Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #24. A Very Special Episode.

Moderately lazy show notes. Hyperlinks are coming.
I Should Be Writing
Greasy Spoon I.
Thanks for donation, Paul F! you get a little dance.
Ear Buds – Andrea
Double Ear Buds on you! – Tony from the Fanboy Smackdown
Reaction to the Ear Buds
Alvie in Boulder: “Croon”
That was wonderful!
I loved it!
Oh, it was great!
Dumbass Memories – Paul in Elk River
Promo – 2 Girls and Podcast
Greasy Spoon Comments: II. – V. (special guest reader: Mark Forman, the Brooklyn Bluesman)
Mark Forman channels Princess Irulan from Dune
Computer King’s bumper
Very Special Outrobabble
You ignorant, ignorant, ignorant simp
Original music: Circle of Stars

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