846 thoughts on “Jack Mangans Deadpan #161: CyberPC Haring

  1. I just realized that I forgot to comment on Episode 160 to say how much I enjoyed it. I really, really enjoyed Episode 160.

    Hi, Jeremy and TSH! Good to see you! šŸ™‚

  2. From the last thread – (sorry for the double post)

    Hockey ā€“ Avalanche (duh) and then Ill pick the Nashville Predators as my second team. Only cause no one on this planet gives a damn about the Nashville Predators.

    Can I pick my two ā€œAnthemsā€ now?

  3. Out of our asses, John.

    Like this….

    The theme for the Avalanche will be “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha

    The theme for the Predators shall be “Big Trouble in Little China” by The Coup de Villes.


  4. Okay, I’m picking “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls for the Sabres. The Goo Goo Dolls are apparently from Buffalo, and even though I had to check which song it actually is, I can’t not pick “Iris”

    Plus it will be fun hearing someone else attempt it…

  5. JB: Yep. They are from there. They are local heros. If you fly to the airport, you hear tons of Goo Goo Dolls. Their older stuff is better.

  6. Okay, for San Jose, Rancid “Time Bomb.” I understand they are from that vicinity, and again, would be fun to hear someone else have to try to sing it.

  7. Just be grateful the Leafs aren’t in the running this year, I’d have picked them and chosen Joe Hall and the Continental Drifts classic “Vampire Beavers”

  8. JohnBoze, you should pick something off of superstar car wash that was by far the Goo Goo Dolls best album. or you could go with the classic from way back “Don’t Beat My Ass”

  9. Ok. I changed my mind. I am that mean.

    San Jose: Dionne Warwick’s “Do You Know The Way To San Jose?”

    Ottawa: The Barstool Prophet’s “Paranoia” to celebrate the Senator’s tendency to choke. šŸ™‚

  10. ditto that unboxing it great. I love the boom mic showing up in the first part

    ooo the iPad comes with stickers!!

    reaper = easily amused

  11. I finely started going to the gym again and I forgot about one of the side effects of doing that:
    It is 10:30 and I’m hungry.

  12. Lejon, The watter isn’t a problem I’m up to 40oz already (I’m glad the watter is good here) I’ll have to check the vending machine for the celery the often are in there with carrots. Maybe I’ll have to go with the next best thing nuts.

  13. OK, so I had a few other things on my mind, and didn’t post the Survey Monkey poll for team anthems. . . .

    The only thing I’ll say: this should be fun for everyone, especially the poor soul whose playoff dreams have been dashed to pieces.

    We should maybe have a backup option for each team (discuss)? And, the singer can choose any 30-second to 60-second segment of the song.

    And btw: PC Haring claimed Chicago, with a suggestion for “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis . . . It’s the song that rocks out the U.C. every time the Hawks score.”

  14. What I learned from Parks and Rec:

    Girls need more blood for their baby centers so they have less for there brain. This means they should stay away from hard jobs.


  15. What else I learned from Parks and Rec:

    “Made love to the pooch” is a nicer way to say “screwed the pooch”

    triple wow

  16. CP: Jenny Says — Cowboy Mouth

    I dig this band pretty much only because I saw them at the Jazzfest right after Katrina with the husband of a dear friend who weeped when they sang “Coming Home”. It’s a great memory for me. Local NOLA band whose music is kinda meh.

  17. What else I learned from Parks and Rec:

    (from yesterday) there is one more better thing to do with my money.

    Watch anything with Amy Poehler

  18. We saw Cowboy Mouth a couple times back in the 90’s/early 00’s.

    One time actually at a radio station show with Goo Goo Dolls, who failed to impress, and BnL who totally impressed.

    Cowboy Mouth was early in the show and were fun.

  19. Lo, really? I didn’t think she was that hawt actually… just kinda Meh.

    I’ve been watching Parks and Rec since day one and it’s improved and I enjoy the heck out of it.

  20. Cj: I just heard about her last week via some picture on a Yahoo portal. I think we’re beginning to show signs of diverging species amongst humanity.

  21. Darcy says pretty much all the NHL teams who are not the Colorado Rockies are “cheatin’ bastards.”

    You don’t want to know what she says about the Devils…

  22. Smarty Hotties!

    JohnBoze, I still got love for Chico Resch and Don Lever (Rockies turned Devils).

    Jeremy, I got you down for San Jose and Montreal – – unless you tell me otherwise.

  23. Good to see you 2 JB


    Hey are we goana do anthems and shit for the World Cup too?
    But Argentinas team this year is kinda lame. We barely made it in. I don’t know about Italy.. I’m sure Italy is in it though.

  24. So Im the only one who loves the Resident Evil films. Im fine with that. Yet I had no idea they are touting Afterlife as being filmed “with James Camron’s 3-D technology”.

    So will this be the first true film to use this after Avatar? And if so…. it better not distract from the Milla Jovovich ass kicking goodness that Sep 10th will bring.

    That is all.

  25. You love agreeing with me EssBee….love….it….

    Me too Rhett!!! Lets have movie nite! You n me and a vodka makes three!

    Van, please try not to think of Uwe Boll too much. It shall beak your brain.

  26. wOOt! Here comes the Don. Yeah, no ME2 spoilers, although I do find it kind of funny that the Jack of ME2 is a woman covered in tatoos.

  27. Thanks, you guys. It’s such an amazing feeling to hear my little girl tell me again that she misses me and loves me. Just so incredible to hear my son laugh again.

    I can’t really describe this feeling. I’m cautiously excited for the face-to-face reunion, scheduled soon.

  28. Yes this is a most awsome day!!!

    Also LCMoD is looking for a house to buy am hoping that means more visit time again.

  29. And wOOt to the practical the coming together of practically the entire original Deadpan crew! Still waiting on James from London though.

  30. Ok guys, not funny! Fess up!

    Whoever decided that there should be a storm and 3 inches of snow should fall during the two hours I was at martial arst, I just want you to know, I was not amused. You can take it back right now.

  31. Is it wring that my new favourite album is the new Slash album? He’s got quite the line up of guest singers. Who knew Fergie was actually good? She should move to hard rock.

  32. Calgary tried to kill the Minnesota goalie. They had to bring in their second steinger. I suppose that’s one way to increase your chanses of winning, injure the other team’s goalie.

  33. I laugh at my hubby. He obviously screwed up. He was playing something, then just stopped and shrugged in the middle of it, then carried on like nothing happened. I wouldn’t have known something was wrong if it weren’t for the shrug in the middle.

  34. In one of our districts, all the police have hocky sticks in their cars. They encourag kids to ask them to join in street hockey games. Builds community spirit and makes the kids think if the police as more than just the evil authority figure. I think it’s a good idea

  35. I think I had just a touch too much to drink. I only had two beer but that was after a fairly intense workout and no food since 4:00. Maybe I should search for sustenance.

  36. Jack: WOW. That is AWESOME. I’m happy for you, too! šŸ˜€

    They haven’t heard the song yet, have they? (Maybe they’re still too young to fully understand the feelings that went into it… I don’t know.)

  37. ^ I just realized that the part of my previous post that’s in parentheses was a really stupid thing to say. I haven’t actually met your (Jack’s) kids, so I shouldn’t be making guesses like that. Sorry.

  38. What JRM said!

    I couldn’t wait to pan my message.

    I actually took an unscheduled break for that, Jack.

    You know what I mean!

  39. Alright, my fellow ‘mericans, here’s your deal for the day:

    Walgreens is offering a free 8×10 size print. You can either print a coupon to use in the store, or, as I prefer, order it online by uploading a picture and swinging by the store later to get it.

    Printable coupon:

    Online code is BIG8X10

    So, dig through those pics and find something you want printed.

  40. There’s nothing like starting your Friday with a strong scolding from a salesman, who has cc’d your boss’s boss. Love that.

    Today, I’m thinking about my friend Steve, who would have been 45 today.

  41. re: Resident Evil: I think it’s barely passable as a movie. But there’s nothing wrong with someone else enjoying it. Now, if you said you liked Ultraviolet, that’s something else altogether.

    Never saw (or played) Alone in the Dark.

  42. I thought the Cybrosis guy was the same as the Metamar City guy. Sounds like the same voice to my tin ear. That, and he’s got a ridiculously huge hard-on for the Metric system. I’ve heard “decimeter” more times from him than during my entire High School career.

  43. Yeah, I’ve heard many people say they like her. I have a hard time thinking of a chick from movies that I think is hot. I’m odd.

  44. I did not know that. It’s interesting what a large percentage of Hollywood personalities are at least decent musicians. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been “discovered” yet. Yeah, that’s it. That’s my new stance.

  45. reaper, I haven’t watched any of the new (2010) Flash Forward yet — I’m looking forward to it, though. It’s stacked up in my DVR!

  46. Null, you could start the new Slug musical trend. Maybe all the hep emo and screamo kids in their hoodies and skinny jeans will gravitate over to Slug.

    As long as they get off my lawn.

  47. Nice quote today on one of my industry newsbriefs:

    “You leave home to seek your fortune and, when you get it, you go home and share it with your family.”
    –Anita Baker

    Someone, please tell my brother about this, stat.

  48. Ah! Ok so the Ultraviolet film was based on a British mini series? Got it. Well from what Im seeing here, the show looks 10000000000000% better than the movie. Gotta check me it out

  49. Jack: I think the main reason why Rocky won Best Picture is that it came out at a time when Americans were desperate for a hero.

  50. I’d tend to agree, ditto. Plus – – the Academy usually favors feel-good over gritty and disturbing.

    Dolph, however, was robbed at the Oscars for his brilliant portrayal of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

  51. You guys kill me. I was scrolling to get to the bottom here and naturally the words “buttsex” caught my eye and this little EssBee/Lo Pan exchange had me peeing my pants:

    Lo Pan Says:
    CP: Clitoris ā€“ The Myth

    EssBee Says:
    CP: Gspot ā€” Fā€™Real

    Lo Pan Says:
    CP: Buttsexxx ā€“ Jelly ā€˜n Jam

    EssBee Says:
    CP: Maybe ā€” What?!

    Lo Pan Says:
    CP: TryAnything ā€“ Once

    EssBee Says:
    CP: I Think I Know Her ā€” Anonymous

    Lo Pan Says:
    CP: I Know That Person (As Well) ā€“ My$elf

  52. Heh, RE: We are X-MEN:

    “How about the fact that the artist can’t represent depth to save his fucking fife. Spidey is in front of the torn page but behind Pshylocke’s hair even though she is standing behind the page. And the sword that is behind her is still represented in front of the page that she is standing behind. What the fuck man…”


    and RE: OHAI I’m a DEEJAY:


    Live set from last week. Pretty proud of this one. Lots of deep house in there for you.

  53. Moon – I’ve heard talk of this movie, but know nothing about it. I’m looking to add it to my queue. Can I get some kind of minimal description so I make sure to add the correct movie? A key star? Release date?

  54. Was released in 2009 in the UK Ed.

    Sam Rockwell is the ‘star’, Kevin Spacey is the voice of the AI.

    It’s set on helium 3 mining facility on the far side of the Moon. The base is run by one human crewman and an AI. Things start getting strange when the Sam Rockwell character has an accident when trying to fix mining unit.

  55. That link is craziness, Van. Jon Stewart covered the board meeting a few weeks back.

    Happy Saturday! We’re going to laze about, perhaps clean the house up, and then Sly B has a Mariachi performance tonight.

  56. Ed from Texas: It’s a solid movie. It unfolds well. I didn’t find anything a huge reveal, but its a smart, enjoyable ride. I only have one CG-related complaint. Watch it. Do it.

  57. PCU (Pre-Caught-Up)

    Saw Silversun Pickups/Muse last night. Silversun Pickups were pretty good. Muse were really fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen better visuals at a concert, not even at the real Pink Ployd’s stadium show.

    And we were not the only non-parent “old people” there! Bonus.

  58. Tomorrow, Darcy and I are taking the kids to Grandma & Grandpa’s and going out on a date. We’re probably going to a new Irish pub in the west metro (new except being run by a local company with three successful pubs already running for a long time). Then we will probably see “Alice in Wonderland” in 3D, our first cinematic 3D experience (watched “Coraline” using the paper color anaglyph glasses at Mr. Fabby’s and regretted missing the theatrical run…).

  59. CD: Trying desperately to barricade the bar so Zombie Jack Mangan doesn’t break through and eat what little brains I have to offer.

    I hope you’re proud of yourself, JB!

  60. That YouKu vid is awesome. It reminds me of this English beatbox dude I saw last year. He has some custom keyboard setup where he steps on it to activate different loops and… well, it’s cool.

  61. How old is Fox now? When I took all my nieces and nephews to the 3D, my son, who just turned five, did OK with the glasses.

    Definitely worth it. Dissapointing that Clash of the Titans knocked it out of first last weekend.

  62. When I was scanning through comments this morning to catch up, ditto’s comments got trashed by my mental processor into something like:

    “I got asked to be man’s best friend at a wedding”

    Which, while odd, didn’t really strike me as so out of place on this board.

  63. wait.. I need to get my shit together. Need to dig the power cord for this bitch outta my purse then make sure I have the latest pan

    Hugh sez: woman!! you’re not ready for play by play???!!!????

    I suck

    and not in the good way

    hold please

  64. ohhhhhhhhhhh.. it used to be Jack Mangan’s Deadpan thru ep 125 then he switched it to Jack Mangans Deadpan since then..

    why did you go sans apostrophe Jackamo?

    is that more grammatically betterer?

    Hugh sez: Don’t look at me I’m concentrating on holding my cock


  65. ok.. dude

    so I find Deadpan 161 on iTunes, hit the download link next to the episode and it is downloading it in a whole new section. So now I have 1 Jack Mangan’s Deadpan section, and 2 different Jack Mangans Deadpan sections

    what is this world coming to. Is nothing sacred anymore?

  66. [obnoxious fucktardbot voice]

    oooohhhh my name is fucktardbot and methinks you are posting too quickly cuz I am a big old pain in the ass, and not the good kind either. nahhhhh.. my name is fucktard bot schnarf schnarf. I suck. and also not in the good way

    [/obnoxious fucktardbot voice]

  67. Jack mangan AKA.. ah fuck

    Sam the Butcher!!!!
    bringing Alice the meat!!

    Oooohhhhh Yeah!!!!!

    I wanna be Alcie then!!!!

    I’m Alice, fuck Marsha!!

    Hugh sez: Yes, Be Alice that way it won’t be incest when we fuck


    Alice the ho. Getting meat from Sam AND Bobby


  68. interview ep, no content

    oh shit.. speaking of content

    hugh sez: wha?

    I have to call in my 60 lines

    oh shit. Jacks going to send me a mean email if I don’t call in my lines

    Hugh sez: No worries, Jack. I’ll make sure she calls those in. If she doesn’t she gets a spanking.

    Yay spanking!! I mean.. ummm….

  69. 2. We can call the olympic anthem game closed

    NHL playoffs are next

    Hugh sez: Blackhawks are gonna crush y’all!!!!

    Better we bet on Blackhawks then the Bulls

    Hugh sez: *sobs*

    only sing once this time

    day #634.. big day for Jackamo. Methinks he had some good news there

    Hugh sez: w00t

  70. Ghost in the shell meets Minority Report meets James Bond

    Hugh sez: Cybrosis sounds like a bad venereal disease. As in: Man, I caught cybrosis from that Rush street ho I picked up last week

    Thank you so much for sharing, Hughie

    Hugh sez: No Hughie!!

  71. wOOt! Play by Play.

    With a small donation you are helping us fight the Borg imposed disease of systemic cybrosis.

    We saw “How to Train Your Dragon” in 3d last night. Teresa, Cali and myself really enjoyed it. I got all the +4 jaw strength jokes. LOL

  72. I’ve been uber whiny lately. Maybe that’s why everyone is avoiding me.

    It will stop!

    The whining… I can’t make people not avoid me. :silly:

  73. One of the managers, one who was a waste of air before he got managerizedededed, threw a fit on Friday because I don’t fill out his special reports.

    Guess who’s reports I now have to fill out?

    Guess how much information I used to report is now going to get disappeared?

    Guess whose tongue is getting bit a lot right now?

  74. I am lame for using a bad email address so two of my comments are waiting for Jack to fix them.

    The question is… will he?

    I’ll wait in anticipation.

    And I’ll spell my email address correctly going forward.

  75. I’m not sure what “Waste of Air” calls this sheets.

    If I thought it would make any difference, I’d be so mad about this now. But… he’s been bullying and crying (yes, both) to get his way for longer than I’ve been with this company. It’s not like logic, sense, or reason have ever had anything to do with him. Gah.


  76. And, we’ve survived another year of birthday parties for our kids! Yee Ha!

    Actually, all in all, it was quite a good day. But, I’m always glad when it is behind us.

  77. Holy crap I have a lot of work to catch up on! In a way it’s good no one else does my work (job security) but in another way… holy crap I have a lot of work to catch up on.

  78. A new Latin American cafe opened up near our place. Hubby and I went there for lunch yesterday. The food is amazing. I assume it’s fairly close to authentic as the people running it barely speak English. We will definitely be back. The only problem is, it’s next to the high school so may not go during the week. Not sure how busy it will be with kids.

  79. My kid likes “exotic” foods. She loves to try new things.

    The other thing about this place is the prices are higher than the Subway and donair shop that are near by. I don’t know what the financial situation of high school kids are these days. They may prefer the cheaper other places. Might take a girlfriend for lunch later this week.

  80. Caps-Canadiens Caps in 5
    Devils-Flyers Devils in 7
    Sabres-Bruins Sabres in 7
    Penguins-Senators Penguins in 7

    Sharks-Avalanche Sharks in 7
    Blackhawks-Predators Blackhawks in 7
    Canucks-Kings Kings in 6
    Coyotes-Wings Coyotes in 5

  81. Caps-Canadiens Caps in 5
    Devils-Flyers Devils in 5
    Sabres-Bruins Sabres in 6
    Penguins-Senators Penguins in 6

    Sharks-Avalanche Avs in 7 (oh why not?)
    Blackhawks-Predators Blackhawks in 5
    Canucks-Kings Canucks in 6
    Coyotes-Wings Coyotes in 5

  82. 1st round:
    Washington vs Montreal — Washington in 5
    NJ vs Philadelphia — NJ in 6
    Buffalo vs Boston — Boston in 7
    Pittsburgh vs Ottawa — Pittsburgh in 7
    SJ vs Colorado — SJ in 5
    Chicago vs Nashville — Chicago in 4
    Vancouver vs LA — Vancouver in 5
    Phoenix vs Detroit — Phoenix in 7

  83. I wonder if there’s ever any basketball played at NBA games?
    That Star Wars thing with the Slave Leias might be worth a ticket . . . As long as they open a trap door in the court and fed the Gorilla to the Rancor Monster.

  84. Jack: Non-stick! Ha!

    TEB: Seriously. Although, I think the double-entendre-pan-police have been slacking a bit as of late.

  85. re: Lo Pan’s link:

    It’s so right, and so wrong.

    Can we finally say now that geeks rule the world? And I’m terribly, terribly, terribly sorry.

  86. JƘ: I did, in fact, “enjoy Ultraviolet”…Have the poster on the wall over my desk…

    Lo Pan: They wasted time on an Ultraviolet Director’s cut?

    For the Record, Milla Jovovich’s website has several free “Demo” MP3s. Definitely worth a listen.

    The reason Rocky is a great movie, is that it extrapolates and speculates on an actual historical event from the point of view of the loser. A fight between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner in 1975. Names and facts completely changed to protect the scriptwriter, namely one Sylvester Stallone.

    NS: Simple way around boss disappearing information – Copy his boss on it. Hell, copy all relevant department people. It is, after all, company information which should be accessible to top-brass, right? — On second thought, why rock the boat.

    Ditto: We watched two full length features, both ended up being good:
    1.) Scenesters: Comedy in the style of Noir. Basically independant movie makers poking fun at independant movie makers, and crime drama.
    2.) Broken Hill: They listed this as a “musical”, but that’s not quite right. It’s a movie that involves a lot of music, but nobody sings, and the music is part of the story, it doesn’t just happen. From Australia, and Totally made the whole festival worth our time.
    -We also watched 4 sets of shorts – World shorts A and B of which most were pretty depressing, but All Birds Whistle was fun. Arizona Shorts, most of which were funny, memorable were Dirty Love, The Benevolent Byzantine Order of the Nobles of the Enigmatic Oracle, and Argumentalism. Then there were the Animated shorts – I enjoyed No Naked and The Mouse that Soared.

    Jack, I’m glad you liked the Knight… Why did it never occur to me that the handle… Oh never mind…

  87. Lejon: If it weren’t for your love of Robotech, I’d have lost all hope for you . . .

    Jack: When I called her evil, she just laughed.
    And cast that spell on me — bitchcraft.

  88. You know, with those candidates for Leia, I might be convinced that reshooting the original Star Wars movies might have a bit of merit.

  89. btw, Van. That Facebook status of yours sounded like the premise of some kind of porn movie.

    I refrained from pointing that out on Facebook, though. Much more appropriate for Deadpan. šŸ™‚

  90. Lo, Got to love happy hour! We have a 2 bars around here that have happy hour(s) from 4 to 7 m-f which happens to coincide with quitting time

  91. A wise guy once told me the difference between pregnant and knocked up is when she is pregnant she is married.

    So ditto, dose that mean you can’t get married?

  92. Hey Pan!

    Spent the morning downtown, now back home in comfort.

    Hubby wants me to go out later this morning to get a couple of real estate catelogues. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean he wants to move, we just got the house the way I like it.

  93. Lejon, The guy was older too (maybe 70 now) so that might have something to do with the terminology. but I agree with you on all 3 points.

  94. Lo, we have 2 good ones. Schmitty’s oar house because it is in walking/stumbling distance and Jukebox Charlie’s because of the good happy hour and you always have elbow room. kidda wish i lived in a place large enough to have more than just sports bar. I bet lost could be interesting to watch in a group like that + drinks. or maybe just annoying

  95. Ah thats cool. well at least you have those. funny enough, even tho i have literally 30+ to choose from after work, i always go to one place specifically. You think Id change it up more… but NAH. What works, works.

  96. We watches E1 of Treme last night, and loved it. I was most excited about the mention of my favorite restaurant on Earth, Irene’s.

    That’s a cool list, Lejon. Here’s mine off the top of my head:



  97. I don’t mind small bars if they are not packed.
    I love trivia night. One of my proudest moments on a date was single handily winning all 6 rounds (getting the whole table 6 shots each) and the bonus round (matrix trivia this time) to win a $50 gift card. I think that month we also won a 1/4 barrel party.

  98. Jack: Thanks again for the postcard!

    My mom did some research on bar names for a song once. Two of my favorites were the Stumble Inn and the Alco-Hole. There was also one in my college town called the Study Hall.

  99. In that bonus round I won because I knew that Trinity used the phone number 555-0690 in the beginning. I think everyone was was lit enough to not give me weird looks when I answered that question before he was finished with it.

  100. And theyre always glad I came.

    Every tues my buddy and I sit down at the bar, a waitress will come over with our drinks. Wont even ask what we want anymore. Tis wonderful.

  101. Lejon – Copying the boss with the info. I started to answer your good suggestion, but found I was writing a book… and it’s hard to stay vague too. Basically, that is exactly what I was doing up until this week. I had half the managers CCed on my shift notes.

    The kicker is that this dude is not my boss.

    *tears out more hair*

  102. My son is a redhead. He hates it but I thing that might change soon, now that he is 18 and nearly out of high school. But I don’t know how the lady’s react to redheads.

  103. CRTMM:
    The continuum transfuctioner is a very mysterious and powerful device.
    And its mystery is exceeded only by its power.

  104. reaper Says:
    April 13th, 2010 at 9:25 am
    or maybe the less popular The Hogā€™s Head or The Leaky Cauldron not sure if the last one has butterbeer


    Dont play with me, reaps.

  105. Thanks Wikipedia:
    Butterbeer is the drink of choice for younger wizards. Harry is first presented with the beverage in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Although House-elves can become intoxicated on Butterbeer, it has not been explicitly stated that there is alcohol in the drink. In the sixth book, Harry wonders what Ron and Hermione might do at Professor Slughorn’s Christmas party “under the influence of Butterbeer”, indicating that it could potentially lower inhibitions. J. K. Rowling said in her interview to Bon AppĆ©tit magazine that she imagines it “to taste a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch”. Butterbeer can be served cold or hot but either way it has a warming effect. Roald Dahl used a similar word play in his book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in chapter 23 when he mentioned the Oompa-Loompas getting drunk on butterscotch and buttergin.

    Butterbeer was a real drink however, made from beer, sugar, eggs, nutmeg and butter back in Tudor times. British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal recreated the drink for his show “Heston’s Tudor Feast”

    It was announced in April of 2010 that a drink named after butterbeer is to be sold in an amusement park. It will have a sweet taste and would be sold inside of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. It will not be an alcoholic beverage, and was taste-tested by JK Rowling herself.

  106. can you trust Wikipedia as far as you can throw it?
    how far can you throw it?

    damn cheap knockoffs. Hope they don’t have Fabio in the commercials.

  107. from Mugglenet.com

    Butter Beer Recipe

    utterbeer! It warms you up AND tastes great. Now in take-away form from The Three Broomsticks. (Many thanks to Melissa for this recipe!)


    * 1 cup (8 oz) club soda or cream soda
    * Ā½ cup (4 oz) butterscotch syrup (ice cream topping)
    * Ā½ tablespoon butter


    Step 1: Measure butterscotch and butter into a 2 cup (16 oz) glass. Microwave on high for 1 to 1Ā½ minutes, or until syrup is bubbly and butter is completely incorporated.

    Step 2: Stir and cool for 30 seconds, then slowly mix in club soda. Mixture will fizz quite a bit.

    Step 3: Serve in two coffee mugs or small glasses; a perfectly warm Hogwarts treat for two!

  108. From the Tudor Feast

    Butter Beer recipe

    500ml ale
    Yolks from 2 medium eggs, whisked
    60g sugar
    Dash of nutmeg
    15g unsalted butter

    Method: How to make butterbeer
    Pour the ale into a warm pan on a medium heat. When the beer begins to come to the boil take off the heat and add the whisked egg yolks, sugar and nutmeg.

    Return the pot to a low heat (to stop the eggs from scrambling) and stir for 2 minutes. Take off the heat and w

  109. Darm it… my copy and paste ain’t workin

    Recipe for butterbeer

    500ml ale
    Yolks from 2 medium eggs, whisked
    60g sugar
    Dash of nutmeg
    15g unsalted butter

    Method: How to make butterbeer
    Pour the ale into a warm pan on a medium heat. When the beer begins to come to the boil take off the heat and add the whisked egg yolks, sugar and nutmeg.

    Return the pot to a low heat (to stop the eggs from scrambling) and stir for 2 minutes. Take off the heat and whisk in the butter. Decant into your finest flagon and chug.

  110. good idea NS.
    I hear very often that bald is sexy but never got any positive hair comments when I had long blond hair. But than again my hair was pretty thin.

  111. I’m 30 and I’m well on my way to the horseshoe hairline not a good look. I can pass for nearly 50 if I let it grow to long. or I look like I have cancer.
    I really have gotten asked by people with cancer how I was doing when I was being lazy with the head shaving.

  112. Lo: I did a lot of drinking in Pueblo, aka The Pu. I love that town, but you’re kinda right.

    Bald is only as hot as the guy wearing it. As is hair.

  113. Perhaps reaper should go on the Taco Bell, Mountain Dew, Pizza, and Ice Cream diet. Then when he packs on 50 or 60 or 120 pounds, no one will think that he looks like he has cancer.

    It worked for me! Now when a medical professional takes my history they don’t ask me if I do cocaine eight times before shaking their head in disbelief and moving on.



  114. Lejon – I haven’t gone motherboard shopping since the DDR3 starting coming out, but I would have thought by now most of the boards would have switched over? In general, I’ve been extremely pleased with the Asus mobo I picked up four years ago.

  115. It would seem one of my friends came up with their own recipe for Butter Beer:

    1 shot buttershots
    Ā½ shot Frangelico (for that slightly nutty ale taste)
    12 oz. root beer

    As long as the root beer is cold, if you start by pouring the liquor into a pint glass, you get the correct proportions just by topping the pint off with root beer.

    You can use cream soda for the ā€œlagerā€ version (and, presumably, red cream soda for the ā€œKillianā€™sā€ version). Sasparilla should also workā€¦

  116. Jack, I’m thinking the cocaine questions were due to the pre-Pizza Hut/Mtn Dew eating plan skinny Nomad.

    I’m not sure why I know this.


  117. And in awful news, black students at Boulder HS received death threats yesterday.

    Teachers found a message written on a wall at the school. I’ll paraphrase because of a personal refusal to say certain things: a certain hate-group is back and all black students would be killed this Friday.


  118. Well better late than never.

    Not keen on bars, although I go to one almost every week for the quiz.

    I started going grey when I was 14, so started keeping my hair short..I then went bald and the shaver came out.