Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 20: XX

Chris Fisher bumper
Mark Forman bumper
Thanks for the positive iTunes reviews
Greasy Spoon Comments I
The contents of Alvie‘s fridge in Boulder
Stolen Rap Lyrics: Dani in NC
Dumb-Ass Memory: Chris Fisher
(no Capt. Kirk this week)
Further pretentiousness for thee
Alvie Bunker in Boulder: Skywalker in the Family
Ravyn Crescent Bunker – bumper
Greasy Spoon Comments II & III – featuring the Michael and Evo’s Wingin’ It! crew
Mark Forman: random thoughts on two disturbing films
Light Pollution
Shout out to the OG of PSFP: Robert G. Parent
TD-0013‘s bumper for his bumper
TD-0013 bumper
The Stripper
Greasy Spoon Comments IV: The Quest for Peace
Bunkcast bumper
Street Corner
Unrelated thought
One second of Hugh Brackett
Lots of Outrobabble, including discussion of an e-mail concerning the potential hazards and pitfalls of vanity presses
Original Music: Earth Time Pigs Fate

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