Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #38: Deadpan Before Xmas

Summer introduces the Audible.com ad
More Introbabble
Enough with the Introbabble already
Wander Radio Podcast promo
Pan Cemetery Deadpan bumper
Brad P. with the contents of his friend Mike’s fridge
Greasy Spoon comments
Sarah from Charleston’s Stolen Lyrics
Kris from Tempe bumper
What ever happened to the gangster planet?
Billibub Baddins promo
Alvie’s Monks bumper
Memory Snapshots
Rhettro bumper
Stolen from the 80s – Justa J0e
Stolen from Xmas block: Justa J0e (with special guest: Chris the Fixed Kitty of the Adult Spaces Child Free Podcast)
Lots of Outrobabble
Unrelated Thought
Original Music: “You Need” by Matt Mango.
I told you these LSNs would actually get updated.

Thanks JustaJ0e

Thanks JustaJ0e for the image!

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