Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 30: Asplode!


Sub-par Introbabble
Filling the Page promo (yes, Phil sounds a little bit like Christian Slater)
Any Bowen bumper
Ear Buds — Amy Bowen (The Wishing Bridge! You rock, Amy)
Alvie’s hilarious chanting bumper
Double Stolen Rap lyrics from Paul Fischer and then from Cheyenne Wright
Rhettro bumper
Dumbass Memories – Paul Fischer
Double dumbass on you! (shopping theme this week)
Alvie’s Dumbass Memory
Toast to me from the PPME (thanks everyone. Thanks Tee Morris for e-mailing me the recording)
Pickle Tales promo
The contents of Paul’s fridge in Des Moines
Double Unrelated Thoughts
Gil from Milwaukee Voicemail (I heart you too)
Paul from Elk River Deadpan promo/bumper
Alvie’s Grimlok Deadpan bumper
Original Music: Desert Scene (Live 4-track recording)

Apologies for the occasional volume level screwiness.

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