Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 23: Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 23

Note — Episode 23 was originally released with few errors. These have been fixed; the updated version is available now. Apologies to Dani in AZ and JohnBoze. Her promo ended up garbled together with his Greasy Spoon Comment.

Introbabble I
pmiS tnarongI uoY
Introbabble II
Greasy Spoon Comments I
Greasy Spoon Comments II
Truth Seekers Podcast promo
Dumbass Memories I – Amazing Alex from Missouri
Dumbass Memories II – Amy Bowen
Stolen Rap Lyrics – Dani in NC
Ear Buds – Andrea
Greasy Spoon III
Gil from Milwaukee VM
Ear Buds II – Andrea
Double-Dumbass Memories on you – Paul in Elk River
Poetry! “The Box” by Lascelles Abercombie, masterfully read by Cheyenne Wright
Greasy Spoon Comments IV
Getting a Leg Up promo
Ravyn Crescent bumper
Greasy Spoon Comments V
Original Fiction: “Sixteen Pieces at a Time” by Jack Mangan. Bravo, Wander Radio Players.
Bonus Greasy Spoon Comment (VI)
Temple of Earth and Sea

Mispronunciations and cursewords all throughout — Smokin’ Joe & Karen from Kalifornia.

This is the 100th Deadpan post. woo. 😐

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