Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 25: Greasy Spoon Finale

Sellout intro
Greasy Spoon I
Stolen Movie Line
Holy Crap More Introbabble
Wander Radio Podcast promo
Mike Nelson bumper
Stolen Rap Lyrics – Dani in NC
Greasy Spoon II
Unrelated Thought – Paul from Elk River
Greasy Spoon III & IV
Two seconds of Smokin’ Joe
Ear Buds – Jeremy from Seattle of GYGO
Come Let Me Whisper – Podiobooks.com promo
Chris Fisher says, “Hey, all you crazy sons of bitches. . .”
Greasy Spoon V
Deadpan fiction by Paul Maki from Elk River. Really Big Things – Episode 1: Spoonbridge With Cherry.
Greasy Spoon VI
Greasy Spoon VII
Greasy Spoon VIII
Greasy Spoon IX
Dumbass Memories – Mark Forman, the Brooklyn Bluuuuuuuuuesman
Chair noises
Greasy Spoon X
Greasy Spoon XI
Greasy Spoon honorable mention
To Make You Feel My Love

*ASPOILER* Final Greasy Spoon Standings:

Andrea: 7

Alvie: 5

Ditto: 5

Jason C: 5

JohnBoze: 5

Ed from Texas: 4

James in London: 3

Rhettro: 3

Mark Forman, One Bad MF: 2

Jeremy from Seattle: 1

WNDR Wolf: 1

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