(Burnt-out) Candles

So Tom asked me awhile ago if I could supply the tablature for my instrumental piece, “Candles”, which was heard at the end of Deadpan episode 5. Thank you for asking, Tom, and I apologize. . . . I just haven’t had the time. Here is a Cliff’s Notes description:

Standard tuning, mostly standard chords. The repeated hook throughout out the song is a pull-off (po) on the first fret of the high string (F po to E) followed by a hammer-on (h) from fret 1 to fret 3 on the B string (C to D). Do this while playing a staggered arpeggiated pattern on a standard Dminor chord (Dm), switch to C, then back to Dm. The change drops the hook, but continues the arpeggiated run through a standard F, C, and Dm. Repeat a few times.

Dm (xx0231), C (x32010), Dm (xx0231), F (133211), C (x32010), Dm (xx0231)

The outro chords are Dm (xx0231), Dsus4 (xx0233), G major (320033), A (X05650), then finish with Dsus2 (xx023x).

Sorry  -  this is all I gots for ya. . . Hey, if any guitarist/tablaturist out there is looking for a project. . . . Contact me. I’ll send you a file or two.

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