Jack Mangan’s Deadpan 22: Can’t Please Everyone

Sorry the show is late. I wasn’t being lazy — my Cox cable at home went offline. I was hoping it would be fixed today, but – I have to wait until tomorrow.

Actual Content
7th Son promo
Jimmy from Denver bumper
Cat Puke (with strange unintentional Cyberpunk message)
Dumb! Ass! Memories! ditto’s D&D memory
Chris Fisher bumper
Cyberpunk essay, by John Jacobs of Neometropolis
Mark Forman, the Brooklyn Bluesman, Stolen Movie Lines performance
Greasy Spoon Comments I
Ear Buds. James in London going mental for Eagles of Death Metal
Mass for the younger crowd
“Fruit” – Short Fiction by Jeremy Linden
Greasy Spoon II & III
Stolen Rap Lyrics – Cheyenne Wright
Nina Kimberly the Merciless promo
Greasy Spoon IV
Sixteen Pieces at a Time – part IV
Original Music: Dog Diary
Greasy Spoon V

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