Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 36: Yep. . . it’s number 36

Stolen, altered movie lines
Greasy Spoon Comments from the previous week
Discovered Country by Nora Fleischer – Podiobook promo
Ear Buds from Amy Bowen
Matt from Utah follows up on the Greatest VM Ever
Dumb!Ass! Memories! – Chreeeees in Milan (Chris)
Double Dumbass on you!- Paul Fischer’s Dumbass Moment
Haiku Deadpan bumper
Star Wars in 230 Words by Byron Starr, read by Marlo Dianne (in 3.75 breaths)
C.A. Sizemore’s VM
GYGO Deadpan bumper
My Parents Are Crazy – segment debut
Inflection Free Deadpan Bumper – Greg from Ill.
Stolen from the 80s – Justa J0e
Unrelated Thought
Amy Bowen reads and excerpt from her NaNoWriMo Project: “Vescaris”
Podcast Pickle Promo
Paul Maki’s “Really Big Things” recording outtakes
Greasy Spoon Comments for this week (with incorrect standings)
Original Mash: “U Can’t Yeti”

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