Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 29: Christiana Ellis the Merciless

Podcast Pickle Promo
Alvie in Boulder’s creepy bumper (kidding Alvie 😉 )
Christian Ellis interview – part I
Paul from Elk River bumper-rejoiner
La Bal Masque Nocturne
Rhettro bumper
Christian Ellis interview – part II (plus – Christiana shares a bonus Dumbass Memory!)
Pickle Tales promo
Dr. Zoidberg bumper
Quick Unrelated Thought
Really Big Things by Paul Maki. Episode 3: Muffler Man
Original Mash: Myself Within Love

Lazy Show notes – except for:

http://www.route40.net/culture/mufflerman.shtml the related link for the latest episode of “Really Big Things” by Paul Maki, contained herein.

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