Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 39: F 2006

LSNs? Oh, hell yeah.

Commercial jingles. . . .
A special song
PodCulture Promo
Mark Forman bumper
Stolen Rap Lyrics – Me
Ear Buds – Me
Stolen from the 80s – Justa J0e
Double Sft80s! – Ed from Texas
Word Misusage Theater
Voicemail from AZ
Phil Rossi – “Bright Midnight”
Paul Maki bumper
My Parents Are Crazy
Chowder Radio promo from Podcast Promos
Greasy Spoon Comments (I think your order is all wrong, at this point. . . )
Dr. Alvie Zoidberg bumper
F 2006 Outrobabble
Original music by me: “Spiral Staircase”

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