Double Post: More on Shatnerhoff/Greasy Spoon Standings

OK, I almost got really indignant – – A vanity search for “Shatnerhoff” turned up a Hasselhoff blogsite referencing “The Shatnerhoff Theory”, based upon some article in the Toronto Sun. And no mention of Deadpan’s “Shatnerhoff Phenomenon”!  It turns out, however, that the Toronto Sun article had published on August 15, and this blogger’s post had gone out on August 17. Deadpan 21 released on August 24, so they couldn’t have ripped me off. I certainly didn’t rip them off (I’d never steal someone else’s idea. I just wouldn’t.); it’s just a matter of timing. My skit and their article really only have the term, “Shatnerhoff” in common. Here is the link, but be warned; the page is topped with a disturbing picture of “The Hoff” in the buff, holding only a wrinkly dog to cover his KITT. NSFW, hell NSFAnywhere.

The Daily Hassel

Hell, while we’re here – – let’s turn this into a double post.

The Greasy Spoon Contest Standings:

Jason C: 4
Alvie: 4
Andrea: 3
Ed from Texas: 2
Ditto: 2
Jeremy from Seattle: 1
JohnBoze: 1
Mark Forman, One Bad MF: 1
Rhettro: 1

A tie for first! Oh the tension! With 5 comment selections per episode, anyone can overtake them! Only three episodes to go! Hooray for exclamation points!

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