Top 30 in iTunes

OK, I posted something like this back in June. Interestingly, the list hasn’t changed that much. I’ll compare it to the Top Played list at home – should be interesting.

Feel free to paste your own lists – – or comment on mine.

Vanity Fair -Mr. Bungle 46
One With the Stillness -Jack Mangan 45
fear regret and hope -Jack Mangan 41
Myself Within Love -jack mangan 41
temple of earth and sea -jack mangan 41
Is There Love In Space? -Joe Satriani 39
Earth Time Pigs Fate -Jack Mangan 36
Wine -Jack Mangan 31
Organ Donor -DJ Shadow 28
Black Circle Remix -Jack Mangan 28
Dog Diary -Jack Mangan 28
playing with spiders-skullkrusher -Overkill 27
Saddam A Go-Go -GWAR 26
Slaughter of the Soul -At the Gates 25
Dad and Dog -Fredo Viola 25
Did My Time -KoRn 25
Miss Misery -Elliott Smith 23
Candles -Jack Mangan 23
Rumble -Link Wray & His Ray Men 23
Asteroid Speed Highway -Matt Mango 23
Tears of Liquid Mercury -Jack Mangan 22
Head Out To The Highway -Judas Priest 22
Spirit Man -Mango 22
Defender -Manowar 22
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face -Roberta Flack 22
Lost In Space -Aimee Mann 21
Waltz #2 (XO) -Elliott Smith 21
Microphone Fiend -Eric B & Rakim 21
Red Right Hand -Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 21
West End Girls -Pet Shop Boys 21

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