Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #27: All Apologies

Those lazy show notes,
Were only temporary,
I have updated.

Stolen Movie Lines
Chris Fisher’s “The Adult Spaces Child-Free Podcast” promo
Ravyn Crescent bumper
Ear Buds – Andrea S.H.
Another EBs – Ed from Texas
Seen – by Marlo Dianne
Unrelated Thought
Cat puke
Gil from Milwaukee Voicemail
Dumbass Memories – Jeremy from Seattle
Double Dumbass on you! a second DAM from Paul in Elk River
“Chicken” by the G. Gordon Liddys
Ear Buds – “Bon” Scott from Kalamazoo
Mark Forman, OBMF — Charles Bukowski poetry
Phil Rossi VM
Really Big Things – by Paul Maki ep 2 – Twine Ball
Original music, by me: Ne—
Request for Rejoiners (plus an oversight)
Original music, by me: New Solid

Still somewhat lazy,
These show notes are now complete.
I have added links.


Ed from Texas’s link: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=330223

“I’ve put a link in the e-mail that I sent to Jack, so hopefully that’ll make it into the show notes eventually”. You cut me deep, Ed.

Paul from Elk River’s link: http://www.motelmag.com/articles/twineball.html

The G. Gordon Liddys Wow, the audio went nuts there when I was reading the web address onpod. Ugh. Sorry. I’m going to upgrade soon to a Commodore 64.

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