Dukes of Tatooine

Another artmash Dukes of Hazzard-Star Wars contribution! This one is from Rhettro. Dang, that’s some fine work!

Brilliant Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard artmash #5.

Another great artmash from Jeremy, based on Jason’s initial design. Appropriately named “booty”. Thanks, JfS! (Check out the full-page image here)

Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard artmash, contribution number 4.

Jason C. is the artiste, he calls this piece “yes, my master”. Thanks JC!! Excellent work.

Another Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard artmash

Thanks to Jeremy from Seattle and his photoshop prowess:

More Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard images!

Thanks so much to Alvie in Boulder for contributing this piece!! It’s simply entitled “Duke Wars”. umm…

Click here for a more detailed look. (you guys did see my post about Neometropolis, right?)

Han Duke’s Millenium Lee

Mark Forman displays another one of his talents with this photoshopped image, inspired by the Deadpan’s “Star Wars-Dukes of Hazzard parallels” skit. Thanks Bluesman!