Jack Mangans Deadpan #162: Wedged

Wedged Show Notes.

Jack Mangans Deadpan #162: Wedged

Jack Mangan, Leverne & Shirley

Thanks to everybody who participated in the sixty lines

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Sixty Lines:
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The Energizer Bunny
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ditto sings the US Anthem.

Cj does the Slovakian Anthem

Vanamonde does the Swedish Anthem

Next up: The Deadpan NHL playoff song challange

60 lines Outtakes

ditto tells a grocery shopping story

Justa J0e tells what to find at the local recycling centre

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JR Murdock (First comment of the week)
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740 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #162: Wedged

  1. Congratz on the reclamation (at least partially at present) of your parental rights, Jack! It’s Tragic when someone who WANTS to be a father to his children is prevented from doing so. As the Aussies say, “Good On Ya”.

  2. I went with the teams that were left after everybody else picked, Lo. I didn’t want any of the teams to be lonely.

  3. Hosed start to the day. 1) left cell phone at home. 2) spilled entire cup of coffee all over seat of car before drinking any of it. 3) work sucks.

  4. BTW Jack, Show notes are coming, but I’m doing something else I want to send you at the same time so they may be a little late.

  5. Morning, Pan.

    For those of you not on Facebook: Today, if you bring a reusable travel mug to Starbucks, you can get it filled with brewed coffee for free. My mom and I are bringing ours.

  6. “Happy Tax Day!” – For you ‘Mericans. Us Canadians still have another two weeks :tongue:

    Although I’ finished my taxes a month ago.

  7. I asked Jack this but I’ll also send it out to the masses:

    For the NHL anthem, does the losing team sing one of the songs from the winning team or one of their own songs?

  8. OMFG – from a link off of TEB’s Bacon ATAT link…

    Hamburg, Germany – Porn star Sexy Cora attempted to orally service (disease) 200 (two-hundred) gentleman in one sitting. After she reached her 75th victim, she was rushed to hospital with “breathing difficulties.” Her pantless co-“stars” were rounded up by the cops. One broke his wrist as he tried to flee with his pants around his legs. I’m guessing his parents never let him participate in potato sack races as a child, which totally explains his chosen career. Cora is currently out on bail for some of her previous films made at family parks in the middle of the day.

    Congratulations Cora on 75?!

  9. V.I.P lets kick it!
    now the humpty dance bass line is out of my head. not sure if that is good or bad…

    Let’s get stupid!

  10. Deadly when I hear a dope melody.

    Lejon – I’ve decided that is equivalent and much easier to simply say I was raised in a cult. It isn’t quite accurate, but it explains sooooo much. =) I was expelled from more than one school for trying to play D&D.

  11. TEB – I’m sorry. The idea that it is somehow equivalent to calling up demons to play at pretend with dice struck me as ridiculous when I first heard of the game at age eight. It was being presented as the cause of a horrid poltergiest style haunting at one of the schools by foolish teenagers who were risking their souls in dark magic….


    Bed time!

  12. anyone else excited about Super Mario galaxy 2?
    sometimes i feel like a big dork for liking Super Mario games so much but than I remember Lady GaGa’s words from Lo Pans link yesterday “…it’s okay to be whomever it is that you want to be”
    Thanks Lady Gaga


  13. I do now have a black berry which is my first camera phone. But I have a Sony Clie from 8 or 9 years a go with a camera that is the same mega-pixle

  14. Van, I even loved Sunshine and that one got a lot of crap. but guess that is the price of being a fan boy.

    After SMG2 is Metroid: Other M. I might wait on that one because I’m still playing Prime in the trilogy.

  15. Jack,
    Metroid Prime on the Wii is somewhat mind blowing compared to Metroid and Super Metroid. kind of like comparing Pit fall to MW2. maybe not quite…

  16. unrelated to the porn talk:
    I can’t find a black sharpie only red ones and red doesn’t look good on a CD… off to the supply closet…

  17. ohhhh, WP! *shakes fist at Word Press

    To repeat my eaten post. Van is correct and I offer my humblest apologies. According to Time and Date, your sunset is at 8:00 mine is at 8:30

  18. Not sure why we have different sunsets.

    I’m at 51 degrees 3.3 minutes N.
    You’re at 54 degrees 47.4 minutes N

    By that, you should have later sunsets. I’m so confused. :dizzy:

  19. There were actually 2 references to Type O Negative in last night’s episode. Peter Steele and his music definitely had an impact.

    I shook his hand after a Type O show at Studio 1 in Newark, back in 1994(?). My friend and I said “You guys were awesome!” In his classic deep voiced, self-deprecating style, Peter Steele replied, “We’ve been worse”. RIP.

  20. BTW, Van, I spilled my coffee all over my seat while I was listening to your anthem. You really are swoon-worthy.

    I was listening, thinking “aaaaah”, and then “wow, I can really smell my coffee!”, and then “FUCK!”

  21. Great job on the 69-and-I’ll-owe-you-1 lines everyone, Jack in particular! I really need to get an effing mic. I sound terrible. I think I have another option in the meantime, though. Needless to say, I’m up to go another round.

  22. reaper: I’ve been a gamer for most of my life. Unless you’re playing Pokeman, you’re golden. Enjoy what you enjoy. As long as nobody really gets hurt, go nuts.

  23. re: Type O Negative/Peter Steele:

    I was going to ask which version of Type O’s “Summer Breeze” you were referring to (There are two, for non-fans.).

    I’ve seen Type O four times, and they were always a really good show. Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, their earlier work was really very clever. And they always kept a good sense of humor. Not a bunch of douchebags, like Oasis.

  24. diito: The SR-71 was simply amazing. Even more amazing is the fooking thing started in the mid ’60s, and it held its amazing place for decades afterward. It was no surprise when there was lamenting after it was mothballed.

  25. TEB – you difference in sunsets may also be related to your relative positions in your time zones. I’ve not ever really looked into it, but I would expect if you on on the eastern side of your time zone, that sunset would occur earlier on the clock than if you’re on the western side of the time zone.

  26. CD (drinking): coffee
    CR: Cisco Networking Academy curriculum (I’ve missed this stuff lately)
    CPIMM: Five Iron Frenzy – Oh, Canada (I LOVE this song now. Thanks, JohnBoze. :happy: )

  27. Oh, Lejon reminds me. I have been trying to remember the name of another terrible movie that I really like. I only knew that it was a one-word title. As usual, I don’t know a single damned actor involved with the thing. So I Googled the only parts of the movie I remember. One, the word cyborg, as the movie is about cyborgs. Two, the second-to-last line in the movie (I believe the second to last): “Piece by piece, Max.”. And viola! I have it!


    Great bad movie, IMO.

  28. Holy fudge. That’s an expensive crappy flick on DVD. VHS, sure. Three bucks. DVD – $44 ?!?! WTF? ROFLcopter GTFO LOLcats

  29. Of course, Jacko, the guy in the commercial, also costarred in this ill-fated series that is about as pure 80’s cheese as you can get:


    Looks like the “related” videos to the right are a collection of intros to a bunch of shows that were much cooler in my childhood memories than I know they ever could be.

    You can never go back.

  30. Just finished ME2. As it was with Dragon Age, Bioware has definitely weaved a compelling experience. The ending was tough….not so much from a playing difficulty as it was an emotional ride.

  31. Hay pan, so last night I when to the YMCA with my son and after I was done running my son wans’t anywhere near done so I decided to try swimming laps. I got 1 lap finished and and than got to the edge of the deep end on the second one and realized that the deep end was quite deep and my arms and back where already tired and cramping.
    moral of the story: swimming is hard and I really some upper body strength.
    my arms are still a little sore.

  32. Going to see Kick-Ass this weekend. It’s been interesting to see the varying reaction from critics. Ebert’s was particularly interesting:

    I think he seriously missed the point about this movie. In fact, his reaction about Hit Girl’s violence is what you *are* supposed to feel. Unfortunately, I get the impression that he let that color his review. I respect his opinion and his reviews, but I always take critical input with a grain of salt. After all, this was the guy that loved the first “Tomb Raider” movie.

    Anyway, we’ll see how I feel after I finally watch the movie.

  33. I havent listened to Ebert since the 90’s. He loved The third Mummy film for fucks sake.

    Going to see it tonite and cant wait.

    “Morally Reprehensible”… fuck you. Its ok that Taxi Driver had an underage Jodie playing basically a sex slave. Thats a classic film according to him. But let slip a few “cunts” and chop some legs off of its reprehensible. Double standards much?

    Dont matter, I welcome all this. Just means itll kick-ass *cough* at the box office and more studios will take chances on these kind of films.

    You know whats reprehensible, Roger? Becoming a big studio mouthpiece.

  34. “But let slip a few “cunts” and chop some legs off of its reprehensible” = But let slip a few “cunts” and chop some legs off AND its reprehensible

  35. Morning, Pan.

    CDr: tea
    CR: MiceChat.com’s In the Parks column
    CDoing: getting psyched up for all the stuff I have to get done today (phone calls, studying and a job app, oh my!)

  36. For my pal, Nomad…

    demoncat said:
    this list shows that tv execs were not thinking way ahead . not to mention seeing this list is one of the bad things about doctor who that fans will never be able to get the whole series and history . not to mention the tenth planet and power of the daleks would be must have for who fans to own. though even if some miracle happen and some footage of some of the missing episodes that could be found were found it would cost a fortune to restore them for dvd.


  38. Yeah, I was being facetious. It’s just that I’ve seen that episode probably at least a dozen times, since Fox LOVES to re-run that episode.

  39. Ditto: I lost about a third of the team. I see there’s an achievement to unlock for not losing anyone. Though, since I don’t know what I did to lose them in the first place, I have no idea how you’re supposed to bring everyone out.

  40. Oh, I have a new Hell addition. The Hell of Waking Up with a HIM Song Running Through Your Head. I think I’ve only heard the song once or twice. And I’m not a 13-year-old goth girl. This is crap!

  41. Rhettro: The end results are different for everyone. It depends greatly on the equipment you get/research during the game, plus choices you make.

  42. I wasn’t fast enough on the left trigger and couldn’t stop Mordin from killing his assistant. I’m guessing that will prevent me from seeing Meranda naked later on.

  43. I haven’t played many RPGs over the years, I’m kind of fond of the Japanese way of of doing things where you are given the characters and that’s it…no need to decide sexuality preference or colour of hair.

  44. I recall there’s a book with a title something like Samurai in Outer Space that explains that a character’s hair color has meaning in anime. Never followed up on it, though.

    Vanamonde: Never played it, but that character has made me a fan!

  45. JØ: You have succeeded in seeing a film that I have not even heard of. Happens all the time…

    Jack: apology accepted. OY!

    Ed: OY!

    ditto: Ebert’s grasp of a movie’s “point” has been shaky for decades…

    ditto: Turn right, head forward until you come to another turn. Turn right. head forward until you come to another turn. Turn right. Lather,Rince, repeat. Eventually, you will no longer be lost…

    “And I’m not a 13-year-old goth girl. This is crap!” – JØ, is there something you’re not telling us?

  46. Sorry, ditto… I hate to admit that my nipple was made with any rational thought or motivation other than to base my statements on a portion of your nipple… Anywho… I don’t know which TV show you’re talking about…

  47. ditto: YouTube is telling me that the link is to an 18-and-over video, so I have to log in. Then it prompts me to make a YouTube account.

  48. Reasons I got rid of cable.

    I watched Sci-fi for BSG and Doctor Who.
    BSG ended, Doctor Who moved to a more expensive tier of programming.
    I no longer had a reason to watch Sci-fi, and THEN they changed their name and started lowering the bar…even more…

  49. Going back to Riverworld, I count books 1 and 2 as some of the best story telling I ever read. Why O why did book 3 have to suck so bad? I have no desire to read books 4 and 5 now.

  50. Lejon: I sign in with a Google account, but then require a YouTube one. Amusingly enough, after signing in, I’m told to sign out before signing up for YouTube. After being told to sign in. Singingly.

  51. I find Youtube an occasional evil.

    Occasionally, I visit the site, and when that happens, I’m usually appalled in one way or another… Evil…

    The fact that they won’t let me in to see even more evil stuff without proving I’m of “an age” only makes me more comfortable in that I won’t accidentally follow a link too far…

    That reasoning doesn’t even make sense…

    Yeah, I don’t want to sign up either…

  52. I always liked Oni, though I couldn’t play her for shit. I put the game aside for the past few years because I tried not to play gun games in front of the kiddo, but he’s almost an adult now at ten, so I guess I could start up again. If only the PS3 had backwards compatibility… 🙁

  53. The new Doctor is… interesting. I’m pretending it is a reboot, so that I don’t get annoyed about how all of the character progression that is not utterly being ignored doesn’t piss me off.

    Because I really really love character progressions. Really.

    Where’s my serious as nails smiley face icon thing?

  54. In light of the current conditions in Europe (I’m pretty sure I’ve got a team of coworkers stuck in Munich now), I’ve got an idea for the next SyFy Saturday Night Special:

    VOLCANO ASSASSIN – Terrorists try to kill the President by setting off an volcanic eruption to take down Air Force One on its way to take him to sign off on the new nuclear arms reduction treaty.

    Haven’t quite figured out whose supposed to stop said terrorists, but I think its still a stronger plot that most of what SyFy comes up with…..

  55. Ed: It will be the Anti-Core! An intrepid group will enter a dormant volcano to set off a device that shut down the errant volcanism. Meanwhile they’ll battle terrorists down there. 🙂

  56. JN: Not quite. From ANN:
    “Naoyuki Tomomatsu and Yoshihiro Nishimura directed this film, and Nishimura had previously directed Tokyo Gore Police and worked on The Machine Girl and Robogeisha.”

    However, Robogeish and Machine Girl were both written by Noboru Iguchi, so there’s some shared culture there.

  57. Good early morning, DP! I’m up to watch a bit of tv stored up on the DVR this morning (How to Make It In America, Damages, Flash Forward), and then do some yard work when it warms up.

    I might try to catch Kick Ass next week – we’re taking W-F off to go visit Sly B’s mom & gma and build some above-ground gardens.

  58. No, JN, like raised beds. We lost a 200ft. weeping willow in our back yard a few years back, and covered the scar with two raised beds. We are doing 2 12′ x 4′ gardens – I think they’ll be 18″ high so gma doesn’t have to bend much.

    A greenhouse would be perfect here, but we don’t have space.

  59. Ed: Yes, that’s the exact mike I use, and that’s a really good deal on it, too. Now would be a great time to get one. I didn’t even have to mess around with drivers or adapters – it’s USB and works great on its own.

  60. Just listened to Wander Radio Ep 50 (YES, I’m behind. I’m still blaming the DragonCon Podcast). The first Thirty seconds had me laughing pretty hard on my daily walk. It’s a good thing I wasn’t on a side walk, or I’d have laughed my way into traffic.

    Thanks Wolf!

  61. Lj: The wife has control over the DVR. I do not. Enough said. Not that she prevents me from recording shows, it’s just more of time/space (pun intended) issue.

  62. EssBee: Mmm, carnitas. 🙂

    Lejon: I just finished Wander Radio #50 today, too. I listen to particular podcasts when I’m in the mood for that particular type of show (podiobook, audio drama, interview, music, etc.), so Wander Radio usually gets listened to in chunks spread out throughout the month. (WNDRWolf: That doesn’t mean I don’t like it or think it’s bad! I like it very much. 🙂 )

  63. I finally finished DC’s Blackest Night and just started Marvel’s Second Coming. Without saying much, the final issue of Blackest finally got to me. Whereas the first issue of Second Coming had the hair on my arm standing up and a shit-eating grin plastered across my face.

    I cannot wait till next shipment.

  64. LeJon – Glad you liked the intro…
    Amy – I know the show is consistently long. Trying to figure out how to maybe shorten it – but everytime I try something else shows up… Still working on it…

  65. WNDRWolf: It’s not that I can’t listen to an entire episode all at once; I have done that a few times. I just don’t always feel like it, nor does my “music” mood always last that long. That said, given your schedule plans that you told me about on Skype, it would probably be a good idea to make them shorter.

  66. Drive by comment:

    Sorry I haven’t been around. Things are simply too busy and will likely continue as such for several months to come.

    Just had to swing by though and say congrats to Jack. You obviously care a great deal about you children, and I am thrilled to hear that you are back in contact again. Hazaa!

  67. Yes. I meant to type Guava, but I’m at work and thinking about Bunny with guava jelly got me all discombobulated………..

  68. BTW, I am informed by the Smarty Hotties, that PC Haring’s request for Frank Sinatra’s Chicago song is heartily approved. Bunny made this great pdf of the teams and songs and players, I’ve just been too much of a pud to get that online. I will.

    Goodnight :drevil:

  69. Leave it to our dear Ambassador to keep us on track.

    We shall forever be bonded by the guava jelly.

    er, something like that.

  70. Morning Pan!

    We did a favour for a friend so he gave us a bottle of wine on the weekend as thanks. It was NASTY. He said it was his favourite wine.

    First of all, you have to suspect any wine with a screw top. I only had one glass last night, hubby had one and a half and we’re both hurting this morning. I woke up in the middle of the night all headache and am still achy in the back of my head. Hubby says he doesn’t have a headache but is feeling all fuzzy in both the head and mouth.

    I think we’re going to be tossing the rest of that wine.

  71. Hubby and I spent the weekend going over quotes and concept designs for our new front yard. We chose a landscaper but, just to annoy them (not really I’m sure) we took bits and pieces that we liked from all the designs and came up with our own. Hopefully today we’ll find out how feasible our design is.

  72. Second week of training. I think getting to work by 7am may be worse for me than 11pm will be next week…

    But, compensation is a bit better, and so are the bennies, all are better than unemployment of course…

  73. So Paris Hilton is to blame for the recent earthquakes?

    A senior Iranian cleric says women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes.

    Iran is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone countries, and the cleric’s unusual explanation for why the earth shakes follows a prediction by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that a quake is certain to hit Tehran and that many of its 12 million inhabitants should relocate.

    “Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes,” Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted as saying by Iranian media.

  74. In one of those odd coincidences, I had bought a book last year that I only got around to reading last week. It was “The Repossession Mambo”. As I read it, I kept thinking, “Was Repo-Men based on this?” Yep.

    It turns out that the book and movie were made somewhat concurrently though the movie doesn’t strictly follow the book.

    I haven’t seen the movie, but I rather enjoyed the book. What a fucked up world. And rather appropriate that it came out at this time since it revolves around repossessing artificial organs once the recipients have failed to make their credit payments.

  75. Hmmm. From the wiki articles the movie is very different from the book. Based on the changes, I don’t think I’ll see the movie.

    Lo Pan: I’m jealous!

  76. Took my kids to their cousin’s baseball game the other day… as they walked by the bleachers one of the dads says, “Calgary Flames huh? You don’t see that every day.”

    Guess what my kids were wearing! :silly:

  77. Three curtain hung. Although, we had a problem with rod number three. It’s stuck and won’t extend. It has now become number five and will have to wait until hubby gets home.

    Time to do number four!

  78. Is EssBee around these parts today? Ah, I see her up there. Not sure if she’ll see this:

    EssBee, you are the only person I know (besides Hugh) who reads the Dresden files.. Have you read the latest book yet????

    Wow. Almost missed my stop on the train reading that last chapter

    good shit. Read it soon if you haven’t. So good. I would argue it was the best 1 in the series. Hugh let me read it first so now I have to wait until he finishes it before I can talk about it.

  79. Hi Hottie,

    I’m not caught up yet — I am currently reading Small Favor, so 2 behind? I absolutely love those books. I bet I’ll catch up in the next 3 weeks or so, and we’ll chat!

  80. TSH, EssBee: The wife and I both dig on Dresden. Meesh is up to Death Masks, and I’ve finished Small Favor. I have Turn Coat waiting in the wings while I catch up on the Wheel of Time (and various other reading projects that I won’t go into.)

    Mouse, BTW, Is DA BOMB, Yo!

  81. OK. I may have gone a little over board… Mouse is seriously cool, but that’s no reason to delve into the ghetto speak. I’ve lived in the ghetto, but I wasn’t raised there…. My mom would turn over in her grave… if she were dead…

  82. Mouse is the fucking shiznit my brotha!!

    Hugh wants a Foo dog SOOOOO bad.. if foo dogs existed that is.

    The horror movie 1 wasn’t his best. I still love the Thomas porn movie book.. or what I refer to as the Thomas porn movie book: Bood Rites
    I love Thomas. I know its horribly cliche for me to love the incredibly handsome vampire dude.. but I can’t help it. His character is just so cool.

    Someone alert me when you guys get to Changes and we must discuss. I can’t wait for Hugh to read it. He is finishing up another book first.

  83. The left, they say I’m fascist
    The right calling me communist
    Hate, hate, hate, hatred for all-one and all
    No matter what you beleive
    Don’t believe in you-and that’s true
    Some would say that we’re biased
    Accusations that we are racist
    Well, shit comes in all hues
    Now this means you
    ‘Cause things ain’t always like they seem
    Like they seem
    We hate everyone
    We don’t care what you you think

  84. Jack I firmly believe thats their finest son put to tape. Theres a lot that come close… but something bout We Hate Everyone is just classic.

  85. Jack: Let me know when you want to skype to talk Wall. I’m going to re-watch the movie tonight. Been listening to the album several times 🙂

    Glad you like the music I sent.

  86. I used to have an audio taped interview (part 2 of 2) that Gilmore did for “The King Biscuit Flour Hour”. It came out just before the movie was released and he took the interviewer through the whole album.
    … or maybe it was Waters. Can’t remember which but I remember the interview.

  87. from http://www.theatlantic.com/joshua-green/

    New iPhone or Rovean Plot?
    Science and Tech Apr 19 2010, 3:30 PM

    Like Megan, I’ve seen the Gizmodo video, and yes, it’s pretty convincing. Nevertheless, some small part of me wonders if it isn’t an elaborate head fake. Something millions of people would simple die to get their hands on, mysteriously “lost” in a public place… It brings to mind the infamous “Lafayette Park PowerPoint” presentation laying out Karl Rove’s strategy in the 2002 midterm elections, which was discovered by a Democrat lying in the grass in the park across from the White House. Hmm.

  88. Fingers crossed the Microsim gets ditched.

    Anyway, I had to actually say on FB that I’m in fact single..mainly because I kept getting accused of being in a relationship with a friend.

  89. Today is the day recycling gets picked up in our neighbourhood. For the first time, I saw someone going through all the bins looking for bottles. The coward in me didn’t confront him. And he seemed to clean back up anything that came out of the bin in his search. Hubby and I will have to decide what, if anything, we’re going to do. May have to start watching when the recycle truck comes around and take it out just before. That would be a pain.

  90. Scry, we started watching the movie fully expecting it to be awful, simply based on the write-up. We weren’t disappointed. Knowing what we were getting in to, the movie was actually ok. With the exception of Dominic Keating and Gareth David-Lloyd, the cast had been in pretty much nothing else.

  91. On a different note, my schedule is looking like I may be able to watch a B horror tomorrow. I don’t know what is up next, but be prepared to be very afraid tomorrow afternoon 😉

  92. “The other day I was on the phone with Plifford Snootches, author of Kennedy Killed Your Mother. He was telling me about all the horrible things Kennedy had done. Mr. Snootches had just put in a plug for his upcoming work, Kennedy Killed the Dinosaurs, when my call-waiting blipper blipped. I put Mr. Snootches on hold and answered the waiting call.”

    The Defense of Camelot
    by Rick Walton

  93. I really enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes film. I’ve only ever read one or two of the novels.

    I’m watching a guy in the front of my house make seamless gutters out of his truck. Pretty awesome.

  94. Nope, Van. This movie was made just a short time before that. (see my imdb link). It has Sherlock’s brother in it. And while I know Sherlock did have a brother, he wasn’t so… adventurous (trying to avoid spoilers here)

  95. According to that map, my neighbourhood has had 71 violations in the last three months and I live in one of the better parts of the city.

  96. Truth is, I doubt Calgary is any better or worse than any other large city, just most people don’t realize how much crime, petty or large, actually goes on around them.

  97. We ain’t no Winnipeg, but we’re still up there. I found a stat that said for 2007 (still looking for one a little more recent) Calgary ranked 27th overall for the number of homicides in Canada (out of 100) o I guess we’re not as bad as I make out.

  98. Watched a few shows over the weekend and I have some questions and comments.

    First a spoiler free discussion about “Moon.”

    The clones, do they…okay forget that, this is going to be full of spoilers. So I take it the clones have a three year expiration date? It’s supposed to be cheaper to manufacture and nurture clones on a three year replacement plan rather than send in a new guy from Earth? I like the movie a lot, three and a half out of five stars.

    Last night’s “House.” Did we learn the significants of the knight’s Satanic room? Was the whole episode an homage to “Army of Darkness?”

  99. RE: Moon spoiler discussion:

    I could certainly see it being cheaper to send one shipment of 1000 clone bodies (or maybe even clone sea monkeys to grow while he’s working) than an earth-to-moon journey every time the guy needs to be relieved.

    If I understand your objection.

  100. TSH: Foo Dog!

    Attack of the Zombie Tits… Their Silicone taint will augment your brains!

    VAN, they’re talking about a different Sherlock…

    TEB: Mycroft Holmes was a lazy Government spy… Who had better powers of observation than Sherlock… *cough*

    I am not going to speak about the crime in my area… mostly because I’d be forced to call my wife and ask her a reference question…

  101. Yeah Bunny, we do have one of those. Those are awesome.

    Ess it just seems lately that crime is super on the rise in places it really shouldnt be. I suppose I shouldnt compare it to Detroit tho.

  102. RE: the “NEW” iPod…
    1.) I totally believe that it was an Apple “prototype”
    2.) I do not believe that it was “lost”, so much as deliberately put in harms way — After all, it made it to Gizmodo. How random is that?
    3.) I still won’t buy one, but from the description, it’s closer than any other iPod to getting my pocket cash…

  103. Aha, the crimey factor! I’d say, double-digit unemployment = crime.

    I told you yesterday, Lo, that my fence was tagged. Now my trash barrel is tagged. Apparently, this is SUR territory.

  104. It’s funny, the wall along my local canal got tagged, but it wasn’t your usual… It was the “make love, not war” type… creeped me out… especially because the spelling was so bad, I had to think it wasn’t actual hippies…

  105. More on Moon: Yeah, Jack, that’s my general objection. I’m not sure if the large clone facility and the resources to run it are cost effective verses the salary/transportation expenses of one employee. Lunar didn’t seem to flinch at sending a “resque” team and I imagine the shipment of H3 occured on regular intervals. Of course, none of that is really relevent to the plot which is more about corporate explotation and the nature of being a person. I still enjoyed the movie.

  106. Rhett: No, we really didn’t learn the significance of the Satanic room. It wasn’t really brought up again. I am going to rewatch that episode when it shows up on Hulu, though, because I was out and missed the first half.

  107. As I recall, it allowed the Evil Corporation to duck shady dealings to use clones. Also, the clones didn’t need to be trained, as they carried on the knowledge of the original. The “shelf life” of the clones comes from reality. If I remember this correctly, clones adopt the age of the original, and begin to age at a faster rate, since the ends of the proteins are snipped, or something like that. Ignore me. I’m probably wrong.

  108. I had Falcon for my Amiga and loved it. I bought Falcon 3 for my PC later on and played through all the missions and expansions. I bought Falcon 4 and found it was beautiful, but so complex I could hardly use it. I’m still been thinking of getting the Falcon update they released a few years back.

  109. Rhettro: I agree that Falcon 3 was a bit more fun to play. You have to admit, that still was pretty complicated compared to most games. Falcon was one of the few games that really strove for a true simulated fighter pilot experience.

  110. I only played Falcon 4, not 3. I enjoyed Ace Combat or whatever that was, too.

    If my eyesight was better, I would’ve probably gone into the Air Force. How things change . . .

  111. My first fighter combat simulator was F15 Strike Eagle on the Atari 800XL. Shot down many blocky triangles that were supposed to be Mig 29 Fulcrums. I think Falcon 3 was the most fun I had on a simulator though.

  112. First flight sim I player was called Flight Simulator (very literal) on the ZX81.

    It was all very serious, so no blowing up planes, but since it was written in BASIC you could easily break into the program and change the on screen messages to something more interesting…

  113. I cannot believe how many different things I have made progress on today! And I’m going to complete one more task for good measure before I go to bed. (No, I’m not tired yet.) :biggrin:

  114. I can’t catch up on messages – maybe letter, but it’s important ….

    I have no idea what I was just saying. That made no sense. I’m going to try again.

  115. Morning, Ed, DP. I am sleepy.

    Sly B and I are headed South today to set up some gardens for her mom & grandma. And to set up their new computer. If I don’t stop by for a few days, have a good time!

  116. VERSUS!

    Thing one wins……


    Thing one wins…

    Thing one wins……


    Thing one wins…

    Thing one wins……


    Thing one wins…