or e-mail: sphericaljackmatgmaildotcom

Closing music is part one of a “sloppy demo” recorded in Jack’s living room

Closing with Broken Lyrics

717 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #163: Deadpan the Musical

  1. Finally got to see the new Doctor. I came into Dr. Who late in life. So, whenever I think of The Doctor, I will think of David Tennant. Which is ironic as I thought he was going to be a disaster when he first replaced Eccleston.

    That said, I think this new one is going to do pretty well.

  2. You know peeps, you would really make my life easier if you introduce yourself before or after your bit. I think half my show notes are by guesswork.

  3. This is how boring our lives are. I hung new curtains the other day. Yesterday I made a few changes (as requested by hubby – he’s lucky I haz mad sewing skills). So what does hubby do last night? Take a bajillion pics of the living room and the new curtains. Really, I didn’t think they were that exciting. I have no idea what he plans to do with the pics. It boggles the mind.

  4. Fox has cancelled thier plans for a U.S. Torchwood. Crisis semi averted.

    Now if we can just get the BBC to redo Season 1 all shall be well.

  5. I get a kick out of KatG. It is the first comedy talk podcast I could stand listening to. I know the humor is generally at a pretty low level and I’m OK with that.
    I don’t put DeanPan in the same category though. DeanPan is something special in a different way.
    I like talk shows. When I’m listening to something alone I haven’t listened to music by choice in at least 5 years or more.

  6. Today’s movie is called The Unborn

    The DVR gives it one star, so we know it’s going to be good.

    The Writeup: A young woman who is plagued by nightmares and haunted by a ghost tries to uncover the source of a terrifying family curse.

  7. Definitely SModcast.

    I know I’m changing themes from low humor to celeb podcasts, but I’d like to recommend Doug Benson’s I Love Movies and the Kevin Pollak Chat Show…

  8. Seriously. You’re having kickass nightmares, you’re being followed by the creepy ghost of your twin brother. So you’re in the bathroom of some club and on the wall you see a giant creepy eye with a hole in it. What do you do? You look through it.

  9. one more reason I love my job:
    after the virus signature fiasco yesterday we got 5 email and 2 in person “thank yous”
    at my last job it would have been twice as many “what the hell did you do” and “What took so damn long to fix mine, don’t you know how important I am?”
    well maybe not those words but the implication would be there

  10. I lied, Gary Oldman is the Rabi. Her dad just looks a lot like the Rabi. Although, I haven’t seen them in the same room together. Hmmm….

  11. Sorry. Had to take a break. The yard people needed me to move my car so they could get in the back with their equipment.

    Now, were was I…

  12. Cricket Communications, Inc. founded in 1999, provides wireless services to about 4.6 million customers in all US states. The company is a subsidiary of Leap Wireless.

  13. The Crickets are a rock & roll band from Lubbock, Texas, formed by singer/songwriter Buddy Holly in the 1950s. Their first hit record was “That’ll Be the Day,” released in 1957.

  14. The Cricket Wireless Pavilion (commonly shortened to just Cricket Pavilion) is an amphitheater located in Phoenix, Arizona USA which seats 8,000 under a pavilion roof and an additional 12,000 on a spacious hillside behind the main stands

  15. Jiminy Cricket is the Walt Disney version of “The Talking Cricket” (Italian: Il Grillo Parlante), a fictional character created by Carlo Collodi for his classic novel Pinocchio, which was adapted into an animated film by Walt Disney in 1940.

  16. The Cricket magazine was a 19th-century American general-interest magazine – not to be confused with Jack’s children’s mag.

  17. Carrom Ball
    a style of bowling delivery used in cricket, named because the ball is released by flicking the ball between the thumb and a bent middle finger in order to impart spin

  18. My very very very first ever boyfriend was named Jeff.

    One day I called his house and “Cricket” answered his phone and said, “Hi, I’m Cricket. Jeff is in the shower. We just had sex. Who is this?”

    I replied, “His ex-girlfriend… apparently.”

    I don’t like crickets much.

  19. So I’ve been listening to Spherical Tomi. Jack actually got a frustrated gasp out of me when episode 9 ended. I had to go searching through to find the next episode on my player. So… ya bastard. =D

  20. And, so begins one of those long weekends where, when Monday comes, I’ll be ready to go into the office to recover. šŸ™‚

  21. Oh reaper….oh that room looks like a place where not nice things happen….

    “The result is a simple-enough-looking armoire that opens to a hidden room of magic and play.””

    Yuck and ugh. I hate my brain.

  22. Hi Gang – Yes TEB I know I still owe you a song… I will get to it. Really…
    This weekend I will be rubbing elbows with publishers and musicians and authors at a local con… WOOT! So I will not be around much. So be good pan.

  23. No sleep for this Bunny, Cj. šŸ™

    finished my work work, just finished cleaning the bathroom, off to the grocery store.

    Then to make puffed wheat squared, have a quick lunch, then hubby is coming home early and we’re off to the bank to sign some paper. Then maybe, just maybe I can rest

  24. Quick hop in, hubby home so more errands to run.

    JR, That statement was made because I ended up leaving a lot of blanks for Jack to fill in because some people don’t introduce themselves before or after their recording so I can’t give credit.

    That being said however, I occasionally put in my own little lines. The last time I did it (when Jack spoke of the health care debate), I asked Jack if that was ok, and he said he was ok with it so now, every once in a while… *shrug*

  25. Ditto: I feel that way about Al Gore.

    Though he’s a ‘green; man, I still find it funny that he bothers to pay ‘carbon credits’ to the company that he owns. I mean, I’d believe in the man more if he just wrote the check to himself instead of trying to pretend he’s ‘green’.


    TEB: Your show notes still make me laugh šŸ™‚

  26. Question for those of you who use WordPress with PodPress: Does PodPress just refer to the contents of your RSS feed? More importantly, are the actual mp3s just hosted on Libsyn or on your own server? My mom wants to make an mp3 available somehow through a WordPress blog post, and if PodPress requires there to be an RSS feed for it to work, we’ll just host it on our family’s domain.

  27. Amy, I dunno if you ever got the answer to your question. . . I *believe* that your file will need to be hosted online somewhere (Libsyn should be fine; FPM files are hosted at the FPM servers, WordPress itself *might even* allow a certain amount of MB uploaded). The Podpress plugin needs to know the file’s location, plus a few other bits of info about it. It should then be available in the player for that WordPress post, once you post it.

  28. Amy – I’d have to do it to remember, but I’m pretty sure that the WP & PP combo let’s you host the files anywhere – you just tell the plugin where they are so that it points to them and you will almost definitely want the FeedBurner plugin too.

  29. So listening to the lastest Wander Radio…through the little phone speaker, wolf sounded like Charlie Chan at the beginning of the episode.

  30. Does anybody remember the PEP bar? Or the York Peppermint Patties? We can’t get them here, if they’re still available, and my hubby has been driving me nuts about craving them the last few days. If they are still available outside of Canada, can I wiggle my bunny nose nicely and have some sent to me? I’ll gladly send some Bernard Callebaut to you in exchange (ask Cj about those chocolates)

    Not Junior Mints, we can still get those.

    Thanks bunches in advance

  31. We have York Peppermint Patties here. I will gladly send you some and you don’t have to send me anything in exchange as you’ve given me more than I could possibly make up for in this lifetime :heart:

  32. Well, this was an interesting day.

    On the plus side, I got some pretty good sell prices on Ebay for mine and my wife’s old phones.

    I think I’ll leave it at that and end the day on the positive note.

  33. Just a quick Hop in.

    Those are cute Cj

    Also, Jack and Ditto have to sing so far. Vanamonde and Cj move on to the next round.

  34. We have the Pearson Peppermint Pattie here in Minnesota, and I would swear the York was still on the market in the US in general.

    I’m partial to the locally-produced Pearson, though.

  35. Add the Avs supporters to the list of singers (sorry, Lo Pan).

    San Jose’s songs:
    Do you know the way to San Jose?
    or Shark Attack (Split Enz)

    Philly (grr)’s songs:
    Fly Like an Eagle
    Philadelphia Freedom

    Pittsburgh’s songs:
    The Kid is Hot Tonight
    Hang on Sloopy

  36. May a day trip to the open house where my daughter will be spending a week at summer camp. I think she’s going to have a grand time. Made for a long day, though.

  37. Ed: I first read that as “opera house” and went, “Whoa, COOL!” That’s still great, though.

    I had a wonderful weekend. Earth-Day-themed group meditation day at one of the local churches on Saturday, then a very brief span of writing time, then dinner at a great Mexican cafe with a bunch of my mom’s friend, followed by Country at the Merc, where one of her songs debuted. Today we spent the entire day out, joining in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the starting of the old church we went to before we moved to Temecula, and catching up with old friends.

  38. Yeah, I am truly at a loss for words. What a run of emotions, over the course of this weekend.

    Every single moment with my little ones was magic. In spite of the long time apart, we reconnected immediately, as if only a few days had past, rather than hundreds.

  39. I had better luck welling furniture through Craigslist than eBay (in 2006), but I think I’d probably avoid CL for selling off electronics.

    Thanks, Nomad.

    FYI everyone, there’s a rare blog post from me up on this site’s main page.

    Goodnight moon.

  40. Good Morning Peeps.
    I had an excellent weekend reconnecting with authors and bands.

    Van that is not a fake accent – The young lady you are referring to in the show is Alexa Chipman she runs the Imagination Lane Production Company. She is originally from England and is currently living in San Francisco. So she maybe losing her accent in spots… however that works.

  41. Jack: Awesome news about the weekend. Rock.

    eBay is sketchy, but I do use them once in a while. I must be loosing my paranoia-cred.

  42. And after years of iTunes not working properly when embedded in 64-bit windows, they’ve finally fixed the display problems with the latest release.

    Well done, Apple. Great job at promptly fixing a well-known bug.

  43. Amy: I agree. While I have downloaded episodes, I did so only to sample material before buying. I was not going to spend money on something I’ve never seen. Add to that the ridiculous prices for many offerings and it was no surprise that a number of companies collapsed. I dislike the fact that I’ve contributed to the problem.

    Fortunately, Funimation and Crunchy Roll provide legitimate and free streaming of current and past shows. To a lesser extent, ANN and Hulu do the same. In addition, suppliers are releasing box sets that are reasonably priced: $40 for season as opposed to $30 for several episodes. I’m definitely buying more now that things have changed.

  44. Lejon: Neither have I. That’s why I’m hopeful that Netflix can provide me with enough anime that I haven’t seen yet to last for years. That’s the only way I’m watching any anime anymore.

  45. Speaking of Anime, Stan Lee is contributing to a new series called Heroman that is a cross between Japanese & American comic book styles. I’ve watched the first episode so far and it is… interesting. I haven’t decided if I’ll continue watching it. Of course, Stan makes his appearance in the first episode. šŸ™‚

    You can find Heroman here:

    Episodes are released a few days after they air in Japan.

    And yes, the hero’s name follows Stan’s ubiquitous naming convention. šŸ™‚

  46. And to share, the anime shows I’m currently watching are:

    On Crunchy Roll:
    The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

    On Funimation:
    Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Soul Eater

    Haruhi and Soul Eater are finished series. The others are currently airing in Japan with new episodes released a few days later here.

    With the exception of Heroman–I haven’t made my mind up on this one yet–I highly recommend these series.

  47. Ed …

    Thinking of Ed’s full head of hair…

    And those dreamy blue eyes…

    DAMMIT! I’m at work people.. I can’t work in this environment!

  48. And BTW … I often feel a closeness with EssBee and I’m nowhere near Texas.

    See?! See what you’ve all done to me.

    I’m DeadpanCorrupted.

    I was such a sweet innocent girl until I met Jack.

    Gosh darned that Jack Mangan and his wiley ways.

  49. All your links are blocked by my company.

    Oh but I have a dumbass memory.

    I might have to call it in.

    I promise not to talk as long as last time.

    Ramble Ramble Ramble Weird Al Ramble Ramble Ramble Dr. Demento…


  50. You know what I’ve come to appreciate – fanatics.

    No matter what subject I’m trying to learn about, somewhere on the net is a web page, podcast, and forum full of people who eat, sleep, and discuss ad nauseum that subject.

  51. In this particular case, we’re going to Disney World this year (niether my wife nor I have ever been, so it will be a first for the whole family).

    I’ve been warned by friends who’ve been to make some plans to make best use of time.

    I’ve found so far two major discussions forums and four podcasts dedicated solely to the topic of vacationing at Disney World. Populated by people who make several trips a year there.

    And I thought the Las Vegas people were hard core!

  52. I just opened a box of 1000 floppy discs at work yesterday.

    and DC vs. Princess Bride? They both have a lot of awesome… grr

  53. Only two contests left to be decided by game 7: PHX vs DET and WAS vs MTL.

    PHI in 5
    BOS in 6
    PIT in 6
    SJ in 6
    CHI in 6
    VAN in 6

    Impressive that so many matches went to 6 games.

  54. Ed: Welcome to the Disney Themeparks fandom! One of the first podcasts I subscribed to, back in 2006/2007 was The Meandering Mouse. Not much in the way of planning information, but great if you want to experience one of those places via audio. I don’t listen anymore, but I do read MiceAge every morning. They have a new column every weekday (Tuesdays are WDW column days) with the latest changes and updates to the parks, and a very active discussion forum. (Is it one of the ones you’ve already discovered?)

  55. “What none of realised was that another disaster was about to unfold in front of our eyes, for Iron Man 2 is a travesty ā€“ a mind-numbingly dull, chaotic and often unwatchable muddle. It might even be the ultimate masterclass in how not to make a movie.

    Given the strength of part one, the sequel is not just a terrific failure but a terrific disappointment.”

  56. One may think hes just a pissed off and jaded reviewer – which he could still be… but his relating it to Spiderman 3 and the problems it had makes me cry. Cause that was a terrible film for all the reasons hes saying Iron Man 2 wreaks of. Ill still see it… still not a good way to start.

  57. Yknow and for all the hype, Kick-Ass has only made $56 million worldwide. Which isnt bad at all for a film made for $30 million. Thats good profit. Still I thought the controversy would get more people seeing it. S’cool tho. Its really niche. And really good.

  58. For the Blackhawks methinks the 2 decided upon songs were
    Sinatra- My Kind of Town
    Fratellis- Chelsea Dagger

    Mealsothinks Paul picked chicago too and I think he was ok with those 2 songs. Jack might need to confirm that.

    I can send you these tunes if you need šŸ™‚

  59. Since no one is here I am going to girly out on Deadpan. I love my job!!!!!
    I’m freelancing at Sephora and the coolest part of that is when I get an email from Sephora advertising some new product I know I can go into the office and get a sample of it for free. I love it. My makeup supplies have increased quite impressively since I started.

  60. Oh- I think I like the new doctor. He’s cute. But I have trouble understanding him sometimes… I know I am just a dumb american, but his accent is a little troubling. Sometimes when the last doctor started talking a mile a minute I would get lost. But this guy seems worse. I wonder if I just need to get used to him. Where in England is he from? I don’t really like his assistant.

  61. According to Wikipedia the new doctor is from Northampton. Not that that means anything to me. But maybe I have trouble with Northamtian accents. Like there are some places in southern Argentina.. omg..I can’t fucking understand a word they are saying. There are people from southern united states I have no idea what the hell they are talking about either.

  62. Merlin is cute.. I mean its sorta dumb I guess. Hugh and I are kinda surprised we like it so much. But I don’t know. We are enjoying it right now.
    That and Vampire Diaries… LOL.. I admit to watching that purely for the vampire sex.

  63. WTF is that pic all about?

    No, no everyone knows my girlfriend is Ke$ha. I just make fun of her to throw people off the scent. Of her. Cause she smells like pee.

  64. Negative. Know why? Forgot to burn disc therefore couldnt listen in car. Total fail.

    But this has reminded me to do it NOW!!!!!!

  65. Actually looking through the new releases under “Alternative” I don’t know most of these bands. I swear its like the internet made music more accessible but it so much easier for bands to get out there- so its like there is this overload of new music. Its almost overwhelming

  66. I know, I know… Hot Topic has its purpose but I thought that quote was hilarious. What would Sex Pistols say about it? Its is kinda anti-punk rock if you think about what punk rock was rebelling against at the time. I was once in Hot Topic and these 2 kids were discussing about how Sex Pistols didn’t really know how to play music and couldn;t understand why they were so popular. I wanted to hurt them. Like could you have totally missed the point more completely???

    LCD is rad.

  67. Hi Jack!!

    Jeremy- I hear ya. Alternative is such a bad genre, what the heel does it mean?? It is all over the place. But I do still like lots of bands who would be under the alternative umbrella in iTunes land.

    I get the rcrdlbl mp3 of the day sent to me every day. Ill check out those others. I kinda like going to The hype Machine cuz it lists all the songs and bands and shit being blogged about every day. Kinda interesting. A little of everything.

  68. I’m liking the new Futureheads too

    Agreed on Pitchfork, Jack, they’ve gotten full of themselves. I’ll check that site too.

    Ok, kids, Gotta go. Our day at treatment is winding down and I gotta tend to da Hugh.

    everyone take care

  69. Bango is the best of my local sport mascots. I heard he also made some videos “welcoming” visiting fans there where pretty funny.

  70. ditto thats about what i was expecting. A good 3 star summer popcorn film. Heres hoping thats more right on than the pissed off Brit. (Not that all Brits are pissed off, Van)

  71. Lo Pan: That’s a common problem with very early Rotten Tomato reviews. There’s a small group–usually 5 to 7–of non-trustworthy reviewers that will provide a 100% review. This usually gets cleared about a week before a movie opens when the legitimate reviewers start posting their reviews.

    Just ignore it for now.

  72. JƘ: I’ll have to check out that story.

    NS: Oh, no! Does the Mirror Matter end up on your chin?

    Ed: As much as I hate THE Mouse and his house, the wife and I are of the Disney initiated. Plan of attack is not a bad idea. The parks usually get hit by new people daily, which means that lines for rides at the front of a park will be very long. Don’t fall for this, there are convenient methods for getting around the park, use them, go to rides in the back. Check out guide books and find out what rides you want to go on, find out where they’re at, and plan accordingly. Make use of the Fast Pass options. A little planning may mean the difference between sitting for hours in line, and actually riding more than 3 or 4 rides in 8 hours. Just sayin’

    TSH: He sounds like he’s from the North… Lot’s of planets have a north.

    These hollywood starlets…They all look THE SAME… Stupid barbie moulds should be thrown out. Get some women with personality…

    Jack: Yeah, that’s sort of in keeping with that drive. Just set the system to boot from USB in the BIOS, and reboot. it should boot into LinuxMint

    — I’d like to watch Dawn of the Dead Pan…

  73. TEB made an excellent .pdf file listing all of the teams, people, and songs. I’m going to update it after the first round and post the images in a mainpage Deadpan post. (Sorry I’ve been slow posting that, Bunny)

    Paul, you have the choice between “I’m a Gummy Bear” or “More Than a Feeling”.
    Jeremy, *if* the Montreal Canadiens lose tomorrow, then you have “Cry Me A River” or “Just the Two of Us”. If they win, then both of your teams made it to round 2.

  74. Lo Pan said:
    If we ever review a quirky 80ā€™s detective show we should call it ā€œMangan P.I.ā€

    *gets amusing mental images and an urge to write this*
    *has obviously been listening to way too much Black Jack Justice lately šŸ˜† *
    *worries that if she did write “Mangan, P.I.,” it would just end up a blurry photocopy of Black Jack Justice*


    Lejon said:
    TSH: He sounds like heā€™s from the Northā€¦ Lotā€™s of planets have a north.

    LOL! šŸ˜† šŸ˜‰

  75. I’m late to the game but I have…

    Drop Deadpan Fred – I got nothing but we’d all be goofy looking redheads

    Deadpan Like Me – instead of stealing souls we steal emoticons

  76. Alright, I got caught up on Chuck before turning in last night. I like the new direction. Show is definitely still a winner.

  77. …and anyway Cj, I’m usually awake at that time.

    So think I may check out Agora later..although it’s been pointed out by the scholarly types that there is Little evidence On who burnt down the Library of Alexandria…Christian mob is blamed in the film.

  78. I dont like the fact that RCRD LBL really only allows you to download fucked up remixes of what would be good songs. I wanna listen to the original. Why only remixes? Why why why?

    Also: Beach Girls by Sleigh Bells and You Do You by Bear in Heaven are the two best new songs Ive heard this year (or so) by a mile. Theyre grrrrrreat! Lo Pan heartily approved!

  79. Rush! The Story of Rush!

    Ok, it isn’t called that, but there is a documentary about Rush coming out called “Beyond the Lighted Stage”. It looks great.

    It is ridiculous that they aren’t in the Rock ‘n Roll hall of fame. But, when one of the committee members was an editor of Spin, and vocally proclaimed his disdain of the band, it isn’t any surprise.

  80. Singers and their songs – so far:

    Jack – Running Down a Dream or Detroit Rock City
    Lo Pan – Chelsea Dagger or Do You Know the Way to San Jose
    Amy – Vancouver Anthem or So Unsexy
    Lo Pan – Shark Attack or Here Come the Hawks
    ditto – Hang on Sloopy or The Kid is Hot Tonight
    Jack – Fly Like an Eagle or Philadelphia Freedom
    Paul Maki – More Than a Feeling or I’m a Gummi Bear

    Montreal/Washington will be settled tonight.

  81. I was just listening to the History of Rome’s 100th podcast last night and he was talking about how even the date of the burning of the library at Alexandria is pretty much up in the air.

  82. Ah so… not knowing specifically where anyone is in Colorado, my brother is moving to somewhere just north of Boulder… is that anywhere near any of you?

  83. Ditto, I thought one of the rules for getting into the rock’n roll hall of fame had something to do with not having an album out for so many years or more.

    Near my 17th birthday “An evening with Rush” was the best concert I have ever seen. 3 hours of some of the best music I have every seen. Hearing Nobody’s Hero live was like a dream come true.