I Made It

**Addendum 12/19** If I said I would contact you when I reach NJ, I will contact you. Just getting caught up. Thanks for your patience. By all means – – feel free to e-mail me. Don’t be shy.
Well, it was a long, strange trip, but here I am in NJ. . . . Posting this using IE on my Mom’s slow-ass crappy dial-up connection. Fret not, I’ll be at my new place tomorrow, getting set up for maximum pod powerI I

The trip had many highlights and lowlights. Thanks very much to WNDR Wolf and his supernice family for giving dinner, a much needed break, and good company while I was passing through Oklahoma. I lost my phone Thursday evening in Ohio, so my apologies if anyone was trying to reach me. I’m here, I’m tired, I’m OK. I hope I’m going to see my children tomorrow, but it’s not entirely in my hands. . . . I’ll be back in touch again soon. I hope you’re all doing well and that everything is good in Deadpanland.

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