Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 28: another episode.

Lazy show n

Spherical Deadpan
La Bal Masque Nocturne promo
Paul from Des Moines short bumper
Wooden Spoon comments
TD-0013 rock block
Dumbass (painful) Memories – Ed from Texas
A Double Dumbass Memory from me
Stolen Movie Lines
Deadpan bumper from Get Your Geek Off (Jeremy and Andrea)
Ear Buds – Andrea
Double Ear Buds on you! – Tanner (You did say Tanner, right?) from Illinois
Mark Forman Deadpan bumper
Paul from Des Moines long bumper
Long Batman essay (thanks for the guest voices, Jeremy, Alvie, and Mark)
Tee Morris Deadpan bumper
Momentary break in the Deadpan
FCC FU – The Anthem Choir
VM from Amy Bowen
Matt Mango – Asteroooooid Speeeeeeed Highway

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